Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX


Prophetic word originally released on Monday, April 15, 2024:

A Worship Activation to Break Earthly Limitations!

Dear Liberated Saints:

I am so excited about the twenty-one day prayer focus below. This is a time for all of us to be liberated. To liberate means to help someone or something be free, and to release someone from control, duties, limitations, or prison. Recently, when I looked into the congregation during worship, the Lord highlighted Tobias Lyons to me, one of our younger key prophets, and I saw him surrounded by a sealed glass box. While he was worshiping, the box stayed sealed and confining. I knew if this encasement was not removed, it would keep him from becoming all the Lord meant for him to be in the future.

The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, "Remove that clear glass box from around him... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Nate Johnston, Colorado Springs, CO


I had an audible dream where Father God spoke to me in a heart-to-heart way. I woke up and wrote down what I remembered. I knew this was a letter to all of us, an encouragement for making it through a long season, and a "refocus" for the months to come. I pray this speaks directly to your heart and draws you into even deeper dialogue with Him this season.

Well Done for Enduring the Process

Firstly, I heard Him say, "Well done. Well done for enduring the process I have taken you through, even though, at times, it has felt [like] more than you could handle. Well done for allowing My purifying fire to come into every facet of your life. It was never meant to expose you but to remove every contaminate that would trip you up down the road... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Schumer Succeeds in Killing Off Mayorkas Impeachment Trial before It Can Even Begin

[] Senate Democrats quashed House Republicans' effort to force the upper chamber to put impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on trial, effectively letting the Biden administration official off the hook. The impeachment proceedings ended in under four hours, breaking with the historic precedent of holding a trial on the rare occasion a government official has been impeached by the House. Mayorkas had been the first Cabinet official to be impeached since the Civil War... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click (more)

US to Back Rafah Op in Exchange for Israel Dropping Major Iran Strike; Report

“After what [Hamas] has done [on Oct. 7], it will not do this again. Neither will it exist." -Benjamin Netanyahu

[] Unnamed Egyptian officials told the Qatari Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news outlet on Wednesday that the United States has agreed to back an Israeli operation in Gaza's southernmost city of Rafah in exchange for Jerusalem forgoing a major strike on Iran...(more)

Biden's Education Secretary Vows to Shut Down the Largest Christian University in the US

[] After Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona vowed to shut down Grand Canyon University (GCU), the largest Christian university in the US, GCU officials are pushing back, telling Fox News Digital the crackdown stems from "deeply held bias." Cardona made comments during a House Appropriations Committee hearing about cracking down on GCU and other universities like it on April 10... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read, and watch the video.(more)

Furry Infestation: Middle School Students Walk Out in Protest after School Leaders Allow 'Furries' to Terrorize Them (VIDEO)

"We are protesting the 'furries' because they are trying to spray us with Febreze in our eyes, they're barking at us, biting us, scratching us, growling at us, and we're trying to change that so younger kids don't have to grow up dealing with this ... these kids are mentally ill and they're trying to force their illness upon us." -Student spokesperson

[] ...Middle school students at Mt. Nebo School in Payson, Utah held a walk out protest [Wednesday] against unhinged school officials that allow 'furries' to terrorize them at school...(more)


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