By Christy Johnston:

The Holy Spirit has been impressing "Ancient Wells" upon my heart in recent weeks. On a morning I woke up and heard Him say, "I am calling My people to strike ancient wells of revival in this hour." I saw a vision in the spirit of a fierce battle that has been waging in the second heaven – a battle of ferocity that has been over the reclaiming of these ancient wells. Many have been finding themselves in the thick of this fight, not realizing what it was over, and many thought they had been waging an insignificant war. However, you have indeed been battling for ancient wells, though you may not have known it.

If you have found yourself in a fight of confusion, distraction and disillusionment, it is because God has marked you with revival for this very hour. The enemy sees this divine marking upon your life and has unleashed every distraction possible to try and prevent you from crossing over this threshold and reclaiming these wells. Significantly, his tactic has been to prevent you from the revelation of what you were fighting for... (more)

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By Ryan Bruss:

A Fearless, Hungry Remnant of Laid-Down Lovers

There is a remnant of Christians today who are hungry and desperate for God, willing to lay down their DAILY lives for Jesus. They are living free from offense and staying connected to Him 24/7. They want to serve. They want to love as Jesus has loved them. They have such a desire to live pure and holy before God and are not bound up in the rhetoric of legalism.

They have been broken and restored; wounded and healed. They have lived in the valley of the shadow of death for years, but now they have had an encounter with God. And instead of staying on the mountain, they travel back to the valley to help those who are dying there, as they once were. They don't care about ministry titles, ministry names or networking to build their ministry.

These people that I am talking about love to pray, love to worship, love to spend ordinary moments with Jesus. They are givers and not takers. They are determined and not demanding.

A Joy That Cannot Be Shaken

They are the ones who have overcome sadness, sorrow and grief and have an internal joy that cannot be shaken. This group of people has exchanged beauty for ashes... (more)

By Diane Lake:

"God Just Showed Up!"

Recently, I was at a retreat that my husband and I were attending and released a word. Since then, the Lord has been giving me additional insight and revelation into it. In this word I released, I heard God say, "The Lord is about to set you into position – Get ready for a significant upgrade!" It continues to fascinate me that when I released this word, the angel of promotion stepped out from behind my right shoulder to literally touch every person in the room. One leader even said this angel just about blew her over when he passed by!

Something transpired in that room that was different from anything I've ever experienced before. I've been hearing over and over again that it's a completely different and new day – that things are completely different and new – and I believe this experience was a manifestation of this new day we're in... (more)

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106-Year-Old Woman Gives God All the Credit, Points to This Bible Verse

Her favorite Scripture is Psalm 91:15-16.

[CBN News] A woman in Halifax County, North Carolina just celebrated her 106th birthday on June 5, and she attributes her amazing longevity to God...(more)

"I Will Never Talk to Her Again ... But I Forgive You": the Powerful Story of the "Charleston Nine" Massacre Told in New Film

The film, "Emanuel "will be in theaters two nights only: tonight, June 17 and again on Wednesday, June 19, which is the anniversary of the day the families forgave the killer, four years ago.

(Charleston, SC) — [CBN News] They are known to many as the Charleston Nine. All gunned down at a Bible study in the basement of Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015...(more)

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HEALTH: Surprise Discovery Shows Honey from Strawberry Tree Stops Cancer Growth in Colon

There is hope that these promising results and the anti-tumor potential of this food will be confirmed in in-vivo models.

(Spain) — [] Spanish and Italian researchers have proven that when honey from strawberry trees, a product typical of Mediterranean areas, is added to colon cancer cells grown in the laboratory, cell proliferation is stopped. The authors hope that these promising results and the anti-tumor potential of this food will be confirmed in in-vivo models. (Image credit: Afrin, S...(more)

Father's Day Study Debunks Myths of the "Lazy Dad"

"We should stop whining about dads as a group not doing their share of the work their families depend upon—because that's not true." -Robert VerBruggen

(Washington, DC) — [] More of their day working and doing family chores, according to the latest American Time Use Survey (ATUS), the Washington Free Beacon reported...(more)


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