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Nate Johnston: "Firebrand Warriors - God Is Vindicating You!"

Nate Johnston   |   Oct 26, 2021

Daniel Pontious: "Moving From Faith to Substance"

Daniel Pontious   |   Oct 26, 2021

Ray and Renaid Almgren: "God Says: It's Time to Build"

Ray and Renaid Almgren   |   Oct 25, 2021

Lori Doyen: "God Is Calling - Will You Go All In?"

Lori Doyen   |   Oct 25, 2021

Wade E. Taylor: "Arrayed in His Glory"

Wade E. Taylor   |   Oct 24, 2021

Rick Joyner: "Follow the King: There's a Move of God Coming That Will Be God Moving"

Rick Joyner   |   Oct 24, 2021

Faith Marie Baczko: "Critical Thinking for Critical Times"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Oct 23, 2021

Rachel Miranda Emerson: "A Table Set Before You"

Rachel Miranda Emerson   |   Oct 23, 2021

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "The Time of Adventure and Convergence"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Oct 22, 2021

Craig Cooney: "A Sharp Turn with Suddenlies and Surprises"

Craig Cooney   |   Oct 22, 2021

Ella Onakoya: "Defeat the 'Flies of Destruction' with God's Strategies"

Ella Onakoya   |   Oct 21, 2021

Robin Bullock and Steve Shultz: "Prophetic Word: After 3 Days..."

Robin Bullock and Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams   |   Oct 21, 2021

Jay West: "Expect Unusual Miracles!"

Jay West   |   Oct 20, 2021

Mario Murillo: "Even in Her Fallen State, America Is a Firewall Against Evil"

Mario Murillo   |   Oct 20, 2021

Christa Elisha: "A Panoramic Vision: China Shall Be Saved!"

Christa Elisha   |   Oct 19, 2021

Bob Blase: "The Star of the Sea - You Are a Shining Example to Others"

Bob Blase   |   Oct 19, 2021

Sharell Barrera: "The Trinity of Hope on the West Coast"

Sharell Barrera   |   Oct 18, 2021

Joshua Fowler: "God's Strategy: Another Baby Boom & Generational Fire"

Joshua Fowler   |   Oct 18, 2021

Francis Myles: "5 Divine Restraining Orders You Can Issue from the Courts of Heaven Right Now!"

Francis Myles   |   Oct 17, 2021

Angie Stolba: "Be Released Into Your New Season"

Angie Stolba   |   Oct 17, 2021

Steve Porter: "Intimate Prayers from a Love-Struck Bride"

Steve Porter   |   Oct 16, 2021

Joe Joe Dawson: "The Great Turnaround"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Oct 16, 2021

Chuck D. Pierce: "A Significant Word for Our Nation - Beginning on October 18"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Oct 15, 2021

Donna Rigney: "His Truth and Justice Will Prevail"

Donna Rigney   |   Oct 15, 2021

Helen Calder: "A Word from the Lord to His Watchmen Intercessors"

Helen Calder   |   Oct 14, 2021

"Prophets Gathering!"

Kat Kerr, Donna Rigney and Manuel Johnson with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Oct 14, 2021

"Remembering the Life of Loren Sandford"

Mark and Maureen Sandford   |   Oct 14, 2021

Mandy Woodhouse: "Friendship First - An Urgent Invitation"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Oct 13, 2021

Lance Wallnau: "Transform Your Soul With Scripture"

Lance Wallnau   |   Oct 13, 2021

Katie Barker: "Rise Up and Boldly Speak God's Narrative"

Katie Barker   |   Oct 12, 2021

Cindy Jacobs: "You're Not Stuck - Rise Up Again!"

Cindy Jacobs   |   Oct 12, 2021

Dutch Sheets: "Increase Your Faith - It's Time!"

Dutch Sheets   |   Oct 11, 2021

Anita Alexander: "Australia, I AM Still Watching Over You!"

Anita Alexander   |   Oct 11, 2021

Brian Simmons: "We All Need Revelation on Revelation"

Brian Simmons   |   Oct 10, 2021

Danielle Dixon: "The Lord Is Setting Ambushes Against Our Enemies"

Danielle Dixon   |   Oct 10, 2021

Anne Ballard: "A Season of Refinement and Upgrades"

Anne Ballard   |   Oct 9, 2021

Amber Johnson: "Family Army - Stand Your Ground!"

Amber Johnson   |   Oct 9, 2021

Sara Whitten: "The Year of the Lord's Whistle"

Sara Whitten   |   Oct 8, 2021

Charlie Shamp: "Taiwan - Proclaim, Prophesy, Pray"

Charlie Shamp   |   Oct 8, 2021

Barry Wunsch: "America & Canada, Wake Up! DJT, Now Is the Time!"

Barry Wunsch   |   Oct 7, 2021

Amanda Grace: "God Is Shining a Spotlight on the Enemy"

Amanda Grace   |   Oct 7, 2021

Holly Watson: "The 'Unusuals' Have Arrived"

Holly Watson   |   Oct 6, 2021

Nathan French: "If We Stand Together, We Will Win!"

Nathan French   |   Oct 6, 2021

Dutch Sheets and Cheryl Sacks: "Fire On the Family Altar"

Dutch Sheets and Cheryl Sacks   |   Oct 5, 2021

Lyn Packer: "It's the 'Time of Signs'"

Lyn Packer   |   Oct 5, 2021

Wanda Alger: "Preparing for Blackouts and Walking in the Dark"

Wanda Alger   |   Oct 5, 2021

Lana Vawser: "Revival Is Coming to Your Homes and Families!"

Lana Vawser   |   Oct 4, 2021

Sylvia Neusch: "Sound the Horns of Justice in the Land!"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Oct 4, 2021

Wade E. Taylor: "Becoming a New Bottle"

Wade E. Taylor   |   Oct 3, 2021

"Nightbirde After Withdrawing from AGT: 'Burying My Face into God's T-Shirt'"

Breaking Christian News   |   Oct 3, 2021

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