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By Sylvia Neusch:

Identity Theft

Recently, my Facebook account was hacked and deleted. My personal passwords were changed and as a result, I was no longer able to access my personal page with over fifteen years of history. I spent hours upon hours trying to reinstate my page. Unfortunately, I was not successful and finally relented and started over by setting up a new page.

In the midst of all the mess that this debacle created, God began to speak to me. He showed me that though identity theft in the natural realm is a big problem, the identity theft in the spiritual realm is a much bigger issue. The enemy has ramped up his efforts to steal, kill, and destroy the identity of the sons and daughters of God... (more)

By Johnny Enlow:

Africa, Africa – get ready, get ready, for the glory of the Lord is about to descend on you! Faithful pastors are about to experience, from God, even beyond what they have been asking: presence, healings, favor, grace upon grace, and long-needed provision. The descending glory of God will be a difference-maker. This same glory will be an enemy to that which is mixture from the pulpit, and it will be even deadly to that which is intentionally mixed with witchcraft and the occult.

Do Not Submit to Mixture! Judgment Is Coming to Witchcraft in the Pulpit

There is much witchcraft in the pulpit, and the time has come for the judgment of it to begin. Church in Africa, be wise and discerning. Do not allow this type of mixture anymore. Do not allow witch doctors in the pulpit. Do not submit to them... (more)

By Christa Elisha:

In a time of waiting upon the Lord (on May 18, 2021), I was given a vision. In this vision, I was surprised to see a headless Bride. It wasn't gruesome by any means, but the feeling I got was one of disturbance and repentance.

I watched as this headless woman in a beautiful, white, lace gown fumbled around the foyer of what appeared to be the entry way to a cosmic throne room. The foyer was full of individuals that I knew represented the nations and world systems that are held in bondage to darkness. These individuals stood laughing and mocking the Bride as she tripped over herself and moved about with no direction, no purpose, no real life, unable to see where she was going or to speak with authority... (more)

By Barry Wunsch:

Prophetic Word – June 13, 2021:

On a recent trip to the lower mainland, Holy Spirit woke me up at 4:30 in the morning and downloaded this word to me. It came fast, strong, loud and clear. I share it below just as it came.

Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver – I Have Heard Your Cries!

"Vancouver, Vancouver, Vancouver, I have heard your cries! I am bringing you more than relief! I am bringing a revolution! I have heard your cries! I have seen your tears for your sons and your daughters, and I have come to deliver you from the oppression of the enemy... (more)

WATCH: Harrowing Dashcam Video Shows Police Officer Saving a Choking Toddler's Life

"It was pretty scary for a bit ... you never want to see a child hurt." -Deputy Sheriff Patrick Ficke

[] For one Santa Fe, New Mexico, couple, being pulled over for a routine traffic stop was an absolute blessing...(more)

Trump Responds to Kamala Harris Finally Visiting the Border and IT'S EPIC

"After months of ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border, it is great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous destruction and death that they've created—a direct result of Biden ending my very tough but fair Border policies. Harris and Biden were given the strongest Border in American history. And now, it is by far the worst in American history. If Governor Abbott and I weren't going there next week, she would have never gone!" -Donald Trump statement

[] Did you hear the news that Kamala Harris (more)

Hyde Amendment Has Saved 2 Million Unborn Lives, Attorneys General Tell Congress

"Unborn life might be nothing more than a matter of politics for the administration, but it is something quite different for us: the policy in question is one of life or death. Studies of the Hyde Amendment have found that it has saved the lives of millions of unborn children—saving 2.13 million lives in its first forty years alone, and saving over 60,000 lives per year today." -from the Letter sent to leaders in Congress


Johns Hopkins Professor Dr. Marty Makary to CBN News: 'The Pandemic Is Really Over'

With more than 60 percent of adult Americans fully vaccinated, Makary says roughly half of those unvaccinated have natural immunity which "explains why we're at herd immunity now and cases are plummeting."

(Washington, DC) — [CBN News] As vaccination rates grow, case numbers drop, and we see fewer masks, COVID-19 could soon be behind us and one leading health expert says it's time...(more)


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