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"God Wants us to Re-Capture the Airwaves" plus Breakthrough and Break Out!

by Patricia King
Feb 20, 2004

Third Heaven, Angels, and... Other Stuff
by Patricia King
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by Patricia King
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Women in Ministry
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News Item #1 - Steve Shultz, Publisher of The Elijah List, will be a special guest on Patricia King's television show, Extreme Prophetic on Monday Night, February 23 at 8:00PM PST, 9:00 MST, 10:00 CST and 11:00 EST. You can watch Steve and Pat on Canada's Miracle Channel, or LIVE on the web cast.
News Item #2 (submitted to our readers for the purpose of prayer) -

From: New York Daily News regarding Actress Pamela Anderson:

"I now love going to church. It's nondenominational, but they preach from the Gospel with sincerity. I've been reading the Old Testament lately. But the Book of John is also a good place to start. I've never felt anything but love from the people at the church I belong to. It doesn't matter to them that I'm on TV. Who cares?"

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"God Wants us to Re-Capture the Airwaves"
plus Breakthrough and Break Out!

by Patricia King (Pat Coking)
February 2004

The Lord is going to launch many of His people into strategic positions that will capture the airwaves. The influence of television, movies, radio and other forms of visual media have often been used by the enemy to poison and pervert the mindsets of society. This is going to increase and the enemy has a plan to raise the level of demonic influence through the airwaves. The airwaves must be contended for. They belong to the Lord and He desires to use them as one of His most valuable tools during the season of harvest.

Many Christians will be called to take great steps of faith in the coming days. Some will be called to lay some of their ministry mandates down in order to enter these new avenues of Kingdom influence. The battle will be great and many intercessors and financial supporters will be called to the fight. Entire prayer movements will be raised up specifically to birth the new level of anointing that will be released through the airwaves as a righteous standard. This coming move that will release the army of God's "air traffic controllers" will be a move of great camaraderie amongst believers. The media industry that is propelled by the world system is governed by a predominant self-exalting and idolatrous spirit that is anchored in greed and desire for fame. God's company of believers will move in an opposite spirit - one of humility and servanthood - those who are jealous for the glory of God.

There will be a demonstration of team amongst those who are called to partner in this season of contending for the air waves. Many will sacrifice much in order to see a historical breakthrough at this time.

A further thrust of believers will be launched to conquer the airwaves and to influence media around the time when Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of Christ launches in the theatres.

by Patricia King (Pat Coking)
February 2004

Breakthrough and Break Out!

The Lord is calling His people to experience great breakthrough in the coming months. There will be increased pressures and resistance in the spirit realm and natural circumstances will press hard against many...BUT, the Lord will give GREAT VICTORIES. He is taking His people to another level of experiential victory.

The Word of God will carry a sharpened edge on it for those who will meditate on the Word and stand on its authority. All the promises of God are yeah and amen to His people. Days of breakthrough and breakout await those who will war with the promises of God. Tenacity is a value the Holy Spirit will call for amongst the people of God in these coming months. Contend for the breakthroughs you need. Do not grow weary in the battle. Stand on the Word and you will breakout with the testimony of the Lord on every side. Financial miracles in particular will be awaiting those who fight the good fight.

by Patricia King (Pat Coking)
February 2004

Upcoming Glory School Conferences with Patricia King:

Peterborough, Ontario
February 26-28
Elim Family Worship Centre
Anderson, CA
March 11-13
Christ the Rock Fellowship
Anchorage, Alaska
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April 29-May 1
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"Third Heaven, Angels, and... Other Stuff"
Patricia King
$12.00 Book

"Patricia King is a beautiful Christian whose heart is for everyone to know and experience the God of the Bible. This book will lead you to places in God you didn't know you could go. When you experience God in the ways described in this book, your daily life will feel the impact and, like Patricia, you will be the kind of Christian that others can follow (1 Cor 11:1)." - Wesley and Stacie Campbell, Revival Now Ministries

"....This book not only describes the supernatural wonders, but 'how to' experience them with the ultimate goal of imparting a hunger for a closer relationship with Jesus." - Mary Goddard, Founder of CSA

"I love this book! I find the teachings and guidelines a must for all who desire to experience the open heaven and the supernatural...." - Todd Bentley, Fresh Fire Ministries

"Patricia skillfully teaches and motivates through personal stories as she ministers to YOU in this book- showing how you can both experience and understand the 'third heaven' -the very thing many of you have been asking God to let you do!" - Steve Shultz, The Elijah List

"As a gifted revelatory teacher, Patricia King approaches this delicate subject with a sensitivity and creativity that unleashes hunger for the supernatural. Her personal experiences coupled with her keen insights into the Word make this a compelling book that will ruin you for the ordinary." - Jill Austin, Master Potter Ministries

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