Christa Elisha, Oxford, Ohio


Prophetic word released on July 9, 2024:

I heard the Lord say, over the next four weeks, "Watch what you watch." Meaning, we need to be careful about what we are watching and taking into the gates of our eyes.

The Assignment of the Enemy

There is an assignment from the enemy to cast witchcraft over the eyes of our nation—not just in the natural, through media and screens, but also by projecting ungodly images into our minds and into our dream life.

Hopelessness, fear, and looking at our lack or inability are three attacks that satan is launching to distract us from seeing what God is saying and doing.

The main goal of this assignment is to get us to abort the promise/mission/position that God is calling us to.

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Steve Shultz on ElijahStreams

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Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes and Steve Shultz on ElijahStreams

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Anne Jackson, Bedford, TX

In this season, God is exchanging joy for mourning, and He is releasing outrageous joy over His people. God is releasing strategies for divine assignments and reminding us that we are righteous through Jesus and not our own works. Praise God before you've received your breakthrough and trust that you can flourish in all seasons. He is with you!

Joy and Celebration

" bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair..." (Isaiah 61:3)

Over the past few years, July has been a very difficult month for me. It's been strange, but July has marked the end of some giant events in my life, and I've found myself battling intense discouragement in July for a few years in a row... (more)

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Elon Musk Flees CA, Pulls X and SpaceX Out of State after Newsom Signs Anti-Parent Law

"This is the final straw. Because of this law and the many others that preceded it, attacking both families and companies, SpaceX will now move its HQ from Hawthorne,California, to Starbase, Texas... I did make it clear to Governor Newsom about a year ago that laws of this nature would force families and companies to leave California to protect their children." -Elon Musk

[CBN News] California got rocked by a political earthquake [Tuesday]. Pro-family advocates are outraged over a new California law that pushes schools to deceive parents, essentially telling teachers and administrators to hide the truth about children's requests to change their gender identity. (Screengrab image: via (more)

Democrat Senator Menendez Found Guilty on 18 Bribery Charges

"Mr. Menendez sold the power of his office." -Prosecutor Paul Monteleoni

[] On Tuesday, a jury found Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) guilty of multiple bribery charges. He had pleaded not guilty to 18 charges, but it took a jury over 12 hours of deliberation over three days to declare him guilty...(more)

Trump Calls Widow of Corey Comperatore, the Man Killed during Assassination Attempt

[] ...Corey Comperatore was the man killed during the assassination attempt at Trump's political rally on Saturday. He was 50 years old and survived by his wife and two daughters. He was a former fire chief and volunteer fireman in Butler County. He was killed while shielding his family from the gunfire that was intended to assassinate Donald Trump. She posted about Trump's phone call on her Facebook account, according to the New York Post. "He was very kind and said he would continue to call me in the days and weeks ahead," she said. "I told him the same thing I told everyone else. He left this world a hero and God welcomed him in. He did not die in vain that day"... (more)

Powerful: Democrat Moved to Tears By Speakers at RNC 'It's America Coming Together'

"You don't know unless you go see for yourself and stop listening to what people tell you. It's just so beautiful. Just the patriotism, the coming together. I'm telling you, if you're on the outside and you think MAGA is this horrible thing, I don't know what to tell you besides you have to see for yourself..."

[] As the country continues to reel from the failed assassination attempt on (more)


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