Roma Waterman, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Last year, as our HeartSong Prophetic Alliance school year was coming to a close, the Lord gave me the following word for our students. During the night, I felt the Lord ask me to release it now as a word for all of you. So here it is. I pray that it's a blessing to you. It's time to EAT CAKE!

The Rainbow Cake

I saw you being filled up with four different colors that represented the four seasons: your heart red, your voice blue, your work yellow, your world green.

As I saw these colors stacked together, one on top of the other, they all of a sudden looked like a multi-colored cake, and it made me think of cakes that can look the same on the outside... (more)

Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams

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Johnny Enlow and Steve Shultz on Elijah Streams

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Nate Johnston, Dallas, TX


Recently, I woke up in the night sensing an extreme onslaught of heaviness in the spirit, and knew I had to pray and intercede. As I began praying, I suddenly heard the Lord say, "I am raising up a standard!" and I was reminded of Isaiah 59:19: "... When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him."

I couldn't deny it; the warfare felt thick, but there was also such a sense of divine protection and God's fiery intervention from delayed justice and retribution. As I continued to pray, the Lord showed me a few things He was doing that I will share. I pray they encourage you, break heaviness and shackles, and lift you into radical faith with your feet planted in the promise... (more)

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CA Mom Begs SCOTUS to Protect Parental Rights after Gender-Confused Daughter's Suicide

"When governments usurp the essential role of parents in the lives of their children, tragedy ensues..." -Kayla Toney, Associate Counsel for First Liberty Institute.

[CBN News] A California mom who lost her daughter to suicide after losing custody because she did not celebrate her gender dysphoria is now urging the Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) to protect parental rights to save other children from the dangers of gender ideology...(more)

Update: IDF Hits 200 Hamas Terror Targets as Gaza Ground Op Expands

On Sunday, an Israeli airstrike killed Shati Battalion commander Haitham Khawajiri, one of the Hamas commanders responsible for the Oct. 7 massacre.

[] Israeli forces continued to expand ground operations in the Gaza Strip overnight Sunday, striking some 200 Hamas terror targets...(more)

Apple TV Star Condemns Progressives for Blind Support of Hamas, Shares No-Holds-Barred Opinion

"Hamas owns the media. Hamas puts out what they want the world to believe … Of course, all the Jews are gonna speak up. It's the non-Jews that need to speak up. And it really brings me back tonight to the Holocaust and how our ancestors must have felt when their friends suddenly were like, 'Sorry, you can't come over anymore.'" -Julianna Margulies

[CBN News] Julianna Margulies, star of the Apple TV series "The Morning Show," is calling out her fellow progressives for their blind support of the terrorist group Hamas, claiming the stance is paradoxical...(more)

Christian Trucking Company Fined $700K by Biden's 'Justice' Department, Wait Till You Read Why...

Covenant Transport was punished for literally making sure their workers were in compliance with the law.

[] Here's a story that will put a burr in your saddle. (Screengrab Image via (more)


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