Deborah Perkins, Medway, MA


Dear Friends,

For several weeks now, as I've listened to the Lord, I have felt such a fiery passion in His heart for intimacy with His Bride! There is a loud cry and a standing invitation in the Spirit for the Body of Christ to "come up higher" and abide in an ascended place of intimacy with our risen Lord.

I had a vision of the enemy trying to advance ahead of the Bride, digging ditches and depressions along the path, desiring to trip her. But her intimacy with the Lord and her ability to walk in the Spirit kept her high above such traps.

Even as satan is trying to disturb and deconstruct Heaven's influence on Earth, God is shaking demonic foundations and bringing Heaven to Earth!

Specifically, I've been drawn to Christ's words to the church of Philadelphia in Revelation... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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Lyn Packer, Christchurch, New Zealand


This prophetic word was given in March of 2024 at the NZ Council of Prophets gathering and Behold Conference in Christchurch.

God is currently purifying His prophetic ministers, calling them to purity, maturity, and a renewed sense of the fear of the Lord in their ministry. He is also restating and clarifying what a prophet's role is.

Knowing Our Covenant

There is a fresh call for prophets to know the covenant they operate under so they don't operate from an old-covenant mentality, thereby giving words that become a toxic mixture that brings people into fear and confusion, rather than strengthening their faith, building them up, comforting them, and empowering them.

He is calling prophets to understand the love, grace, and mercy of the Trinity in a greater way, both mentally and by experience... (more)

Kelsey O'Malley on ElijahStreams

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[] Maine Gov. Janet Mills said she will allow a narrowly passed bill that would award the state's four electoral college votes to go toward the winner of the National Popular Vote to become law, as opposed to the current system where the votes go either to the winner of the state's popular vote or according to the results in each of congressional district—as is the case in Maine ... Critics of the compact argue that the legislation is a shortcut to bypass the US Constitution... (more)

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