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By Bishop Bill Hamon:

Proclaim and Protect

Prophets' words bring supernatural victory! "...Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe and remain steadfast to His prophets and you shall prosper" (2 Chr. 20:20 AMPC). King Jehoshaphat and Judah won a great victory by acting on the word of the prophet. The spoils from the dead army brought great prosperity and peace, and all nations feared them after God fought for Judah.

Prophet Isaiah prophesied the defeat of the Assyrian's war against Judah, and God sent one of His war angels who killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in one night. "And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was [Israel] preserved" (Hosea 12:13). Prophets guide and protect God's people by revealing the thoughts, purposes, timing and personal word of God, and by ministering His mighty power to them and their situation.

The Mouth of the Lord

The Hebrew calendar year is 5780, which is represented by the letter "peh," meaning "mouth." It is the 17th letter of the Jewish alphabet and symbolizes victory... (more)

By Andrew Towe:

You Will No Longer Stall Out

I heard the Lord say, "You are coming off the roller coaster of starts and stops. You will no longer STALL OUT!"

The term "stall out" is defined as "to slow, come to a halt, and remain; to linger."

Many of you in the last decade saw areas of breakthrough in your life and thought, "It is finally here. My promise is finally being fulfilled." But, as suddenly as it started, it abruptly stopped. Your hopes were dashed, leaving you disappointed and discouraged. It's time to get to your hopes up again!

"Cast not away therefore your confidence, which has great recompense." (Heb. 10:35)

The Archer and the Bow and Arrow

The Lord recently showed me a vision of an archer with a bow and arrow. I saw the archer place his arrow next to the bow and release it. It sadly fell to the ground. It was not properly launched. Then I looked again and saw the archer take his bow and load his arrow. I watched as he pulled back both his arrow and bowstring and released the arrow into the air. This time brought a very different finish... (more)

By Robert Hotchkin:

As we've move into the new era this new year, God is inviting His people into something that He's been very intentionally leading up to for more than two decades.

For well over 20 years now, God has been pouring out a revelation of His Father's heart along with the tangible reality of His certain love. This has been one of the main messages and manifestations of charismatic Christianity since Heaven invaded the earth through the Toronto outpouring in early 1994.

It has led to a profound revelation of how radically loved and totally accepted we are in the Beloved (see Ephesians 1:6), as well as an epoch of miracles, signs and wonders as we press into and worship the One who loves us so. Bodies have been healed. Souls have been restored. Angelic feathers and heavenly gemstones have appeared. The dead have been raised. Revivals have broken out. It's been glorious.

It has also been building up to something that is strong on God's heart. Something that He is inviting you and all of His people into right now... (more)

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'Freedom! You Said You Would Deliver Us': Lou Engle—a Dream and a Word to Reach the LGBTQ Community

On 4/18/2020, once gay movements are uniting together for the Freedom March in Boston. This is not an angry protest, but a public testimony of love and freedom. I'm going to walk with my friends in Boston, and I am calling the Body of Christ to walk with them at the Freedom March.

(Colorado Springs, CO) — [] Over the past 30 years, God has been speaking to me concerning the LGBTQ community, and I believe the many words that have been given are being brought to a divine flashpoint for fulfillment. I would like to share some of that storyline...(more)

Say What Now?! 'Transgender Mother Can Be Listed as Father on Birth Certificate, Illinois Rules'

BCN EDITOR'S NOTE: The spouse of Myles Davis is Precious Brady Davis. He is a biological male, but now identifies as a 'transgender female' and the 'mother.' Myles Davis—a biological woman, but now listed as the 'father'—delivered a baby girl. It's so confusing, it almost seems like an SNL skit, but sadly, it's not. This 'family' needs our prayers. -Aimee Herd, Breaking Christian News

[] A biological woman who identifies as male and gave birth in December will be listed as the father on the child's birth certificate under a landmark decision by the state of Illinois...(more)

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'I'm Pro-Life': Iowa's Female Gov. Supports Amendment Protecting the Unborn

"As we move into 2020, I'm focused on the overall wellness of all Iowans, in every part of the State—in all stages of life. And when I say all stages of life, I mean to include the unborn. We must protect life by making it clear, through an amendment, that our constitution does not grant a right to abortion. It's time, and unfortunately, it's necessary." -Gov. Kim Reynolds

[] Iowa's female governor used a statewide address Tuesday to declare her support for a proposed constitutional amendment protecting the unborn, calling it part of an effort to protect "all stages of life...(more)


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