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Mandy Woodhouse: "Encouragement for Those Who Are Feeling Unraveled"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Aug 16, 2022

Anita Alexander: "The Josephs Are Stepping Into Their 'Suddenly'"

Anita Alexander   |   Aug 15, 2022

Deborah Perkins: "A Word for God's Eagles: Soar and Rise!"

Deborah Perkins   |   Aug 14, 2022

Kathi Pelton: "Spiritual Pioneers Are Blazing a New Oregon Trail!"

Kathi Pelton   |   Aug 14, 2022

Emily Garaty: "'The Silver Is Mine,' Says the Lord!"

Emily Garaty   |   Aug 13, 2022

Darren Canning: "There Will Be a Day of Reckoning"

Darren Canning   |   Aug 13, 2022

Dutch Sheets: "We Decree: The Evil Plans of the Wicked Will Boomerang Back"

Dutch Sheets   |   Aug 12, 2022

Hank Kunneman: "A Call to the Watchmen: Stand Against the 'August of Storms'"

Hank Kunneman   |   Aug 11, 2022

"Join Us! Heavenly Realities Are For You - Right Now!"

With Steve Shultz, Kat Kerr and Many Others   |   Aug 11, 2022

Barry Wunsch: "Hear His Call! God Is Raising Up a Remnant Who Will Stand"

Barry Wunsch   |   Aug 10, 2022

Rosangela Atte: "The Rise of the True Heirs"

Rosangela Atte   |   Aug 9, 2022

Candice Smithyman: "Get Ready! It's Your Time of Promotion"

Candice Smithyman   |   Aug 8, 2022

Francis Frangipane: "God's Heart for the Lost"

Francis Frangipane   |   Aug 7, 2022

Nathan French: "Truth Is Who I Am"

Nathan French   |   Aug 7, 2022

Yvon Attia: "Buckle Up and Be Ready!"

Yvon Attia   |   Aug 6, 2022

Amanda Grace: "Bold and Unexpected Moves Are Coming!"

Amanda Grace   |   Aug 6, 2022

Joey LeTourneau: "Redeeming the Wealth of the Father"

Joey LeTourneau   |   Aug 5, 2022

Anne Ballard: "It's a Season of Swift Turnarounds!"

Anne Ballard   |   Aug 4, 2022

Christa Elisha: "It's Time for My Heroes to LEVEL UP!"

Christa Elisha   |   Aug 3, 2022

Nate Johnston: "I Am Releasing My Firebrands!"

Nate Johnston   |   Aug 2, 2022

Hank Kunneman: "The Voice of a Future Generation Preserved!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Aug 1, 2022

Steve Porter: "Love Is Dripping from Jesus' Very Heart"

Steve Porter   |   Jul 31, 2022

Nathan Shaw: "The Cry, the Staff and the Decree"

Nathan Shaw   |   Jul 31, 2022

Ana Werner: "4 Types of Angels & Practical Tips for Angelic Activation"

Ana Werner   |   Jul 30, 2022

Jennifer Martin: "God Is Highlighting Women"

Jennifer Martin   |   Jul 30, 2022

Mandy Adendorff: "God Is Aligning the Generations - From Elijah to Elisha"

Mandy Adendorff   |   Jul 29, 2022

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets: "God Said: 'It Is Finished,' Not 'I Am Finished'"

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets   |   Jul 28, 2022

Alane Haynes: "Receive His Power in the Storm"

Alane Haynes   |   Jul 27, 2022

Andrew Towe: "Tell My People to Put On Their Dancing Shoes!"

Andrew Towe   |   Jul 26, 2022

Deborah Perkins: "God Says: I Am Your Lifeline & Rescuer"

Deborah Perkins   |   Jul 25, 2022

Helen Calder: "9 Reasons to Receive the Holy Spirit's (Continual) Infilling"

Helen Calder   |   Jul 24, 2022

Lana Vawser: "An Invitation to the Secrets of His Heart"

Lana Vawser   |   Jul 24, 2022

Theresa Phillips: "God Is Raising Up a New Flock of Prophets!"

Theresa Phillips   |   Jul 23, 2022

Lorilei Cooley: "You Will Find Rest as You Occupy the New Things!"

Lorilei Cooley   |   Jul 23, 2022

Donna Rigney: "Victory After Victory Is Coming to Your Land!"

Donna Rigney   |   Jul 22, 2022

Johnny Enlow: "The 'Squeeze' Is On - A Great Suffocation of Evil Is Accelerating"

Johnny Enlow   |   Jul 22, 2022

Angela Greenig: "God Is Releasing Two Rods of Revival"

Angela Greenig   |   Jul 21, 2022

Ella Onakoya: "Angelic Assistance Is Being Released on the Earth Today!"

Ella Onakoya   |   Jul 20, 2022

Nate Johnston: "God Is Restoring What Was Lost - With Interest"

Nate Johnston   |   Jul 19, 2022

Dontrell Green: "The Spirit of Unity Is Coming to America!"

Dontrell Green   |   Jul 18, 2022

Sylvia Neusch: "His Word Over You Is 'Flourish'"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Jul 17, 2022

Kathi Pelton: "What If?' and 'Did God Really Say...?'"

Kathi Pelton   |   Jul 17, 2022

Sara Whitten: "To Those Who Feel Like Nothing Is Happening"

Sara Whitten   |   Jul 16, 2022

Charissa Steffens: "His Double Rainbow and Double Abundance Are Over You!"

Charissa Steffens   |   Jul 16, 2022

Hank Kunneman: "Righteousness Will Govern This Land!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Jul 15, 2022

Johnny Enlow: "Church, Here Is the Narrative of the Day..."

Johnny Enlow   |   Jul 14, 2022

"Bethel Church Co-Pastor Beni Johnson, Wife of Pastor Bill Johnson, Passes on to Her Eternal Home"

Breaking Christian News   |   Jul 14, 2022

Yvon Attia: "You Will Be Beside Yourself as Abundant Blessings Pile Up!"

Yvon Attia   |   Jul 13, 2022

"A National Decree for God's Watchmen"

Dutch Sheets with Gene and Teri Bailey   |   Jul 12, 2022

Anne Ballard: "He Hears My Cries"

Anne Ballard   |   Jul 11, 2022

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