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By Jay West:

Acts 19:11 states: "God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul." This is what I have been personally experiencing most of this year, and I would like to give some examples prior to sharing the rest of this prophetic word. Please understand that each one of these is a result of God doing something miraculous, and has nothing to do with me at all (other than the fact that I am the one experiencing or encountering the unusual miracles).

9 Unusual Miracles

1. My wife Diane passed away on January 3rd, and a beautiful flower spray was given to us for her grave. The arrangement was a blend of white and yellow flowers, with greenery attached too.

Here in Omaha, we experienced one of the harshest winters on record, with 2 blizzards, and 3 days with temperatures at -26 degrees... (more)

By Mario Murillo:

America Is a Firewall

I have a vision for America. Here is how the Lord is restoring our nation, right now. From our inception, we have been blessed for three reasons: To preach the Gospel, as the pilgrims covenanted with God; to stand with Israel; and to care for impoverished nations and peoples.

Recently in an interview, I was asked about that vision. I said, "Even in our fallen, backslidden, immoral state, we still stand as a firewall. As a firewall, the United States stands against demonic plans. Satan looks at America and says, 'I can't do what I want in bringing the antichrist, the beast, and world domination as long as American freedom exists.' And when we pray, that essential knowledge must be in our mind... (more)

By Christa Elisha:

Prophetic word received on 10/12/21:

A Prophetic Encounter

As I was in prayer, asking the Lord what was on His heart (right before my interview on Elijah Fire), I found myself taken up in the spirit into a prophetic, panoramic encounter.

When in a prophetic experience like this, it is very much like stepping into a 4-dimensional sci-fi movie. It's very similar to what Ezekiel and other prophets in Scripture experienced when the Lord would snatch them up and begin to show them mysteries and the unfolding of future events, with metaphors and other symbolism.

One moment I was praying, and the next I was in an office cubical. A tired-looking Asian man walked up and took a seat at a computer desk... (more)

By Bob Blase:

A Passionate Follower of Jesus

Are you a passionate follower of Jesus? Do you deny yourself, pick up your cross daily and follow Him, just as the Master said (Luke 9:23)? Do you abide in Him, the Living Vine (John 15:1-8)? If so, then I have some very, very good news for you.

The Star of the Sea

With your life focused on following the Master, He is using your example for the sake of others, that they might be encouraged to follow Him also. You are to them as the "Star of the Sea."

The Star of the Sea is the "North Star." For centuries, mariners have used the stars to navigate the oceans of the world. They use the North Star ("Polaris") because of its location in the northern skies, near-fixed over the earth's North Pole... (more)

[Watch] Father and Son Weep for Joy over Birth of 'Miracle Baby'

"We prayed every day for a miracle. I became a dad again without any artificial procedure. Glory be to God! All this emotion is for the miracle done; my wife is very well and happy." -João Prudêncio Neto

[] A video of a father and son moved thousands on social media as they weep over their newborn family member—a miracle baby despite infertility...(more)

Infrastructure Bill: a Means to Government Control?

"Higher energy costs are a tax on every American and particularly the most vulnerable," Brooke continued. This bill is considered to bring the largest tax increase ($2 trillion) in American history plus it will give unions control of the economy.

[] We pray for the outpouring of wisdom, discernment, and divine understanding for Congress and the current Administration. Show them how to decrease our national deficit and protect our natural resources. In Jesus' name, amen...(more)

Kamala Harris Video Urging Churchgoers to Vote for McAuliffe May Be Illegal

[] ...Jonathan Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, cited the statute, which extends tax-exemption to entities that do "not participate in, or intervene in [including the publishing or distributing of statements], any political campaign on behalf of [or in opposition to] any candidate for public office." He cited the Johnson Amendment, which states that tax-exempt groups "are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of [or in opposition to] any candidate for elective public office"... (more)

Calls Grow for Loudoun County School Officials to Resign amid Bathroom Sexual Assault Controversy

"Mr. Ziegler, how could you have lied to all these parents about what had happened to my daughter?" -Scott Smith, the victim's father

[CBN News] After months of turmoil over COVID restrictions, Critical Race Theory and transgender policies, calls are growing for a northern Virginia school superintendent and other board members to step down...(more)


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