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By James W. Goll:

As I said in recent days, there has been a stirring controversy over the issues of women in ministry and leadership roles. I am rather shocked at some of these views resurfacing and even grabbing our attention as they have. Putting down women and calling out premier leaders such as Beth Moore, Paula White-Cain and others is just plain not right.

We are each accountable for the light we have. And to be honest, I was once in that narrow camp myself. We are each on a pilgrimage and I have been on mine. Since the recent negative articles and statements have been released, the Holy Spirit has arrested my attention and reminded me of my journey in the faith as being the co-founder of Women on the Frontlines with my late wife, Michal Ann Goll.

So, I feel I should step to the plate and help undo some of the harm that has occurred as of late.

Releasing Value and Worth

Did you know that 60 percent of the membership of the Body of Christ is women? The percentage of women is even larger – about 80 percent – when you talk about the part of the Church that is devoted to intercessory prayer... (more)

By Charlie Shamp and The Elijah List:

You cannot turn on the news without hearing up-to-the-minute reports regarding the recent Trump impeachment hearings.

Unfortunately, many news channels spend little time actually reporting the news or the truth. Instead we, the viewers, are hit with an incessant barrage of commentary, which is most of the time, driven by viewer ratings.

This is why in this season it is vitally important that we get Heaven's perspective for our world and not the media's perspective. The good news is God is still revealing His perspective through prophecy today.

Charlie Shamp declared this prophecy below on November 27, 2018 regarding impeachment, America and the Stock Market:

November 27, 2018

"They have said, 'Impeachment is at hand, impeachment is our plan, impeach the man in God's hand... (more)

By Hakeem Collins:

While I was in prayer, the Lord gave me a prophetic vision. In this vision, I began to see a "merge traffic" sign on this narrow-looking road or highway. When I asked the Lord for the meaning, God began to speak to me about this coming season for the Body of Christ, saying that our decisions will become our destinations.

What we decide in this pivotal season of transition will set the pace for the next several months and even year. God said that we are to finish this year strong.

The enemy will come to try to distract, derail, disturb and disrupt the divine destination and path that God is trying to take us on. I believe the "merge traffic" sign represented the Lord getting the attention of the Body to embrace a time of intentional processing, obeying and taking faith-filled moves on purpose... (more)

By Demontae Edmonds:

The other morning, God began to drop a prophetic word into my heart for the prophets of God. As the download was received into my spiritual ears, I heard it in poetic form:

The Hour of Accuracy, Acceleration and Authority

"This is the hour that the prophets of God will begin to walk in what has been prophesied about them for the last two decades.

"This is the hour that the prophets of God will, more than ever, accurately discern the times, seasons, and transitions of God.

"My hand will be upon certain set-apart prophets to, more than ever, foretell world events and strategic global happenings before they happen, right down to the month and date.

"This is the hour that the prophets of God will excel in not only their ministries, but in their personal lives. I'm bringing a greater stability to their emotions and souls to close off doors in their lives that the enemy has exploited in past seasons... (more)

'It Is God's Time to Bless Our Land': Cambodia Readies for the Gospel

Over seven decades, Billy Graham took the Gospel to all corners of the world, even areas typically closed off to evangelism. Today, Franklin Graham and Will Graham are following in his footsteps, but even in the long list of places these three generations have visited, this is the first time a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) event is being held in Cambodia.

[] Sin Somnang grew up in a Buddhist family in Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh. In 1995, around age 15, he became the first of his family to become a Christian, and he now serves as pastor of a ministry he started for the poor and uneducated in his hometown...(more)

Dr. Michael Brown's Appeal to Chick-fil-A: 'Why Cater to the Haters? Reverse Yourself Today, and You'll Be Blessed Tomorrow'

"Do you see the radical left caring about the opinions of tens of millions of conservative Christians? Do you see them stepping back from their support of abortion or transgender activism? Not a chance. Yet Chick-fil-A feels the need to step back from supporting fine Christian organizations because you are falsely branded as 'anti-gay?'" -Michael Brown

[] As a leader in the church, and speaking on behalf of many followers of Jesus, I am submitting this appeal to the ownership and management of Chick-fil-A...(more)

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Study: Majority of Americans Strongly Support Religious Freedom

"Across dimensions, with questions addressing minority practices or faiths, or even unpopular beliefs, respondents were broadly supportive of the freedom to practice those beliefs. Furthermore, respondents were supportive of allowing those beliefs to be a part of public life and for governments or workplaces to make room for those practices..." -from the Becket Fund report

airlift[] A new study reveals the majority of Americans strongly support religious freedom and oppose government interference in religion...(more)

Police Officer Shot in the Chest Says Bible in His Pocket Saved His Life

"He is a young officer whose life was saved miraculously, he was shot by a projectile ... had a Bible that stopped the projectile." -Oscar Gutierrez, head of the Special Force of the Fight Against Crime of Santa Cruz

(Bolivia) — [] A Bolivian police officer who was shot in the chest during civil unrest over the ousting of Bolivia's now-former president Evo Morales said he was saved by a Bible tucked into his left breast pocket...(more)


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