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By Ella Onakoya:

There is a powerful move of the Spirit of God that is being released to bring many people into the forefront of their destinies, purposes and callings. I believe God showed me a group of 'Obadiah prophets' that He has set on course to release, or who are being released at this time. These prophets are symbolic of those who were hidden in the cave by Obadiah to escape the wrath of Jezebel while being fed with bread and water (1 Kings 18:4).

They are those men and women who have been hidden for a season in preparation; people who have been faithful in seeking God and His heart for what seems like a long season. They have been pruned in their character while being filled with the glorious power of the Holy Spirit. While in their season of hiddenness, they have been fed by the Word and the Spirit of God.

They are also the people who are being released due to the sovereign intent of the grace of God. Because of the increase of gross darkness on the earth and a refusal of some individuals to step into their destinies, a need has arisen in the Kingdom... (more)

By Jennifer Eivaz:

Nabi, Ro'eh and Chozeh

In the Old Testament, there are three Hebrew words translated into our English word "prophet" or "seer": nabi, ro'eh, and chozeh. Nabi is generally the most used word for a prophet. It means "to bubble forth, as from a fountain," hence "to utter."

We read examples of nabi prophets in Scripture: "The Lord sent prophets among them to lead them back to Him. They warned the people..... (more)

By Faith Marie Baczko:

Recently, I was in Ann Arbor attending the ROAR conference at Apostle Barbara Yoder's church – Shekinah. Dutch Sheets was one of the speakers and Steve Swanson was leading worship.

The conference began with a ROAR and ended with a crescendo of HEAVEN'S ROAR uniting with the Church. I am writing this word in response to two visions I received while in worship; visions that I believe are significant to the people of God as a whole right now.

A Vision of Heavenly Riders

The first vision I received was on Friday night during worship. This night surpassed anything I had ever experienced, however, it was far more than an experience; something significant was initiated by Heaven that night and the following day!

As I was caught up in the worship, I was taken into a vision... (more)

By Lori Suiter:

We have all heard the saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil," but I believe we have become a culture of squeaky wheels. I sensed the other morning in prayer that this is on the Lord's heart.

Flowing straight from the throne room of Heaven, I heard in my spirit, "The righteous wheels will get the oil." He is flipping the script! Instead of seeing those who are openly rewarded for being loudly critical and deceptive, we'll see God rewarding the quietly faithful, thankful and righteous.

The Squeaky Wheels

It is undeniable when you look around this world that the loudest voices seem to get the most attention. It seems some people believe that if you say something enough times or loud enough, it will somehow make what they are saying true. Yet, truth will always rise eventually... (more)

New Tom Hanks Movie Showcases Mr. Rogers' Faith-Filled Prayer Life

"'A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,' directed by Marielle Heller ... is a beautiful portrait of a man whose words and actions changed the world and those around him. It succeeds by focusing on the impact a carrier of hope can have on those who've lost their way. It is a simple but profound story about kindness, compassion and forgiveness modeled by a beloved personality whose legacy continues to inspire us.

[] On Friday, with the release of the film "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," children of all ages will be able to return to a friendly, familiar neighborhood. Tom Hanks stars as iconic children's television host Mister Rogers in a film directed by Marielle Heller. (Image: Tom Hanks as Mr...(more)

HEALTH: Breakthrough Treatment Could Mean No More Surgery; Remove Cataracts with Eye Drops!

Thus, adding lanosterol to the eye (or something that is similar to it) might stop the crystallin proteins from clumping together and forming cataracts.

In 2015, a possible breakthrough treatment for cataracts was discovered and subsequently tested on rabbits and dogs with promising statistics. (Image: Cataracts-National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health /via St...(more)

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'I'm Not a Liar Anymore': Newly-Engaged Lamar Odom Breaks Silence about Porn Addiction; Lifesitenews' Exclusive Interview

"You have to find something else. And he would do that. Meditate. Watch a movie. Take a walk. Exercise. Something else to calm him down. And just watching him learn these things is the turn-on. Is what makes me attracted. To watch him overcome this and not be like oh, we're dull because this porn is gone. He's found other ways. That was the difference between a very low relationship to now we're very high." -Sabrina Parr, life coach and Odom's fiancée

[] In a new (more)

Worship Leader Jake Hamilton: Kanye Is Proof We Need to Make Room for People 'In Process' with Faith

"We're so busy killing people who are in process that the ones who are really messed up ... feel like they don't have a place in our communities, because they want to love Jesus ... if we give them an on-ramp that makes sense to them ... I think they would feel safe ... In the context of worship we give them a place to encounter the God who's ridiculously amazing." -Jake Hamilton, worship leader

[] Worship leader Jake Hamilton shared his recent experience at a Kanye West concert and his impressions of Kanye's new Christian faith on a recent episode of Questions with God. In a clip posted to YouTube, Hamilton says West dramatized his salvation experience with Jesus Christ at a recent concert with Kendrick Lamar...(more)


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