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The Convergence of the Ages: "When Jesus Serves the Best for Last"

by Jim W. Goll
Mar 4, 2004

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The Convergence of the Ages: "When Jesus Serves the Best for Last"
Welcome to the March 2004 Vision Cast for the Prophetic
By James W. Goll
Web: or

1. Convergence Defined

The Holy Spirit is highlighting the word "Converge" in these days. It will be a current word that will appear in both the business community and the church world. It is a Kingdom word for our times. It is the time of the Divine Convergence! It is the bringing together of different components to where the sum of the parts brought together is greater in value than as separate individual pieces or perspectives.

Converge: to bend, incline; to move toward one point together; to come together and unite in interest or focus.

Convergence: to act of moving toward union; movement of two eyes resulting in impingement of a point on corresponding retinal areas.

The are three stages to this: 1) Inflow 2) Convergence and 3) Outflow. The Holy Spirit orchestrates a flow of different giftings and views flowing towards a common goal. Then a convergence occurs where the elements are brought into focus and purpose. After this transpires, there is often a period of shifting again where the control issue is tested and parts are disassembled for the divine purposes of scattering the seed and creating an outflow of the resources.

2. The New Wine Will Be Found In The Cluster

A fresh understanding of covenant relationships and community will be birthed as this generation arises out of self-centered individualistic ministry and seeks the common good of the Body of Christ. Divine Alliances will be formed resulting in greater progress being accomplished. The fresh work of the Holy Spirit will occur as the "cluster anointing" comes to pass.

Isaiah 65:8 - Thus says the Lord, "As the new wine is found in the cluster - and one says, 'Do not destroy it for there is benefit in it.'"

3. Ten Characteristics of the Coming Prophetic Convergence

1) Joining and Honoring the Generations
The wisdom of the older, the resources of the middle, and the zeal of the younger cooperating together.

2) Partnering of the Genders with Ethnic Diversity
Men and women and people of all backgrounds leading and ministering together.

3) Developing Character and Wisdom to Carry the Gift
The fruit, wisdom and gifts of the Spirit all working together.

4) Cultivating God's Heart for Israel and the Nations
Keeping the Apple of God's Eye Central in our Hearts and Prophetic Perspective

5) Valuing Team Ministry and Community
Relational not just functional - All 5-Fold Gifts Serving One Another!

6) Embracing the Variety of Prophetic Expressions
The Seer and the Prophet; The Congregation and the Market Place; The Church Gathered and the Church Scattered.

7) Merging the Prophetic and Intercessory Streams
Calling forth the Purposes of God by Praying the Prophetic Promises into Being!

8) Ushering in God's Presence through Prophetic Worship and the Arts
Modeling Creative Displays of Lavish Affection to Jesus - the lover of our Soul.

9) Activating the Unique Prophetic Grace of Each Believer
Stirring up the Prophetic Gift to Fulfill our Part of Jesus' Great Commission.

10) Cultivating God's Heart of Justice for the Poor
Channeling Marketplace Resources towards Orphans, Widows and the Oppressed.

4. Things to Come - Look For These Signs

  • The merging of the divergent streams of authentic faith and the manifested presence to create the next wave of creative miracles.
  • Living the Book of James - where works match our faith.
  • The Battle of the Blue and the Grey - when eventually the Hebraic heart wins out over the Greek mind set in the church world and truly the School of the Spirit and the Word work together.
  • When the Healing Streams of scientific research, nutritional components, physical exercise, sabbatical rest and healing gifts flow together so a people can get healed and stay healed!
  • The time when the Marketplace Sphere, the Artisan Influence and the Congregational ingrown Church get over being infatuated with themselves and admit, and function like, we need one another.
  • When we love not our lives unto death and overcome evil one in our day. When we realize we have a license from God to die to self and live unto God.
  • When God again fills His House as in 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 when the Levites were in place and the revelation is decreed, "The Lord is good and His loving kindness is everlasting."
  • When the Shadow of the Almighty falls in that hour and the Favor of the Lord is Released!

5. From the Desk of James (Jim) W. Goll

Michal and I wish to continue to release quality materials to help both the Prayer and the Prophetic Movements come to maturity. With this in mind, I am now releasing two Vision Casts a month - one for The Prayer Storm and the other on Prophetic Encounters. Previous Vision Cast's, and Michal Ann's monthly e-mail, Women on the Frontlines Devotionals, are all-available on an archive section of our web site.

I have had the privilege of ministering recently at the annual Firestorm Conference at Life Center in Harrisburg, PA with Lou Engle, David Ruis, Heather Clark, and Pastor Surprise from Mozambique It was some of the greatest, radical and creative worship I have been a part of in years! What a privilege! I did a message on "The Spirit Prepares the Bride" that I will be releasing soon.

The Seer book is nearing completion as it comes out in July. It is great! I will now turn my attention to completing Praying for Israel. Be in prayer for these and other new releases from our Resource Center.

Michal Ann continues to progress well at home after her surgery. She even drives the car now and does some office work! We have now had a paid helper at home for the past few weeks. Thanks to all who have displayed acts of kindness, prayers and financial support. Visit our web site to read the letter by Che Ahn, Apostolic leader of H. I. M. to contribute to the Medical Relief Fund if you desire.

Please Help Michal Ann Goll through the Medical Relief Fund!

Come to our March 18 - 20 Conference with the theme: The Sound of Heaven on Earth - The Convergence of Worship and Intercession. Awesome worship and prayer leaders from around the nation will come to join us. Sign up now!

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Remember to join us in this special time of prayer during the time of Purim March 5-7, 2004! (See the last Vision Cast on The Esther Mandate for more details.)

Blessings to each of you!

-James W. Goll or

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6. The Sound of Heaven on Earth - March 18th -20th, 2004

A Convergence of Worship & Intercession
March 18th - 20th, 2004
Living Word Church, Nashville, TN

Speakers include:
Mike Bickle, Dutch Sheets, Ray Hughes,
Jeff Deyo, Jim & Michal Ann Goll, Scott Brenner,
Alberto & Kimberly Rivera will be leading in worship . . .

The Lord gave me a visitation in March of 2003 and instructed me that we were to host a strategic event in the Greater Nashville, TN area in March of 2004. Prophet Bob Jones spoke of new sounds of worship coming from Nashville, TN in 2004 in his Shepherd's Rod message. We believe this is a part of that! This as a national level event for the body of Christ. Come labor with us for the Sound of Heaven to be heard on Earth! Mike Bickle, Dutch Sheets, Ray Hughes and the Selah Band, Jeff Deyo and Band, Psalmist Scott Brenner, Alberto and Kimberly Rivera will all join together! New additions include Michael and Mary Cadle with Worship in the Arts, Ed James with the Praise Parade, Kathy Kennedy with Wings of Worship and many other worship teams and intercessors. This gathering will include an all night worship and intercession time on Friday night into Saturday morning. Help us spread the Word!

Registered people will receive a $50 coupon off our registration for our Heart of David Correspondence School plus reserved seating for the night meetings. Sign up on our web site or call 1-877-200-1604.

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7. James (Jim) W. Goll Itinerary

Ministry Schedule
February-March 2004

March 9 - Tuesday Night 7:00p.m
Christ Triumphant Church
401 NE Chipman Rd.
Lee's Summit, MO

March 10-13
Israel Mandate Conference
James Goll, Mike Bickle
International House of Prayer
Kansas City

March 14 - Sunday 10:00a.m.
Harvest Fellowship Church
372 Southwest Highway 13
Warrensburg, MO

HIM East Coast
March 24 - 27, 2004
Wednesday - Saturday noon
Hosts: HIM Pastors Charles and Anne Stock
411 S. 4oth Street, Harrisburg, PA
Speakers: Che Ahn, Lou Engle, Jim Goll,
Shawn Boltz, Charles Stock

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"Remantled for Life"
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There must be a dismantling in our lives for God to bring us into the new doors that He is to open before us. There are new seasons that require a change of clothing. It may requires us to be stripped down of the old before we can put on the new.

I have been speaking this message since the Jewish New Year began. In this CD you will hear a more complete version of the message in this Vision Cast. Lou Engle of The Call stated that this message rattled his world. Dutch Sheets stated it was a Home Run out of the Park! With transparency I share my heart and personal journey in this message.

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