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By Donna Rigney:

As is my daily custom, I was sitting alone with the Holy Spirit and received revelations about what is coming to the world very soon:

Riding with Jesus: God Wants All the Glory!

Prophetic Encounter on June 3, 2021:

On June 3, 2021, I had a wonderful encounter with Jesus. As I sat waiting upon the Lord, Jesus came to me, in the spirit, dressed in His gleaming, soft, white garment and riding on His majestic, white horse. He invited me to come and ride with Him and asked me if I had enough faith for a special visit. Believing that I would see wonderful things, I climbed aboard and sat upon the unique saddle, which had a seat for a rider directly behind Jesus... (more)

By Candice Smithyman:

Prophetic word submitted on June 8, 2021:

The Time of Pre-Promotion

I saw glory angels releasing mantles this past week and they were being dropped on God's people. They were flying through a portal from Heaven to the earth, bringing these mantles right to us so that we can begin to get ready for what is coming in the fall season.

A pre-promotion time is happening right now in the Spirit. The month of Tammuz, which is the 4th month on the Hebrew ecclesiastical calendar, and the 10th month on the Hebrew civil calendar, began last week. In this time, God is properly positioning you to receive more from Heaven and step into more in the earth. He is revealing more of Himself... (more)

By Katie Barker:

Many have been in an intense season of spiritual warfare, but the Lord has heard the persistent prayers of His faithful ones; the battle is shifting and your day of deliverance and occupying new territory is at hand.

Rise up in faith for this is a demarcation time, a time where the Lord is shifting the battle and setting the boundary line of your territory – the line over which the enemy may not cross. The fruit of this demarcation time will continue to unfold and increase in the months to come... (more)

By Kathi Pelton:

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

Many of you have been and are even now facing what appears to be "giants" that taunt you and mock you with the words of sure defeat. You feel small in the shadow of the giants that stand before you, much like young David must have looked as he stood before the giant Goliath and his vast army, who were positioned in battle array.

David stood with no armor, no physical strength, no army backing him and no weapon that was useful in battle. He stood in the "fear of the Lord" with merely the small weapon that he was familiar with—a child's toy, at best, to Goliath. Yet, he was not standing only in the shadow of Goliath; he was standing under the shadow of the Almighty, which assured his victory... (more)

Prayer: Hamas threatens a 'Day of Rage' to Reignite Conflict over Jerusalem Flag March

The original flag march—an annual tradition on Jerusalem Day, which marks the unification of the city after the 1967 Six-Day War—was supposed to take place this year on May 10. It was halted, however, by a rocket barrage from Gaza on Jerusalem, already in the throes of violent Arab rioting.

[] Hamas, on Sunday, threatened to take military action if the Jerusalem flag march goes ahead on Tuesday as planned, Israel's Channel 12 reported on Monday...(more)

Naftali Bennett Becomes Israel's New Prime Minister, Ending Netanyahu's 12-Year Reign

"Thank you, Benjamin Netanyahu for many years of service and lots of achievements for Israel. As Prime Minister you worked for many years with devotion and to our political power, defensive power." -Naftali Bennett

[CBN News] For the first time in twelve years, Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer prime minister of Israel. Netanyahu's term as prime minister ended Sunday after Israel's parliament approved a new government formed by Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid...(more)

'How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees If I'm Oppressed?': Man Blasts Critical Race Theory With Powerful Speech

“They didn't think they were better than me. I'm the one that came up with those false perceptions of what my friends were. Not them." -Ty Smith

[] Ty Smith, a parent who hosts a weekend radio show in central Illinois, blasted Critical Race Theory (CRT) in a blistering short speech before a crowded district school board meeting, the latest in a growing chorus of frustrated parents who view CRT as an ideology that flies directly in the face of the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King. (Image: via Faithwire /Cities929...(more)

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Health Departments Can't Authorize Religious, Public Schools Closures

"Even as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, the court's decision provides a critical correction that ought to prevent future abuses of power in an emergency." -Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty President Rick Esenberg

[CBN News] The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Friday that local health officials are not authorized to ban private and religious schools from holding in-person classes during health emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic...(more)


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