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By Christa Elisha:

In July of 2020, I was taken into a vision where I was standing with Jesus, looking from an aerial view at a great army that was amassing on the earth. The Lord recently reminded me of this encounter and said that it is for the time we are in currently in the Body of Christ.

Rise of the Righteous Rebel Alliance

From the heavens, I watched as this army of mighty men and women of God began to arise out of the valley of the world systems, taking their stand on what appeared to be mountains of influence over regions. As they arose at the head, ranks of other people and angels began to file in behind them. Beautiful, like a scene from a fantasy novel, the army was bright, shining, and awe inspiring, with waving banners of love that had the names of the Lord embroidered on the fabric... (more)

By John Belt:

Refreshing Waters of the Spirit

"Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord." (Acts 3:19)

God gives refreshing and there is nothing like being refreshed. People flock to the beaches just to get refreshed, to rest and to relax. I totally get it too, because we live in Oklahoma where it gets to be 100 degrees or more in August. The beach and the pool are most welcome here!

Although the beach is nice, there is nothing that compares to the refreshing that comes as we spend time in the presence of God! It is also a whole lot easier, too, as you can enter into His presence, right where you are – any place, any time! What water is to us naturally, the Holy Spirit is to our hearts... (more)

By Katie Barker:

The Lord is encouraging His daughters – those who have been contending for the breakthrough of promises in their natural and Kingdom families – to continue to stand as the birth of the promise is near. He is calling His daughters to arise in this hour and combat the schemes of the enemy specifically sent to target the family.

Degradation of Families

I heard the Lord say, "The enemy knows the power and importance of family – both natural and spiritual families. The assault on families has been intense and highly targeted... (more)

By Jo Ellen Stevens:

During worship at a recent church gathering, the Lord brought to my mind the song "Let The Veil Down," as we were singing a different song about the heavens being opened. The LORD said, "Stop singing 'Let the veil down,' because the veil has been let down!"

He said, "The mysteries of the Kingdom are for you and your children." Then I saw mysteries, like He had opened up the heavens.

The Heavens Are Open and the Kingdom Is Growing

He continued, "The heavens are open—and I AM dropping mysteries into the Body of Christ right now, upon all that will seek Me with their whole heart. I am dropping mysteries down, mysteries like jewels and gems... (more)

Anne Graham Lotz's Son Is Released from the Hospital

"PRAISE GOD!! Jonathan is home!! Eight days ago, he was admitted to ICU with COVID—SARS—the Delta Variant—and pneumonia. Today he was discharged from the hospital!" -Anne Graham Lotz, Facebook post

[] Jonathan Lotz, the grandson of the late evangelist Billy Graham and son of author and evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, has officially been released from the hospital after battling a severe case of COVID-19...(more)

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The Parallels of Early 1930s Germany and Current America Can No Longer Be Ignored

"Democrats are now counting on being the party of the permanent pandemic as their path to victory. Democrats see the tidal wave coming toward them in the upcoming midterms and they are fearful and desperate. They want to maintain the fire hose of money from Washington, the general feeling of emergency status, their defense of the lazy feckless and evil teachers' unions, and of course the emergency pandemic rules related to mail-in ballots and voting. It is their only hope to prevent what everyone sees coming..." -American writer, blogger and television commentator, Benjamin Domenech


Dr. Mercola Forced to Remove Important Covid Treatment Articles from His Website by Pro-Vax Thugs

"It is with a heavy heart that I purge my website of valuable information. As noted by Dr. Peter McCullough during a recent Texas state Senate Health and Human Services Committee hearing, data shows early treatment could have prevented up to 85% (425,000) of COVID-19 deaths. Yet early treatments were all heavily censored and suppressed ... Please also encourage others to read "The Truth About COVID-19," where you will find much of the information from the past two years that people need to read to wake up and open their eyes. I am donating all earnings to the National Vaccine Information Center."


UK Government Signs Million-Dollar Foreign Contracts for COVID Passports; Could Be Imposed for Up to 2 Years

...Back in June, a department of health spokesperson assured that the new NHS app feature would be used solely as proof of vaccination for international travel and not as a domestic vaccine ID.

(London, England) — [] The British government entered into two new COVID passport contracts this week as part of the "Covid-19 certification program," both of which could last until 2023...(more)


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