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By Joey LeTourneau:

The following is from a vision the Lord gave me back in 2004, but I recognized that it wasn't yet the right timing. However, during the last number of months as we've crossed into this new era, God has increasingly grabbed my heart with this vision and made it clear that it's now in due season. In fact, for the last couple weeks, every time I go back to the Lord to hear His priorities as we continue forward, He brings this vision to the forefront. I've only slightly updated the language and writing in parts since I first put it on paper sixteen years ago.

Vision: Through the Eye of a Needle

The Lord led my heart through prayer into a vision of some place new. I seemed to be in the middle of a giant wilderness joined by many, many others. My reality was transported to another land, an empty land... (more)

By Bob Blase:

A Vision in the Heavens

One day, during one of my devotional times (before the COVID-19), I saw in the spirit an operation of God descending toward Earth like a city coming out of the heavens. I watched this vast city as it slowly approached. It was a fully-functioning city, and I could tell there was much activity within it. I noted a powerful sense of purpose for which this "operating" city was being sent to us. (Note: I understood this city I was seeing was not the New Jerusalem.)

With God All Things Are Possible

It was sometime later that the understanding of the vision began to open up... (more)

By Faith Marie Baczko:

Over the last six months God has continually pressed me with the words "launch" and "rocket." Starting in January of this year, 2020, He revealed that May 2020 would be the launch. Then, over the weekend of Pentecost, the SpaceX rocket was launched as a confirming sign that lift off had taken place. I believe that it was a sign we had ascended, in measure, from the earthly into the Lord's sphere, powered by His agenda.

Recently, the Lord revealed to me that July 4th would be a marker day. He also showed me that the whole month of July is the entrance, or door, into a season of release, characterized by strength, authority and power in the Body of Christ... (more)

By Daniel Pontious:

The other night I had one of the craziest impressions that the Holy Spirit has given me yet. As I was sitting and relaxing, directly after a prophetic broadcast, the Holy Spirit kept showing me a man riding a horse in the darkness.

This man wasn't one of the 4 horsemen in Revelation (so I can dispense with that question right now), but he appeared to me as though he was a prophet, and everywhere he rode he was declaring the Word of the Lord as if from the rooftops!


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Humble Prayers for Healing America

[] "America is hurting. Pandemics, racial inequalities, job loss, and political division have caused great suffering. We are called to be salt and light on the earth. As Christians, we can begin healing our land through prayer and action. Let us come together not just by words but a faith that produces works. The love and grace of God can begin turning the tide of America." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read prayers for America compiled by the Crosswalk Editorial Staff...(more)

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'Wash Us in the Blood:' Kanye West Announces New Christian-Themed Song and Album

"Following the Bible can free us all. Jesus can set you free." -Kanye West

[CBN News] Rapper Kanye West has released new music that keeps up with his move toward Gospel and Christ-centered music...(more)

Thousands of Christians in Mexico on the Streets Praying for Healing, While Keeping COVID Social Distancing in Mind

"So, I am believing that instead of doing a Glory March, we are going to do many glory marches. But, this week we have to develop in our lives that we keep the healthy distance and that we learn to behave in this type of events." -Pastor Carlow Quiroa

[] Thousands of Mexican Christians assembled once again, praying on the streets for their country's healing. (Image: via GODTV...(more)

Hundreds of Arrests Made in Hong Kong on Day 1 of China Imposing 'Draconic Security Law'

"Free Hong Kong was one of the world's most stable, prosperous and dynamic cities. Now, it'll be just another communist-run city where its people will be subject to the party elite's whims. It's sad." -Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State

[CBN News] Tensions are high in Hong Kong after the communist regime in China approved a contentious new national security law that took effect today. The law has already led to hundreds of arrests and sent shockwaves through those fighting to keep Hong Kong's independence...(more)


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