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Ryan Johnson: "God Will Restore Better Than Before!"

Ryan Johnson   |   Apr 13, 2021

Wanda Alger: "Everyone Will Be SHOCKED by the Surprise Ending!"

Wanda Alger   |   Apr 13, 2021

Sara Whitten: "An Opportune Time! Step Out of Strongholds and Step Into Faith!"

Sara Whitten   |   Apr 12, 2021

Joe Joe Dawson: "The Unveiling - What Is God Doing?"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Apr 12, 2021

Kim Potter: "From Challenge to Change: What 2020 Taught Me"

Kim Potter   |   Apr 11, 2021

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "God Says: I Am Revamping Your Sense of Identity!"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Apr 11, 2021

Betty King: "A Word of Encouragement in a Time of Captivity"

Betty King   |   Apr 10, 2021

Bill Yount: "Have You Been Hit by a Wild Pitch? It's Time to Get Back in the Batter's Box!"

Bill Yount   |   Apr 10, 2021

Virginia Kettler Blackburn: "Victory Awaits Your Faith! Will You Stand Against the Giants in the Land?"

Virginia Kettler Blackburn   |   Apr 9, 2021

Nathan French: "I Want to Take My People into the Next Glory"

Nathan French   |   Apr 9, 2021

Steve Porter: "Becoming the Wheel Within a Wheel"

Steve Porter   |   Apr 8, 2021

Anne Ballard: "God Is Synergizing Your Big Dreams!"

Anne Ballard   |   Apr 7, 2021

Donna Rigney and Steve Shultz: "A Great Unveiling of Wickedness!"

Donna Rigney and Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams   |   Apr 7, 2021

Linda Freeman: "The Dams Are Bursting! It's the Hour of the 7 Mountain Takeover!"

Linda Freeman   |   Apr 6, 2021

Melissa Pearce: "Receive God's Promises! Break Free from the Victim Mentality!"

Melissa Pearce   |   Apr 6, 2021

Nate Johnston: "To the Wild Ones: This Is Your Hour!"

Nate Johnston   |   Apr 5, 2021

Os Hillman: "Have You Ever Spoken a 'Decree' for Breakthrough?"

Os Hillman   |   Apr 5, 2021

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda: "Jesus' 7 Last Words from the Cross...and How They Change Everything!"

Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda   |   Apr 4, 2021

Francis Frangipane: "In Christ, Be Full of Life!"

Francis Frangipane   |   Apr 4, 2021

James W. Goll: "3 Ways You Can Flow in the Power of God"

James W. Goll   |   Apr 3, 2021

Kathi Pelton: "April's Open Door: The Breath of God Is Blowing!"

Kathi Pelton   |   Apr 3, 2021

Lana Vawser: "Receive Your Commission Orders Into New Pathways!"

Lana Vawser   |   Apr 2, 2021

Madeline James: "Great Strides Will Be Made in April!"

Madeline James   |   Apr 2, 2021

Doug Addison: "49 Days of Revelation & Healing"

Doug Addison   |   Apr 2, 2021

"Dutch Sheets: Urgent Call to Action to STOP HR 5; the [IN]Equality Act"

Dutch Sheets via Breaking Christian News   |   Apr 1, 2021

Amanda Grace: "The Writing Is On the Wall!"

Amanda Grace   |   Apr 1, 2021

Donna Rigney: "'Fire From Heaven Will Fall!' Plus 'A Word Regarding Donald Trump'"

Donna Rigney   |   Mar 31, 2021

Sylvia Neusch: "Tell My People They Must Sync with My Time"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Mar 31, 2021

Faith Marie Baczko: "Receive Your Scepter of Authority!"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Mar 30, 2021

Daniel Pontious: "God Is Adding a Supercharger to Your Life!"

Daniel Pontious   |   Mar 30, 2021

Veronika West: "The Dream of the TRUMP Tree"

Veronika West   |   Mar 29, 2021

Alane Haynes: "Are You Feeling the Weight of God's Glory?"

Alane Haynes   |   Mar 29, 2021

Ben Peters: "God Is Saying: Rebuild My Temple"

Ben Peters   |   Mar 28, 2021

Nancy Taylor Tate: "A Peace That Surpasses All Understanding"

Nancy Taylor Tate   |   Mar 28, 2021

Curt Landry: "How Are You Preparing Your Heart for Passover?"

Curt Landry   |   Mar 27, 2021

Candice Smithyman: "This Passover - Experience the Miraculous"

Candice Smithyman   |   Mar 27, 2021

Ella Onakoya: "The Release of a Powerful Mantle: Where Is the Lord God of Elijah?"

Ella Onakoya   |   Mar 26, 2021

Nathan French: "The Roll Out of 'Operation Clean Out!'"

Nathan French   |   Mar 26, 2021

Hakeem Collins: "Receive the Supernatural Power of Discerning of Spirits"

Hakeem Collins   |   Mar 25, 2021

Joe Joe Dawson: "It's Time to Speed Up! Position Yourself for Acceleration"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Mar 25, 2021

Agnes Ebedi: "This Is the Hour of Victory!"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Mar 24, 2021

Chuck D. Pierce: "God Says: Be Watchful These Next 10 Days"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Mar 24, 2021

Christy Johnston: "God Is Releasing the Mantle of Deborah in This Hour!"

Christy Johnston   |   Mar 23, 2021

Robin Bullock and Steve Shultz: "Pass Over with Me!"

Robin Bullock and Steve Shultz   |   Mar 23, 2021

Sanjna Mahtab: "It's Time to Walk Out of the Ark"

Sanjna Mahtab   |   Mar 22, 2021

Sharell Barrera: "A New Level of Miracles and Wonders!"

Sharell Barrera   |   Mar 22, 2021

Barbie Breathitt: "Are You God Conscious?"

Barbie Breathitt   |   Mar 21, 2021

Helen Calder: "How to Apply 'Kingdom Mathematics' to Your Life"

Helen Calder   |   Mar 21, 2021

James W. Goll: "Does God Have Emotions?"

James W. Goll   |   Mar 20, 2021

Mark Virkler: "Kingdom Emotions Release Kingdom Power"

Mark Virkler   |   Mar 20, 2021

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