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Jodie Hughes

So, from a Bible-based perspective, what does "seeing numbers" mean? You or a friend may have said, "I'm seeing the same number everywhere!" and wondered, What on Earth this could mean?

First it means that God is speaking. Numbers are just another form of God's communication, or a language if you will. The key is interpreting what God is saying through seeing repetitive number sequences such as 911, 1111, 2222, 818, 333, etc.

As we talk about this, it's important to remember that numbers are just another way the King's prophetic voice is getting people's attention today. It's also a very common way!

My Seeing-Numbers Journey

I've been "seeing" numbers for about 15 years now. Both my husband and I had this phenomena start to happen to us at the same time... (more)

Brian and Candice Simmons

"Jacob's son Joseph was seventeen, and he served his older half-brothers, the sons of his father's wives Bilhah and Zilpah, helping them watch over the flocks. One day Joseph went to his father with a bad report about their behavior." (Genesis 37:2 TPT)

The story of Joseph gives away God's secrets. It reveals how God raises up champions and deliverers. Here are just a few of those secrets that you will find in Joseph's story.

Joseph had to learn that vindication is from God (Romans 12:19). As long as we don't try to help God, He will honor us in His time. God is not out to prove us right, but He seeks to glorify Himself and transform us, even in the midst of our rejection.

Joseph had to be matured. The lessons of Joseph teach us that there is a thorough preparation time in our lives before God promotes us... (more)

Kim Potter

I am once again hearing the word "prepare" in my spirit. However, it is not the same kind of "prepare" as it was before. I don't believe God is talking about preparing for something challenging that is about to happen – no, I believe it is the opposite.

Faithful in Times of Plenty

What would you do if the prayers you have been praying for months, or years – the desires of your heart – were suddenly answered?

... (more)

Fed Judge Overrules Durham Team's Objections to Multiple Jurors in Michael Sussmann Trial Having Been Clinton and AOC Donors; Another with Ties to the Defendant

"Juries are always problematic for Republicans or conservatives in DC. Just ask Roger Stone, a Trump ally, who was convicted of obstruction of justice by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Mueller said Stone knew about WikiLeaks, while Stone said he did not. The jury, which included a far-left Democrat activist, convicted Stone. When the judge found out, he did absolutely nothing to give him a new and fair trial..." -Victoria Taft, PJ Media

This past Friday, testimony in the John Durham-led prosecution against Michael Sussmann, found that the former Clinton lawyer in fact lied to FBI General Counsel, James Baker in the Russia-hoax investigation, when he vowed his "research on Trump was "on his own behalf...(more)

Robby Mook Testifies: Hillary Clinton Personally Approved Leak of Alfa Bank Hoax to Media

[] Hillary Clinton approved an effort to leak allegations that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia via Alfa Bank, according to her 2016 presidential campaign manager, Robby Mook, who testified Friday in federal court in Washington, DC. The Alfa Bank allegations were later disproven, as was the broader "Russia collusion" conspiracy theory that they supported... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read...(more)

'Major Legal Victory': VA Judge Finds 'Probable Cause' That Gender ID Books Too Obscene for Minors

"While the case is moving forward, we are asking the Court to prohibit Barnes and Noble from selling the books directly to minors and from the schools allowing minors to have access to the materials without parental consent." -Attorney and Virginia State Delegate Tim Anderson

[CBN News] A Virginia Beach Circuit Court ruled that controversial gender identity books are obscene and access to minors should be restricted...(more)

Senator Rubio Grills NIH over Lack of Data Supporting Its Push to Give Puberty Blockers to Kids

[] ...Rubio highlighted how policymakers are promoting and puberty blockers for youth without insight into the "long term implications" of such interventions and weighing the "cost and the benefits." "We clearly don't want anybody harming themselves ... but ... these policy decisions are being made on the basis of observational guidance and, by your own admission, without any sort of long term trajectory on its holistic impact," the Florida senator said... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)


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