Lyn Packer, Christchurch, New Zealand


This prophetic word was given in March of 2024 at the NZ Council of Prophets gathering and Behold Conference in Christchurch.

God is currently purifying His prophetic ministers, calling them to purity, maturity, and a renewed sense of the fear of the Lord in their ministry. He is also restating and clarifying what a prophet's role is.

Knowing Our Covenant

There is a fresh call for prophets to know the covenant they operate under so they don't operate from an old-covenant mentality, thereby giving words that become a toxic mixture that brings people into fear and confusion, rather than strengthening their faith, building them up, comforting them, and empowering them.

He is calling prophets to understand the love, grace, and mercy of the Trinity in a greater way, both mentally and by experience... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE

... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Israel's War Cabinet Weighs Counter-Strike for Iran Missile Attack as White House Pushes Diplomacy

"As rockets and drones (flew) towards Israel—so, before we knew what would take place, we have 40,000 people online, I believe. We prayed together, 40 thousand people—that's a stadium's worth of people. And we prayed that God would thwart the plans of evil men. He came through last night and He answered our prayer, and that's a very significant thing that I think we can't forget." -CBN's Chuck Holton

(Jerusalem, Israel) — [CBN News] Following the biggest drone and missile attack in history, Israel is deciding how to respond to Iran's strike that launched more than 300 projectiles over the weekend...(more)

Surprise: John Fetterman Breaks With Biden's Approach to Iran Attacks

[] Democrat Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) broke ways with ...Joe Biden on Sunday after he said he wouldn't support Israel if it retaliated against Iran. During an interview with CNN, Fetterman told host Jake Tapper that he disagreed with Biden's stance, saying he would never "capitulate to the fringe" or "pander" to the Democratic Party... Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click Here to read. (more)

'Hush Money' Criminal Case against Trump Is 'Bogus.' Legal Expert Explains Why

"This case is just bogus from start to finish. It's in Manhattan. It's a Manhattan jury, and I'll tell you, quite frankly, I think if the DA charged Donald Trump with eating a ham sandwich, the jury would find him guilty." -legal expert Hans von Spakovsky

[] Among all the legal charges facing former President Donald Trump, the criminal case out of New York City that begins Monday "is the most bogus," according to legal expert Hans von Spakovsky...(more)

Supreme Court Will Hear Arguments on Thursday That Could Overturn Convictions of Hundreds of J6 Protesters

The historical aspect of this case is that two of the four criminal indictments being faced by Trump rest on the obstruction statute as it is being applied to the J6 [protesters]. A ruling that would throw out those prosecutions would also mean that Trump's legal exposure would be halved.

[] On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will hear a case that could impact the 2024 presidential election and lead to the release of or reduction in sentences for hundreds of January 6 [protesters]...(more)


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