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Francis Frangipane: "Obtaining the Endorsement of God"

Francis Frangipane   |   Dec 18, 2022

Theresa Phillips: "It's a New Season in the Kingdom!"

Theresa Phillips   |   Dec 18, 2022

Lyn Packer: "Be Set Free from Ungodly Self-Abandonment"

Lyn Packer   |   Dec 17, 2022

Andrew Towe: "Get Ready for an Explosion of the Miraculous!"

Andrew Towe   |   Dec 17, 2022

Christa Elisha: "The Sound of Ruin and Revival"

Christa Elisha   |   Dec 16, 2022

Diane Lake: "Welcome to the Season of Fulfillment"

Diane Lake   |   Dec 15, 2022

Amanda Grace: "This Is the Season of Change and Double Portion!"

Amanda Grace   |   Dec 14, 2022

Yvon Attia: "It's a December to Remember!"

Yvon Attia   |   Dec 13, 2022

Donna Rigney: "Many More Will Be Joining the Ranks of My End-time Army"

Donna Rigney   |   Dec 12, 2022

James W. Goll: "Discerning the Atmosphere of Heaven"

James W. Goll   |   Dec 11, 2022

Garris Elkins: "The Dike Is Leaking"

Garris Elkins   |   Dec 11, 2022

Anne Ballard: "God Is Stirring Fresh Faith to Believe Again!"

Anne Ballard   |   Dec 10, 2022

Cindy Jacobs: "Romans 8:28 Is in Full Effect!"

Cindy Jacobs   |   Dec 10, 2022

Nate Johnston: "To the Dishonored, Rejected & Overlooked - This Is Your Time!"

Nate Johnston   |   Dec 9, 2022

Chris Reed: "The Church of Acts and the Combine Harvest!"

Chris Reed   |   Dec 8, 2022

Ryan Johnson: "God Says: Look to the Dry Ground"

Ryan Johnson   |   Dec 7, 2022

Jill Austin: "God's 007 Agents Will Overhaul Evil"

Jill Austin   |   Dec 6, 2022

Cindy Stewart: "8 Strategies of War Against the Enemy's Tactics"

Cindy Stewart   |   Dec 5, 2022

John E. Thomas: "Enjoying Life! You Were Created for Pleasure"

John E. Thomas   |   Dec 4, 2022

Wanda Alger: "Every Question Will Be Settled"

Wanda Alger   |   Dec 4, 2022

Nancy Taylor Tate: "Maintaining Our Joy"

Nancy Taylor Tate   |   Dec 3, 2022

Hank Kunneman: "The Arrow of the Lord's Deliverance is Upon America Now"

Hank Kunneman   |   Dec 3, 2022

Rosangela Atte: "Esthers, Arise and Take What Is Yours!"

Rosangela Atte   |   Dec 2, 2022

Dionne White: "Just Breathe! It's Birthing Season"

Dionne White   |   Dec 1, 2022

Lana Vawser: "My Trailblazing Daughters Are Arising!"

Lana Vawser   |   Nov 30, 2022

Dutch Sheets and Jane Hamon: "The Reversal of Evil Decrees"

Dutch Sheets and Jane Hamon   |   Nov 29, 2022

Deborah Perkins: "Supersonic: There's Glory in the Sound!"

Deborah Perkins   |   Nov 28, 2022

Alane Haynes: "Goodness Is Following You - Turn and See!"

Alane Haynes   |   Nov 27, 2022

Joe Joe Dawson: "I Am About to Redeem the Times"

Joe Joe Dawson   |   Nov 27, 2022

Andrea Hobart: "God Is Crowning You and Marking This Moment"

Andrea Hobart   |   Nov 26, 2022

Elaine Tavolacci: "Dominion and Authority to Stand Up Against Coercion!"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Nov 26, 2022

Jenn Nestler: "From Fiery Tests to Radical Exploits"

Jenn Nestler   |   Nov 25, 2022

Crystal G.H. Lowery: "Overflowing in Thanksgiving and Faith"

Crystal G.H. Lowery   |   Nov 24, 2022

Hank and Brenda Kunneman: "God's Terms at the 'Mid-turn'!"

Hank and Brenda Kunneman   |   Nov 23, 2022

Andrew Towe: "Discern Your New Opportunities!"

Andrew Towe   |   Nov 22, 2022

Nate Johnston: "I Am Breaking Family Yokes!"

Nate Johnston   |   Nov 21, 2022

John Belt: "Living Flexible in the Light of God"

John Belt   |   Nov 20, 2022

Mandy Woodhouse: "To the Misunderstood Ones"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Nov 20, 2022

Faith Marie Baczko: "The Lord Sabaoth Is Here! Make Your Appeal Known"

Faith Marie Baczko   |   Nov 19, 2022

Kathi Pelton: "Now Is the Time of Your Healing!"

Kathi Pelton   |   Nov 19, 2022

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets: "The Master Keys"

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets   |   Nov 18, 2022

Amanda Grace: "Take Courage - The Great Turn Has Just Begun!"

Amanda Grace   |   Nov 17, 2022

Danielle Dixon: "The Year of the Holy Spirit, Breakthrough & Expansion"

Danielle Dixon   |   Nov 16, 2022

Madeline James: "A Month of Rest and Revelation"

Madeline James   |   Nov 15, 2022

Craig Cooney: "God Is Getting You Ready"

Craig Cooney   |   Nov 14, 2022

"MUST WATCH - Trump, Elections, and More with Johnny Enlow and SG Anon"

Johnny Enlow, SG Anon and Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams   |   Nov 14, 2022

Todd White: "Goliath Must Fall"

Todd White   |   Nov 13, 2022

Alane Haynes: "The Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail!"

Alane Haynes   |   Nov 13, 2022

Helen Calder: "Divine Orchestration: God Is Working on Your Behalf"

Helen Calder   |   Nov 12, 2022

Charissa Steffens: "A Dual Harvest Is Underway"

Charissa Steffens   |   Nov 12, 2022

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