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"The Release of the Joseph Anointing in the Year 2004"

by Matt Sorger
Feb 14, 2004

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"The Release of the Joseph Anointing in the Year 2004"
by Matt Sorger

Who Is Matt Sorger?

Matt Sorger is a revivalist who travels throughout America and the nations of the world bringing a fresh word and a fresh impartation of God's Spirit through conferences, special meetings, revival services and crusades. Matt carries a strong healing and miracle anointing with many instantly healed in his meetings. His vision is to see the harvest brought into the Kingdom of God through power evangelism with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. His ministry is also used to help spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Matt was touched by the power of God at the age of 14. After witnessing the supernatural healing of his mother, he came into his own personal encounter with the Lord and was radically saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. From an early age Matt had a deep hunger for God causing him to spend hours a day in prayer. Out of this place of intimacy the presence and power of God was released in Matt's life in tangible ways.

Answering the call to full-time ministry, Matt obtained a baccalaureate degree in Biblical Studies with a minor in Missions from Zion Bible Institute in Rhode Island. While at Zion, Matt served as president of his class for four years and graduated with highest honors.

Matt served for many years in pastoral ministry and has also ministered closely with Lou Engle of The Call seeing over 85,000 believers gather together from across the nation and the world for a united day of prayer and fasting in New York City. While serving as The Call NYC Long Island Coordinator, Matt hosted several regional gatherings where the power of God was poured out in an extraordinary way. Matt has also traveled on the healing and prophetic team of Revivalist Todd Bentley ministering in conferences, churches and mass miracle crusades throughout the world seeing thousands saved, healed and delivered by the power of the gospel.

Matt's first priority and passion has been to develop and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is a man of prayer and a vessel through which the presence and glory of God is released. His heart's cry is for revival in the nations with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. Matt ministers the Word in a powerful, dynamic and energetic way. His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit brings a fresh anointing as lives are touched and changed by the power of God.

What Others Say About Matt Sorger

Matt carries a dynamic anointing for revival, signs, wonders and miracles. He moves in a strong word of knowledge with many instantly healed in his meetings. He is a powerful revival preacher who flows in the glory of God with mighty demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. Matt ministers out of a lifestyle of deep prayer, worship and intimacy with God. Matt is a carrier of God's glory and presence, ministering salvation to the lost, healing to the sick and deliverance to the oppressed. If you are hungry for revival and for the fire of God, I strongly recommend Matt's ministry to you for your church, conference or ministry engagement.

Todd Bentley, Fresh Fire Ministries

Matt Sorger is a dynamic man of God who carries the heartbeat of God for this generation. He walks with God in a lifestyle of prayer and fasting with complete devotion and consecration. I worked with Matt for a year during The Call NYC and we shared many times of prayer together. Matt possesses a deep passion for the Lord and a hunger for true revival. His life is marked by the humility of Christ while at the same time carrying a deep spiritual authority. His spiritual maturity and anointing are beyond his years. Matt served The Call NYC with a spirit of excellence working as the Long Island Coordinator and hosting several Pre-Call Gatherings. He truly walks and lives in the power and presence of God and carries an anointing for signs and wonders. At The Call NYC Matt, along with Che Ahn, Argentinean Revivalist Claudio Friedzon and Prophet Paul Cain released the anointing of the Holy Spirit for signs and wonders with many receiving a miraculous healing. I believe God will use Matt mightily during this next move of God. As a spiritual father, I am proud to recommend his ministry to you.

Pastor Lou Engle, The Call International, Harvest Rock Church, Pasadena, CA

"The Release of the Joseph Anointing in the Year 2004"
by Matt Sorger
web site:

Recently, while ministering in a Signs and Wonders Conference in New Mexico with Todd Bentley and Keith Miller, the Lord gave me a prophetic word for 2004. He said that 2004 would be a year of great release. The anointing that was released on Joseph in the book of Genesis would be released on the church this year. In Genesis 30:22-24 we see Joseph's name first mentioned. Here God remembers Rachel in her barrenness and opens her womb. She conceives and bears a son, Joseph, and declares God has taken away my reproach. The literal interpretation of Joseph is "He Will Add". The shame of the past is being removed. God is removing the shame and reproach off His church and is replacing it with great fruitfulness. 2004 will be a year of great increase, release and favor on the church. Joseph's very name speaks of this increase.

Whenever God is about to show up on the scene in a significant way, He raises up prophetic voices to help prepare the way of His coming. These voices are called forerunners. They catch the heart of God and run with it. God uses men and women who will co-labor with Him to see the Kingdom of God established in the earth in the hearts of people. He's looking for those who will align their hearts and minds with His. These forerunners are being released to do great exploits and accomplish great things for the Kingdom.


Joseph was a forerunner. He was sent ahead of his family into Egypt to help prepare provisions for them in a time of great famine. He was placed by God into a position of great influence and authority, the second in command over all the land of Egypt (Gen. 41:41-44). But that power was not given to him so he could serve his own means. It was so he could fulfill the will and purposes of God and serve His people. In the world, many times people obtain power and authority to serve themselves and increase their own fame and wealth. In the Kingdom, God grants His power and authority to us so that we will serve not only His purposes but other people. The greatest in the Kingdom is the servant of all (Mt. 20:26). God promotes servanthood.

God is releasing a Joseph anointing on His people for spiritual promotion and increase. Corporately the Body of Christ will experience a great release with a divine commissioning into their God-given purpose, call and destiny. We are in a season where God is releasing the Josephs, those who will walk with God in great spiritual authority, power and influence. They are being sent ahead as forerunners to help prepare the way.


With the Joseph anointing, there is also a fulfillment of dreams and visions. There are many who have received dreams and visions from the Lord, even in their youth. With spiritual promotion, there comes a fulfillment of the dreams and visions God has given. At the age of 17, Joseph received a dream of greatness (Gen 37). He prophetically saw a time of increase and promotion coming in his life. But we know the story of how he was first hated by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold as a slave, falsely accused and then thrown in to a dungeon. It wasn't until he was 30 years old that the vision came to pass. That was 13 years of hard testing waiting for the promise to be fulfilled (Psa. 105:17-19). I believe 30 is a significant year. It was at the age of 30 that the priests in the Old Testament began their priestly duties. It was also at the age of 30 that Jesus began His earthly ministry.

There are Joseph's who have been prepared in the secret place of testing for the last 10 or so years and are now being released and commissioned by the hand of God into their God-given calls and destinies. It was exactly 13 years ago that I received a prophetic word from the Lord about the call and plan of God for my life. He told me that He was raising up a new breed of leaders. There would be no model for us to carbon copy or follow. We would need to be so sensitive and in tune with His voice in order to know the way to go and to walk in the new thing that He would do. But he also told me that the top of His priority list for me was the refinement of my character that my roots would go down so deep in Him, that when success came, I would be firmly rooted in Him. This year I turned 30, and with that I was released fulltime into the ministry He had called me to walk in, a healing revival ministry of signs, wonders and miracles. I had been active in ministry for many years serving as an associate pastor, walking through seasons of great testing and refinement. But when God's timing came, I was released to travel the nations in mass miracle crusades and in a ministry of healing revival. It was the moment of release. But I believe even the events in my own life are a picture of what God is doing in the corporate Body of Christ. There are many Josephs who have had to walk through many tests and have passed with flying colors bringing them into a season of divine promotion and increase in the purposes of God.


Gen. 45:4-8 and Gen 50:20

It wasn't God who threw Joseph into the pit and sold him into slavery. It was the jealousy of man. But God used what man did to position Joseph for a divine promotion! The action of Joseph's brothers sent Joseph on a journey that would go from bad to worse. But no matter what negative circumstances surrounded Joseph, God's hand of favor and blessing was on him. Even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances, God's favor caused him to rise to the top. God's purposes for Joseph superceded the purposes of man. God used the negative circumstances to place Joseph in a position where he could be promoted into his true calling.

I've seen this happen even in my own journey of following the call of God on my life. God would take the negative actions of man to position me into a place where increase and promotion could come. Many times, our limited human perspectives are so small we can't see or understand how God can bring to pass His purposes or turn a negative situation around for good. But God's ways are truly bigger than our ways, and it is often in hindsight that we see how the hand of God has moved in such a marvelous way. Remember, it doesn't matter what man does to you. Man's actions do not determine your future or destiny in God. Rather, it's your response to those actions that determine how far you will go. God is looking for the right response which is always unconditional love and forgiveness.


Joseph kept his heart pure and undefiled from bitterness and resentment. He chose to walk in love and forgiveness. When you choose to love and bless no matter what happens to you, God will always bless and bring increase into your life. If we keep our hearts pure, nothing can hold the favor and blessing of God back. Those that have kept a pure heart through their seasons of testing will now experience great reward, blessing and favor. They will see the hand of God bring divine commendation on them. Not only will they receive favor with God, but favor with man as God increases and promotes by His sovereign choosing.

Some of you have been going through some difficult circumstances over the past 10 years. You might have even grown weary in well doing. You haven't been able to see the higher plan of God. But in the midst of it all, you must understand that God has allowed those things simply to get you in the right place for the right time so that you could inherit the fullness of His promise for your life. But remember, that inheritance is not for you alone, it's given so that you can serve others and see His will established in the earth. Jesus came to fulfill the will of His Father (Jn. 5:30). The same is true for us.


Gen 49:26

There is a mark of separation coming on God's servants. Joseph was separated, not even by his own choice. From birth, there was a divine favor bestowed upon him that seemed to separate him from the crowd. Sometimes this favor caused others to be jealous and envious, even hurtful in their attitudes and actions toward him. But the mark of separation was there. And so it is true for you and for me. God has separated us from the world and has placed His hand of favor upon us. We are separate unto God. To be a forerunner, to be a voice for God, you must be set apart. You must be separated from the voices of this world to hear the voice of God. This separation includes a lifestyle of holiness, purity and innocence. Be excellent at what is good and innocent of evil (Rom. 16:19). There is a mark of innocence that will be upon God's people. We will be pure in thought, word and deed. This purity of heart will release great blessing and protection from evil in the days ahead. It will also release great provision with supernatural wisdom, as it did for Joseph when a famine hit the land. No matter how dry or desolate it is around us, we will rest in the abundant provision of the Lord both spiritually and physically.


Character is important. It's the wine skin that holds the wine. Without character, we will not be able to carry the degree of power and authority the Lord wants to bestow upon us. Cracks in the wineskin, undealt with areas of personal character and integrity can cause the wineskin to burst losing the wine that it held. Throughout history this has proven to be true as great men and women of God have fallen prematurely because of some unsurrendered area in their heart. God is raising the standard of personal integrity in the church to avoid unnecessary casualties of war. And God requires the Glory. Paul Cain once shared about a conversation he had with Kathryn Khulman. She said Paul, it's easy to give God the glory when you know you are getting some for yourself. God wants all the glory. That's why we must always remember that we must have the same degree of humility as we have power and authority, if not more. This is our safeguard against compromise and premature failure.


Joseph was the youngest of his brothers at the time God gave him the dream of greatness. God often chooses what looks like the least in the eyes of the world. He did the same with David and Gideon along with many others. God looks at the heart, not at outward qualifications. It's your heart for God that qualifies you for promotion.

There are many in the church about to undergo a shift even in the circumstances they've been in because the time of promotion has come. This promotion may even be a surprise to some people because they've been judging by the external and not by the heart. Sometimes we miss the heart because we are so preoccupied with external packages. We must see ourselves and others with God s perspective not ours.


Joseph's promotion came as a suddenly of God. In a single day, he went from the dungeon to being second in command over the entire nation of Egypt. There was sudden promotion and increase. When you least expect it, the hand of God will move and you will be suddenly thrust forward into the fulfillment of God's dream and vision for your life. This happened to me this year. God required me to step out in faith to pursue the healing revival call on my life. I had to resign my position as Associate Pastor of the church I had been a part of for 17 years of my life. It was a painful transition. I had to leave my salary, my position, my comfort zone and everything I knew. But with that step of faith God suddenly moved and opened doors I never dreamed of, including traveling for a year on the road with Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries. Now, a year and a half later, I'm traveling all over the world seeing the hand of God move powerfully in signs, wonders and miracles. Sometimes you have to let go of the good in order to possess the best God has for you. But when the timing of God comes there's a sudden shift and change that launches you into your future and destiny. Many will be launched this year.


Gen 49:22-26

The blessing Jacob pronounced over Joseph was the longest and the greatest out of all the blessings he pronounced over his sons. This blessing is coming on the church this year. Claim it for your own personal life, your family, church and ministry. Joseph s blessing includes:

1. Great fruitfulness. This speaks not only of the fruit of the Spirit in the area of personal character but also lasting fruit in our service to God. (Gen 49:22)

2. Being filled, saturated and refreshed with the living waters of God s Spirit. (Gen 49:22) This also speaks of the Psalm 1 anointing. Read Psalm 1.

3. Enlargement and increase despite apparent boundaries and restrictions. Nothing will be able to hold back the increase God gives. (Gen 49:22)

4. Increase of strength with perseverance. Those that have wanted to quit and give up will be strengthened by God's power to persevere until the blessing comes. (Gen.49:23-24)

5. Both heavenly and earthly blessings including a blessed family, wife and children. God's blessing will rest on entire households. (Gen.49:25-26)

As we go into 2004, let me encourage you to pray the blessing of Joseph over yourself, your household, your church and ministry. With it will come great release, favor, increase and divine promotion by the hand of God.

by Matt Sorger
web site:

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