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By Danny Steyne:

The Thief Comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy

The words landed in my spirit like a weighty chain that choked my breath off – "I'm gonna kill you!" I heard the enemy say. At the time, I was in my mid-twenties and planting a church in one of the most religious areas of the nation. Already, there had been spiritual attacks against the work we were doing by a local church near us. However, I had never heard a voice state what this one stated.

Fear quickened in my heart, weakness overwhelmed my strength and brought me to my knees in extreme worry. What was going to happen? I contemplated the possibilities of how this would happen. What sinister sickness or accident or violent end would I meet? I wasn't handling this well and I needed some relief.

I called a spiritual father in my life named Bob... (more)

By Elaine Tavolacci:

Learning the Many Ways That God Speaks

Sometimes supernatural things need to be caught rather than taught. Many times the Holy Spirit tries to get our attention, but we miss it because we try to discern it with our natural minds. The Bible says that He speaks in so many different ways, and one of the ways that He speaks is through dreams or visions of the night, when we're in a deep sleep. He wants to speak to you today and show you things that will amaze you. He wants to take you to a new place if you will simply allow the Holy Spirit to rise within you today.

Several years ago, I was taking classes on dreams and visions and "The Art of Hearing God" by John Paul Jackson. He taught on how the Lord still speaks to us today, just as He did so often throughout Bible history... (more)

By Dutch Sheets with Lou Engle:

Prophetic word released on July 22 and 23, 2021:

In 2007, I went through a several-week season in which the spiritual warfare around me escalated exponentially. It is hard to explain but it felt like I was in a cloud of darkness and oppression. The attack was daily and relentless; it was hard to think and very difficult to sleep. I had to resist this attack diligently in order to keep from becoming overwhelmed.

I called a prophet and friend, Chuck Pierce, and asked if he had any prophetic discernment as to what this was all about. He immediately prophesied to me, "Yes. This has to do with your calling to the nation. It is the spirit of Baal... (more)

By Joe Joe Dawson:

Prophetic word released on July 22, 2021:

I was in prayer recently and the Lord spoke this to me: "You are about to enter into a season of miracles." As I prayed into it, I knew this word was for the Body of Christ in this hour, not just for me personally.

The Season Where Seed and Time Manifest as Harvest

I believe this season will be marked by miracles! This is a season where seed and time are about to manifest as harvest.

So many times throughout Scripture, the Lord makes a correlation between our spiritual realities and the principles of agriculture. Those who have been faithfully sowing seed in previous seasons will soon receive a harvest of miracles! Seed sown isn't just finances. We can sow seed with our time, resources, encouragement and prayers... (more)

PRAY: 'AGT' Star Nightbirde Leaves Competition As Health Takes 'Turn for the Worse'

"Since my audition, my health has taken a turn for the worse and the fight with cancer is demanding all of my energy and attention. I am so sad to announce that I won't be able to continue forward on this season of 'AGT...'" -Jane Marczewski 'Nightbirde'

[] "America's Got Talent" breakout star Jane Marczewski—the Zanesville, Ohio-based singer who earned a golden buzzer from an emotional Simon Cowell—has left the competition...(more)

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Simone Biles Sticks Landing in Balance Beam, Wins Olympic Bronze

[AP] ...Biles using a double-pike dismount—no twisting required—posted a score of 14.000. That was good enough for bronze behind the Chinese duo of gold medalist Guan Chenchen (14.633) and Tang Xijing (14.233)... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read...(more)

Candace Owens Calls Out Trans 'Muppet Babies' as 'Perverted', While Movieguide Warns of LGBT Agenda in 'Jungle Cruise'

"I can't believe I'm tweeting this but.. they are pushing the trans agenda on children via muppet babies. This is sick and PERVERTED. Everyone should be disturbed by predatory cartoons meant to usher children into gender dysphoria." -Candace Owens

airlift[CBN News] It seems the Walt Disney Company is now targeting even younger children with the LGBTQ agenda. Conservative critics say two of the formerly family-friendly company's latest offerings definitely contradict Biblical values...(more)

Parents Urged to Protest Big Pharma's 'Disgusting Ad' that Claims Gender 'Randomly Assigned at Birth'

One Million Moms is asking parents to sign their petition in order to get Lilly to pull the commercial. The petition reads, "I'm not buying into your social agenda to push transgenderism. Your latest ad offends me and many other conservative consumers..."

airlift[CBN News] The Christian advocacy group "One Million Moms" is asking parents to speak out against a pharmaceutical company's new 60-second commercial which makes the statement, the sex of a child is "randomly assigned at birth...(more)


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