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By Dutch Sheets:

I believe 2017-2018 will go down in history as "turning point years" for America. Certainly, there have been other crossroad seasons in our nation's 240 years of existence: but these two years have been epochal. The exposing of the Deep State, certainly not complete but at least begun; the confrontation and interruption under the leadership of President Trump of the left's mad dash to globalism, secularism and amoralism; halting the suicidal weakening of our military; the determination of millions of Americans to recapture our roots and our destiny; and the beginning of shifting control of America from government back to the people starting with the courts. All these events have made this season pivotal.

A Prophetic Warning from Jefferson

America's judicial system has long been its Achilles heel. This shift alone could be instrumental in saving America. Thomas Jefferson warned of the dangers of an out-of-control judicial branch 200 years ago!

"The Constitution is a mere thing of wax in the hands judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please. It should be remembered, as an axiom of eternal truth in politics, that whatever power in any government is independent, is absolute also..... (more)

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By Ruth Hendrickson:

I hear the Lord saying, "Pay attention to the wells for it is time for the cover to be removed." As I continued to listen, the Lord impressed on me that many people have been gathering around the well, waiting for the cover to be removed. Immediately I was taken to Genesis 29:2. From there, the Lord revealed to me that there are three groups of people.

"He [Jacob] saw a well in the distance. Three flocks of sheep and goats lay in an open field beside it, waiting to be watered. But a heavy stone covered the mouth of the well." (Genesis 29:2 emphasis mine)

Three Groups of People

Group 1: You have been sitting around the well, waiting. In the book of Genesis, they gathered and waited until everyone was there before removing the stone. You have basically been waiting for some "missing pieces" to come into alignment so the well can be uncapped.

I hear the Lord saying, "Look and see in the spiritual realm. I see things from a different perspective. Uncap the well, stop waiting; taste and see that I AM good (Psalm 34:8). As you see and take the ground in the spiritual realm, you will see victory manifest in the physical realm. Do not hold back, do not hesitate... (more)

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By Charity Virkler Kayembe:

I love the first few chapters of Genesis as this gives us a clear picture of our heavenly Father's original intention and plan. Everything in the garden was good, however, what we see around us now is a world corrupted by sin (Rom. 8:20-21).

For example, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had supernatural eyesight to see in the spirit. They were created in God's image and He is Spirit (Jn. 4:24). So as spirit beings they engaged God easily and walked and talked with Him in the cool of the day. They also interacted with other spirit beings, like the devil, who is a fallen angel (Gen. 3:1-7). This is why it is so interesting that they were tempted by the words "...your eyes will be opened..." (Gen. 3:5). From where I'm sitting, their eyes were already wide open! They were obviously interacting with other spirits in the spirit realm – angels and God Himself. Their eyes were already very open to see and hear in the supernatural world, naturally and easily... (more)

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By Helen Calder:

A few days ago, I had a dream in which I was looking at a long wall. And in front of that wall I saw two angels. They were leaning against it, lounging with arms crossed – a pose that clearly indicated they had nothing to do! I knew that I was responsible for their employment, and that the unoccupied space by the wall was available for more angels to join them.

I believe God is speaking to many people at this time that angels are waiting at your wall! Take heart, for that situation you are facing is about to become a miracle zone.

God Has Appointed You to a Wall

The walls of an ancient city were where watchmen stood guard. "Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings" (Isaiah 58:12, NIV).

A wall can represent an obstacle. But as I prayed about the dream, I was drawn to the story of Nehemiah. He wept when he heard the walls of Jerusalem were broken down, and the city's gates burned with fire. Nehemiah prayed, he interceded. And then, he realized God had appointed him to go and help rebuild that wall himself.

Like Nehemiah, God has appointed you to a wall. Your "wall" could be your family. It may be your job. It could be an entrustment from the Lord; a calling. Perhaps your wall is your community. It could be a prayer mandate for a person, souls or a nation... (more)

By Holly Watson:

For the past few weeks, the Lord has been quickening my spirit about this month of December as a time to keep watch for while we close out the year 2018. 12/21 was also shown to me while in prayer as a date to keep our hearts open to see significant shifts occur. The numbers 12/21 were awakened in my spirit over the Thanksgiving holiday as a prophetic marker for governmental and personal shifts to take place in our spheres of influence. Being that the date 12/21 mirrors itself from front to back and back to front, it was quickened in my spirit that this shift would produce a cycle of completion causing a trajectory move (a sudden thrust) of the Spirit, accelerating us into our futures.

"You've been shifted out of the old and into a new paradigm of desires fulfilled, as abundant as the Tree of Life!"

The significance of the date 12/21 was also revealed to me as a time where the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end would see its day of fulfillment (fulfilled prophecy/ the cycles of God). The number 12 is also a number of the elect purposes of God and an indication that the best of the best is coming forward... (more)

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'Absolutely a Dream' -Christian Singer Francesca Battistelli Sings with Music Icon Andrea Bocelli in Upcoming Christmas Special

"I'm still amazed that it happened." -Francesca Battistelli


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Popular Christian Women's Teacher, Lysa TerKeurst, Gives Stunning Update About Her Broken Marriage

"A million prayers. A miracle answered. A marriage restored." -Lysa TerKeurst

[]—Lysa TerKeurst has had an incredibly tough past couple of years, overcoming breast cancer and enduring tremendous personal struggle. Last June, she posted a blog in which she announced that her 25-year-marriage had come to an end due to her husband's repeated infidelity and struggle with substance abuse. In many ways, Lysa, a gifted women's ministry leader, would be the last person you'd anticipate this ever happening to...(more)

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Anne Graham Lotz: Through My Cancer, God is Giving Me a Message About Israel

"It's time to pray for Jerusalem and for the whole house of Israel. If you agree, please join me in prayer." -Anne Graham Lotz

(Charlotte, NC)—[] At 70 years of age, why did I come down with cancer? My cancer is potentially fatal. It struck swiftly and unexpectedly. It required immediate, prompt, drastic surgery and follow-up treatments that include chemotherapy and radiation. Through our prayers and God's answers, I believe I will be victorious over it...(more)

"Let the Old and Young Get Together, Learn Together and Speak With One Mind": Why So Many Millennial Christians Are Confused about Homosexuality

"We must emphasize moral absolutes, truth absolutes and reality absolutes ... we do this by being grounded in divine morality and reality. We do this by being grounded in the truth. So, let the old and the young get together, learn together and speak with one mind to the LGBT community. That's the least we can do for these men and women for whom Jesus died." -Dr. Michael Brown


Heroic Dog Saves a Kansas Family after an Enormous House Fire Breaks Out

"I went to the back part of the house, and the whole back end of my house was just on fire. My daughter's room was next and that's when I grabbed her."

[] A dog belonging to a Kansas family has been credited with saving lives after a massive house fire broke out over the weekend. Sarah Potter was asleep early Sunday morning when her pet pooch, Buster, started jumping on her and barking frantically...(more)

Why 'Separation of Church and State' was Never Intended to Mean 'Government Versus God'

"It's ironic that judges will say 'we have to maintain separation of Church and state.' They're quoting from Jefferson. And Jefferson in the Declaration said 'all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.' Here's Jefferson acknowledging that he believed in a Creator, and they're using his phrase out of context to prohibit a Creator." -William Federer, author


Second Grader, Excited about Reading His Bible, Gets Shut Down by Teacher When He Shares for Show and Tell

"It's stunning to consider the contrast between the hyperbolic language and extreme actions taken to ensure that one child's identity is catered to [as in the Peter Vlaming case, in which a female student identifies as male and insists on being addressed accordingly] and how my son was swiftly shut down when he wanted to briefly talk about a part of his identity that's important to him. It's also frightening." -John Ellis


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