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By Chuck D. Pierce:

Prophetic word released on September 15, 2021:

Dear Advancing Ones:

Last week, we began the season of 5782 with the "Blowing of the Trumpets." YOM T'RUAH – the FEAST OF TRUMPETS – begins the season each year. Ten days later, God ordained the day called YOM KIPPUR, the DAY OF ATONEMENT.

You might not be aware that Yom Kippur begins tonight (September 15) at sundown. Most of us reflect over past sins and things that would keep us from crossing over during Passover time, but the Lord chose this day to recognize His power of atonement for our sins. He came so you could be free. All of us need to understand the importance of this day.

We are not under the law of the Feasts. God's people operate in the fulfillment of these Feast times... (more)

By Charlie Shamp:

Prophetic word released on August 12, 2021:

Last night, I had a very vivid dream where I met President Trump. I was standing beside a set of steps leading to a stage in a large, indoor stadium. I was accompanied by a man that I have never met in the natural.

President Trump walked over to me and reached out his hand to greet me as if he already knew who I was. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. I then began to prophesy some very personal things to him concerning his future. (Photo via Flickr)

Then I opened my eyes, pointed at him and said, "Don't lose hope! The Lord is bringing a great turnaround for America." He thanked me and turned to take the stage... (more)

By Jamie Rohrbaugh:

Beloved, I asked the Lord what He has in mind in the spirit realm for this month of September. This is what He said: "It is a month to fast and preach!"

The Lord elaborated on this word; but first, let's look at three Scripture passages the Lord gave me for this month regarding fasting and preaching. I won't quote them entirely, so I encourage you to please read them and prayerfully consider them: Joel 2:15-17, Isaiah 58:6-14 and Isaiah 55:5... (more)

By Madeline James:

I believe, as we've stepped into 5782 and heading into 2022, we've entered into a very strategic time. In Hebrew, the letter "bet" has the numeric value of 2. Bet has the word picture of a tent or a tabernacle. Prophetically, a tent or tabernacle is a place that houses the presence of God or a place where you meet with God face to face, like Moses did. I feel one of the main areas of emphasis for 5782 is building the habitation of God for the things to come. The Lord gave me a dream concerning this in August 2021.

In the dream, a known apostle of Kentucky asked me to be a part of a church service. It was night time, and I was making my way to the church where I knew we were gathering because of the end time events and circumstances that were happening... (more)

'We Gather Out Here in Faith': Oregon Farmers, Ranchers Gather to Pray to the Lord of the Harvest

"...When we give our lives and our livelihood to the Lord and surrender to Him, we believe only good things can happen ... We will ask for His wisdom as we navigate through this uncertainty and fear of COVID as well as the farming pressures that we're under to provide food for the people of this country and actually around the world." -Tim Man, Farmers United

[CBN News] On Tuesday, Sept. 21, hundreds of farmers, loggers, ranchers, and others in the agricultural industry are expected to gather in Albany, Oregon to thank God for the harvest and to pray for the nation...(more)

Comedian Norm Macdonald, a Self-Described Christian, Unexpectedly Dies at Age 61

"Scripture. Faith. Grace. Christ, Glory of God. Smart man says nothing is a miracle. I say everything is." -Norm Macdonald, tweet from 2017

[] Famous comedian Norm Macdonald, who described himself as a Christian, passed away unexpectedly Tuesday after a nine-year battle with cancer...(more)

Taliban's Terrorist Government Says They're Willing to Work with All Nations—Except Israel

"Of course, we won't have any relation with Israel. We want to have relations with other countries; Israel is not among those countries." -Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen

[] [Last week], the Taliban set up its temporary government in Afghanistan, one which includes several internationally wanted terrorists. Looking to create an appearance of legitimacy on the world stage, the Taliban government has said it is open to establishing formal relations with many nations—including the US—however, not Israel...(more)

Newsom Defeats California Recall Effort

"We recognize that we lost the battle, but we are certainly going to win the war. We are forcing them now to pay attention to the things they should have been paying attention to two years ago." -Larry Elder

[CBN News] California Gov. Gavin Newsom will keep his job after defeating an effort to remove him from office in a rare recall election on Tuesday...(more)


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