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By Lana Vawser:

Recently, I heard the Lord speaking over many people in the Body of Christ, and He said these words: "Get ready to write again." When He said this, I knew that the word He was speaking was twofold.

Firstly, the Lord was speaking about new writing assignments. These new writing assignments will be coming upon many suddenly and unexpectedly. The Lord showed me that many have written recently, some wrote a long time ago, and then there are many who have never thought of writing. I heard the Lord say, "SURPRISE! It is time to write!"

I then began to hear what sounded like an earthquake; it was a shaking and a major shift, and the Lord said, "What I will have you pen in this hour, in this surprise assignment, will SHAKE, SHIFT and BREAK OPEN My plans and purposes in this hour and for this new era... (more)

By Crystal Lowery:

Prophetic word released on February 28, 2021:

I will be honest, I have never really paid attention to things like "Women's History Month." I have always felt that if we think correctly and look through the eyes and lens of God, we would recognize that we are all His creation and are made in His image. We are made for a purpose and God knew us before we were even created. There is a destiny He created for each of us and we need to just say "yes" to Him and listen and obey.

To my knowledge, I have never been treated less than or more than any other person just because I am female. I want my character and work to show for itself, and shine on my behalf. If I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, and obeying, then God will bless my obedience and promote me and lead me to the next step – He always has... (more)

By Katie Barker:

As I was praying into 2021 I saw a vision of bricks, and the Lord was beginning to build with them, laying the bricks into perfect positions. As I looked closer, I could see that the center brick on the foundation layer had the numbers 2021 written on it, and I knew the Lord was highlighting this year as being a foundation or platform on which future years would be built.

The things that the people of God see the Lord building and rebuilding in their lives, families and ministries this year will be expanded upon and further built on in future years. This is a strategic year, as it is a platform for the plans which the Lord will further unfold in years to come... (more)

By Nathan French:

Prophetic word of the Lord given on February 27, 2021:

Giant Slayers

"I am breaking down the systems that hinder My movement. I am releasing, by My Spirit, a tidal wave – not for destruction but for cleansing and empowerment. I will build up My fearless giant slayers in this hour.

Political Scene

"The political scene has been overtaken by fake news and information whores; those who prostitute the truth for lies because they love money and power. The love of money, as a root, is being dug out in this season. I am going after everything that is false and revealing, to those who want truth, how to work with Heaven. Companies of people that come against My established truth and attempt to sensor Me, the Lord GOD, have picked a fight with Heaven, and I tell you the truth, I am not going down... (more)

Former Marine Supernaturally Healed of PTSD Now Serves Other Wounded Warriors

"I'm healed and whole. I just want to see people here come to Jesus." -Jared Laskey

[] "Afghanistan, 2009, Operation Kanjari—that was quite the rough deployment," Jared Laskey says in describing one part of his service as a Marine field radio operator. "But Jesus saw us through, and Jesus was with me the whole time...(more)

NY Public Library Stands Up to Cancel Culture: Won't Pull Seuss Titles Because It 'Does Not Censor Books'

Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced earlier this week it would stop publishing the six embattled books as "part of our commitment and our broader plan to ensure Dr. Seuss Enterprises' catalog represents and supports all communities and families," the company said in a statement to the Associated Press.

[] The New York Public Library announced Thursday it will not be removing the six sidelined Dr. Seuss books but will instead keep the titles in circulation until the existing copies are too worn out to distribute...(more)

'Healthy' 28-Year-Old Mom Dies Suddenly Following Second Pfizer Vaccine

"I feel like the doctors are lying about it, I honestly do. If it was from the COVID vaccine, they're not going to admit to it ... they're going to try and pinpoint it on anything else. I honestly feel that way." -Sara's twin sister, Kara Stickles

(Rockford, IL) — [] A 28-year-old health care worker died soon after receiving the second injection of the experimental Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine...(more)

5 States Lift Mask Mandates and Even This Blue State Lifted Restrictions as Senate Takes up $1.9T Spending Plan

"This is not a COVID bill—9 percent of this bill focuses on COVID spending—91 percent is a partisan wish list paying off the Democratic special interests that got them elected." -Sen. Ted Cruz

(Washington, DC) — [CBN News] Senate Democrats are working to push through the president's $1.9 trillion relief package as the number of people getting vaccines accelerates and more states lift restrictions...(more)


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