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Kim Clement Expounds on the Controversial 35-day Prophecy: "Osama b*n Laden WILL be Uncovered"

by Kim Clement
Mar 5, 2004

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News Item#1 - High-tech snooping for bin Laden

WASHINGTON (CNN) --U.S. forces searching for al Qaeda leader Osama b*n Laden along the mountainous border between Pakistan and Afghanistan will soon implement high-tech surveillance tactics in the region, enabling them to monitor the area 24 hours a day, seven days a week, CNN has learned.

It's believed that the constant surveillance of the border region and the "squeeze play" by U.S. and Pakistani forces surrounding the mountainous frontier will present the best chance ever to net the world's most-wanted terrorist.

Bin Laden has eluded capture since U.S. troops launched a search for him in late 2001.

Top administration officials believe bin Laden may begin to feel the heat from the troops now hunting him and might start to move.

"We are putting the pieces in place to throw the net over him," one official told CNN.

from: CNN.COM - High-tech snooping for bin Laden

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Kim Clement Expounds on the Controversial 35-day Prophecy: "Osama b*n Laden WILL be Uncovered"

I called just a few days ago and asked if Kim Clement had a response about his 35-day "prophecy" about B*n Laden where he prophesied him him coming out. (see the full transcript of the key phrases below or on our site at:

The exact phrase was: "and I'm going to bring him (B*n Laden) out in 35 days..."

Was the prophecy right or wrong?

Let me illustrate with a story. In the mid 1980's, one of my first and very significant prophecies was " you are first fruits. Everything that happens to your friends and family will happen to you first." I assumed that mean that the clock started ticking, but I never asked. I just assumed. After many hard knocks of trying to "share" with my family and being rebuffed, I realized that God had His own way of doing things. About 10 years later, the first family member began to come around. Go figure. You mean the moment the prophecy is given the stop watch is not always "clicked?

Then in 1990, I had a prophetic dream that the very legalistic denomination I had been raised in--- well the dream said, "The Spirit is going to fall on them" and I saw them being radically changed. Now about 14 years later, I am beginning to see some hopeful signs.

My point is that prophecy, if from God, is sure. Yes, prophets can and do miss it from time to time, as do pastors, teachers and evangelists. But many times, if not most times, a seasoned prophets has an "exact" word but the hearer makes many assumptions without even going back to re-reading the exact words of the prophecy.

Such is the case with Kim Clement's prophecy about "B*n Laden" (we have to spell it "B*n" so that sp*m filters don't delete this email) .

Now, read in his own words, a very mature response that should both encourage and train you.

Steve Shultz

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*** Kim Clement responds to 35-day B*n Laden Questions regarding His prophecy ***

Kim Clement Expounds on the Controversial 35-day Prophecy: "Osama b*n Laden WILL be Uncovered"
by Kim Clement

There has been an overwhelming interest in the prophecy regarding Osama b*n Laden and the thirty-five day period. I would like to bring clarity to any questions one may have in this regard.

Prophecy itself is not complete because of the element of the Human and Divine interaction. This means our dependency is always on God, who in His wisdom will only speak what He deems necessary for that moment. The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 13:9 that we prophesy in part.

In 1 Peter 1:10-11, we see the prophets of old searching to find "what" or "what manner of time" the Spirit of Christ, who was in them, was indicating regarding the Glory that was to come.

1 Peter 1:11 - "What" in the Greek: In reference to the word "what," or "what manner of time". "What" expresses the time absolutely or what was to be the era of the revelation of Jesus Christ; what manner of time; what events and features should characterize the time of this event. The "or" implies that some of the prophets, if they could not as individuals discover the exact time, searched into its characteristic features and events. The Greek for "time" is the season, the epoch, the fit time in God's purposes.

Purposefully Hidden Prophecy

This scripture reveals that certain parts of prophecy are purposefully hidden. God will only unveil things according to His timing and purpose. A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Sometimes specifics that are missing in prophecy are being kept for a perfect moment of unveiling. God unfolds His picture of future events through a progression of "pieces of the puzzle."

God always requires faith and therefore He will always present His word in such a way as to produce faith. God never looks at your present request, but rather He speaks with your future in the present. This means He will always challenge your faith in order to prepare you for your next course of events.

In order to gain understanding regarding prophecy, we need to realize the limitations of the interpretive process. There are times when God specifically gives a time and day of exact fulfillment. Other times, however, He speaks as though it has happened; yet, in reality it is years away from fulfillment. Samuel, the great prophet, declared to Saul that now his kingdom would not continue. The reality of this declaration was the fact that it was only years later that this literally happened. In God's eyes, Saul had already lost his authority as king.

Misinterpreted Spiritual Knowledge

A good example of this is in Acts 21, where Paul finds himself with some disciples from Tyre who tell Paul through the Spirit not to go up to Jerusalem. These disciples interpreted the spiritual knowledge they were receiving, to mean that Paul should not go to Jerusalem.

Later on in the same chapter, a prophet named Agabus, came down from Judea, and declared to Paul through a prophetic enactment that he would be bound by hand and foot by the Jews at Jerusalem, and they would deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles. Again, some different disciples from Caesarea try to convince Paul not to go to Jerusalem, based on what they had seen and heard when Agabus the prophet delivered the word of the Lord. Agabus did not say to Paul that he should not go to Jerusalem. In Acts 21:13, Paul makes a final statement by saying,

"What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus". So when he would not be persuaded, we ceased, saying, "The will of the Lord be done."

The 35-day Period Explained:

Our personal desires can sometimes cause the Word of the Lord to be interpreted incorrectly. I would therefore like to offer a few explanations regarding the thirty-five day period:

The prophecy referred to the declaration that was given by Osama b*n Laden about a thirty-five day period. This was a designated time period in which he had purposed for a catastrophic event to take place in the United States of America.

The word of the Lord that came forth referred to these thirty-five days in which God would reverse the planned events and begin to do something special for God's people and the United States of America. This period of time was linked to Easter and did not specify a particular day that the 35 days would commence.

Take note of the word. This utterance was first prophesied in Utica, New York on January 10 and then it continued in Miami, Florida on January 12.


The Spirit says:

"al Qaeda shall be exposed shortly. There has been a threat that has come from them and there has been a threat spoken out by Osama b*n Laden that within 35 days the USA shall experience a catastrophic event. But even as I brought out the other rogue from the hole in the ground, in the same period that bin Laden predicted catastrophe against this nation, I shall bring him forth, I shall raise him out of his own hiding place, and I will bring him to a place of accountability."

NOTE: This speaks of three things that will happen verifying that in the 35-day period, the following would take place:

1. I shall bring him forth.
2. I shall raise him out of his own hiding place.
3. I will bring him to a place of accountability.

The prophecy continues:

"As a result, this Easter you shall say, 'Surely this is a time of resurrection for the USA.'

The Curse Reversed!

Therefore, the curse that he has placed upon this nation has been reversed and what Osama b*n Laden has predicted (35 days), I shall surely bring upon his head.

You will celebrate an Easter as never before for the resurrection shall come upon you, My people, as well."

Please note that God refers to Easter as the time of victory. Also, God had given me a clear word in the late 90's about the month of March and then again on November 27, 2003, I was instructed to prophesy about 3-11, March 11, 2004 in which the Spirit spoke of the beginning of a 10-year period of release and breakthrough in the Kingdom of God, which would bring about various things. (You may see this on my website:


Take note of the word:

Osama b*n Laden said that in 35 days America would be abolished (he was prophesying, predicting), wiped out because he has a plan for 35 days. The word of the Lord came to me and said, "You prophesy that the very thing that he said and predicted for this nation is reversed, and I'm going to bring him out in 35 days. There is a resurrection day coming over this Easter. This Easter will be one of the greatest Easters this nation has ever celebrated. Why? Because there will be a resurrection of the dead, spiritually speaking, of revelation that has died, of prophetic words that have died and been buried in the ground. This Easter, not only will I bring your greatest enemy out, but I will also bring about a severe judgment against the powers and principalities that have come against My servants and against My people. There shall be a judgment."

Not once did I say that the 35-day period would begin from January 10 or 12. It clearly says that as bin Laden put a time limit on his attack on the USA, God has placed that same time period upon him. However, there is a deadline and from what I can gather from the utterance, Easter is the time to celebrate this victory.

We do know from this word that the specific time period would be linked to March 11 and Easter. We also know that God has indicated that Osama b*n Laden will be uncovered.

In baited expectation, we look forward to the season ahead of us, anticipating the wonderful things that God has promised for both our personal lives, the nations of the earth, and specifically the United States of America.

by Kim Clement

from Kim Clement
Kirkland, WA
Feb 26-28, 2004
$55.00 5-CD set

Live from The Kirkland Performance Center in Kirkland, WA

It is impossible to find the words to adequately sum up a Kim Clement gathering. A risk-taker like no other I know, this prophet definitely breaks the mold. The tapes from these Seattle meetings contain teachings that will require two, three, or even more replays -- and not because they are difficult to comprehend. On the contrary, they are simple, yet incredibly deep.

Kim brought two speakers with him who taught Friday morning's workshop. The first, Robert Cathers, Jr. of Soaring Ministries, gave -- in inspired detail -- an outstanding synopsis of the most basic hindrances to hearing the Voice of God. Anyone who has struggled with sin as a born-again child of God, (as well as other thorny theological conundrums!) will cherish this message.

The second speaker was a truly extraordinary woman named, Dena Smith. Missionary, church planter, pastor, teacher -- her driving vision is to release people into their prophetic destinies and callings. Her teaching on the Power of the Cross as it relates to the prophetic -- in conjunction with her surprise 'insider' stories about the film, "The Passion"-- makes this teaching a guaranteed, 'You'll-Be-Sending-This-To-All-Your-Friends' kind of tape.

Kim Clement opened the Saturday morning workshop with the statement "To See or Not to See; That is the Question." Referring often to his manual, "How to Hear the Voice of God Now," he shared thoughts, experiences, prophecies, theories, and truths with unabashed conviction, fervor, transparency, and brilliant eloquency. A sampling of topics he addressed include:

- The difference between natural sight, insight, and foresight
- The Bible as the 'principle' and the Spoken Word of God as the
- Historical Truths vs. Creative Truths
- Positive Alignments
- Why God's Form is more desirable than His Voice

The evening sessions were "over the top," including astonishing proclamations in which Kim prophesied the importance of March 11 for our nation and the world -- all intertwined, of course, with never ending worship -- one of the great trademarks of Kim's gatherings.

A Tempest in a Teacup, Kim Clement carries you madly along with him into the Courts of Praise. Worshiping the Savior under Kim's direction runs the gamut from staggering joy to awed prostration, with spontaneous song erupting continually -- unpredictably -- and beneath every transition, girding up the entire meeting, is the pulsating rhythm of God's heartbeat.

Bon appetit!

Teresa Neumann
The Elijah List

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Here is a brief description of what each CD is about! (remember, though, we are only selling them as a set)

Thursday February 26 - Kim Clement

This is a great teaching on creating an opportunity for God to move in your life. Kim deals with "out of the boat faith" and ends with a great thought on recognizing what the power of the Lord is present to do every time we gather.

Friday February 27 - Pastor Bob Cather from Northridge, CA - 9:30 AM

This is a very liberating message on understanding the old and new nature and the importance of being aware of your righteousness instead of your sin. Pastor Bob does a great job of retraining us on how to see ourselves in God.

Friday February 27 - Dena Smith from Dallas, TX - 10:30 AM

A few years ago God spoke to Dena about His people getting back to the cross. Dena has dealt closely with her sister Holly McClure in the making of "The Passion of the Christ." In her unique way, Dena teaches us that to be present with the Lord, means to understand the cross. It is a powerful message on taking a journey with the Father.

Saturday February 28 - Kim Clement 9:30 AM

This is an excellent teaching on understanding how to perceive the voice of God and pushing aside any presuppositions of how He speaks to us. Kim clearly shows us how the voice of God can be an action or in a sound and will help you understand the form of the Lord. This will give you great insight on how to align yourself to Him.

Saturday February 28 - Kim Clement 7:30 PM

God spoke to Kim at the end of 2003 about March 11th of this year all that will begin to take place on that day and for the next 10 years. On this last CD, Kim is able to share all the secrets of that word from God and the amazing things that are about to take place. From Kingdom appearances in church meetings, to great medical breakthroughs, you will hear all the things that God has planned for anyone willing to believe His promises!

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