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By Lyn Packer:

Living Under a False, Assumed Identity

During a worship time at church recently, the Lord began to talk to me about people living under false, assumed identities and that He wanted to set them free from those.

He explained that these false identities and false judgments came into being through things that either other people had spoken over someone's life, or what they had personally spoken over their own life. These things have become embedded in hearts and minds and accepted as true statements concerning identity and value...things like "You're stupid," "You're illegitimate (extended meaning: Nothing about your life is legitimate in any way)," "You're useless," "You're lazy," "You're a liar," "You are a waste of time"..... (more)

By Melissa Pearce:

For those who have felt sidelined this past season, God has a direct message for you: "Get ready to come off of the sidelines and into the game!" In the past season, where you have felt overlooked or forgotten by God, He never lost sight of you. What you did not realize is that God allowed circumstances to take you through His "training camp." The intensity was severe but pertinent to the next season of your life.

The enemy wanted you to believe that God had sidelined you because He was punishing you. Condemnation clouded your hearts and minds making it difficult for you to hear God's voice. You thought that God had given up on you, but not so... (more)

By John Belt:

Walking with God

"Then I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest who shall do according to what is in My heart and in My mind. I will build him a sure house, and he shall walk before My anointed forever." (1 Samuel 2:35)

Central to our walk with God is being faithful to Him. It is actually the core of what makes things work as we follow Him. As we continue our pursuit in living His best for our lives there is one thing that we can never do – quit. Maybe for many of us there hasn't been the wholesale "throwing in the towel," so to speak, when it comes to our relationship with the Lord. Still, there are areas in people's lives where they have given up... (more)

By Daniel Pontious:

Prophetic word released on April 29, 2021:

First thing this morning, as I opened my eyes, I heard the Holy Spirit declare, "Those things which have tried to lead you away as captives are being ARRESTED BY ME!"

While many don't really understand it, when we accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior and Lord, it was also, at the same time, a declaration of war upon the devil and his kingdom. Even now, the enemy of our souls is trying everything he possibly can to thwart the purposes and plans that God has for our lives; because if we actually become what God destines for us, we will be an unstoppable force against the Kingdom of Hell itself!

Jesus' death and resurrection have stripped the devil of all His power, except the power of deception... (more)

'From Suicidal to Set Free': Powerful Healings, Miracles during Sean Feucht Revival Tour in Georgia

"I've never seen anything like this before. I feel good. I've never had anything like this happen." -Michael, (who had planned to commit suicide until attending the Let Us Worship event)

(Thomasville, GA) — [CBN News] Thousands of worshippers witnessed God's healing power [last] week during Sean Feucht's revival tour as the lost and broken found restoration in His limitless love...(more)

PICS: Iceland Volcano Erupts for First Time in 6,000 Years; 'Planet Earth's Raw Power'

(Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland) — [Associated Press] Pandemic or no pandemic, the world will never stand still. That's perhaps no clearer than in Iceland, where a volcano has awoken from a slumber that has lasted 6,000 years, give or take a year or two... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read and view photos. (more)

School Chaplain Fired for Preaching Biblical Beliefs on Gender at Christian School in UK

"It seems it is no longer enough to just 'tolerate' LGBT ideology. You must accept it without question and no debate is allowed without serious consequences. Someone else will decide what is and what isn't acceptable, and suddenly you can become an outcast, possibly for the rest of your life." -Rev. Bernard Randall

(United Kingdom) — [CBN News] A school chaplain in the United Kingdom was forced out of his job and reported to the government's anti-terrorism watchdog after delivering a sermon to students about different ideologies related to gender identity. (Image Source: Facebook Screengrab-Rev...(more)

Virginia Moms Condemn School District for Assigning Pornographic Readings to 9th Graders

The Loudoun County Public Schools system released a statement earlier this week telling parents "that if they feel a book is not appropriate for their student," they are free to "submit a formal request for the reconsideration of instructional materials."

airlift[] A group of mothers addressed the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia after learning the district made available to their children books full of pornographic content...(more)


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