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By Holly Watson:

At the beginning of this year, while my husband and I were attending a prophetic conference at our home church in Pasadena CA, I was caught up in the spirit in a vision during worship.

Standing on the Frontlines

In this vision, I found myself standing with Jesus on the frontlines of the army of God. Positioned behind us was a mighty battalion of Kingdom warriors, all dressed and ready for battle. As I stood with Jesus atop an ancient landmark while surveying the expanse of land before us, Jesus stretched out His arm and showed me the reach of our mission. When I looked down at my armor, making certain all of my battle gear was secure and in place, I noticed my sword was missing. The minute I noticed the absence of my sword, I turned to Jesus and said, "Lord, where is my sword?"

"8 is a trajectory number bringing us into a new order, new beginnings, and resurrection life."

No sooner had I asked Jesus this question, when a Bible appeared in my hand as my weapon of offense. With the Bible in my hand and with unwavering assurance, I raised the Bible in the air as a proclamation of victory.

The scene in my vision then changed to where Jesus was leading me away to a secret place in His garden. As I knelt before Him dressed in beautiful bridal attire, with a scepter in my hand, and with my military boots on, I humbly waited to hear and receive His council. As I lifted my eyes to gaze upon Jesus, He walked over to an ancient scroll sitting on top of a rock. He stretched out His hand and engraved the words Romans 8 across the scroll with His finger.

When I looked up beyond the horizon of where Jesus and the rock were positioned, the glory of the Lord was moving across the earth with pockets of a fresh baptism of Holy Ghost fire, igniting regions throughout the land. I then heard the Scripture verses from Phil... (more)

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By Wanda Alger:

Looking to Belong

There is a cry coming from within the Body of Christ. It is a cry from the heart and soul of many who have been wandering on the outskirts and are looking to belong somewhere! They are looking from the sidelines of the Church desperately wanting to grow and flourish, but feel stuck. They are the disenfranchised, the forgotten, the broken, the orphaned, and those who have yet to experience all that the Lord has for them. They are crying out in their secret place, "Lord, why am I so alone? I want to do more – BE more!"

The enemy is whispering into many ears, lies of doubt and unbelief: "You don't belong there. Nobody wants you. You're not good enough. You don't need THEM!" These lies are swirling among those who have been disappointed with the Church and the Body of Christ, telling them it's too risky to get close again. And yet, they know they can't move any further on their own.

Your Spiritual DNA is Calling You Higher – You Belong

If you are one of these who has heard those whispers and feel powerless to change, the Lord would have you know you are not alone. You are feeling what many of your brothers and sisters are feeling. If one member suffers, all suffer together. If one member is honored, all rejoice together (1 Corinthians 12:26 ESV). Though you may not realize it, your spiritual DNA is written upon your spirit and calling you higher!

You are part of an eternal family that is drawing you by the Spirit of God because you do belong... (more)

By Bill Yount:

I heard the Father saying, "I am honoring the inmates who built the casket for My chosen servant, Billy Graham. Their names burned into the pine plywood casket represent a list of names without number that will be recorded in My Lamb's book of life, as Billy Graham's mantle falls on prisoners worldwide, including those held captive in spiritual prisons. Many who have been kept by the darkest bondage will now become the greatest evangelists of our day."

This is a word for those in a physical and/or spiritual prison. Whether you are inside a physical prison or a spiritual one makes no difference to the Lord!

I believe this word is the fruition of a vision the Lord gave me back in 1997... (more)

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