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Charlie Shamp: "A Turnaround Is Coming"

Charlie Shamp   |   Sep 16, 2021

Chuck D. Pierce: "Understanding & Participating in Yom Kippur - the Great Day to Be Covered!"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Sep 16, 2021

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "This Month: Fast, Preach and Pray"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Sep 15, 2021

Madeline James: "Build the Habitation of God"

Madeline James   |   Sep 15, 2021

Chantie Holland: "5782: The Year of the Take Back"

Chantie Holland   |   Sep 14, 2021

Brian and Candice Simmons: "Waiting Without Breaking - Breakthrough Is Coming!"

Brian and Candice Simmons   |   Sep 14, 2021

Bob Sorge: "3 Steps to Touch Glory"

Bob Sorge   |   Sep 13, 2021

Jo Ellen Stevens: "Suddenly, You Will Walk Into Your Dreams"

Jo Ellen Stevens   |   Sep 13, 2021

Anne Ballard: "God Says, 'It's Time to Dream Again!'"

Anne Ballard   |   Sep 12, 2021

Kathi Pelton: "5782: We Stand At a Threshold Moment"

Kathi Pelton   |   Sep 12, 2021

Christa Elisha: "9:11 - The Wound Will Become a Womb"

Christa Elisha   |   Sep 11, 2021

Lana Vawser: "The Earth Will Shake Under the Power of Jesus' Name"

Lana Vawser   |   Sep 11, 2021

Judy Jacobs: "An Arctic Breeze Is Coming from the North"

Judy Jacobs   |   Sep 10, 2021

Candice Smithyman: "Expect Double Glory in Hebrew Year 5782"

Candice Smithyman   |   Sep 10, 2021

Jay West: "Living Water Will Flow from Washington DC"

Jay West   |   Sep 9, 2021

Ana Werner: "I Heard the Words: STAND FIRM!"

Ana Werner   |   Sep 9, 2021

Amanda Grace: "A Breaking Point and an October Surprise!"

Amanda Grace   |   Sep 8, 2021

Sharell Barrera: "It's a Time of 'Rebirth' for You"

Sharell Barrera   |   Sep 8, 2021

Ella Onakoya: "Awaken to the Fullness of His Glory"

Ella Onakoya   |   Sep 7, 2021

Cindy Jacobs: "Will You Catch the Little Foxes?"

Cindy Jacobs   |   Sep 7, 2021

Mary Dorian: "Get Ready for the Year of Light!"

Mary Dorian   |   Sep 6, 2021

Nate Johnston: "The Season of Micro Movements & Global Wildfires"

Nate Johnston   |   Sep 6, 2021

Bill Yount: "We Own the Night! The Makings of a Spiritual Sniper"

Bill Yount   |   Sep 5, 2021

Kim Potter: "When God Says, 'Pay Attention!'"

Kim Potter   |   Sep 5, 2021

Daniel Pontious: "Don't Let the Enemy Silence Your Voice!"

Daniel Pontious   |   Sep 4, 2021

Nancy Taylor Tate: "What Is Your First Priority?"

Nancy Taylor Tate   |   Sep 4, 2021

Kathi Pelton: "Carriers of His Glory Will Shift Atmospheres"

Kathi Pelton   |   Sep 3, 2021

Nathan Shaw: "God's Plan for the Nations - From the Life of Joseph"

Nathan Shaw   |   Sep 3, 2021

Donna Rigney: "A Reaping Is Coming! Righteousness Will Rule Over Evil!"

Donna Rigney   |   Sep 2, 2021

Cindy McGill: "The Generals Who Will Take On the Giants"

Cindy McGill   |   Sep 2, 2021

Dutch Sheets with Chuck Pierce: "Giants Will Fall!"

Dutch Sheets with Chuck Pierce   |   Sep 1, 2021

Wanda Alger: "Confronting the Giants in the Land"

Wanda Alger   |   Sep 1, 2021

Faith Marie Baczko: "Let Grace Open the Doors!"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Aug 31, 2021

Sylvia Neusch: "I Am Releasing the Grace Keys!"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Aug 31, 2021

Lou Engle: "The Power of Prophetic Acts and Intercessory Warfare"

Lou Engle   |   Aug 30, 2021

Amber Johnson: "I Want My People Free"

Amber Johnson   |   Aug 30, 2021

Cheryl Ricker: "Picture Him, Trust Him - He Will Restore You!"

Cheryl Ricker   |   Aug 29, 2021

Darren Canning: "Resistance Fighters - This Is How We Win the Battle!"

Darren Canning   |   Aug 29, 2021

Jo Ellen Stevens: "It's Time to Exhale! The Harvest Is Here!"

Jo Ellen Stevens   |   Aug 28, 2021

Joe Joe Dawson: "We Are About to See Heaven Open Over America!"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Aug 28, 2021

Dr. Sandie Freed: "God Says: Let the Word Work for You!"

Dr. Sandie Freed   |   Aug 27, 2021

Hank Kunneman: "Intense Eruptions, Shakings and Whistleblowers!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Aug 27, 2021

Agnes Ebedi: "This Is Your Million-Fold Payback Season!"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Aug 26, 2021

Christa Elisha: "The Lord Says, 'Change Is Coming Swiftly!'"

Christa Elisha   |   Aug 26, 2021

Kathie Walters: "The Deliverer Is Arising Over Your House!"

Kathie Walters   |   Aug 25, 2021

Lana Vawser: "It's Time for 24-Hour, Major, Monumental Deliverance!"

Lana Vawser   |   Aug 25, 2021

Marc Brisebois: "New Mantles Await the Jacob Generation!"

Marc Brisebois   |   Aug 24, 2021

Barry Wunsch: "United States - Fasten Your Seat Belts! Canada - Sound the Battle Cry!"

Barry Wunsch   |   Aug 24, 2021

Candice Smithyman: "Fire Angels Will Be Released Upon the Earth!"

Candice Smithyman   |   Aug 23, 2021

Elaine Tavolacci: "It's a New Day! Will You Walk in His Power?"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Aug 23, 2021

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