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Alane Haynes: "Moving from Saved, Healed and Delivered to Made Whole!"

Alane Haynes, San Diego, CA   |   Dec 1, 2023

Amanda Grace: "Call on Me, My Children - You Are About to Hit the Motherboard!"

Amanda Grace, Fishkill, New York   |   Nov 30, 2023

Veronika West: "Wielding the Weapon of Supernatural Wisdom"

Veronika West, Ireland   |   Nov 29, 2023

Helen Calder: "Walking with God in Times of Transition"

Helen Calder, Melbourne, Australia   |   Nov 28, 2023

Rosangela Atte: "Your Life Is Like an Upside Down Cake"

Rosangela Atte, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada   |   Nov 27, 2023

Sara Whitten: "Breaking Off Hopelessness"

Sara Whitten, Kerrville, TX   |   Nov 26, 2023

Bethany Hicks: "Who Do You Say He Is?"

Bethany Hicks, Round Rock, TX   |   Nov 26, 2023

Madeline James: "The Whirlwind of God Is Here!"

Madeline James, Lexington, KY   |   Nov 25, 2023

Brian Simmons: "Why I Love the Book of Jeremiah!"

Brian Simmons, Wichita, KS   |   Nov 25, 2023

Andrew Whalen: "God Is Recruiting a Prayer Force!"

Andrew Whalen, Peoria, Illinois   |   Nov 24, 2023

Kim Potter: "A Call to Authentic Thanksgiving"

Kim Potter, Dayton, Tennessee   |   Nov 23, 2023

Nellie O'Hara: "Walk in My Truth and You Shall Be Free!"

Nellie O'Hara, Burlington, ON, Canada   |   Nov 22, 2023

Elaine Tavolacci: "The Lion Will Roar & the Eagle Will Soar in 2024!"

Elaine Tavolacci, Staten Island, NY   |   Nov 21, 2023

Victoria Boyson: "A Vision of Weapons, Books and Keys!"

Victoria Boyson, Houston, Texas   |   Nov 20, 2023

James W. Goll: "It's Time for Mordecais and Esthers to Arise!"

James W. Goll, Franklin, TN   |   Nov 19, 2023

Steve Porter: "The Erie Canal and the Coming Outpouring"

Steve Porter, Rochester, NY   |   Nov 19, 2023

Lana Vawser: "God Is Dealing with Alignments That Hinder Your Assignments"

Lana Vawser, Adelaide, South Australia   |   Nov 18, 2023

Joe Joe Dawson: "A Separation Season from Darkness and Compromise"

Joe Joe Dawson, Texarkana, Texas   |   Nov 18, 2023

Nate Johnston: "Your Promotion in the Midst of Warfare"

Nate Johnston, Dallas, TX   |   Nov 17, 2023

Mandy Woodhouse: "The Master and the Exchange"

Mandy Woodhouse, Adelaide, Australia   |   Nov 16, 2023

Andrew Towe: "The Era of Advancing and Conquering Territories"

Andrew Towe, Chattanooga, TN   |   Nov 15, 2023

Nathan Shaw: "The Middle East: Speak God's Destiny Over These Nations!"

Nathan Shaw   |   Nov 14, 2023

Dutch Sheets & Jane Hamon: "Ekklesia, Hold the Line! Advance in the Midst of Darkness!"

Dutch Sheets & Jane Hamon   |   Nov 13, 2023

Joey LeTourneau: "Reforming Joseph's Silos in Unlikely Places"

Joey LeTourneau   |   Nov 12, 2023

Bill Yount: "The Next Great Awakening - Loving Others Well"

Bill Yount   |   Nov 12, 2023

Kim Robinson: "An Encounter in the Conference Room of Heaven"

Kim Robinson   |   Nov 11, 2023

Francis Frangipane: "I Choose to Love - I Choose to Forgive"

Francis Frangipane   |   Nov 11, 2023

Anne Jackson: "Enter Your Season of Unexpected Blooms"

Anne Jackson   |   Nov 10, 2023

Robert Hotchkin: "The Revival That Will Change Everything!"

Robert Hotchkin   |   Nov 9, 2023

Lana Vawser: "I Heard the Lord Say: A Great Displacement Is Happening"

Lana Vawser   |   Nov 8, 2023

Faith Marie Baczko: "Unlocking the Fullness of Your Destiny!"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Nov 7, 2023

Alane Haynes: "Hear the Sound of the Prevailing Roar"

Alane Haynes   |   Nov 6, 2023

Sara Whitten: "Growth That Changes Everything!"

Sara Whitten   |   Nov 5, 2023

Kim Potter: "God Signs Are Ahead!"

Kim Potter   |   Nov 5, 2023

Charlie Shamp: "Prophecies for China, USA, Israel and More!"

Charlie Shamp   |   Nov 4, 2023

Bernice Scheidler: "November: A Month of Restoration and Progress"

Bernice Scheidler   |   Nov 4, 2023

Kathi Pelton: "Nehemiahs Arise! Build That Wall - Do Not Be Hindered!"

Kathi Pelton   |   Nov 3, 2023

Yvon Attia: "November Prophetic Word: The Heroes of the Faith Are Arising!"

Yvon Attia   |   Nov 2, 2023

Sylvia Neusch: "Weary Waiters, Listen for the Sound of Rain!"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Nov 1, 2023

Veronika West: "How Narrow Is the Narrow Way?"

Veronika West   |   Oct 31, 2023

Dehavilland Ford: "The Weepers Shall Become Reapers"

Dehavilland Ford   |   Oct 30, 2023

Brian Simmons & George A. Wood: "Embracing the Unsurpassable Love of the Father: A Journey of Transformation"

Brian Simmons & George A. Wood   |   Oct 29, 2023

Travis Holland: "Your Provision Is in His Rest"

Travis Holland   |   Oct 29, 2023

Tim Sheets: "The Angel Gate Is Open - You Fight One of Us, You Fight Us All!"

Tim Sheets   |   Oct 28, 2023

Amanda Grace: "A Sharp Maneuver Around Christmas - January Must Be Rectified!"

Amanda Grace   |   Oct 28, 2023

Donna Rigney: "Love Will Save the World - Again!"

Donna Rigney   |   Oct 27, 2023

Andrew Whalen: "God Is Illuminating Shadow Players and Removing Their Domination!"

Andrew Whalen   |   Oct 26, 2023

Nate Johnston: "Six Prophetic Processes Taking Place Before 2024"

Nate Johnston   |   Oct 25, 2023

Andrew Towe: "Where Are the Mordecais?"

Andrew Towe   |   Oct 24, 2023

Lana Vawser: "2024: A Season of Vision & a Year to Occupy!"

Lana Vawser   |   Oct 23, 2023

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