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Candice Simmons: "Champions, Arise! This Is a Wake-Up Call!"

Candice Simmons   |   Oct 1, 2020

"10 Days of Awe, the Supreme Court, Vice President Biden and More!"

James Goll with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Oct 1, 2020

Faith Marie Baczko: "The Reprieve, Donald Trump & the Coming Election"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Sep 30, 2020

Theresa Phillips: "The 'King Is in the Field' Moment Has Come to Pass"

Theresa Phillips   |   Sep 30, 2020

Sharell Barrera: "Angels of Awakening & Revival Are Here With a Message"

Sharell Barrera   |   Sep 29, 2020

Paul L. Cox: "The Angel of Revival and His Protection! Law and Justice Will Have Its Way"

Paul L. Cox   |   Sep 29, 2020

Ella Onakoya: "Deliverance, Surprise Exposures and Destinies Released"

Ella Onakoya   |   Sep 28, 2020

Anita Alexander: "The Returning of Fathers and Restoration of Families"

Anita Alexander   |   Sep 28, 2020

Anne Ballard: "Be Made New! God Is Cleansing His People"

Anne Ballard   |   Sep 27, 2020

Nancy Taylor Tate: "The Next Time the Lord Lets Me Down Will Be the First"

Nancy Taylor Tate   |   Sep 27, 2020

Marsha Burns: "The Holy Spirit and God's Consuming Fire"

Marsha Burns   |   Sep 26, 2020

Wayland Henderson: "I See the Hand of God Forming a People Who Move Like Jesus"

Wayland Henderson   |   Sep 26, 2020

Betty King: "Step Into Your Breakthrough - Through the Fires of God's Glory"

Betty King   |   Sep 25, 2020

Steven Springer: "Justice Will Be Served! The Verdict Is Life!"

Steven Springer   |   Sep 25, 2020

Dutch Sheets: "An Empty Seat on the Supreme Court - Press in and Pray Through!"

Dutch Sheets   |   Sep 24, 2020

"Prophecy Decoders: Supreme Court & Clarion Call to PRAY for a Deborah"

Charlie Shamp and The Elijah List   |   Sep 24, 2020

Lana Vawser: "Intercessors, the Lord Is Moved by Your Faithfulness!"

Lana Vawser   |   Sep 23, 2020

Nathan Shaw: "Believing in Miracles Is a Gift From God"

Nathan Shaw   |   Sep 23, 2020

Munday Martin: "Judge Ginsburg Passes Away on Rosh Hashanah"

Munday Martin   |   Sep 22, 2020

Rebecca Greenwood: "God Is the Master of the Chess Board! He Has Sudden Moves Satan Will Not See Coming!"

Rebecca Greenwood   |   Sep 22, 2020

James W. Goll: "Praying for the Wisdom Ways of God"

James W. Goll   |   Sep 21, 2020

Liz Wright: "Many Will Now Meet Me On Their Damascus Road"

Liz Wright   |   Sep 21, 2020

Cheryl Amabile: "A Day of Reckoning! Keys to Heal Our Nation"

Cheryl Amabile   |   Sep 20, 2020

Darren Canning: "The Coming Rains of Revival and a Wild Army Rising"

Darren Canning   |   Sep 20, 2020

Brian and Candice Simmons: "The Place Where Faith Grows"

Brian and Candice Simmons   |   Sep 19, 2020

"Prepare for Rosh Hashanah 5781!"

Rabbi Curt Landry with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Sep 19, 2020

Diane Lake: "The Year of the MEGA: A Time of Reflection, Revival & Trumpeting Your Voice"

Diane Lake   |   Sep 18, 2020

Alane Haynes: "Position Yourself for 5781 - The Year of the Turnaround!"

Alane Haynes   |   Sep 18, 2020

Johnny Enlow: "BIG NEWS: Authentic Wins, Rosh Hashanah & She Dares the Devil"

Johnny Enlow   |   Sep 17, 2020

Travis Holland: "Fear Not! I Am Healing the Land!"

Travis Holland   |   Sep 17, 2020

Ruth Hendrickson: "Pick Up Your Weapon! What Has God Put in Your Hands?"

Ruth Hendrickson   |   Sep 16, 2020

Wendy Alec: "Prepare for Supernatural Impact! Comeback, Recompense and More Are Yours!"

Wendy Alec   |   Sep 16, 2020

Donna Rigney: "The Unrest That Leads to Revival"

Donna Rigney   |   Sep 15, 2020

Torrey Marcel Harper: "America, Where Does Your Hope Lie?"

Torrey Marcel Harper   |   Sep 15, 2020

Ivan Roman: "Oregon Church Building Still Standing After Fires! Pray for the Northwest!"

Ivan Roman   |   Sep 14, 2020

Curt Landry: "Rosh Hashanah: Blast the Shofar & Hear the Voice of God!"

Curt Landry   |   Sep 14, 2020

Madeline James: "It's Time to Rebuild the Ruins! Many Will Launch in September"

Madeline James   |   Sep 14, 2020

Helen Calder: "Sealed Orders: A Fresh Word From Heaven Is on the Way!"

Helen Calder   |   Sep 13, 2020

Sylvia Neusch: "Living by Every Word That Comes From His Mouth"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Sep 13, 2020

Kim Potter: "May We Be Fully Prepared"

Kim Potter   |   Sep 12, 2020

Mandy Woodhouse: "Encouragement for Those Just Stepping Out"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Sep 12, 2020

Rick Joyner: "4 Solutions to Heal Our Land"

Rick Joyner   |   Sep 11, 2020

Michael Van Vlymen: "Interceding for Our Nation: Saving a Place for the Righteous"

Michael Van Vlymen   |   Sep 11, 2020

Francis Myles: "Living in Peace in an Angry Culture!"

Francis Myles   |   Sep 10, 2020

Doug Addison: "New Plans Are Being Released This September!"

Doug Addison   |   Sep 10, 2020

Katie Barker: "2 Chronicles 7:14 Is a Supernatural Key in the Era of Turning"

Katie Barker   |   Sep 9, 2020

Agnes Ebedi: "A Vision of Storms and the Rising Army"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Sep 9, 2020

Kathie Walters: "God Is Raising Up a Generation of Anointed Children and Youth"

Kathie Walters   |   Sep 8, 2020

Andrew Towe: "Get Ready for a Sudden Surge!"

Andrew Towe   |   Sep 8, 2020

James W. Goll: "The Micro-burst Is Birthing the Micro-Church"

James W. Goll   |   Sep 7, 2020

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