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Holly McClure, Producer of "THE PASSION BEHIND THE PASSION" -- Finishes Special just in time and MIRACULOUSLY ESCAPES DEATH!

from an email to Steve Shultz
Feb 19, 2004


Special Note from Steve Shultz:

I want you all to read Holly's MIRACULOUS Story below. Just a few days ago, she barely escaped death and is a walking miracle. The enemy is furious that the movie she produced about the making of "The Passion of the Christ" was successfully finished (by the way, "The Making of 'The Passion of Christ'"will be part of the Passion of the Christ DVD) . Satan tried to take Holly out! Fortunately, thousands of you were already praying for her and Mel Gibson and Jim Caviezel.

Now you can see the result of your prayers.

One of the greatest apostles and prophets of the New Testament era was the Apostle Paul. Here was HIS CONCLUSION about his life mission:

1 Corinthians 2:2
"For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified!"

Satan hates the story of Jesus and his crucifixion. And if you don't believe that based on logic alone, then believe it based on the warfare you have witnessed over the making, editing and distribution of this movie.

The Father in Heaven wants the story of His Son's crucifixion told, over and over again, so that mankind can also resolve to know nothing except Jesus Christ and HIM CRUCIFIED!

--- Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

P.S. Watch TBN all this week and PAX TV, FOX, and MSNBC for more presentations of Holly McClure's story of the making of "The Passion of the Christ." Then you'll understand why Satan tried to kill her last week!!

Who is Holly McClure?

For the last decade Holly McClure has been a popular media personality, known for her various political, social and entertainment opinions as well as being a passionate advocate for family values and a movie critic.

Her expertise as a journalist, talk radio host, television personality and movie critic, have earned her respect and popularity in the entertainment industry and Christian media.

Holly's current media exposure reaches millions worldwide. Her unique and informative family friendly movie reviews appear on and, as well as on TBN, The 700 Club and Salem Radio Network. Holly currently co-hosts a weekly program with Hilton Sutton on LeSEA Broadcast and is a producer and entertainment host for a new show called, "180", that will soon be seen on a variety of networks.

For years Holly has been a dynamic speaker and authority on a variety of topics. She has lectured at USC, serves on the Biola Film Task Force, is a charter member of The Broadcast Film Critics Association and is on the board of The Parents Television Counsel. Holly currently teaches a television production class at Biola University that is unique in that the class actively works on segments of her new entertainment show, "180".

Holly recently appeared on The Sharon Osbourne Show, and has made past appearances on Politically Incorrect, FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, The Montel Williams Show, The Donahue Show and various nationally syndicated radio shows. Holly authored the book, "Death by Entertainment: Exposing Hollywood's Seductive Power Over You and Your Family" , an expose on how the entertainment industry effects and influences our culture and families.

Read Holly McClure's complete biography

Holly's latest passion has proven to be an exciting milestone in her career. Recently, Holly served as Producer for a "Behind the Scenes" special for Mel Gibson's latest film, "The Passion of The Christ."

Holly traveled to Italy where she filmed the project and has worked closely alongside Mel Gibson delivering the documentary and features that will air on TBN, PAX and be included in, "The Passion of The Christ" DVD.

View Passion Location Photos

Holly McClure on the set with actor Jim Caviezel who plays Jesus.

Below with Mel Gibson.

web site:


This week I finally finished the last touches to the two specials I've been working on for months now - they air on PAX and TBN this week and next.

Late Monday night I was coming back from a meeting in LA with Kim Clement and was traveling down Laguna Canyon road. As I was going around a curve I avoided an oncoming car and found myself out of control and skidding in the dirt toward the guardrail. I cried out "Jesus! God! Jesus! God!" - hit the rail - flipped my car - slid down a hill upside down into bushes and trees and woke up (air bag knocked me out) lying across the ceiling of my car looking out at the dark night. I waited for cars to stop but no one did and I then realized - no one could see me.

Again I began to call on the name of Jesus and God as I gathered my strength - crawled out of my window through a bush - and made my way up the hill - barefoot and in pain. With a bloody face (air bag casualty) that was covered in dirt, what felt like a punctured lung that hurt so intensely I couldn't breath and tremendous chest pain making me think I broke a rib - I tried to flag about 10 to 15 passing cars but no one would stop.

No One Would Stop

I know how the guy felt in the good Samaritan story - no one would stop for a woman hurt by the side of the road - but I also think no one could see my car, therefore, no one knew what I was doing by the road all bloody and hurt.

A full moon lit up the dark stretch of road - I looked up and cried out, "God! Jesus! PLEASE help me God, help me!" I took off the long cream sweater I was wearing over my other sweater and I began to swing it around my head to a couple of passing cars. Soon - a car pulled over - two young twenty-somethings jumped out to help me and another guy pulled up as well.

As I started violently shaking and going into shock I repeatedly thanked the guys for being good Samaritans and stopping to help me. When the paramedics, fire department and sheriff arrived - they put me in the ambulance and several of them told me that I was a "walking miracle." Apparently there had been an accident in almost that exact spot a few nights before and the two guys were killed.

"We Thought You Would be DOA"

Breathing was difficult - my ribs felt broken and my lung felt damaged. The paramedic said to me, "Holly I know you don't feel well or think you're ok right now but I want you to know you look great compared to what we thought you would look like when we pulled up and saw your car - truthfully we thought you would be DOA."

I was taken to Mission Viejo Hospital into the Trauma side of emergency - it was believed I had a punctured lung and internal bleeding. I called my sister in Dallas who then called my other sisters, mom, dad, my kids and Kim Clement - they all began to cover me in prayer till the wee hours of the morning.

After a brief while, I looked up and saw my son Adam (20yrs), a medic, come through the emergency door, he was on duty at the time and had actually been called to go to my wreck, but another unit took it instead. He stayed with me until my daughter, Sarah (22), came and helped me home - I checked out about 6am.

A Walking Miracle

Hard to believe that happened less than a week ago!!! I didn't break any bones - no severe damage, a few scratches and a swore right rib cage and back - but folks - I'M A WALKING MIRACLE!!!!

Here's the miracle part - I wasn't wearing a seat belt. Angels had to literally cradle me after the airbag knocked me out because when I woke up - I was parallel to my dashboard in exactly the right position to simply crawl out of my drivers window - in my stocking feet - and I made it up the hill with little effort…I'm telling you ….I'M A WALKING MIRACLE!!

I just wanted to announce this to all of you who covered me with prayer - thank you for each and every one - I was protected by angels of the Lord.

Look for my special "The Passion behind the Passion" to air on TBN this week. "Making of the Passion" will air next week on PAX and TBN.

Love and thanks to all who have prayed for me - Satan may have tried to take me out but your prayers and intercession kept me safe!

Blessings - Holly

PAX TV will broadcast a one hour special in advance of the worldwide premiere of Mel Gibson's "The Passion of The Christ" on Sunday, February 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT and on Tuesday, February 24, at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. "The Making of 'The Passion of The Christ'" is a behind-the scenes look at this bold motion picture, which is a vivid depiction of the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ. Produced by Academy Award winning producer and director, Mel Gibson and Icon Productions, the film will be released into theaters on February 25, 2004.

"The Making of the Passion" will present never-before-seen footage of the actors and directors as they tackle the enormous task of bringing Gibson's "labor of love" to the big screen. It will feature on-set interviews of the cast and crew, as well as explore the driving forces behind the making of this remarkable film. Also featured is the story of how they assembled a crew to create a set complete with a temple, courtyard and palace that would best represent a centuries old Jerusalem.

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