By Holly Watson:

As we prepare to finish well throughout the rest of 2019, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about the age to come. Since the number 9 is the largest single digit in our numerical system and is identified as a number of completed cycles or fullness, we can't help but anticipate more full-circle moments at the threshold of our leap over into the 2020s.

Our experience-based navigation process, moving us beyond our current paradigms to enter into the reality of greater revelatory capacity for what lies ahead, has positionally prepared us to understand, perceive, and discern a more precise and accurate prophetic blueprint through the year 2020 and beyond.

Transition and full-circle moments oftentimes go hand-in-hand when God repositions His Church to fulfill her intended destiny. What God accomplished through His Spirit in the Upper Room, on the day of Pentecost, is just a glimpse of how we'll taste and see that the Lord is good as we transition into this new era, with hearts ready and yielded to what God has in store (Psalm 34:8)!

The year 2020 will prove to be a year of apprehending the perfections of the Holy Spirit through the 7 spirits of God for the Body of Christ, and for the world to see beyond our current measure of understanding (Luke 11:2-3, Revelation 5:6; 4:5).

Not only will our vision improve with breadth of view as the seer anointing polishes our eyes afresh with new eye salve, but our sight and sounds will merge together to form a move of God to awaken the planet in the most unusual of ways... (more)

By Candice Smithyman:

The Lord began to speak to me about the fact that, in this month of July, He is bringing His people into a time of divine alignments. As the Hebrew new year or "Head of the Year" 5780 is coming on September 29, 2019 at sundown, when Rosh Hashanah begins, we will be entering a time of double portion! This is amazing news, but this also means that God will be expanding and strengthening our current foundations so we can handle a heavier load on the foundation of our lives.

Strengthening the Foundations

Now, when would God begin to do this? He would begin about 3 months before the new year would start so that He could tear down, uproot, and rebuild. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV), "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens." If you are going to be putting new levels on a home the foundation must be strengthened. We just entered the Hebrew calendar month of Tammuz which is the 4th month on the religious or ecclesiastical calendar year, and the 10th month on the civil calendar. This is the right time for strengthening the foundations.

One of the foundations that God is working on this month is relationships... (more)

By Christy Johnston:

The Cloak of Courage: A Two-fold Promise

July marks the second half of 2019, and as I was asking the Holy Spirit what He was saying for the remainder of this year, I saw a cloak of courage coming down from Heaven like a cloud, resting upon the Body of Christ. I heard the Father speak to my heart, "In the next six months you will see and feel courage rest upon your shoulders like you have never felt before. I am mantling you with a cloak of courage. It is a cloak of royalty and it is the seal of your kingly authority. Where many of My children have been intimidated by the enemy, there is a fresh anointing that you will physically feel upon your shoulders, moving you into a courageous determination to seize your promises."

Many of you have been feeling the contention and war upon your promises this year, and rightly so. The fulfillment of your promises are a direct threat to the enemy. Your promises fulfilled will dismantle the enemy's strongholds across the earth... (more)

'Sing Louder ...There's a Pulse!': Family Prays and Worships as Rescuers Perform CPR to Revive Lifeless Son

"I didn't hear them singing, but HE [God] did!" -Levi Floyd

[] The Floyd family is praising God after a pair of nurses happened to be in the right place at the right time over the weekend, saving their 12-year-old son Levi's life during a family trip to Holden beach...(more)

What These Police Officers Did for a Cancer-Stricken Woman Will Warm Your Heart

[] [From the Collier Co. Sheriff's Office Facebook Post]: "CCSO Financial Crimes Bureau Cpl. Dean Peck recently took flowers to a family friend in East Naples who is battling an aggressive cancer. He left that day feeling he wanted to do more ... he mentioned to CCSO Warrants Sgt. John Gogia that he was planning to spruce it up for her. Sgt. Gogia immediately offered to help ... He also spread the word to friends and co-workers. On Saturday, 15 volunteers, nine of whom are CCSO members, converged on her home with a pressure washer and 100 bags of mulch that they paid for themselves"... (more)

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HEALTH: Transgender, Non-Binary Linked to Autism?

"We found that a significant proportion of the transgender and non-binary group either had a diagnosis of autism or displayed autistic traits, including a difficulty in empathizing and an overreliance on systematic, rule-based reasoning." -Dr. Steven Stagg

(United Kingdom) — [] New research indicates that transgender and non-binary individuals are significantly more likely to have autism or display autistic traits than the wider population—a finding that has important implications for gender confirmation treatments...(more)

Fabled Crusader Moat Found Outside Jerusalem's Old City Walls

"Anyone who ever dealt with the Crusade in Jerusalem knows this story. ... It's a very saucy bit of story. But nobody ever found the ditch, so people said maybe the story was made up." -Dr. Rafi Lewis

(Israel) — [] Archaeologists have discovered an 11th century moat just outside Jerusalem's Old City walls—the first hard evidence of a fabled Crusader siege against the city 920 years ago. Attested to in several historical documents, many scholars nonetheless believed the siege was a myth...(more)


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