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Cheryl Amabile with Chris Berglund: "New Year's 10K Race"

Cheryl Amabile with Chris Berglund   |   Feb 23, 2024

Charlie Shamp: "An Outpouring Among the Young"

Charlie Shamp, Moravian Falls, NC   |   Feb 22, 2024

Alane Haynes: "What It Means to Be a Living Sacrifice"

Alane Haynes, San Diego, CA   |   Feb 21, 2024

Wanda Alger: "Not Every Battle Is Yours to Fight"

Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA   |   Feb 20, 2024

Chantie Holland: "Back to the Beginning"

Chantie Holland, Mobile, Alabama   |   Feb 19, 2024

Francis Frangipane: "Becoming Like Our Teacher!"

Francis Frangipane, Cedar Rapids, IA   |   Feb 18, 2024

Kathi Pelton: "The Barren Places Will Become the Womb of Miracles"

Kathi Pelton, Portland, Oregon   |   Feb 18, 2024

Craig Cooney: "Why Does God Lead You into Transition?"

Craig Cooney, Portadown, Northern Ireland   |   Feb 17, 2024

Sylvia Neusch: "Seeing Your Dreams with Eyes of Faith"

Sylvia Neusch, Round Rock, Texas   |   Feb 17, 2024

Catherine Brown: "Watch for Supernatural Glory Bursts Over Singapore & Hong Kong!"

Catherine Brown, Glasgow, United Kingdom   |   Feb 16, 2024

Lana Vawser: "A Call to Action & No Distraction"

Lana Vawser, Adelaide, South Australia   |   Feb 15, 2024

Gretchen Rodriguez: "Do I Captivate Your Heart?"

Gretchen Rodriguez, Redding, California   |   Feb 14, 2024

Hank Kunneman: "A Season of Great Tension & GREATER Celebration!"

Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE   |   Feb 13, 2024

Nate Johnston: "From Flying Blind to Flying High!"

Nate Johnston, Dallas, TX   |   Feb 12, 2024

Wade E. Taylor: "Preparing for the Marriage Feast"

Wade E. Taylor, formerly Nanjemoy, MD   |   Feb 11, 2024

Angie Stolba: "Dive Deep into the Water with Me!"

Angie Stolba, Washington, IL   |   Feb 11, 2024

Andrew Whalen: "A Prototype for Revival in America"

Andrew Whalen, Peoria, Illinois   |   Feb 10, 2024

Helen Calder: "God's Grace in a Genesis Season"

Helen Calder, Melbourne, Australia   |   Feb 10, 2024

Tom Hamon: "Step Through the Door of More!"

Tom Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL   |   Feb 9, 2024

Charlie Shamp: "The Robe and the Ring"

Charlie Shamp, Moravian Falls, NC   |   Feb 8, 2024

Anne Jackson and Katelyn Alexander: "Roadblocks & Obstacles Becoming Stepping Stones & Opportunities"

Anne Jackson and Katelyn Alexander   |   Feb 7, 2024

Dutch Sheets with Gina Gholston: "The Rats Will Be Exposed"

Dutch Sheets with Gina Gholston   |   Feb 6, 2024

Yvon Attia: "You Will See the Persecutors Become the Proclaimers!"

Yvon Attia, Miami, Florida   |   Feb 5, 2024

Sara Whitten: "Recovering Treasure"

Sara Whitten, Kerrville, TX   |   Feb 4, 2024

Kim Potter: "The House Built Upon the Rock"

Kim Potter, Dayton, Tennessee   |   Feb 4, 2024

Elaine Tavolacci: "Elishas, Receive Your Double-Portion Anointing!"

Elaine Tavolacci, Staten Island, NY   |   Feb 3, 2024

James W. Goll: "The Era of the Open Door"

James W. Goll, Franklin, TN   |   Feb 3, 2024

Barry Wunsch: "Corporations That Parade as Governments Are Coming Down!"

Barry Wunsch, Red Deer, Alberta   |   Feb 2, 2024

Edie Bayer: "Your Shoes Matter!"

Edie Bayer, Houston, TX   |   Feb 1, 2024

Dr. Arleen Westerhof and Dr. Sharon Stone: "EPC Word for 2024: Raise My Shout of Victory!"

Dr. Arleen Westerhof, Dr. Sharon Stone and EPC   |   Jan 31, 2024

Joey LeTourneau: "Preparing for Abundance"

Joey LeTourneau, Cody, WY   |   Jan 30, 2024

Mandy Adendorff: "The Tree That Never Fails to Bear Fruit"

Mandy Adendorff, New England   |   Jan 29, 2024

Wanda Alger: "The World Will See the Beauty of the Bride"

Wanda Alger, Winchester, VA   |   Jan 28, 2024

Joe Joe Dawson: "Are You Prepared for What You've Been Praying For?"

Joe Joe Dawson, Texarkana, Texas   |   Jan 28, 2024

Amanda Grace: "A Powerful Wind of Change Is Sweeping the Nation"

Amanda Grace, Fishkill, New York   |   Jan 27, 2024

Nathan Shaw: "Accessing Provision to Transform Nations"

Nathan Shaw, Dunedin, New Zealand   |   Jan 27, 2024

Lana Vawser: "Arise, Warring Women of Zion! This Is Your Comeback!"

Lana Vawser, Adelaide, South Australia   |   Jan 26, 2024

Charlie Shamp: "The Year of Greater Works and Greater Glory!"

Charlie Shamp, Moravian Falls, NC   |   Jan 25, 2024

Demontae Edmonds: "The Anointing of Amos: Discerning the Will of God"

Demontae Edmonds, Atlanta, GA   |   Jan 24, 2024

Katie Dunstan: "Go Low, Go Deep! Ascend to Your Seat!"

Katie Dunstan, NSW, Australia   |   Jan 23, 2024

Dutch Sheets: "A Hinge of History"

Dutch Sheets, Batesburg-Leesville, SC   |   Jan 22, 2024

Francis Frangipane: "I Will Rejoice!"

Francis Frangipane, Cedar Rapids, IA   |   Jan 21, 2024

Steve Porter: "A Quest for Hidden Treasure"

Steve Porter, Rochester, NY   |   Jan 21, 2024

Helen Calder: "I Am Assigning Angels to Your Time"

Helen Calder, Melbourne, Australia   |   Jan 20, 2024

Cindy Jacobs: "Take Authority Over the Spirit of Division"

Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak, TX   |   Jan 20, 2024

Jane Hamon: "The Year of Victory Over Chaos!"

Jane Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL   |   Jan 19, 2024

Andrew Towe: "Get Ready for a Prophetic Surge!"

Andrew Towe, Chattanooga, TN   |   Jan 18, 2024

Donna Rigney: "A Grand Rescue Event Is Coming!"

Donna Rigney, Bunnell, Florida   |   Jan 17, 2024

Hank Kunneman: "A Governmental Year in the Court of Heaven"

Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE   |   Jan 16, 2024

Tom Hamon: "Leap into the More in 2024!"

Tom Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL   |   Jan 15, 2024

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