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By Jane Hamon:

When the COVID-19 shut-down began, back in March of 2020, the Lord spoke to me and said He would take the Church and the nations from crisis to comeback, but first we would need to contend for His divine plan and purposes. In this tipping point moment, it is vital for the Church to get God's perspective and actively participate with Heaven to see the curse turned to a blessing for us, and to see massive awakening in the earth.

The Crisis

The Chinese word for crisis is formed by the converging of two characters: danger and opportunity. Actually, I was told by a Chinese man that the more accurate translation of the characters means danger at a critical juncture. We are at such a moment in the earth. We are definitely living in a kairos moment, which means an opportune or appointed time... (more)

By Daniel Pontious:

Reformers, Arise!

I have been watching a movement arising in the Church that has been going on in the background for quite some time now, as places have been getting shut down in the church structures in the natural realm.

Much like the Holy Spirit stirred up Martin Luther King many years ago to bring reformation to the churches, He is stirring up a company of apostolic leaders in this season to bring forth change, as political rivals have been attempting to completely silence the voice of the Church in this season.

While the world has accepted these moves as necessary, it has been an attempt by the enemy to silence not only the worship of God, but to completely silence the voice of the Bride in the earth and diminish the Church's influence at the same time... (more)

By Lana Vawser:

I was preparing to minister to a group recently, and one of the words the Lord gave me for them was, "It is PRESSURE before the PROMISE."

As I sat with the Lord, the Lord spoke to me that this word was not just for many in the group, but many in the Body of Christ. The Lord has given many of you a specific promise that He has said is going to manifest now, in this time; and as many of you have positioned yourselves in faith and begun to walk by faith in these promises, it seems that all Hell has broken loose over your promise.

The truth is, the enemy is coming at your promise with blazing fury; he's terrified of you receiving and stepping into this promise because of what it signifies... (more)

By Katie Souza:

(Taken from Katie Souza's Journals while incarcerated on 2001)

"Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and be afraid." (John 14:27 NIV)

I walked 3 miles today, then at 12:30 PM prayer meeting, the Spanish ladies asked me to sing at Wednesday's service.

"I will send you the Spirit who comes from the Father and shows what is true. The Spirit will help you and will tell you about Me." (John 15:26 CEV)

I went to church, to work, then to choir practice. (I am practicing dying to self.) Then, I helped the Spanish choir... (more)

Bride Who Survived Beirut Blast: 'I Thank God for Protecting Us'

(Beirut) — [] "There is a lot of damage, many people were killed and wounded. But also if I want to look at us, myself, my husband, the photographer—how we escaped unharmed, I thank God for protecting us," Seblani said in a Reuters article. "This alone makes me feel optimistic and to keep the joy of the occasion that I came here to celebrate"... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

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Hero Nurse Saves Three Newborn Babies during Beirut Explosion

"Al Roum Hospital was hardest hit, with 12 patients, 2 visitors and 4 nurses killed in the blast. This nurse was knocked unconscious, but still managed to rescue 3 newborn babies from the rubble, assist other wounded hospital staff and patients, and take calls..." -Alisi Kalouniviti-Facebook post

(Lebanon) — [] A captured image of a nurse saving three newborn babies during the Beirut explosion is being shared across the internet. People have hailed her as an inspiration for being calm and quick to think about rescuing the babies, putting her life on the line...(more)

Day 70: Elderly Portland Woman Attacked as She Stands against Antifa Trying to Set Precinct on Fire

And, once again, people with "press" affixed to their black-bloc attire participated in the violence. Recently, a judge ordered police not to interfere with "reporters" covering the riots displaying "press" on their clothes. Now even more antifa members are "the press."

[] The group that House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (more)

'They Don't Care About Black Lives': One Woman's Fight Against a Narrative She Calls a 'Lie'

"Black Lives Matter will never address black-on-black crime. As black people, we're headed towards extinction. Black Americans won't exist no more by 2050 with the route that we're going because if we're not killing each other on the streets, we're aborting each other's babies." -Bevelyn Beatty

airlift[CBN News] It started with a van full of paint cans on the streets of New York outside the Black Lives Matter mural in Midtown Manhattan. And then Bevelyn Beatty began her task, dropping to her knees with paint in-hand yelling, "They don't care about black lives, they're liars...(more)


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