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Nate Johnston: "Heaven Is Shouting, 'Enough Is Enough!'"

Nate Johnston   |   Jul 12, 2021

Stephanie Claiborne: "How to Uncover the Hidden Treasures of the Heart"

Stephanie Claiborne   |   Jul 12, 2021

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "180 Days of 'Healthy, Wealthy and Wise'"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Jul 11, 2021

Elaine Tavolacci: "Being Partakers of His Divine Nature"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Jul 11, 2021

Agnes Ebedi: "Unlock Your Season of Breakthrough!"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Jul 10, 2021

Lana Vawser: "Get Ready to Stand in New Places"

Lana Vawser   |   Jul 10, 2021

Donna Rigney: "God Is Rewarding the Faithful"

Donna Rigney   |   Jul 9, 2021

Cindy Jacobs: "In the Name of Jesus - Rise Up!"

Cindy Jacobs   |   Jul 9, 2021

Christa Elisha: "Change Is Coming Swiftly! God Is Drawing a Line in the Sand!"

Christa Elisha   |   Jul 8, 2021

Linda Freeman: "Open the Gates! Bring in the Bloodied and the Beaten!"

Linda Freeman   |   Jul 8, 2021

Bobby Conner: "Exposing These Evil Twins"

Bobby Conner   |   Jul 7, 2021

Jay West: "The Ministry of Angels - Heavenly Encounters Will Be the Norm"

Jay West   |   Jul 7, 2021


Clay Clark   |   Jul 6, 2021

Helen Calder: "The Anvil: There Is Power in Your Surrender"

Helen Calder   |   Jul 6, 2021

Lorilei Cooley: "Welcome to the Season of New Beginnings!"

Lorilei Cooley   |   Jul 6, 2021

Ryan Johnson: "Where Are the Blacksmiths?"

Ryan Johnson   |   Jul 5, 2021

Joan Hunter: "Persevere in the Face of Opposition"

Joan Hunter   |   Jul 5, 2021

John Belt: "Seek the Things of Heaven - There's Always More!"

John Belt   |   Jul 4, 2021

Kathy DeGraw: "Grab Your Freedom - God Is for You!"

Kathy DeGraw   |   Jul 4, 2021

Kathi Pelton: "A Love Revival Is Unfolding Before Us"

Kathi Pelton   |   Jul 3, 2021

Francis Frangipane: "Are You Living in His Presence Now?"

Francis Frangipane   |   Jul 3, 2021

Barry Wunsch: "Prophetic Words for Canada and USA - Victory Will Sweep the Nation!"

Barry Wunsch   |   Jul 2, 2021

Hank Kunneman: "Look to the Skies of Your 4th of July!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Jul 2, 2021

Nate Johnston: "God Is Turning Your Trauma Into Legacy"

Nate Johnston   |   Jul 1, 2021

Bobby Haaby: "Are You Ready for the Unseen Realm?"

Bobby Haaby   |   Jul 1, 2021

Faith Marie Baczko: "Prepare for God's Glory to Land!"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Jun 30, 2021

Lyn Packer: "It's Time for Internal Expansion!"

Lyn Packer   |   Jun 30, 2021

Steve Porter: "The Beautifully Adorned Bride"

Steve Porter   |   Jun 29, 2021

Andrew Towe: "The Struggle Is Over! It Is Here!"

Andrew Towe   |   Jun 29, 2021

Melissa Pearce: "This Is the Season of You Flourishing with Me"

Melissa Pearce   |   Jun 28, 2021

Mandy Woodhouse: "I've Got a Jar of Hope!"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Jun 28, 2021

Bishop Bill Hamon: "How to 'Hasten' Jesus' Return"

Bishop Bill Hamon   |   Jun 27, 2021

Joe Joe Dawson: "We Must Be Willing to Reroute"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Jun 27, 2021

Wanda Alger: "Return of the Prodigals: The Father Will Get His Reward!"

Wanda Alger   |   Jun 26, 2021

Curt Landry: "Fix Your Gaze and Run Your Race!"

Curt Landry   |   Jun 26, 2021

Chuck D. Pierce: "A 21-day Intense Treatment Is Coming Into My People"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Jun 25, 2021

Nathan Shaw: "Let Me Set Your Boundaries"

Nathan Shaw   |   Jun 25, 2021

Sylvia Neusch: "God Is Releasing Encounters That Strengthen Identity"

Sylvia Neusch   |   Jun 24, 2021

Johnny Enlow: "Africa, Africa - Get Ready!"

Johnny Enlow   |   Jun 24, 2021

Christa Elisha: "A Vision of the Headless Bride & the Restoration to Come"

Christa Elisha   |   Jun 23, 2021

Barry Wunsch: "Vancouver, I've Heard Your Cries! I'm Opening a Well in the West"

Barry Wunsch   |   Jun 23, 2021

Dutch Sheets with Greg Hood: "Arise! Release a Roar of Triumph and Victory!"

Dutch Sheets with Greg Hood   |   Jun 22, 2021

Hank Kunneman: "The Heat's Turning Up! Welcome to the Divine Disruption & Reversal"

Hank Kunneman   |   Jun 22, 2021

Alane Haynes: "Move Forward in Full Confidence"

Alane Haynes   |   Jun 21, 2021

Wade E. Taylor: "Overcoming Hindrances to Going Further"

Wade E. Taylor   |   Jun 21, 2021

Helen Calder: "Pull Up the Tent Pegs! How to Cut Soul Ties from Past Seasons"

Helen Calder   |   Jun 20, 2021

Barbie Breathitt: "Reflecting the Father"

Barbie Breathitt   |   Jun 20, 2021

Sara Whitten: "God's Rod and Staff in Our Lives"

Sara Whitten   |   Jun 19, 2021

Rick Joyner: "The Path to Victory - Qualities That Lead to Maturity in Christ"

Rick Joyner   |   Jun 19, 2021

Darren Canning: "The Lion of Judah Is With You"

Darren Canning   |   Jun 18, 2021

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