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By Helen Calder:

An undertow is "a current of water below the surface and moving in a different direction from any surface current."

Spiritually speaking, "undertow" is the type of pressure that has been coming against many people. If you can relate to feeling pulled under in any way today, receive this encouragement from the Lord! He says, "I am overturning that work of the enemy that has come so heavily against you! I am turning undertow into overflow!"

Today, we declare that every assignment of "undertow" is broken, in Jesus' name. Any device of the enemy that has been hidden is being revealed. Hear God say, "You are free to go! You are free to move with Me!"

The Undertow of Circumstances

There are times in life when circumstances, or feelings that come with them, threaten to overwhelm us. Yet there, in the dark and seemingly helpless place, buffeted by a situation that is beyond your control, you are not alone. Your Father is with you... (more)

By Jennifer Martin with Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams TV:

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI really enjoyed my time interviewing Jennifer Martin this week. She and her husband, Munday Martin, are revivalists and have an awesome ministry preaching the Gospel with miraculous healings, signs and wonders breaking out in their ministry travels across the globe.

In fact, while I was interviewing Jennifer about God's Dark Horse Prophets arising, thunder broke out in the natural where Jennifer is'll hear that in the interview too!

Are you a Dark Horse Prophet?

Find out now as you watch this interview with Jennifer Martin and receive the awesome prayer she offers to you, our viewers.


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By Nate Johnston:

Have you felt muzzled this year? We all stepped into 2020 hearing prophetic words about "The Roaring 20s" and how this is the era of the decree. However, soon into the new year, what was an expectant belief to those who had already been in hiding long enough quickly turned into more frustration, isolation, and an overwhelming agenda to silence the rising voices. I felt it.

It was clear the enemy was counteracting what God was birthing. Instead of megaphones we were wearing face masks, and instead of being in church services and gatherings, raising our voices in worship, we were in lockdown in our homes. We saw confusion hit the prophetic movement, extreme polarity in views and opinions, and what was meant to be one collective voice became a scattered sound in the darkness... (more)

By Candice Smithyman:

According to the Hebrew calendar, we are in the month of Av. Another name for this time is Menachem Av, which means the "Comfort of the Father." Let's recognize and remember that God is our Father, and He is a great comfort and consoler to us in difficult times. Av is also identified as the month of the lion. The Lion of Judah roars and goes before you... (more)

Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt, Lawrence Jones and Lauren Green on the Unifying Effect of Faith: 'What Connects Us Is the Blood of Jesus Christ'

[] Lauren Green: "It's difficult to live in a world where you are constantly the minority, and that's the way I grew up, but it doesn't mean that I can't love people who are different from myself. It doesn't mean that when I walk down the street I fear someone who's different from me, if anything, I learned to reach out to people who are different from me ... this is something that we have to learn"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read...(more)

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COVID Rules In Melbourne, Australia Let Police Enter Homes Without Permission, Smash Car Windows

BCN Editor's Note: Joe Biden recently stated, "It's not about rights...," well here's why—in America—it IS about our Constitutional rights. What is described in the article that follows would be a clear violation of citizens' rights in the USA. Attempts by the government to contain the COVID virus should not equate to the legal trampling of every American's rights as outlined in our Constitution. -Aimee Herd, BCN

(Melbourne, Australia) — [LifeSiteNews...(more)

The Founders Meant to Keep Government Out of the Church, Not God Out of the Government

Not only did the First Amendment say, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion," but it also said, "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof."

[CBN News] Recent legal battles over churches' religious liberties in California raise serious questions about the freedom to worship in America...(more)

Execution-Style Killing of 5-Year-Old North Carolina Boy Ignored By Many in Media

"We do not know if race had anything to do with this killing, and we should not assume so without evidence ... But we also can be confident that if Sessoms were white and Hinnant had been black, this would have been front-page news, and on all the networks, even without evidence that it was a racially-motivated attack..." -Columnist Rod Dreher

[] "Cannon Hinnant" is a name that has received scant media coverage, though the young boy's story should be flooding our news streams. Last Sunday, the 5-year-old child was shot in the head while he was out riding his bike in front of his father's North Carolina home...(more)


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