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Bob Jones: "The Superbowl and the Panthers" --- Discerning A Word from the Lord -- With Paul Keith Davis

A Word from Bob Jones via Paul Keith Davis
Jan 31, 2004

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by Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis
"The Superbowl and the Panthers"

Saturday, January 31, 2004 6:26 PM

Note on the Superbowl and The Panthers by Steve Shultz:

Jesus encouraged His disciples and all future disciples -- that signs would continue to be seen in the heavens above and the earth beneath. Not all sports games are a sign, of course, (most are not) but sometimes they are, when the event is significant to man (or the Lord) and the Lord chooses to speak through it.

"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter." Prov 25:2

I had heard for several years that the Panthers, at their inception, were prophesied by Bob Jones. You will be interested in this story as an example of how God speaks though Seers and prophets, often years ahead of time.

I contacted Paul Keith Davis who writes the visions for Bob Jones and helps bring clarity to them (Of course, that's when he's not receiving his own visions and spiritual experiences from the Lord). I asked him if he'd write me a quick recap of the Panther vision that Bob Jones had years ago and how it might related to the Superbowl.

Enjoy it and learn from it. Then watch the game if you like. Note that no outcome has been prophesied to the game. But it doesn't hurt to look for signs based on what happens.


Steve Shultz

"The Superbowl and the Panthers"
By Bob Jones and Paul Keith Davis

Note by Paul Keith Davis:

Hello Steve,

We are on the road this weekend and unable to prepare an article like we would normally do but I will highlight the vision Bob had in 1993 related to the "Carolina Panthers" in hopes that it will also provide encouragement to the Church.

Already, there is expectancy concerning the fact that Carolina is the championship game ... even if they do not win, although a victory would be even more affirming.

Here is the story ...

The Panther In the Lumberyard

In 1993 Bob Jones was taken in a vision and shown Charlotte NC. It the experience he saw what he recognized to be an old lumberyard in the central part of Charlotte. While he was watching this, a black panther walked into the lumberyard and made it his den.

At the time Bob was not sure what this represented. It wasn't clear if the panther symbolized some form of demonic plot or something the Lord was intending to do.

The Release of Financial Favor

He was shown however that the vision, at least in part, was related to a release of financial favor and the unleashing of natural and spiritual provision. He was also shown another cat in the vision that went south to make his home. That later became known as the "Jacksonville Jaguars."

Bob called Rick Joyner or MorningStar Ministries at the time of the vision and shared it with him as a matter of record.

Bob told Rick. . . "There is a black panther coming to Charlotte and he is going to live at the old lumberyard."

It wasn't until approximately two years later when it was announced that Charlotte was getting a professional football team that the vision began to have meaning.

As we now know, the team was called The Panthers and the new stadium was built where the old lumberyard was located.

For this reason we have watched the team as a token of destiny to gleam prophetic timing for the things the Lord desires to do.

From Obscurity to Championship

Two years ago the team (The Panthers) was in obscurity. Now they are champions of the NFC and in the Super Bowl.

Favor was easily discerned on them, particularly the last few games. That is a token portrayal of the way the Lord is going to take hidden and obscure saints and anoint them with His Spirit to make them His champions with the heart of David.

We cannot necessarily randomly take secular events and give them prophetic meaning. However, since the team was shown in a revelatory experience before their existence, we have felt confident to watch them as a symbol of timing.

Truthfully both teams are pointing to prophetic destiny. There are two cutting- edge prophetic ministries located within close proximity of the two cities involved.

Both teams are on the verge of considerable breakthrough. John Paul Jackson and his team at Streams Ministries are also poised for something significant as well.

I trust this may help.

Blessings to you guys,

Paul Keith Davis

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"May God's face shine on you as you read Engaging the Revelatory Realm of Heaven by my friend, Paul Keith Davis. I pray that it will call you into a great life of intimacy, service, kindness, and friendship with God."
- John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

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The purpose of this booklet is to simply outline the revelations that were received on that date in order to Biblically convey the revelation to the believer. It is not the intent of this outline to completely cover all the truth associated with these revelations. It would take a large book to adequately elaborate on and communicate all of the Biblical truth realized through these revelations.

It is our prayer that the believer will study these revelations during the course of this year to extract all the understanding the Spirit of Truth will reveal. Much of the truth given in the Shepherd's Rod is like seed that, once planted, requires time to develop and mature. These revelations apply to the year that it is given and the years that follow as each revelation provides greater clarity and focus for the Lord's heart for this generation.

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"The contents of this book contain open revelations from God Himself. It is much more than a glimpse into the secret places, it is also a full view on how to become an 'overcomer.' You will find within the pages of this book why Paul Keith walks in 'Christ likeness'. I have been stirred by his life and now I am stirred by his book." -Joseph Schuchert

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

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