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By Bill Johnson:

When the Holy Spirit equips you, it's so you can do the impossible.

Many times throughout the Bible, the Lord spoke to His servants saying He would be with them. Sometimes He even described it this way: "The Spirit of the Lord came upon them." I once made a list of every such encounter recorded in Scripture. I found an interesting truth: Whenever the Lord said He would be with someone, it meant he had just been given an impossible assignment.

God gave such a promise to Moses. It was connected to his assignment to lead Israel out of Egypt and out of the cruel control of Pharaoh into the Promised Land. A similar word was given to Joshua, the one who took over when Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land. Joshua was assigned to lead them into their inheritance, in spite of giants and...(more)

By Francis Frangipane:

If we are to succeed spiritually, among all the other necessary virtues we especially will need perseverance. We will need to learn not only how to fight but how to keep going in the fight until God brings the breakthrough. I am not talking about becoming carnal in our warfare or fleshly in our aggression. I am speaking about a combination of discernment, authority and unwavering faith that needs to live within us, even while other virtues and gifts develop.

It is not enough, you see, to know about God's Kingdom – we are called to possess it. Yes, when we are born again, we are born into God's Kingdom. But the reality of being born of the Spirit means that a whole new realm of possibilities, challenges and obstacles now unfolds before us. In other words, we must overcome many things in order to function as sons...(more)

By Dr. Christian Harfouche:

God Is Raising To Himself a People That He Has Declared Beforehand: YOU

We are living in an important season in human history. God has ordained this hour and this time to reveal unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places: His manifold wisdom through His redeemed sons and daughters.

God became a Man that He might redeem unto Himself a new generation, victorious, born from above to walk above and never beneath. He will never leave us, nor forsake us, but He will come upon His people even stronger in this hour to make His Word alive and impart faith, that we would accept a higher level of performance than we've ever imagined...(more)

North Carolina Magistrates Resigning Over Same-Sex Marriages; They Just Won't Do This...

Carrying out court-ordered government mandates not only violates religious beliefs, but "desecrates a holy institution established by God Himself."

airlift(North Carolina)—[CBN News] Some magistrates in North Carolina are choosing to resign rather than perform same-sex marriages...(more)

Idaho Ministers Threatened With Jail if They Don't Perform Gay Marriage

These ordained ministers have been marrying couples since 1989 in traditional marriage services without conflict until now.

(Coeur d'Alene, ID)—[CBN News] Their belief in the Biblical definition of marriage puts one Idaho couple center stage in America's culture war over same-sex marriage...(more)

#HoustonWeHaveAProblem Petition Surpasses 10,000 Supporters as Pressure Mounts for City of Houston to Drop Subpoenas

“Faith Driven Consumers and people of conscience across the nation—including leaders at the local, state and national levels—are joining the call for the mayor and city officials to unequivocally reverse course and end their harassment of five respected area pastors and ultimately Christians throughout Houston.”


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