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By Brian Simmons:

A fisherman, turned apostle, penned a book that will endure for all time. It is perhaps the best known of the four Gospels, for it reveals the Father's love and Jesus' miracle power. Reading the Gospel of John is like passing through the torn veil and coming into the Holy of Holies! Where would we be without the Gospel of John? The New Testament would be somewhat limited without the fresh, vibrant message John brings to the world.

The Gospel of John is all about this beautiful Christ. John tells us why he wrote this amazing book:

"Jesus went on to do many more miraculous signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not even included in this book... (more)

By Alveda King:

PROPHECY BY ALVEDA KING – November 29, 2016:

"Mr. Trump is like a 'bull in a china shop.' God also revealed this to me: 'Yes, and bulls are beautiful and magnificent creatures, and china is fragile.'"

Prophecy Decoders Analysis:

This statement was made by Alveda King around the time of the 2016 election, and notice the use of the idiom "bull in a china shop." According to the dictionary, an idiom is a common word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning, but can be understood because of its popular use.

The idiom "bull in a china shop" can mean one who is aggressive in a situation that requires delicacy and care. We have seen this scenario play out during the Trump presidency. However, notice the prophetic significance of the statement when you capitalize the word china and make it "China... (more)

By James W. Goll:

I believe we are entering an apostolic era when open heavens are going to break wide open over cities. There will be teachings, revelations, expressions, and experiences of this on a scale unseen, at least since New Testament days, if ever.

Homes, families, congregations, parks, hospitals, city halls – all will become "ground zero" for open Heaven manifestations. I have faith for this divine realm to be extended over entire regions for protracted periods of time.

From all my years traveling in many nations, helping to light fires in many places, and having interviewed and walked with many "fire starters," I have learned one very important principle: Before there is ever an open Heaven over a congregation, city or nation, there first is an open Heaven over a person... (more)

Worship Leaders Lift the Name of Jesus in the White House: 'Let This Sound Give You Great Hope for America!'

"On the outdoor steps, the hallways and the rooms of the White House today (including the Oval Office), worship, prayer, and blessings flowed from a bunch of songbirds. We came from across the nation, heard incredible testimonies of God moving, and believe we left a deposit of grace, peace, and hope." -Sean Feucht

[CBN News] Worship music rang throughout the White House Friday as several Christian artists lifted the name of Jesus...(more)

Christian Music Industry Artists Weigh in on Their New Peer, Kanye West

"You were raised for such a time as this. I think of Esther when I watch your journey. I appreciate you as a person, but I have never seen such a radical transformation of an artist like you, and you are called. You are coming out of the gate blazing. There are going to be bumps along the way, but stay close to Jesus. You have such an influence; we are praying for you to stay on guard." -Danny Gokey

[CBN News] What do some of today's leading artists in the Christian Gospel, worship, and mainstream have to say about Kanye West and his radical conversion, as well as his recently dropped album Jesus Is King? I did a music industry roundtable interview asking to hear their perspective...(more)

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[Watch] The Moment This Deaf Baby Hears Her Mum's Voice after Her Hearing Aids Are Switched On: 'Her Face Lights Up'

(United Kingdom) — [] Paul, of Harrogate, England, told SWNS that his daughter was fitted with the hearing aids when she was just a few weeks old. Paul said he and his wife, Louise, discovered their daughter was deaf shortly after her birth, and that while it was "difficult," they chose to focus on the positive... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read and watch the video report. (more)


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