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Chuck D. Pierce: "Key Prophecy: Prepare for the New Year - I Will Be Removing Coverings"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Sep 2, 2020

Dutch Sheets with Ken Malone: "Damn the Torpedoes and Storm the Beach!"

Dutch Sheets with Ken Malone   |   Sep 1, 2020

Mike and Cindy Jacobs: "It's Time to Repair What Is Corrupt in the Nations"

Mike and Cindy Jacobs   |   Sep 1, 2020

Christy Johnston: "Word for California & How to Hear God's Secret Plans"

Christy Johnston   |   Aug 31, 2020

Kathi Pelton: "The Sound of Surrender Will Change History"

Kathi Pelton   |   Aug 31, 2020

Faith Marie Baczko: "Glory Zones Are Being Established!"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Aug 30, 2020

Steve Porter: "What I've Learned About the Master's Garden"

Steve Porter   |   Aug 30, 2020

James W. Goll: "God's Triple Crown Winners: You Can Be the Next Triple Threat!"

James W. Goll   |   Aug 29, 2020

"Prophecy Decoders: Riots to Revival"

Steven Springer and The Elijah List   |   Aug 29, 2020

Lana Vawser: "I Am Going to Cause the Church to Tremble Again"

Lana Vawser   |   Aug 28, 2020

"Revival or Bust! If America Doesn't See Revival, We're in Big Trouble"

Sean Feucht with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Aug 28, 2020

Betty King: "Break the Old Cycles! God Wants Us to Stand in New Courage & Faith"

Betty King   |   Aug 27, 2020

Kim Black: "Rise Up Nehemiah - You Are Being Strategically Released!"

Kim Black   |   Aug 27, 2020

Rick Joyner: "Witches and Justice - What We Can Learn From History"

Rick Joyner   |   Aug 26, 2020

Wanda Alger: "A 'New Normal' Is Rising from the Crumbling Mountain"

Wanda Alger   |   Aug 26, 2020

Jennifer Eivaz: "In the Name of Jesus, Receive Your Second Wind"

Jennifer Eivaz   |   Aug 25, 2020

Mary Dorian: "Washington DC Will Be a 'Hot Spot' in the Coming Days"

Mary Dorian   |   Aug 25, 2020

Wendy M. Allen: "The Angel Said: Release the Terms!"

Wendy M. Allen   |   Aug 24, 2020

Anthony Medina: "Massive Deliverance Is Coming During This Season"

Anthony Medina   |   Aug 24, 2020

Anne Ballard: "It's Your Season of Upgrade, Faith, Truth & Healing"

Anne Ballard   |   Aug 23, 2020

Katie Barker: "Hope Is Rising! The Goodness of God Will Be Showcased"

Katie Barker   |   Aug 23, 2020

Bobby Conner: "The Lord Took Me Fishing in the Midst of a Violent Storm"

Bobby Conner   |   Aug 22, 2020

Charlie Shamp with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV: "What Is God Saying About Kamala Harris and the Next Election?"

Charlie Shamp with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Aug 22, 2020

Candice Simmons: "5 Ways God Works for Us in Our Trials"

Candice Simmons   |   Aug 21, 2020

Louis DeSiena: "Three Angels Coming to America: Revolution, Reformation & Restoration"

Louis DeSiena   |   Aug 21, 2020

Hakeem Collins: "God Says: Repent, Rest and Reset!"

Hakeem Collins   |   Aug 20, 2020

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "God Is Bringing You Into a Nest of Safety, Rest and Goodness"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Aug 20, 2020

Jonathan Ngai: "Hollywood ARISE: The Revolution Is Around the Corner!"

Jonathan Ngai   |   Aug 19, 2020

Mike and Cindy Jacobs: "America Destabilized! The Battle for the Soul of Our Nation"

Mike and Cindy Jacobs   |   Aug 19, 2020

Daniel and Amber Pierce: "Peace Be Still! Historic Shift in Middle East Alignments!"

Daniel and Amber Pierce   |   Aug 18, 2020

Adam F. Thompson: "A Call to Lebanon! God Says, 'I'm Prompting Apostles and Evangelists to Go'"

Adam F. Thompson   |   Aug 18, 2020

Sanjna Mahtab: "Out of This Darkness Mighty Warriors Will Rise!"

Sanjna Mahtab   |   Aug 17, 2020

Sharell Barrera: "Warring Angels Have Been Sent to Battle on Your Behalf!"

Sharell Barrera   |   Aug 17, 2020

Dawn Hill: "Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos"

Dawn Hill   |   Aug 16, 2020

Curt Landry: "Receive God's Promise of Strength"

Curt Landry   |   Aug 16, 2020

Jennifer Martin with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV: "The Waves of God Are Here! The Rise of His Dark Horse Prophets!"

Jennifer Martin with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV   |   Aug 15, 2020

Helen Calder: "I Heard God Say: I Am Turning Undertow Into Overflow!"

Helen Calder   |   Aug 15, 2020

Nate Johnston: "To the Muzzled Voices: Encounter the Lion & Shake Off Fear!"

Nate Johnston   |   Aug 14, 2020

Candice Smithyman: "The Month of The Lion: Take Your Promised Land!"

Candice Smithyman   |   Aug 14, 2020

Bill and Marsha Burns: "A New Door Is Open! Watch for Greater Levels of Anointing & Purpose"

Bill and Marsha Burns   |   Aug 13, 2020

Andrew Towe: "From Drought to Deluge: A Geyser in the Spirit Is Bursting Forth!"

Andrew Towe   |   Aug 13, 2020

Holly Watson: "A Move of Justice Is Sweeping Across the Land!"

Holly Watson   |   Aug 12, 2020

Chris Overstreet: "What Is Revival?"

Chris Overstreet   |   Aug 12, 2020

Ella Onakoya: "Uncover the Mask of Fear & Enter the Mountain of God"

Ella Onakoya   |   Aug 11, 2020

"Sean Feucht in Seattle: The Church Refused to Be Intimidated and God Kept Pouring Out!"

Aimee Herd, Breaking Christian News   |   Aug 11, 2020

Daniel Pontious: "Here Comes the Rise of the Reformers!"

Daniel Pontious   |   Aug 10, 2020

Jane Hamon: "Contending - From Crisis to Comeback"

Jane Hamon   |   Aug 10, 2020

Lana Vawser: "Pressure Before the Promise"

Lana Vawser   |   Aug 9, 2020

Katie Souza: "God Shows Himself Faithful!"

Katie Souza   |   Aug 9, 2020

Christy Johnston: "The Lion Is on the Move! God Says: Enough Is Enough!"

Christy Johnston   |   Aug 8, 2020

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