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OPEN VISION FOR AMERICA - but 'Not Only for America'

by Kathie Walters
Feb 18, 2004

Celtic Flames
by Kathie Walters
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Living in the Supernatural
by Kathie Walters
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by Kathie Walters

When I got up this morning, it was barely light as I was getting ready to fly to Redlands, California.

All the houses

It seemed as if the whole room was dark and the time was about 4am ... actually it was 6:30am. The very slightest bit of daylight was there .... A tiny fraction of daylight if you can put it that way. I was looking down upon a town and saw hundreds of houses. Suddenly, out of the houses came streams of people ... Christians. They were all carrying candles. The day prior to this I had that old song running through my mind "Let your little light shine," but I had not thought much about it until now.

Waves through the houses, not just in church

Then I saw some huge waves and the waves washed up against the houses, but they washed THROUGH the houses and carried along the people with the candles. When I get these visions, they are not like pictures in front of my eyes, it is like I am really there. I felt I was moving as the water washed me along (very hard while trying to brush your teeth).

Wake up - it's harvest time

Then the Lord gave me this word for America, but not only America, it is going to happen everywhere:

"Wake up, I am sending the waves, the moves of the Spirit, but this move is for the lost, it's time to reap the harvest - the fields are white. Church, Get ready , open your heart and look outwards and see the unsaved people all around. You can be a part of it, you can be a partaker of it, you can be a carrier of it, you can receive the blessings of it, but it is not primarily for you, it is for the lost.

The gift of faith released

I will release the gift of faith for you to receive souls saved. Even as Charles Finny and others had the gift of faith to receive thousands (100,000 saved in Rochester NY, 100,000 saved in Wales as Evan Roberts moved in the gift of faith, etc) so I will release the gift of faith. But it is for salvation and healing, and the healing is to bring salvation. There is going to be a release of the power gifts - so that you can reach the unsaved.

Prophets, your ministry is not only to the church, but to teach the people to prophesy to the unsaved, that the secrets of men's hearts may be made manifest and falling down will say, "of a truth God is in the place."

Pastors, send out the people under your watchful care because this wave is to reach the lost. Open the church doors and keep them open. This is for you -- all of you --not just to receive a blessing, but that you might be immersed in it -- the blessing and salvation that is coming to the LOST.

As you go

The Lord is saying, "Wake up - You have prayed and asked ME TO MOVE but I will move through YOU and YOU must go out . Do not say "I am not an evangelist, it is not for me to go out." It is for everyone to go out, and gossip, yes gossip the Gospel. The early church when they were scattered went everywhere sharing or gossiping the Gospel. AS YOU GO I will release the gift of faith, AS YOU GO I will release signs and wonders. AS YOU GO I will demonstrate the power of the Good News and I will not send you in word only. Your light is not to hide under a bushel, your light is not to hide in the church meeting, you light is to carry to light the dark places.

Wake up! You cannot sleep through the opportunities around you.

I AM reaching to the lost, to those not saved as yet.

I AM stretching forth my hand to bring healing and deliverance. It is the dawn of a day of evangelism.

I will send my servants here from other nations to help you gather this harvest.

My people from other nations will say "Why would He send us here to America? There is so much happening here, so much happening in the church. But not all activity is of Me, Look around at the activity of the church, where are the lost ones?"

Religious spirits -Unfruitful spirits

Friends, the religious spirit can be very active but it is unfruitful. You know The Word. You can sing many songs. You can dance and shout, But where is the Fruit of your communion with Him? Where is the fruit of the Spirit? Where are the babes that real fruit produces?

I feel an urgency.

If you know me, you know it is not like me to give these warning kinds of words. It is a gentle warning to "wake up church."

God is sending people from other nations to help reach the lost.

Arise, God will give us light to work during the daytime. There have been many prophetic words of blessings for this year, including words that have come from me, but pass on the blessing --- don't just keep it for yourself. Let's not lose this harvest. The fields are white, God is giving us favor, move out in your anointing where you are. In the market place, in your job.

You don't have to qualify

You don't have to "qualify" to be used by God. You just have to be willing. He is not looking for your ability, He is looking for your availability. There will be no lack for you to accomplish the purposes of God in your own life and for your own city - where the appointment is, where the provision is.

Your testimony - in the market place

Before I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I never had much of a testimony. I was very worldly, my (Christian) crowd was made up of Chorus girls, actors. movie directors. We thought we had to be like the world to win it. We had no power (except David, my husband, who won people to the Lord just about every week). But when I got filled with the spirit I told the Lord I wanted to leave my job with a testimony. I worked for the accounts department of a Jewish Company in London. We were in a revival so I knew I would not be at that company for very long.

The Lord told me, "Just do as I say." I realized HE WANTED TO REACH THOSE PEOPLE THAT I WORKED WITH. He just needed me to be available.

God shows up in the market place.

In the area of London I lived and worked, religion was considered "Personal" and it was thought to be in bad taste to talk to people about "personal" things, so I had to step out beyond my up-bringing and the strong opinions of the snooty West End Fashion house where I working.

God began give me words of knowledge. He began by telling me how the chief accountant was ripping off the Petty Cash big time. He told me how the chief Salesman was selling the company accounts. I thought I was going to get little words to bless people. Golly, this was a bit much, but I had made an agreement and said I wanted a testimony. I told them what God showed me and they were terrified of me. It was funny however because everyone was afraid to tell off - color jokes and cuss in my office . They were afraid God would get them or something. I kept telling them what God was saying and all kinds of miracles happened.

The office was never the same again Over the next few months I did and said all kinds of wild thing things. ( The account of this is in my book "Living in the Supernatural." --see the link below to get this book through the Elijah List )

After I had left the company, the Chief accountant called me one day, he said, "A while after you left, we had a problem. One of the balances was "off" and we need to find the lost difference, can you come into the office here for a day or so? We'll give you any amount of money you want." Well I'm not stupid so I asked for a good amount.

"Him up there"

I asked my ex-boss why he thought I could find the lost balance. "Well you could ask 'Him up there,'" he said. That was a major breakthrough for my fiery Jewish boss to suggest that "Him up there" would tell me how to find this balance.

I went, of course, and when I got to the office they had gotten me a huge desk which was laden with posting sheets, all of which had hundreds of figures on them. You know there's no way in the natural you can look through all that, so many thousands of figures, and find a lost balance, unless you were prepared to be there for a month.

Don't disturb God

Well I sat down with a coffee they gave me. Everyone in the office was tippy toeing around because they didn't want disturb "Him up there." The assistant accountant was standing silently, waiting for me to pray. I didn't have to pray because I already prayed on the way there, but I obliged and bowed my head. I knew there was no way I was going to find this, so I just started turning the big posting sheets over, not really looking at them.

The people in the office were looking sideways at me, wondering what on earth I was doing.

" Lord," I breathed, "I can't do this, but these people know that YOU CAN - so do something."

Suddenly after about 5 minutes, as I was turning over a paper, the Holy Spirit said, "Its right there." I looked down and there it was, right smack in the middle of the page. "Here it is", I smiled. They didn't say too much. I figured that they felt they had already humbled themselves enough by having me come in and help them by asking 'Him up there."

I had a great testimony when I left that market place. You can too - just do as He says. He will come through for you because He wants those people around you to know that He has their number!

Demonstrate - don't just talk

Your job is not just a source of income to pay your bills, it's a mission field. Pray for the people and ask God to give you some words of knowledge and dreams and visions. The gifts of the Spirit are to demonstrate the power of the Gospel, not just to use in church.

Harvest - harvest- harvest time!

- Look and see what God sees right now. Let your light shine. Let this wave take you with it, to the street, to the office, to the restaurant, to the store, to the government, to the prison -

I saw in that vision many Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and other sects and denominations where there are so many without a real salvation experience. Christians began to talk with them and began to give words of knowledge and prophetic insight - ( I don't mean hit people over the head of course) and wow ! - the Holy spirit moved and the Presence of Jesus came and the people began to smile.

There is a harvest right there.

Little kids and drug dealers

The little kids in our church in the south of London would stand outside the worst pub in our area. The place where all the drug dealers hung out, where all the Hells Angels congregated, the place everyone avoided. The little kids, 8, 9, and 10 years old, would stand near the door and as the people went in they would stretch out their hands and speak out words of knowledge. I saw people outside afraid to go in because they didn't want to walk past the kids, because the anointing of God was all over them.

I saw people inside afraid to come out because they didn't want to walk past them either. But, I also saw drug pushers - major drug dealers, kneel down on the pavement and the little kids prayed for them. I saw people so drugged out that they didn't know who they were, get instantly delivered by the power of God flowing through these little boys.

A lot of those people became part of our church, part of the revival and some eventually became elders in the church.

So don't wait - move on out. If you have enough salvation to get saved - you have enough to share.

P.S. (Addendum by Kathie Walters to this word)

What I wanted to stress in this word was the fact that the Lord showed me that in this harvest there are a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons and 7th-DAY ADVENTISTS that will be affected by signs and wonders and the supernatural presence of God. Christians tend to leave them out as they think they have already made up their minds but it's not so- God is going to move on these people and we have to be ready to show that God is really alive and HE HAS THEIR NUMBER - words of knowledge -words of wisdom and prophetic words to the JW's, 7th Day Adventists, Mormons etc are going to touch them --- Besides the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, a lot of 7th Day Adventists are going to get saved (of course many of them are saved now) in this move and they are going to EXPERIENCE the PRESENCE OF JESUS AND IT WILL BLOW THEM AWAY

by Kathie Walters

"Celtic Flames"
by Kathie Walters
$7.99 Book
Kathie believes that the courage and boldness of the early Celtic fathers of faith is meant to be imparted to us today. Their authority and power is a great example of the Christian life.

"Kathie in her book takes us far into the past and reminds us that God doesn't need flawless vessels through which to reveal Himself, only willing ones. This book is a must read for every believer. Those walking in faith and those needing to. I recommend it highly." - Iverna Tompkins

"Kathie Walters has an amazing ability in her writings to ignite a fresh fire in your heart. The fire of the Lord was lit in Ireland through a bold and godly group of men and women, as they gave themselves wholeheartedly to prayer and ministry. Kings and rulers were won because of them and the fires were lit through there lives." - Suzanne Hinn

"I am confident that the life of these Celtic saints of old are relevant to us today. They fearlessly took their stand against all the hordes of hell, and laid claim to what they believed was God's territory." - Gwen Shaw, Founder, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants

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"Living in the Supernatural"
by Kathie Walters
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Kathie believes that the realm of the Spirit, heavenly visitations, the angels are meant to be a normal part of our lives, they are our inheritance. These things are not for "special" people but for every child of God. Find out how to live in this realm for yourself.

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

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