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John Belt: "A Year of Revival, Prosperity and Taking the Land"

John Belt   |   Jan 27, 2023

Chuck D. Pierce: "Open Up Your Mouth and Release the Glory!"

Chuck D. Pierce   |   Jan 26, 2023

Donna Rigney: "New Righteous Leaders Shall Be Put in Place"

Donna Rigney   |   Jan 25, 2023

Rosangela Atte: "Take the Plunge and Your Gift Will Make Room for You!"

Rosangela Atte   |   Jan 24, 2023

Brian and Candice Simmons: "Unity in the Midst of Diversity"

Brian and Candice Simmons   |   Jan 23, 2023

Robert Hotchkin: "It Is Time to Clear Out the Clutter and the Clatter"

Robert Hotchkin   |   Jan 22, 2023

Nellie O'Hara: "Victory Strategies from the Boardroom of Heaven"

Nellie O'Hara   |   Jan 22, 2023

Scott Allen: "The Great Transfer of Wealth and an Army of Josephs"

Scott Allen   |   Jan 21, 2023

Andrew Towe: "Get Positioned to Run in 2023 with Supernatural Acceleration!"

Andrew Towe   |   Jan 21, 2023

Hank Kunneman: "'I Shall Rest My Case,' Says the Righteous Judge!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Jan 20, 2023

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets: "The Heirs Will Begin to Breathe Fresh Air"

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets   |   Jan 19, 2023

Katherine Ruonala: "I Heard Him Say, 'Be the Wave'"

Katherine Ruonala   |   Jan 18, 2023

Ella Onakoya: "Overcomers Arise! A Season of Unexpected Blessing and Favor!"

Ella Onakoya   |   Jan 17, 2023

Dr. Alveda King: "I See God's Glory in the Midst of the Storms"

Dr. Alveda King   |   Jan 16, 2023

Anne (Ballard) Jackson: "God Is Asking for Your 'Yes'"

Anne (Ballard) Jackson   |   Jan 15, 2023

Elaine Tavolacci: "Eyes to See in 2023"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Jan 15, 2023

Nate Johnston: "2023 Is Going to Reveal Hot Spots of My Glory"

Nate Johnston   |   Jan 14, 2023

Mandy Woodhouse: "From a Prophetic Seer: What I See in 2023"

Mandy Woodhouse   |   Jan 14, 2023

Scott Flora: "The Year of the Shepherd"

Scott Flora   |   Jan 13, 2023

Michelle May: "A Vision of Congress - God Is Restoring America!"

Michelle May   |   Jan 12, 2023

Agnes Ebedi: "Don't Keep Silent! Release the Roar of Victory!"

Agnes Ebedi   |   Jan 11, 2023

Amanda Grace: "You Shall Bloom Where Others Don't Grow"

Amanda Grace   |   Jan 10, 2023

Jamie Rohrbaugh: "Prophetic Prayer for America in 2023"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Jan 9, 2023

Todd White: "A Prayer of Devotion for You and Me"

Todd White   |   Jan 8, 2023

Anthony Medina: "I Am Calling for a New Society of Burning Hearts"

Anthony Medina   |   Jan 8, 2023

Chris Reed: "Read Now: 38 Prophecies for 2023 and Beyond"

Chris Reed   |   Jan 7, 2023

Nathan Shaw: "Taiwan: A Strategic Nation in the Kingdom"

Nathan Shaw   |   Jan 7, 2023

Donna Rigney: "I Shall Arise and Rescue the Downtrodden Suddenly"

Donna Rigney   |   Jan 6, 2023

Barry Wunsch: "America: The Greatest Days of History Are Upon You!"

Barry Wunsch   |   Jan 5, 2023

Garris Elkins: "Worship Will Lead the Way in 2023"

Garris Elkins   |   Jan 4, 2023

Veronika West: "Watch the Fig Tree in 2023!"

Veronika West   |   Jan 3, 2023

James W. Goll: "Three Monsters on the Loose & Three Solutions for Breakthrough"

James W. Goll   |   Jan 2, 2023

Dutch Sheets with Gina Gholston: "Victory Is Secured"

Dutch Sheets with Gina Gholston   |   Jan 1, 2023

Nathan French: "God Will Restore Our Nation!"

Nathan French   |   Jan 1, 2023

Diana Scimone: "Set the Captives Free! A Rescue Op with Jesus!"

Diana Scimone   |   Dec 31, 2022

Luc Niebergall: "Generations Are Waiting to Be Fathered and Mothered"

Luc Niebergall   |   Dec 31, 2022

Alane Haynes: "I Am Bringing Forth 'Abundant Supply'"

Alane Haynes   |   Dec 30, 2022

Amanda Grace: "The 'Seasoning' Has Now Begun!"

Amanda Grace   |   Dec 29, 2022

Lana Vawser: "We Are Entering a Season of Great Reward & Harvest!"

Lana Vawser   |   Dec 28, 2022

Nate Johnston: "Look for Deliverance Encounters as We Head into 2023"

Nate Johnston   |   Dec 27, 2022

Tim Sheets: "Decree: God's Angels Are Bringing Our Prayers to Pass!"

Tim Sheets   |   Dec 26, 2022

Rose Weiner: "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day! A Carol of Hope & Christian Dominion"

Rose Weiner   |   Dec 25, 2022

Brian Simmons: "Be Wrapped in Christ"

Brian Simmons   |   Dec 25, 2022

Kim Potter: "Let's Simplify Christmas"

Kim Potter   |   Dec 24, 2022

Jon and Jolene Hamill: "Know Your Season & Conceive Your Miracle!"

Jon and Jolene Hamill   |   Dec 24, 2022

Rosangela Atte: "It's Time to Rejoice - God's Justice Is Being Served!"

Rosangela Atte   |   Dec 23, 2022

Kathi Pelton: "In the Place Between Promise and Fulfillment"

Kathi Pelton   |   Dec 22, 2022

Hank Kunneman: "Do You Hear the Sound of Sudden Change?"

Hank Kunneman   |   Dec 21, 2022

Helen Calder: "I Am Changing Your Story and Revealing My Glory"

Helen Calder   |   Dec 20, 2022

Donna Rigney: "My Glory Will Transform This World!"

Donna Rigney   |   Dec 19, 2022

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