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By Jamie Rohrbaugh:

I Have Not Forgotten Your Dreams

I heard the Father say: "I want to talk to you about the things you've dreamed of—the things toward which it feels like you are making no progress. I know the things you desire. I planted them in your heart before you existed on Earth in fleshly form. When you only existed in My bosom, I knew you and planted your dreams inside you, so I want you to know that your dreams matter to Me. Your dreams are important to Me.

"Look around you. Are the things you see not manifestations of your dreams already? Yet you have become discouraged in some ways because it seems like nothing you do produces fruit of the kind you hoped it would produce, and I understand... (more)

By Jo Ellen Stevens:

I keep hearing and sensing in the spirit a NEW WIND that is beginning to blow on the Body of Christ... (more)

By Anne Ballard:

In this season, God is changing our plans to meet our hearts' desires. In laying down our own agendas and choosing to partner with Him, we can grab hold of the good that He has in store for us. God is using people around us to speak truth into our lives, remind us of dreams in our hearts, and infuse us with hope. He is also inviting us to hear directly from Him. There is a fresh word for each person, in each season, and in each situation. Watch for God to stir up your trust and give you specific things He wants you to do as an act of faith. Expect Him to speak to you in a way that you can understand and take note of truths made known to you... (more)

By Hank Kunneman:

Prophetic words released from Prophet Hank Kunneman on June 6, 2021:

Canada, Israel, Florida, Texas - Watch What God Does!

The Lord Says: "Canada, they seek to lock you down, to restrict you and to infiltrate you with fear. Listen, Canada, your leader and your leaders have shaken hands and have been part of this that I speak of, that even took place in the nation of the United States. They don't fear the virus, they know what its intent was. They fear the unmasking of the truth that shall lead to them and what they have done. The people thought that they were being led and protected, but they will see how corrupt they [the leaders] are, and have been.

"Therefore, as I've declared," says the Spirit of God, "I'm fighting these battles. This is My fight... (more)

'The Bible Came Alive As the Quran Never Did': Ex-Devout Muslim Details Stunning Testimony

"It was this never-ending attempt to control your fleshly desires, your behavior in an effort to draw closer to God. You're, you're always afraid of what He's going to do to judge you, and it's not about love at all. You were constantly praying to a god that didn't answer you." -Hedieh Mirahmadi

[] Hanging from her hair in Hellfire for all eternity—that was supposed to be Hedieh Mirahmadi's punishment. What was her crime? She simply removed her head covering. But now, after 22 years in Islam, she's no longer afraid of her eternal destiny because she heard the loving voice of Jesus Christ...(more)

First-Ever Pro-Life Men's March to Be Held This Weekend in Washington, DC

"Joe Biden, apostate Catholic, thinks it's okay to kill babies up to the day of birth. Men, I want you to go to and sign up, even if you don't think you can come, so we can start a contact list right now and start a wave going." -Fr. Imbarrato

[] The first-ever men's march to defend the preborn will be held this weekend in Washington, DC, which organizers hope will spark a national movement that energizes men to stand up against abortion...(more)

89 Ohio Clergy Affirm Role of Police Calling for a Day of Prayer & Appreciation

"...We want to champion the cause for our local police. As efforts to divide our nation continue, we stand united in support of our local police and our resolve is only getting stronger." -Pastor spokesman Hank Webb

(Mansfield, OH) — [] As social justice efforts across the nation defund local police departments, the jury is still out on whether Congress will vote to remove qualified immunity for hometown peace officers. Led by clergy, one community is trying to do everything it can by the book to make sure its local police forces know they are needed...(more)

Government Can't Single Out Churches: Nevada to Pay $175K for Discriminating against Christians

"There is no constitutional right to gamble, but there is one that protects attending worship services. The government has a duty to respect the First Amendment, so it can't single out churches for harsher treatment than secular activities..." -Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel David Cortman

airlift[CBN News] One can only guess why Nevada's governor thought people meeting in a church were more dangerous as COVID spreaders than people gathering in casinos or bowling alleys. But when Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak issued an edict saying only 50 people could meet in a church, but casinos could have up to 50-percent capacity, Calvary Chapel in Dayton, decided to resist and object to the obvious discrimination...(more)


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