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Question: How did you get started and who are you?

by Steve Shultz, Publisher,

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Steve Shultz

Back in the early 1990's, while still working in the business world -- BEFORE the words "Internet" or "World Wide Web" were being used by the average consumer, I was given a word by a prophet in Texas. He said to me, "You will be connecting the prophets by computer."

I thought, "What's that about? Nothing like that is happening now. Not even anything close."

I had experienced some prophetic dreams and had given one or two prophetic words but not much more than that. Over time, the Lord began to put me more and more into the prophetic "stream" and my prophesying started being increased.

I began to take prophetic courses, and was trained through CI (Christian International out of Florida) headed up by Bishop Bill Hamon; however, I am not the same Steve Shultz who was on staff at CI. (That has confused a few folks since there are now two Steve Shultz's in full-time prophetic ministry.)

Later, I was invited to be on the pastoral staff of my local church in Vancouver, WA. Eventually, invitations to speak other places began to come in. One day in the Spring of 1997, I sat in my living room, playing on the internet. I started trying to find some encouraging prophetic words to send to a few friends. I emailed some words I had found -- once or twice, each time manually typing emails of my friends in the "TO:" slot.

Then I thought, I wonder if I could make a list of all my friends? So I read up on it and made my one-time list of 30 friends and sent the first LIST out, hoping my friends would enjoy getting some encouraging prophetic words. The next day an email arrived with a request: "Subscribe please."


"Subscribe?" I thought. "What's that about?" Of course, I'd forgotten the word from years earlier that I'd connect the prophets by computer. So I subscribed that person. Then the next day I received another one and then another one. As of today, there are over 240,000 subscribers.

In the meantime, we've connected MANY of God's prophets with each other via what has been published by them. For every prophetic person who publishes a prophetic article with us, we include their email or website address so that we are sowing into many prophetic ministries. Many prophets who formerly had no connection with one another now do -- and they've done conferences together, sat on prophetic roundtables, and have since held one another jointly accountable.


God's Word will ALWAYS BE FULFILLED AND WILL NOT RETURN TO HIM VOID. I believe the only way for this word to have NOT come true would have been for me to turn my back on God and walk away -- on purpose. Other than that, God intended to, and DID fulfill the prophetic word that was given to me in the early 1990's.

Currently, our offices are in Albany, Oregon, and our family attends the Jesus Pursuit Church in Albany, Oregon. My pastor and friend is Denny Cline, and we work splendidly together. It is a God-sent partnership between a ministry and the local church.

We now do some conferences together and some separate ELIJAH LIST conferences. When the conference is in Albany, Oregon, we use the church building in Albany.


Since the inception of THE ELIJAH LIST, we've taken a group of 30 ELIJAH LIST readers to Israel, spoken before 5,000 Pastors from throughout Africa in Nigeria, and done a prophetic conference in Wales, U.K., Scotland, France and many cities in the USA.

Some have wanted to know what our mission statement is. If you go to our Mission Statement "our priorities" are now detailed there.


We have two organizations:

1) Elijah List PUBLICATIONS is a FOR-profit BUSINESS. We send out our daily emails to our list of subscribers from this business site, and it takes a staff of employees to make the Elijah List Publications business run. Typically, all funds to support Elijah List Publications are received from advertising revenue and from the profits from the sale of products in our online store (www.elijahshopper.com).


2) Prophetic.TV (www.prophetic.tv) and our translated lists (Spanish, French and German) are all part of our NON-profit ministry (Elijah List MINISTRIES), and all donations made there are tax-deductible because Elijah List MINISTRIES is a 501c3 non-profit entity.


Steve Shultz, Publisher

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