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ACPE Word for 2004 and Beyond, "REFORMATION, A KEY THEME FOR THE COMING YEAR" -- plus "WE ARE ENTERING INTO THE FAVOR OF THE LORD" -- Osama B*n Laden, MTV, and President Bush

ACPE (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders)
Feb 16, 2004

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ACPE Word for 2004 and Beyond,
---Osama B*n Laden, MTV, and President Bush

Regarding this "ACPE" Word for 2004:

As publisher of THE ELIJAH LIST, I am personally a member of the ACPE, (Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders) which meets once a year in January to pool prophetic understandings and revelation as to what God is saying for the coming year. Here is the report from the ACPE for 2004. The ACPE is convened by C. Peter Wagner, and it's participants include such members as Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, James Goll, and many other credible prophetic voices in the Body of Christ. This should be seen as a joint report, agreed upon by all the members of ACPE as to the commonality of revelation received for this year.

- Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

ACPE Word for 2004 and Beyond,
---Osama B*n Laden, MTV, and President Bush

By The Apostolic Council Of Prophetic Elders (ACPE)
January 10th, 2004

Monday, February 16, 2004

Here is the ACPE Word for 2004 and Beyond for publication and distribution.

Chuck D. Pierce

This ACPE met in Colorado Springs, Colorado for two days to seek the Lord for a word for the Body of Christ. While some of these things will be fulfilled in 2004, we feel that we should not put a specific time table to the events because of the number of variables that can take place concerning prophetic words. Two of these variables are:

1. Intercession can change the course of the events.

2. The mercy of God that is extended when individuals and nations repent.


Reformation will be a key theme for the coming year wherein many prophets will call for national reformations as in the time of Josiah.

This reformation will affect the way that we do church in a structural way as the church moves out into society rather than has primary functions from a church building. The church will be in the society rather than separate from it. Many new wine marketplace churches will spring up in businesses across the world. Networking will take place more in an electronic way through web casting rather than physically being in one place for all the weekly meetings.

With this move there will be a strong wave of persecution from a religious spirit. The Lord admonished us not be get caught up in a religious spirit even from a prophetic stance and allow God to show us the areas where the spirit of religion was working.


We are entering into the favor of the Lord in a profound way. This is the acceptable year of the Lord. For this reason the Body of Christ should understand how to walk in faith to see a release of this favor.

Part of this favor will manifest in favor with the lost. It is a time for prophetic evangelism. Intercession has ripened the harvest and it is NOW the time to go into the harvest to reap, for the fields are white with harvest. God is calling for a renewed emphasis on evangelism for every believer. Churches that heed this call and release their people into this call to win the lost will experience great growth.

Along with this favor, God will require new levels of brokenness and humility. If this does not happen, pride will enter into the hearts of those receiving the favor and they will lose what they have gained.

God is removing dead wood and uprooting old things. There is a time of refining coming to the Body of Christ. In the refining season, we will be brought into new levels of intimacy which will see the birthing of new things in our lives.


Great inroads will be made by the Body of Christ into media and Hollywood. There will be a wave of the Holy Spirit move across Hollywood and other media-related industries. We will see actors stand up in an increased measure and profess their faith in Christ.

There will be a power encounter with MTV which will result in children being set free from the wicked ways it has influenced them.

(Note: This has already begun after the half time show at the Super Bowl.)

A connection is coming between the prophets and Hollywood and media.

Apostles and prophets are going to see a new teaming on a level not realized before and this will lead to city transformation movements. This will include new teachings about the Kingdom of God and seeing it influence each sector of society. There is a time of shifting and transitioning taking place as God aligns His leaders for the new wine anointing. This will particularly occur with apostles and prophets.


2004 is the year of the more. We are going to see a release of finances on a bigger scale than before. Whereas some have seen release in the amounts of thousands, some will begin to receive millions. We are going to see a breaking of this million dollar barrier for major projects that the Lord has put into the heart of His people.


This is a year for mysteries to be revealed from the Lord. Even as God gave prophetic revelation to his prophets when Saddam would be captured, so there will be other strong prophetic and intercessory releases for mysteries that have puzzled the Body of Christ.

In seeking the Lord for an answer as to why Osama b*n Laden has not been captured nor has it has been revealed what has happened to him, the Holy Spirit convicted us that he is supernaturally being hidden by an occult spirit. The reason that we cannot break through this occult spirit is that we are not as fervent and radical in our intercession as the Muslim extremists are in their belief systems. The Lord called for a forty day fast for the Body of Christ in general to stir up our hearts in passion for the Lord and a willingness to "love not our lives unto death."


Concerning the 2004 elections, there was a general consensus that we need to call for massive intercession, as the case for the courts which will affect school prayer, abortion, and other serious matters on the heart of God, will be decided in the next few years. There also was a concern expressed that this will be a "mean and dirty" election if we do not intercede. The enemy wants to "polarize" both the church and nation and cause wounds that will take years to heal.

A new move of "Judicial intercession" will sweep the Body of Christ as the Lord stirs up people to intercede for the court systems.

The Lord spoke to us through several directions that voting is a spiritual exercise. This especially needs to be spoken to the youth movements of the United States. Very few youth have voted, historically, and this needs to change to see the will of God put into place for this nation.


There is a mandate from the Lord for the youth to become actively involved in what happens in their nations. The universities are quite critical in this next move of God as to whether violence will break out again or a sweeping move of revival on campuses.

This is the hour when the Spirit of the Lord is going to awaken the prophetic voice of the youth. Young people prophesying will become a move of God that will be mainstreamed and infused in church services across the world.

With this will also come the prophetic recognition and setting into place through the Word of the Lord of the leaders in the youth who will rise to bring transformation in every sector of society.


2004 is the preparation year for that which is coming in 2005 and beyond. The first quarter of 2004 will be a time of shutting doors. The second quarter will be a time when the Lord begins to form new doors before us. The third quarter is a time to go through doors. And the fourth quarter is a time to be established for the next four years. Remember, you must shut the doors to the old to transition into the new.


A call for intercession for President Bush concerning his stance on Israel came from this prophetic group. The decisions that he makes concerning Israel will either make or break him in this coming election. As always, there is the call to pray for the President.

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