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By Betty King:

Dear Saints,

I want to highlight something that the Lord revealed to me, which is key to be aware of during this month of September. Apostle Chuck Pierce brought a word to our church recently in which he spoke about the importance of knowing the timing for things, and the importance of unblocking the flow of God's promises in our lives by addressing the hidden issues that have somehow managed to remain.

In this message I want to share keys for unblocking the issues that have hindered breakthrough... (more)

By Steven Springer:

Justice Will Be Served!

In a recent dream on 9/20/20, I saw a gavel, larger than the planet, in the heavenly courtroom. It struck the sound block and released a clap like thunder. I then heard the authoritative proclamation released simultaneously from nine angels as they pointed to the earth: "Justice will be served!"

As I looked at Earth from the heavenly courtroom, flashes of lightning like arrows were released, and then light and glory began to emanate from planet Earth. As I looked where the light was being released, hearts were set on fire and a mighty awakening began... (more)

By Dutch Sheets:

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year that began on Friday, September 18, 2020, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87. She had served on the U.S. Supreme Court for 27 years. Her passing left not just an open seat in the Court, but the opportunity to correct history and secure life, liberty, and freedom of religion for generations to come.

I do not need to tell you how significant this is... (more)

By Charlie Shamp and The Elijah List:

Recently, President Trump stated that he would nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg, and he specifically stated he would nominate a woman. Take a look at these news headlines:

NEWS: CNN, September 20, 2020: Trump vows to appoint a woman to Supreme Court as vacancy re-energizes his political prospects

NEWS: Fox News, September 19, 2020: more)

Vietnamese Pastor Released from Prison: 'He Should Never Have Been Imprisoned in the First Place'

"I hope this release is a sign that the Vietnamese government is serious about improving religious freedom conditions and will release other individuals detained for their religious freedom advocacy, including Nguyen Bac Truyen. In addition, USCIRF urges the government to take steps to ensure that local authorities respect A Dao's freedom and safety should he choose to return to his home village." -Commissioner James Carr

(New Malden, England) — [] Christian Solidarity Worldwide has welcomed the release of Vietnamese Pastor A Dao on 18 September after more than four years in prison. He was not expected to be released until August 2021...(more)

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Franklin Graham Talks to CBN News About Saturday's Prayer March, the Election and the Supreme Court Battle

"...Let's call upon the name of Almighty God. Repent of our sins and ask God to heal our land. And that He would work in the hearts of our politicians." -Franklin Graham

[CBN News] Evangelist Franklin Graham is preparing for Saturday's Washington Prayer March 2020 and inviting everyone who's available to come and join him...(more)

Millions Around the World Join 'The Return: National Day of Prayer and Repentance'

In Oceania to the Caribbean and across the island nations to North America with over 150 cities hosting citywide "The Return" gatherings in the biggest unified prayer and repentance movement the nation has ever hosted. These are all being led by the unifying power of the Holy Spirit within pastors, priests, rabbis, intercessors and laypeople who are being drawn together in a supernatural way...

[] There is a tsunami of the Holy Spirit beginning to flow with overwhelming fruit, and evidence of dreams, visions, signs, wonders, miracles and all manner of spiritual gifts. We are on the verge of the greatest move of God in all the ages...(more)

President Trump to Push for Juneteenth (Cessation of Slavery) to Become National Holiday: Report

[] A two-page document the Trump campaign shared with McClatchy DC listed efforts on criminal justice reform and health care, as well as the commitment to make Juneteenth a national holiday... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)


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