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Lana Vawser

Deep Rest and Clarity

There is a fresh wind blowing. It is the fresh wind of His Spirit. It is not only a wind that will bring refreshment, healing, empowerment and strength, but it is a wind that will bring DEEP rest, DEEP clarity and a DEEP stirring of what He is breathing upon!

I had a vision, recently, where I saw many who were in their different seasons. But I noticed that the pressure of their seasons had been pushing on them – on every side – for a long time. I sensed that it still remained for many. There was SO much pressure around people's ribs and their chests.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Many pressures in the season [that] many of My people have walked [through] have left them feeling like they have lost their breath. They feel like they have lost their peace. They feel like they have lost their REST... (more)

Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams

Watch the replay now! Click here to watch.

Kelsey O'Malley on Elijah Streams

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Sylvia Neusch

I saw a movie several years ago about an Amish community. In the movie, when someone needed help (whether it was a crisis, a barn raising, or help in harvesting their fields) they would ring a large bell. Within minutes, the community would appear in all directions, hurrying to help and assist the one calling for help. This scene from the movie has continually reoccurred in my thoughts lately.

When I asked the Lord what He might be speaking, I felt He said it was the Spirit of God who is now ringing the bell for the worldwide Church to awaken – to "arise and shine" and fully step into her role as the Ekklesia and royal priesthood.

There is a call for intercessors to pray and the Ekklesia to put the decrees of God in their mouths. There is a call for the harvesters to come forth and go into the fields to bring in the great harvest... (more)

Pro-life Dad Acquitted: Jury Rejected Government Intimidation of Pro-Lifers

"From day one, this case has been an intimidation tactic by the Biden Department of Justice. We had put forward a very strong legal case why it should have never reached trial. Our hope here is that a message was sent to Washington DC to stop this harassment of sidewalk counselors who are just trying to provide alternatives to those who are facing an abortion decision." -- Peter Breen, Thomas More Society executive vice president

[LifeSite News] – Pro-life activist and Catholic father of seven Mark Houck said he was "so grateful" after he was found not guilty Monday of both federal charges lodged against him over a 2021 sidewalk altercation outside an abortion clinic...(more)

Utah Governor Signs Bill Protecting Minors from Transgender Surgery

The ground-breaking bill also allows minors to bring legal action against the person who performed sex-reassignment surgery on them if they later renounce consent.

[The Daily Signal] – Utah minors can no longer receive sex-reassignment surgeries after Gov. Spencer Cox, a Republican, signed a bill restricting transgender medical procedures on Saturday...(more)

Whole Native American Communities Touched by "Fire of the Holy Spirit": Experience Powerful Revival

One southeast Montana tribe passed a 2013 legislative resolution "to honor God for His great blessings upon the Crow Tribe and to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord of the Crow Indian Reservation." They also fly the flag of Israel next to the sign.

[CBN News] – In some respects, the plight of Native Americans hasn't changed. They face troubling circumstances with issues ranging from substance abuse to a massive COVID-19 impact, to an alarming number of missing and murdered women...(more)

Major Airlines Stop Using "Gendered" Uniforms: Flyers, Get Ready for "Mommy, Why is That Guy with a Beard Wearing Lipstick and a Dress?"

Alaska Airlines highlighted their "gender-neutral" uniform policy in 2022, writing that "fingernail polish, makeup, two earrings per ear, and a single stud nose piercing are expression options available to all employees."

[Newsmax] – A number of major airlines, including JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, and Alaska Airlines, have begun to retire or seriously alter their gender-specific uniform policies...(more)


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