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"Inconvenient Intimacy" is about to Overthrow "Illegitimate Intimacy"

by Jon Hamill
Feb 24, 2004

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"Inconvenient Intimacy" is about to Overthrow "Illegitimate Intimacy"
By Jon Hamill
Lamplighter Ministries

In November 2003, while in New England on a ministry trip, the Lord spoke to me about the year to come. That 2004 is a pivotal year, in which He is calling His people into a season of what He termed "inconvenient intimacy." Though speaking of intimacy, the word came forth like thunder as though it were a mandate for the year. I knew immediately in my spirit that He was yearning to call forth corporate and regional solemn assemblies, significant gatherings of repentance, prayer and fasting. These solemn assemblies would be inconvenient in the natural for many - whether in time, money, sleep, or even in spheres of relationships, these solemn assemblies would cost believers deeply to call, and to participate in. But they would be catalytic to greater dimensions of intimacy with God and governmental breakthrough so needed at this time.

Watch by Night

Recently the Lord brought this word back to my attention a number of ways. The first was through a brief vision. I saw Jesus by night at Gethsemane, dressed in a dark red robe, His hair moistened by dew and by His own sweat. In the vision He motioned to me with His hand and said simply, "Come pray with me." Christ's invitation in the vision is being given as a mandate to many in the body at this hour - a season of inconvenient intimacy, involving night watches of prayer and repentance until "the day breaks" and His justice is released into lives, churches, into regions and even nations.

A Second Call

The Lord also spoke on "inconvenient intimacy" through a dream. I was in a house of prayer that stood virtually empty. A man went to a microphone in front of a stage and declared, "45 minutes until a second Call!" It was clear he was referring to a solemn assembly similar to those from the Call movement led by Lou Engle and Che' Ahn. But with little time left before the event began, the seats of the auditorium were virtually vacant. I found a place in the third row from the front, and talked briefly with two beloved intercessors in the second row before going forward to pray.

Interestingly, one of my intercessory friends I saw in the dream had gone through heart surgery, and had not been at church for months as a result. Amazingly, the morning after my dream the two intercessory friends showed up unexpectedly at church - and sat in the second row!

In the dream the Lord asked me to pray Revelation 19:11 for God to war against the stupor satan was trying to bring to keep God's people from gathering together to repent and pray. To my remembrance I have never prayed before in a dream, but the anointing and authority released in this dream was beyond anything I have ever experienced. While the intercession was going forth, the house of prayer began to overflow with people suddenly gathering for this "Second Call." I awoke from this literally trembling.

We Need the Experts

Later during the church service, the Lord reminded me of a warning He had given during the Kettle Tour, a prayer journey through the northeast that ended literally days before the tragedy of September 11, 2001. A friend telephoned in a dream she had in which she was suddenly and unexpectedly pregnant. She looked down at her belly, and realized that just as suddenly, she had come to full term - and there was nobody around to help her deliver this child. She began calling out "Call 911! Call 911! We need the experts!"

Each of us on the journey had our own interpretations - all of which were true. God was giving us Psalm 91:1 protection. The baby of revival is about to be birthed, and we need to prepare. The Lord was joining the Call movement of societal repentance to the International House of Prayer movement, which focused on Amos 9:11, the restoration of the Tabernacle of David.

But none of us perceived the "call" that would come from God's gracious heart amidst the explosions and confusion and darkened skies of September 11. Call 911. A call for the northeast and for America, resounding as a trumpet amidst the tragedy, to awaken from stupor and arise in prayer and service to meet the challenges of the kairos hour.

I am by no means prophesying another tragedy for our land as a means to motivate prayer. What I am saying is that God is releasing to His body in America another call-- another trumpet is now beginning to sound, calling Christians to gather for repentance and prayer on a massive scale. I don't know how the trumpet will sound, or what its melody will be, but we are prophetically less than an hour away from the full expression of this second Call. Whereas God was releasing Amos 9:11 in the first call, He is releasing Revelation 19:11 as a significant expression of the second Call. In righteousness He is establishing justice, moving through the doorways of an open heaven to war against the stupor and slumber so many of us have fallen back into. It is time to awaken and gather for Solemn Assemblies across the land - the experts are needed!

Illegitimate Intimacy

This brings me to my third prophetic experience, which was simply a whisper from the Lord while praying over the gay marriage issue that has brought Boston, Massachusetts to the forefront of the news lately. The Lord spoke that "Inconvenient Intimacy" is set by Him to overthrow "Illegitimate Intimacy."

It has been amazing to see the massive gatherings of gays and lesbians at the Statehouse on Beacon Hill in the city covenanted to the Lord as "A city on a hill, a light to the nations." They are gathering to convince politicians that their expression of intimacy should be legitimatized by a law allowing them to marry. As Massachusetts is a major root of our nation, what transpires in this pivotal state often finds expression across the land - "For if the root is holy, so are the branches."

It is therefore interesting to note the proclamation this state carries on its license plates - "Massachusetts, the spirit of America." What spirit will prevail in this region covenanted to God by our forefathers? What is God asking us to do on behalf of the land in this season of inconvenient intimacy? Bigotry and hatred only mar the countenance of Christ as expressed through His people. Truthfully, we have no option but to pray!

It is also interesting to note the 911 terrorists launched their attack on the World Trade Center from Boston. And it was in Boston, only 11 days after September 11 that 50,000 Christians gathered for the Call New England, which was the second Solemn Assembly planned by Lou Engle and Che Ahn in the Call movement.

Establishing God's Presence

My friend Katherine Puleo has been holding prayer meetings each Friday at the Boston Statehouse for almost a year now. I had the privilege of ministering on Beacon Hill with Katherine in September. During that time the Lord quickened to me David's covenant with God in Psalm 132 for a lifestyle of 'inconvenient intimacy' until His presence was established in Jerusalem. "I will give no sleep to my eyes, nor slumber to my eyelids, until I find a dwelling place for the mighty God of Jacob." This is an amazing revelation. David in essence poured out his life to see God's presence established in the governmental structures of the governmental city of Jerusalem.

And this is the invitation that the Lord is mandating in this hour. His call is for His intercessory forerunners to covenant with Him to give no rest to their eyes, nor slumber to their eyelids, UNTIL GOD'S PRESENCE IS ESTABLISHED IN THE GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES OF THE GOVERNMENTAL CITIES OF THEIR REGION! This is the core commitment needed to see the restoration of the Tabernacle of David as Amos prophesied.

Please pray for Boston, and for the Northeast. Pray for leaders and intercessors in the region and nation to be strengthened by the Spirit. Pray for gays and lesbians to find And please be sensitive to the whisper of the Holy Spirit that is now a mandate for our land. Whatever the cost, it is time to gather together for fasting, for repentance, for worship and intercession in this season of inconvenient intimacy. Please let us heed God's invitation to gather for a "Second Call"--- the experts are needed at this time!

By Jon Hamill
Lamplighter Ministries

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