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By Helen Calder:

Recently I heard God say, "I am using detours and delays for My glory! I am in charge of twists and turns! I am working all things together for good."

Have you ever had a vision or an assignment you believed was from God but it didn't go according to plan?

Sometimes, we envisage a direct path leading to God's promise, but for a time we find ourselves headed in an unforeseen direction! We may even be knocked back, slowed down, or sidelined for a season.

If you can relate to this, be encouraged, for your heavenly Father knows the end from the beginning and His timing is perfect. Life may take twists and turns, but nothing comes as a surprise to God... (more)

By Bill Yount and the Elijah List:

     As the entertainment and movie capital of the world, Hollywood's influence stretches far and wide, practically into each and every home on the planet. Much evil has propagated from Hollywood. However, the good news is God ALWAYS has a plan of redemption no matter the darkness, and He is moving NOW, even in Hollywood.

     God frequently reveals His redemptive plan in advance through His prophets – sometimes years in advance of the manifestation beginning to unfold.

     Bill Yount declared this prophecy below on May 21, 2007 regarding the Father's agenda for "Hollywood Children."

May 21, 2007

     As Hollywood began to shake violently, I saw some stars begin to fall as their children were seemingly being caught by angels in baskets to be hidden in "spiritual bulrushes... (more)

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By Kiwanda Redner:

"From my distress I called upon the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me in a large place. The Lord is for me; I will not fear; what can man do to me?" (Psalm 118:5-6 NASB)

My husband Mark and I have recently come into a new place in our lives. Within 2 months we shifted out of a pastoring position we had been in for 15 years, and at the same time, each one of our children also transitioned – leaving home, engagement, moving away, and starting school. We had no more structure, limited supports, and no income. In the natural, it was not comfortable and even created some fear because there were so many unknowns... (more)

By David Tomberlin:

     Have you ever dug a well? Most people nowadays probably have not. Historically, wells are so important. If you did not live next to a river you had to dig down, usually very deep, to find water.

     For humans, water is life. We are about 2/3 water and our planet is about 2/3 water. Biologically speaking, water is life.

How, When and Where?

     A funny thing about digging a well is there is no "payment" until you hit the water. Without modern equipment, it could take days, weeks or longer to reach the water. Until you get to the water there is nothing to show for your efforts. All while you are exerting that effort, questions in your mind come up... (more)

Greg Laurie's New Book 'The Faith of Johnny Cash': 'When He Messed Up, He Acknowledged It and Turned Back to the Lord'

"Johnny was a real man, he was authentic, he was truthful, (and) that's why we like him. When he fell, he acknowledged he fell, and when he messed up, he turned back to the Lord." -Greg Laurie

(Los Angeles, CA) — [Reprinted with permission from Todd Starnes] Many pastors write books about people in the Bible or about their own journey and faith, but Greg Laurie, the pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship takes a different approach. (Image: via ToddStarnes...(more)

Little Boy With Brain Cancer's Final Wish Sparks Incredible Response

"Our whole family is really overwhelmed and so amazingly blessed by the response to John's story. [He's] received over 500 packages ... most of them were boxes and mailers chock-full of these items and these pieces of memorabilia." -Sarah Rivette, John's aunt

[PureFlix Insider] The aunt of a terminally-ill little boy is speaking out with gratitude as people around the US continue to rally together to grant her nephew and family one final wish...(more)

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Iran Indefinitely Banned from Global Judo Competitions Over Refusal to Compete against Israelis

Israel's Culture Minister Miri Regev praised the ban but regretted "the heavy price Iranian athletes will have to pay because of their regime's decisions."

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] The International Judo Federation (IFJ) announced on Tuesday that Iran is indefinitely banned from competing in all future competitions due to the country's discrimination against Israeli players...(more)

Russia the New 'Sheriff' in Syria after Striking Power-Shifting Deal With Erdogan

"It is Russia, it is crucial to note that it is Russia more than any other single country right now that holds the whip hand in Syria. Putin is effectively the kind of sheriff in Syria right now and everybody is answerable to him right now and that's a result of the rapid US withdrawal that's taken place..." -Middle East analyst Jonathan Spyer

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin struck a deal to end the Turkish invasion of northeast Syria (and) divide the spoils...(more)


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