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By Nate Johnston:

As I was in worship recently, I felt the Spirit of God come upon me ferociously; it was like the response of Heaven intervening in the middle of what looked like the summit of many people's crisis and personal battles.

I was wondering who I was feeling this for, when I then saw a huge, multi-lane highway with many cars traveling upon it. I instantly knew these were the pioneers, the nomads and forerunners of this season who have stepped out of their comfort zone to follow God's leading.

A 3-Year Window

As I saw the cars, I felt like I was peering into a timeline where, for these pioneers, the call had intensified and become very real; the steps were costly, the risks tangible, and the movement forward into the unknown was life-changing... (more)

By Jay West:

Recently, I heard the Lord say that it is time for Believers everywhere to start shouting! Not just any shout, but a sustained shout – one that also circles the globe and permeates the second heaven, which will scare the devil and his minions!

Prepare to Shout! Prepare for the Victory!

Too many folks have allowed the circumstances of the pandemic, life's challenges, and even the loss of normal church fellowship to create a sad countenance over their lives. The sadness then manifests itself through complaining, bickering, murmuring and complacency that allows the sadness to have dominion in their lives. This has then morphed and transformed into a community that attacks, criticizes, and at times even assaults others simply because the joy of the Lord is no longer a precious commodity... (more)

By Amanda Crabb:

Prophetic word released on 7/14/21:

While in prayer this week, I heard the Holy Spirit begin to speak about His righteous alignment in this hour. Many things have felt off-kilter, and decisions have been made without clarity or secure footing. War within our communities has caused our eyes to come into focus on the wrong source. And because of this, we have felt the waves of warfare even more significantly than in past seasons. Many are now facing unnecessary battles, and they need them to come to an end.

When the Kingdom of God is advancing on the earth, we are often met with resistance... (more)

By Lana Vawser:

Recently I have been sensing something that is weighing so strongly on the Lord's heart; individuals who have suffered great loss and attack from the enemy, where he has stolen from them, creating places of great pain.

For some, they remain in hope and expectation of the Lord's restoration, while others have become tired, discouraged, are in despair and even hopeless in these areas. I heard the Lord speaking over them, "Some of the greatest miraculous restorations are before you; pay attention in expectation over the next 6 months."

Divine Payback: The Tables Are Going to Turn

I could feel the Lord's heart for them...the "tables are going to turn" and the faithful hand of the Lord will be seen moving in mighty power in their lives to bring forth miraculous restorations... (more)

Michigan Eagle Scout Gets 'Heroism Award' for Saving Woman from Burning Car

"I heard the crash … and just started kind of running towards the noise." -Mychael Van Allsburg

[] An Eagle Scout in Michigan saved a woman from a burning car crash two years ago, and he recently received the Boy Scouts of America Heroism Award for his life-saving actions. (Screengrab image: via CalebParke...(more)

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Wow: Israel, UAE Undergo Historic 3-Way Kidney Exchange Thanks to Abraham Accords

"This is very exciting. It's the first time we have conducted such a process between Israel and an Arab state, and it really shows that medicine has no borders." -Dr. Rafi Bayer

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] An historic 3-way kidney transplant between Israel and the United Arab Emirates is underway...(more)

Black and Hispanic Leaders Ask Court to Overturn Roe: Abortion Business 'Targets' Minorities

"Abortion has devastated communities of color. According to one peer-reviewed study, 'black women have been experiencing abortions at a rate nearly four times that of white women for more than 30 years...'" -from the Brief submitted by Liberty Counsel

airlift[] A coalition of pro-lifers led by the niece of Martin Luther King Jr. and the president of a Hispanic Christian organization is asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade based in part on abortion's ties to the eugenics movement...(more)

US Olympian Sunisa Lee Takes Gold in Women's Gymnastics Final; Simone Biles Cheers Her On

[AP-via CBN News] Sunisa Lee became the fifth straight American woman to claim the Olympic title on Thursday, edging Rebeca Andrade of Brazil in an entertaining and hotly contested final while defending champion Simone Biles watched from the stands. ["Never been prouder to be a part of such an amazing team with an amazing group of girls..." Lee tweeted after the team won silver in the all-around]... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read.(more)


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