Ella Onakoya, London, United Kingdom

The God of Justice Revealed

One of the names of God that expresses His divine nature in the Bible is found in Isaiah 30:18 as the God of Justice. In the Hebrew text, the Lord is known as Elohei Mishpat, the God of justice (Strong's H4941).

I believe we are in a season, more than ever before, where the divine justice of the Lord is being released and manifested throughout the earth. The justice of the Lord is being released for the forgotten. He is coming with vindication. He is coming at the right time and will not be late.

Recently, I was looking through my dream journal, and the Lord highlighted a dream I had not publicly shared at the time. I was amazed to read the clarity and sequence of this dream I had on May 19, 2021. I immediately felt the weight of the Lord on the dream and knew the time to share it and make it public is now... (more)

Steve Shultz on ElijahStreams

Watch the replay now! Click here to watch.

Steve Shultz on ElijahStreams

Watch the replay now! Click here to watch.

Veronika West, Ireland

A note from Veronica West: This prophetic word, originally released in 2021, is once again coming to the forefront, and Holy Spirit is bringing it to our attention. Please keep in mind friends, there is no reward in being mere spectators of the Word, but we must be partakers. We must war with the Word. Dreams and visions are portals to divine possibilities. They are an invitation to partner with Heaven to see the Word fulfilled. WATCH AND PRAY! The pictures are from Fox News, June 12, 2024. Thank you Robin Johnson for sharing... (more)

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German Study: Vast Majority of People Will Grow Out of Transgenderism within 5 Years

Researchers found overall that 63.6% of trans-identifying children and adolescents desisted from their clinically-confirmed gender diagnosis, and "only 36.4% had a confirmed [gender identity disorder] diagnosis after five years."

[WashingtonStand.com] A massive, years-long study shows the overwhelming majority of young people who identify as transgender will grow out of the diagnosis within five years. A similar supermajority of trans-identifying people suffered from at least one other psychological condition, found researchers, who tracked all children and young adults diagnosed with gender dysphoria over a nine-year period...(more)

Tennessee Bookstore Sets Up LGBT Grooming Table for Kids

Among the books for kids is one titled, "The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish"

[ToddStarnes.com] A bookstore in Memphis, Tennessee is facing outrage from families and conservatives after they set up a table filled with LGBT materials and story books designed for children...(more)

Unbelievable: CNN Forgets America is a Constitutional Republic, Calls That a 'MAGA Conspiracy!'

[RedState.com] ...[America's] Founders specifically rejected a pure democracy or direct democracy because they were concerned about mob rule. They wanted to protect individual liberties and minorities, they wanted a rule of law that would endure and protect those rights. Hence, while we can be called a representative democracy because the people elect their representatives—it is more accurate and specific to say a Constitutional Republic. That difference is very significant because while in a pure democracy, mob rule could take away your rights, in a Constitutional Republic, you have checks from the courts who will uphold the rule of law and protect individual liberties .....(more)

'Holy Cow… I've Never Seen Anything Like This' – CNN Data Reporter Shocked at Trump's Level of Support with Black Voters

'I'm like, speechless...' -CNN's Harry Enten

[TheGatewayPundit.com] A CNN data reporter was left stunned as he revealed President Trump's level of support with black voters, especially younger ones...(more)


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