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By Jennifer Eivaz:

As I observe today's prophets, both the established and the emerging ones, I thought it would be appropriate to provide instruction as to the distinct processing and responsibilities of God's New Testament prophets.

Being a prophet is not the glamorous role that many think it to be, although it can appear that way at times. To know the future by the Spirit of God, to experience a plethora of unusual signs and wonders, to encounter the angelic realm are some of the rewards for all the difficulties and hardships that prophets endure.

Emerging from a Place of Obscurity

Most of the prophets in the Bible seemed to emerge out of nowhere and from humble places. Moses, for example, left his lavish life in the Egyptian king's palace, and lived humbly as a shepherd in the wilderness for forty years before emerging to deliver Israel... (more)

By Anne Ballard:

In this season, God is placing the lonely in families and giving mothers and fathers to those who need them. There is a grace to make room for what's coming, even through the act of letting go of physical things, and I believe that God is meeting you as you let go.

Though many have been oppressed by the lie that their needs are unimportant or not allowed, God is redeeming those legitimate human needs – physical, spiritual, and emotional – and opening our eyes to them, showing us how to meet them in a healthy way.

Right now, life-altering transitions are being met with the grace you need to accept where you are and move forward. God wants to remind you, this month and always, that He is your unceasing Protector, watching over you day and night and filling you with peace.

The Strength of Mothers and Fathers

"God sets the lonely in families..... (more)

By Lana Vawser:

There is a burning in my spirit right now as the Lord has been speaking this word over and over to me. I want to encourage you to take the time to read it as I feel it is very important to meditate on before we enter 2020.

The Lord is releasing scrolls of revelation and strategy that are going to set up the people of God for the next 10 years. God isn't releasing revelation just for 2020; He is releasing strategy, insight and revelation that is unfolding new vision for the next DECADE.

The Lord showed me that this last month of 2019 is very important for the Body of Christ. This isn't just an "invitation" from the Lord; it is a SUMMONING from the Lord to come before Him, make space, and SPECIFICALLY sit with the Him, asking for the vision for 2020 AND the next decade... (more)

'Immense Bravery in the Line of Fire': Three Sailors Killed in Pensacola Naval Air Station Shooting Awarded 'Wings of Gold'

"Ensign Watson, Airman Haitham, and Airman Apprentice Walters are heroes. Their actions and sacrifice embodied the competence, courage, and character of those who wear Naval Aviation Wings of Gold. These wings were presented in honor of their brave actions and in everlasting memory of their sacrifice." -Overall commander of all Naval Air Forces, Vice Adm. DeWolfe H. Miller III

[CBN News] The acting Navy Secretary on Tuesday approved the posthumous award of the coveted Wings of Gold to all three sailors who were killed during the Dec. 6 shooting at the Pensacola Naval Air Station located in Pensacola, Florida...(more)

Star From Nickelodeon Hit Sitcom 'Kenan and Kel' Announces He is Now a Licensed Minister

"...Thank you Pastor Zeigler for seeing the calling of God on my life and trusting me with your Youth Department." -Kel Mitchell

[] The former Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell has entered the ministry after becoming a licensed pastor...(more)

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Franklin Graham Festival Shines Light of Christ Over Cambodia's Dark Past; Over 800 Come to Jesus

Interpreting the Gospel message into the local Khmer language this weekend was Barnabas Mam... Mam was one of only about 200 Christians who survived the four-year Cambodian genocide, which targeted many religious groups.

[] Cambodia has a dark and not-so-distant past. (Image: via BillyGraham...(more)


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