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By Jamie Rohrbaugh:

Beloved, have you suffered great disappointments lately? If so, the Lord wants to stir you up today to increase your faith and expectation.

Recently one morning, the Lord told me to read Psalm 81. I opened my Bible to that chapter and read this amazing verse:

"I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt; open your mouth wide, and I will fill it." (Psalm 81:10)

A couple of years ago, the Lord gave me a powerful word about opening your mouth wide. But today, I felt the Lord wanted to add to this and speak to us specifically about expectation.

Here is what I heard the Lord say:

"You have suffered great disappointments lately, and those disappointments hurt. You are not alone; I feel the pain. I dwell within you, so I feel what you feel. But, My child, know this:

"I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. I am yours and you are Mine, and I am carrying you. You don't have to worry about it when people let you down or disappoint you; your appointment is Mine and Mine alone, and I am well able to care for you in all things.

"I love you, My child... (more)

By Helen Calder:

To wonder is to marvel; to be amazed and astounded. To wonder is to pause as you contemplate something (or someone) that is unlike anything you've seen before. Wonder is more than a "wow" – wonder is awe. Right now, we have moved into an interlude of wonder.

An Interlude of Wonder

An interlude is "a short period when a situation or activity is different from what comes before and after it."

We are entering a season of wonder in which the Holy Spirit is moving in ways that are new to our generation.

• There is an increase in prophetic signs
• Angelic activity is becoming more noticeable
• The Kingdom of God is breaking out

And while, in recent decades, we have had encouragement in prophetic ministry – and at times, excitement – we are entering an interlude characterized by wonder and awe.

This season of wonder will lead to the "fear of the Lord." For a time is coming when hearts will fall at His feet... (more)

By Bill Lackie:


2020 will increase in open doors but it will also increase in new vision. This will happen through the prayers of Kingdom warriors. This will be revealed in multiples – doors will open in multiples. The pace of the Kingdom will pick up and we will be thrust forward. Pick up your speed to respond and move forward quickly.

North Korea

The current leadership of North Korea is weighed in God's balance. His anger has turned toward the leadership in this nation and will soon be confronted. Sin and unrighteousness is a reproach for any nation, but God will exalt a nation whose face is turned toward Him. It is time for all Christians to pray for Kim Jong-un's salvation.

Year of the Prodigal and Stronger Bond in Families

The grief and sadness that has broken the hearts of parents will result in a miracle of salvation. God is sending out a call to all the prodigals who were once saved but turned their backs on God. He is softening their bitter hearts and pouring out mega grace, drawing them back to Himself... (more)

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A Word and a Worship Video: 'God of Revival'

"...We will see mountains move and strongholds tumble so that the world will know His Son." -Tracey de Blank, IFA


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'Prayer Is Always the Foundation for Revival': Tennessee City Pastors Say Revival is Exploding among Various Churches, Shows 'God is Moving'

"From the first worship song, people began to flood the altar for prayer and continued to do so for restoration and to receive Christ. We haven't manipulated our people. They came expectant and God simply showed up." -Pastor John Butler

(Tennessee) — [CBN News] Revival is taking place in Tennessee as churches from various denominations have partnered together in prayer and fasting...(more)

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This Christian Org is Spending Millions to Help Chinese Citizens Battling the Coronavirus

"We're working with our sponsor children and their families to make sure their families have the protective equipment that they need." -Erica Van Deren, Program Manager for humanitarian and emergency affairs at World Vision

[] Over 1,600 people have died in China over the last couple of months due to the Coronavirus outbreak, a devastating number that could be even worse given accusations the Chinese government has misreported the situation...(more)


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