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Cindy Jacobs, "One of the Greatest Shifts in Recent History . . . Dedicated Warriors Fought on Their Knees." (And How the African-American Vote Made the Difference)

by Cindy Jacobs
Nov 4, 2004

NEWS ITEM: (Albany, OR)

The Ohio state motto is: "With God, all things are possible"

Submitted by Elijah List Reader, Linda Dodson

The Ohio state motto is: "With God, all things are possible."

Just this past March 16th, Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ successfully won a court case and a 9-4 ruling that the motto was Constitutional. In 1997, former Governor George Voinovich, now a U.S. Senator, had the motto engraved in the front of the Ohio statehouse walkway in Columbus. The motto is also reportedly used on tax forms and on some official stationery. The motto was adopted in 1959 at the suggestion of a schoolboy in Cincinnati after he learned that Ohio was the only U.S. state without an official motto.


Pray for Miraculous Breast Cancer Recovery for Elizabeth Edwards
(Wife of Former Vice Pres. Candidate John Edwards)

By RON FOURNIER and RANDOLPH SCHMID, Associated Press Writers

WASHINGTON - Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards, was diagnosed with breast cancer the day her husband and Sen. John Kerry conceded the presidential race. Spokesman David Ginsberg said Mrs. Edwards, 55, discovered a lump in her right breast while on a campaign trip last week. Her family doctor told her Friday that it appeared to be cancerous and advised her to see a specialist when she could. She put off the appointment until Wednesday so as not to miss campaign time.

Prayer Directive by Steve Shultz: Please pray as energetically as you prayed for this election for a speedy and miraculous recovery of Elizabeth Edwards from this newly discovered Cancer. May God's love be ever-more abundant to her!



Cindy Jacobs, "One of the Greatest Shifts in Recent History . . . Dedicated Warriors Fought on Their Knees." (And How the African-American Vote Made the Difference)

November 4, 2004

We have just experienced one of the greatest shifts on a national election in recent history. To what can it be attributed? A righteous remnant dedicated to a cause. Over the past few months, a fearless band of dedicated warriors have fought on their knees and with their votes for the soul of a nation.

What caused the dramatic move to the right? Of course we will never know everything that went into this hinge-pin of history called the 2004 United States Elections. However, to peel away all political pundits and speculations, one gets down to the power of a nation on its knees in prayer. There are also those heroes like my friend, Harry Jackson, who just spoke some 30 times to news media across the land from CBS to FOX NEWS.

I remember prophesying over Harry that God would use him like Martin Luther King if he wanted the position. He, among others, has picked up the mandate for justice that Dr. King carried.

At the beginning of August, 2004, the Lord gave me a word while I was on TBN in Miami that the African-American vote would swing the election. This, I believe history will tell, is precisely what has happened.

I am reminded of a prophecy that the Lord gave me several years ago that we would only see true justice in this land when there is an African-American Supreme Court Justice. Let us pray that justice will be done across this land regardless of color, and that the days of racism are numbered in the United States.

I am sure that God has seen every prayer warrior down on their knees for righteousness -- for righteousness to roll down like a mighty river. Words can not thank the young warriors of The Cause, who not only prayed and fasted for 50 days in Colorado Springs, but also have then taken up their place on the steps of the United States Supreme Court. Faithful young leaders who have taped their mouths shut and stood where justice is meted out and written the word "life" to represent the silent screams of those aborted.

The world has seen the true America today which values biblical principles, regardless of the tactics of the liberal press to dissuade them. To all the unsung heroes, thank you, not only from my generation, but from the voices of generations to come.

by Cindy Jacobs
Generals International
Dallas, Texas


To watch Bishop Harry Jackson on "Righteousness AND Justice in America," click on the "TV" below to begin watching:

Or paste this link into your web browser:

(Or to read a transcription of "Righteousness AND Justice in America" by Bishop Harry Jackson, go here:

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.



"Women of Destiny"
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"Deliver Us From Evil"
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"The Warrior's Heart"
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Every Christian has entered the war zone. No one can be a bystander, and the stakes are high. What is this war? And what is your part in it?

The Warrior's Heart explains how the ongoing clash between the forces of Satan and the forces of God affects you every day - in the geopolitical arena, in family crises, even in conflicts within your own soul.

Spiritual warfare is real, and knowing how to combat the enemy is vital for every disciple of Jesus Christ. This eye-opening manual will give you the practical, biblical keys to victory. It will train you to fulfill your calling, refine in you a life of integrity, and equip you to be a good soldier in God's army.


"The Warrior's Heart is not only a battle cry to every Christian to
start contending for the faith in our time, but it also presents a
clear, compelling, and biblical roadmap to victory!"

- Bill McCartney

"Jackson guides us expertly through areas of godly living with personal as well as corporate connections. This book is a manual for effective believers today." - John Bevere

"Bishop Harry Jackson is an extremely gifted communicator who steps right in the ring to show us how to wage war against the power of Satan. Every believer needs this book." - Cindy Jacobs

"It's more about the warrior than the warfare." - Jane Hansen

"Harry Jackson is seeking to shake us awake - all who would serve, lead, or take action as disciples of Jesus at this critical season of spiritual challenge. He's qualified as a faithful soldier; he's pointing the way as a servant-hearted leader." - Jack Hayford

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"High Impact African-American Churches"
Leadership Concepts from Some of Today's Most Effective Churches
by Harry R. Jackson, Jr. & George Barna


Throughout our nation hundreds of vibrant African-American churches are leading people to deep, life-changing spiritual transformations. With visionary leadership, powerful worship, challenging faith-formation strategies, and a strong sense of community and mission, these churches form the backbone of American spirituality. What generates this vitality? And how can you bring that same passion, energy, and impact to your church?

In High Impact African-American Churches, researcher George Barna and Reverend Harry Jackson, Jr., combine their research, knowledge, and experience to describe what these churches do that is changing lives. Their critical insights into the historical African-American experience and its current ministry practices will show you the transferable concepts that will help your ministry, regardless of its location or ethnicity, and lead people to greater spiritual maturity.

Churches studied were affiliated with the following denominations:

- African Methodist Episcopal
- AME Zion
- American Baptist Church
- Assemblies of God
- Church of God in Christ
- Fellowship of International Churches
- Missionary Baptist
- National Baptist
- United Methodist
- United Pentecostal

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