Katie Dunstan, NSW, Australia


In the spirit, the Lord allowed me to see parts of the land in different nations that are in a state of LIFELESSNESS. I saw the Lord beginning to do CPR on the hearts of nations. I heard the Lord say over the land and over its people, "I am resuscitating you."

Rebirth and New Life

The state of some nations' spiritual landscapes has caused them to look like they are dead to Christ and motionless, with little signs of life and Christ-likeness. The Lord would say to these nations, "I am breathing resurrection power into the loins of your land." The breath of God will bring forth a fresh birthing of TRUE IDENTITY, without mixture.

"There is coming to the Body of Christ a REBIRTHING, where many will be born again—not of the natural womb, but of MY SPIRIT—empowered to overturn the wiles of the wicked in the world around you... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Kim Robinson and Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE

A Shield of Divine Preservation Over Israel

Intro: Check out this powerful prophecy by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on April 14, 2024, concerning the Spirit of Lord raising up a shield of divine preservation over the nation of Israel in this season! Although enemies would attempt to rise up against God's chosen nation, the Lord has made it clear that those in opposition to Israel will be greatly shaken, embarrassed, and stripped of their power... (more)

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'Surreal and Extraordinary': World's Largest Mass Baptism; 12,000 People Immersed in California

"What an historic weekend for our state and our nation. Yesterday, I was a part of the largest synchronized baptism recorded in the history of the world. We had over 12,000 people. The numbers are still coming in ... We've seen the 'Jesus Revolution,' we've heard of Azusa Street, but this is another wave." -Sean Feucht to Church Leaders

[CBN News] A massive gathering of Christians across California reportedly broke a record over the weekend when participants collectively held the world's largest-ever baptism. (Screengrab image: via (more)

Donald Trump's Defense Rests, Closing Arguments Set for Tuesday, May 28

[Breitbart.com] Trump's defense rested after finishing questioning Michael Cohen's former adviser, Robert Costello, shortly after court commenced, as the Hill noted. Jurors will have a full week off before hearing the arguments, as Justice Juan Merchan set closing arguments for Tuesday, May 28. Merchan cited Memorial Day as a factor in his decision to set closing arguments on May 28, saying, "There is no way we can do what needs to be done in any cohesive manner" before the holiday... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read.(more)

ABC, AP, CBS, NBC All Join Heritage, Judicial Watch in FOIA Request for DOJ to Release Biden's Special Counsel Interview

[ThePostMillenial.com] A large group of news outlets have joined with Judicial Watch and the Heritage Foundation to sue Biden's Department of Justice for the release of the audio of special counsel Robert Hur's interview with Joe Biden in the investigation into classified documents found at ...[Biden]'s residence and office. Among those suing the department under the Freedom of Information Act for the release are ABC News, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, CBS News, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, NBC News, Reuters, Univision, and the Washington Post... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click (more)

Netanyahu Slams 'Outrageous' Claims by ICC Prosecutor

"Israel is fighting a just war—not only ours, not only our war, we're fighting the war of all democracies ... With what audacity do you dare to make a comparison between Hamas—which murdered, burned, butchered, raped and kidnapped our brothers and sisters—and the IDF soldiers who are fighting a just war that is unparalleled, with a morality that is unmatched?" -PM Benjamin Netanyahu

[JNS.org] In his first substantial response to charges set to be filed with the International Criminal Court, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that the allegations were "fallacious...(more)


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