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"Learning to Spend Time With Daddy On the Sea of Salvation"

By Catherine Brown
Mar 3, 2004

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News Item #1 - Hollywood Reporter: 'Passion' is Growing, Box Office To $125 Mil
March 2, 2004 By Brian Fuson

Newmarket Films' "The Passion of the Christ" continues to defy convention and surprise even the most seasoned Hollywood veterans as early weekend estimates were revised upwards Monday when final numbers came in. The film opened with a stunning $83.8 million, bringing the total box office to a massive $125.2 million, which includes $3 million in private previews.

The weekend debut of the Icon Prods. film is by far the biggest opening in history outside of the near-summer and year-end holiday periods; it's the ninth-highest grossing weekend of all time; the biggest opening in February, topping MGM's "Hannibal" ($58 million); it's the second-biggest debut for an R-rated film, behind Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Matrix: Reloaded" ($91.8 million); and it's the largest debut ever for an independent film. "Passion" holds the crown for the second-highest-grossing first five days for a film opening on a Wednesday. Minus the $3 million in previews, the first five days of "Passion" pulled in $122.2 million, just behind New Line Cinema's "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" ($124.1 million) but ahead of 20th Century Fox's "Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace" ($105.7 million).

The audience skewed slightly female at 52%. It was an older audience, but fairly balanced: 29% were under 24 years of age, 30% were between 35 and 49, and 27% were older than 50. Not surprisingly the main draw of the film was the subject matter.


"Learning to Spend Time With Daddy On the Sea of Salvation"

By Catherine Brown



Recently I had a beautiful experience with Jesus, which I would like to share as a blessing and encouragement to the Bride of Christ. In the morning I had spent an hour or so in prayer, expressing my heart's desire to be close to the Lord.


In the vision, I saw Jesus walking backwards towards the water's edge of a lovely expanse of crystal clear water. In His hands were small musical notes and hearts. One by one, the Lord knelt down and placed a musical note, then a heart, drawing me to follow him right up to the water's edge. It was like a game of follow the leader!


When He eventually reached the water's edge, the Lord beckoned me closer to join Him by His side. Jesus smiled at me and then took my hand and we began to walk on the water. With Christ leading, we skipped and jumped across lily pads that were placed upon the surface. The water was extremely deep, but I had no fear because Jesus was holding me by the hand. It was a joyous, exciting, and yet, equally peace-filled adventure as we ran helter-skelter across the top, skimming the water; hearts and hands united we giggled and laughed together. This was fun!

Just before the vision ended I asked the Lord if the ocean had a name. He replied, "Child this is the sea of Salvation. When my children worship me in Spirit and truth, and praise me with hearts filled with child-like trust and adoration, my joy and my glory are released on the earth producing the beautiful fruit of healing and salvations."


Without sounding demeaning the interpretation of this vision is extremely simple. As a friend of mine would say, "Catherine, it's not exactly rocket science." Which is just as well really, or I wouldn't have a hope of understanding (smile). Do you know what? I had almost forgotten what it felt like to run and skip and jump. Can you remember the last time you splashed in a puddle or spun around until you were dizzy or lay down on the ground just for the wonder of gazing at clouds scudding across the sky? Or when was the last time you picked up an earth worm, or made a daisy chain or sprinkled sherbet on your tongue just to feel it fizz, or flew a kite, or raced at high speed on your roller blades? Oh the joy of childhood, when we are innocent and desperate for all things new. Perhaps as the memories of childhood fade away with the passing of time, we also sometimes we forget how to be childlike and just enjoy the presence of the Lord. Could it be we are too busy being grown up at times to realize that the King of the Universe delights in us, simply because we are just that - His children?


The vision has a two-fold encouragement. One, it is a reminder that there is a child inside of each one of us just waiting to grasp the hand of God and run with him for the sheer joy of it. We may have many roles in our busy lifestyles, but let's remember the most important of all is that we were created for relationship and intimacy with Abba, our Heavenly Father.


Secondly, it is a call to the Bride of Christ to burst into new horizons of joy-filled worship and praise, trusting Jesus to lead us by the hand. God calls us to lay down tiredness, disappointments, self-condemnation and disillusionment and accept that Jesus loves us because He loves us. We are absolutely beautiful to him! We may be a work in progress, but we are earthen vessels full of His glory!

The symbolism of the hearts and musical notes, express the Lord's desire that his Bride would 'whoosh' into fresh depths of bridal intimacy and worship. It's the Lord who calls us and woos us with his amazing love. He just loves to pour out gifts on His children. We don't need to be all religious or pompous to get into His presence. We don't need to 'do' anything to win His affections. Whether we are peeling potatoes, writing a sermon, editing accounts, driving a truck, teaching, being a lawyer, whatever we may turn our hands to - we are lovely and loved because we are children of the Most High God. Our praise and worship can take place anywhere, and at any time, and it's always acceptable to God.

I was filled with fresh joy, peace, faith and hope as a result of this lovely spiritual experience. May you also know a fresh burst of Jesus-filled joy in your heart today as you reach out to praise our glorious Savior.


Of eternal significance is the name of the waters on which worship and praise were represented - the sea of Salvation.

In Acts 16 we read that when Paul and Silas had been stripped, beaten, flogged, imprisoned, and were undoubtedly wounded, exhausted and perhaps a little bit afraid. However, they chose not to focus on their circumstances, but rather to concentrate on praising Christ. The results were phenomenal - praise released all the prisoners bonds, and the jailor and his entire family received their salvation and were baptized that very night! Our sacrificial praise and worship today will release God's glory on the earth.

Beloved, the Lord calls us to receive His joy and to release it. Choose to praise Jesus today - because He's worth it!

Abundant blessings from an almost forty-year-old, mother of four, lay preacher, rejoicing in Jesus!

-Catherine Brown
Founder, Gatekeepers Prayer & Mission

By Catherine Brown
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"Written in an amazingly transparent style, Catherine Brown's book The Normal, The Deep and The Crazy adds a much needed gem to the prayer and prophetic movements in these days. I have had the joy of interacting with Catherine over the Internet over the past few years and meeting her in person. I appreciate immensely her humility and genuine heart for Jesus.

"Having been in the prayer and prophetic movement for several years myself, I look for clear voices that attempt to bring forth a word that honors the Lord and edifies and challenges the body of Christ. This is what I found in the ministry of Jesus through this clay vessel. Catherine Brown is a quick learner and humble servant. She is one of the new breed; a faceless generation of Esther's, Daniel's, Joseph's, and Deborah's whom the Lord is raising up to influence this Impact Generation.

"With a whole heart I gladly endorse the content of this inspiring book. I trust it will do for you what it did for me. After reading The Normal, The Deep and The Crazy, I found myself more in love with our Father God who desires to see restoration happen in the lives of countless numbers of warriors in waiting. I sense the Holy Spirit saying, 'Come out of your caves! I will embrace you! I will restore you! I will revive you! The best is yet ahead of you! Just as I have done in the life of this broken vessel - so I will do for you!'

"To you, the reader, I commend these telling truths from a pilgrim of faith. May the Lord impart to you the spirit of encouragement that all things are possible to those who believe! To you, Catherine, blessings, and thank you."
- Jim W Goll, Co-founder of Ministry to the Nations, Franklin, TN

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