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Bishop Bill Hamon with Julie A. Smith: "Prophetic Revival Report: The Army of the Lord is Coming Together and Advancing!"

by Bishop Bill Hamon with Julie A. Smith
May 20, 2016

Steve ShultzIntro From Julie A. Smith:

It was an absolute honor to interview Bishop Bill Hamon surrounding the events of AzusaNow, as well as receive his prophetic insight about the current season of the Church and what we have to look forward to.

Bishop Hamon is considered "the Father of the Prophetic Movement," and because of his vision decades ago to train and equip the saints to "prophesy," his ministry impact (Christian International) is worldwide and is a main reason that the Elijah List exists today.

You'll quickly see in this interview that Bishop Hamon is a walking Bible and is full of revelation for the times and seasons of the Church. You'll learn a great deal in where we are now and where the Church is going as he shares:

We can have a present third reformation which, I've said it's going to be all the restoration movements from Protestant, evangelical, holiness, divine healing, latter rain, charismatic, all up to the present, like all the restoration movements rolled into one. It's going to be a tsunami sweep across the world. It's going to call the glory of the Lord to fill the earth as the waters cover the seas.

We are in that day for His glory to fill the earth!

Be encouraged in this interview by Bishop Hamon and the key insight he shares.

Julie A. Smith, Managing Editor
The Elijah List


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Julie: Bill, you know that it's your doing that the Elijah List exists today. I don't know if you knew that. Steve shared that he was prophetically trained at CI (Christian International) by you when he first started to learn to prophesy and the rest is history.

BH: It's always encouraging to hear somebody like him got a start, and is blessed and motivated and it helped him realize his calling and that's always encouraging. I hear that quite often around the country, but it's very encouraging.

Julie: My first question is in this long-awaited, 110-year anniversary you were involved with different events and rallies connected to the AzusaNow event. What was your overall scope from the actual day and the significance of events that surrounded it?

BH: Well, I was at the 2006...the 100th anniversary (of Azusa), and I took all my board of directors there (about 40) and we had a retreat out there then. I think it's very significant. Then the next day (after the 110th AzusaNow event) I spoke at the tent (at Azusa Street) and they planted a tree and stuff. But to know "that honoring and understanding" that we're building upon a platform of others... I'm a restoration person and I preach probably more on restoration than most ministers in the country do. Because I deal with the wholeness and Pentecostal, all the movements, and each one of them is the foundation of the building and we built it this far. I'm writing a book right now on God's World War III... that article came out the first of the year (click here to read on the Elijah List).

I'm covering that each (movement) has been an active war since the Protestant reformation began, since the second reformation began, and each one general, like Martin Luther took territory, then Wesley took territory in the wholeness movement and then A.B. Simpson in the divine healing movement, and (William) Seymour, and all those in the Pentecostal movement. Then there's the latter rain and restoration movement and through the charismatic movement and the move on faith and prophetic/apostolic and now we have the all saints movement from 2007. (Photo of Mel Tari with Bishop Bill Hamon at AzusaNow via Bishop Bill Hamon Facebook)

Now we're in the third reformation and what I told them on Sunday (day after AzusaNow) was thank God for 2006 and all they did and the faithfulness in the Lord and being an instrument, and now we're in 2016. What are you going to do now? What time are you in? What's facing you?

I challenged them in the fact that they're in the third reformation and they have not only a chance to look back and see what God's done, but they're pioneers in the third reformation... and God's been checking everybody out for the last seven years, since 2008, when Heaven decreed the third reformation had begun. The purpose of the third reformation is to fulfill and finalize all the maturing that needs to be fulfilled and to demonstrate the Kingdom of God in every nation with signs, wonders, and miracles and prove that Jesus Christ is the only true God and that every nation becomes a goat or sheep nation to fulfill Matthew 25:31, where Jesus said the first thing He's going to do when He comes back is, "He will sit on the throne of His glory."

So, I challenged them to pull upon and draw upon all that was restored by Him, and God's depending on this generation to be the finishing generation, the Omega generation, that really fulfills all things, accomplishes all things, and brings back the King. I want to see established a new move of God and create movement with God and what He's doing in this day now. So I challenged them on that, at the tent meeting of the tree planting ceremony, that we had out there with Dutch Sheets and I, and Lou Engle and Fred and Wilma Berry, and so, I thought it was great. (Photo of Fred and Wilma Berry with Bishop Bill Hamon via Fred Berry Facebook)

We had a great crowd out, and I reminded them that we're rejoicing over Pentecost and there was just a recent survey not too long ago and I found that of truly major Pentecostal denominations...42% or 49% or something like not speak in tongues. I mean their members and elders and deacons do not speak in tongues in a Pentecostal Church. Pentecost came into being because of the restoration of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues. I reminded them that that's the reason I wrote the book "70 Reasons for Speaking in Tongues" because Jesus said it's going to give them the power to fulfill this.

Julie: What have you heard from the Lord about the impact of the event? What have you heard prophetically on the AzusaNow day?

BH: Did you hear the prophecy I gave on the platform about 1 o'clock that day? What I prophesied was that God, it's like in Israel, when God's people cried out and it said God heard and God remembered His covenant with Abraham. He authorized their time for deliverance (Israelites) and their time for getting out from under bondage and heading for the promised (Canaan) land. I felt like God had heard the cry of us on the east coast and west coast, and that now the process was going to begin to turn around America.

Here's the prophetic word spoken by Bishop Bill Hamon on stage at AzusaNow on April 9, 2016:

Today thus saith the Lord, "This is the day that I have ordained from the foundation of the world. I have joined you this day," and now the Lord says, "I've heard your cry, I've heard your worship, and I'm reversing the curse. I'm making an open Heaven...I'm about to reverse the things that the devil has planned. This is the day can a nation be born in a day? America shall carry the righteousness and I shall restore. I shall fill thy earth with My glory. You're My beginning, you're with Me now as you give a shout right now I'm going to blast the powers of Hell away...lift your voice, shout for a minute!"

And God had heard that, and what I brought out in the message on Sunday was "prayer and repentance begins in the process of deliverance and transformation of a nation." But then the process, like with the children of Moses, the people cry out, God hears, God acknowledges and Exodus 2:23-24 says God heard, God remembered and then God authorized and decreed that the deliverance would begin. So He raised up a prophet by the name of Moses and He sends Moses over to be the deliverer, and he leads them to journey from Egypt to the Jordan River.

It took their warfare and Joshua and the army to take them in. And they're just like in Gideon, the people cried out. In Judges the 6th chapter, the people had cried out for deliverance and because the enemy was coming and taking everything they had. In Judges 6 they took their cattle, their crops, everything. After seven years, they finally cried out to God. I don't know why it took them seven years to get desperate enough to cry out to God, but they finally did, and it says that the next thing that happened is that God sent a prophet. The prophet prophesied to them and said from the Lord, "Look, I've done all this deliverance for your forefathers but could not do it for you, but you never trusted Me. You have not looked to Me, you looked to your false gods and other things. Now return to Me. I'll deliver you."

Then God finds a man by the name of Gideon and raised him up. Then Gideon raises up an army and the army brings their deliverance and brings their transformation. So, I was telling them, this is the beginning now. This is the start. We now have to get the men and women of God in place and the seven mountains all influencing the influencers. We have to raise up an army of saints and go to war in the spirit realm and cut off the principalities and powers that are motivating evil and directing people.

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Our job is to be the air force, to make a no-fly zone over America, over our area; and it's because the principalities and powers and what's influencing the thinking of evil men and the wrong politicians and all that. That's the reason I'm writing a book right now on God's army of the Lord being activated into an offensive, aggressive warfare. In the wilderness, they had four battles for preservation, but in Canaan there was constant battle for possessing and procuring God's promises, so this was very key; this meeting (AzusaNow) was very key, very timely.

I think God's just been waiting on us to really come to this place and this time, and the repentance and the commitment and the covenant, renewing the covenant, and all that we did in that event. We got God's attention and I sense in the Spirit God saying, "That's okay, I'll acknowledge it now and I'll start the process. It's been dragging out a long time, but now I make a decree from Heaven, I start the process and now prophets are going to arise."

God's Church is going to become militant and aggressive in coming against the powers of Hell and God's going to raise up community, seven mountain people with education, government and politics, and everything to be influencers for the Kingdom.

We're going to see the last days begin to be fulfilled and accomplished and moving ahead. So, this was very key. This was the countdown for the launching of a rocket. Now we're going to ride it into orbit and begin to affect the nation and bring reformation. I was excited about it (AzusaNow). I thought it was great, it was good, it was timely and it was purposeful.

Julie: Yes, it was an amazing day. There's so much that happened that day. We're getting amazing feedback of miracles, signs and wonders and people getting healed, people getting out of wheelchairs. It was just a phenomenal day.

BH: Yeah, I thought God was really among us. I saw in the spirit that God came down and said, "Okay, your heart's right, your timing is right, you're doing it right, and I'm coming down to join in this." Angels came down and God's presence, and that's the reason people started getting healed and delivered. God just really moved, so I thought there was a great confirmation. It was of God and we accomplished a purpose for launching God's process of transformation and deliverance for the nation and for turnaround and divine reversal. (Photo of Bishop Bill Hamon with Todd White at AzusaNow via Bishop Bill Hamon Facebook)

We've been going down, down morally... for the last several years and getting further and further away from God, but God's going to really get the glory and get His reputation back. Now we gotta raise up the army, keep people in key positions, to raise up the army.

Julie: Was there anything that you wanted to personally receive for yourself, your ministry or your region that you were expecting to receive that day, not just pour out, as you always do, but something you wanted to receive from the Lord for yourself?

BH: Yeah, I wanted to receive...I wanted to have the syncing of that "timing and purpose of God", because I've been prophesying the connection for the right timing and God's going do it, but I wanted to see a manifestation of it. I thought we had a real manifestation and God did join us and was upon us and empowered us to now move ahead. There were the signs and wonders right in front of me. I was on the platform all the time and a guy held up his crutches there and I don't know what else happened there, but that was unusual. You didn't have that in the 2006 (Azusa) meeting...this was a new day and a new hour and I was glad to see it.

Julie: Did you want to share anything else with the Elijah List and the Breaking Christian News readers?

BH: I think the main thing that people need to know is that these people (in past moves) went forward. You know, we're looking backward, but they were moving forward in time and pioneering. We can look backward, but we better turn around and start going forward and take our responsibility for our generation.

That was their responsibility (in past moves) to be instrumental in the move of God that God wanted to restore at that time. I've been through the latter rain movement, the charismatic movement and the faith movement and pioneered the prophetic/apostolic. In 2007 it was the saints movement birthed. Then in 2008 it was supposed be the third and final Church reformation that had begun and was decreed. The seven years in 2008 to 2015, having been through testing and checking out people and updating old generals and new generals, to modern warfare and the army of the Lord, and checking who will be third reformation reformers and leaders in this new army that God's raising, everybody's being tested to the Nth degree and checked out and challenged, updated, upgraded and (called to) come on higher. (Photo of Bishop Bill Hamon with Mike Bickle at AzusaNow via Bishop Bill Hamon Facebook)

We can have a present third reformation which, I've said it's going to be all the restoration movements from Protestant, evangelical, holiness, divine healing, latter rain, charismatic, all up to the present, like all the restoration movements rolled into one. It's going to be a tsunami sweep across the world. It's going to call the glory of the Lord to fill the earth as the waters cover the seas.

And so, I probably won't be here to see it all finish, you know, but I said I'm going be like David. I'm going to prepare it all, like he prepared the stones and a lot of the money and resources and the blueprint for the temple, and turned it over to Solomon's generation to build it. So, I figure I'll have to turn it over to this new generation... the things, write the books, the revelation, do everything I can to prepare for it and give to them so they've got all the resources to get the job done.

Julie: Wonderful. Wow, I think you just wrote a book in just this interview.

BH: (Laughs) Yeah, well, I'm writing right now. I've got about five more chapters to go on dealing with prophetic acts. What we did there (AzusaNow) was a prophetic act. Then they planted the tree and that was a prophetic act. Like everything we do, singing, worship, praying, it's all a prophetic act. It's activating the word of God by faith and the results of us obeying His word is what we call a prophetic act.

We just have to get up and do it and believe God's going to come through. We're on the move and Heaven and earth are in agreement, and it's been decreed and the army is beginning to come together, ready, start advancing, and we're going to see some major, major situations.

Julie: Bless you. Thank you for your time.

BH: Alright. Stay happy. Stay happy, even if it does makes the devil miserable.

Source: The Elijah List

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