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By Nathan Shaw:

Recently I woke up and heard God say, "Prophecy isn't protest - it's governmental decree." I was intrigued, a little puzzled and I inquired of God. He highlighted two people to me: King David and the prophet Nathan. Nathan is mentioned in connection with two events in David's life.

The first event is recorded in 2 Samuel 7. David desired to build a temple for God. When Nathan heard David's desire he responded, "Go, do all that is in your heart, for the LORD is with you" (2 Samuel 7:3). That night God corrected Nathan, revealing that it was Solomon who would build the temple, and not David. At the same time Nathan...(more)

By Phyllis Ford:

New Life and Resurrection

When a major shift takes place in our lives, we are presented with a new beginning. Where there is death of the flesh there is a wellspring of new life and resurrection. As we focus on the new life, the pain of death breaks off of us, allowing us the chance to embrace new joy in the resurrection.

This Passover marks a major turning point for government, the Church, and our nations at large. Just as we see seeds firmly planted in the ground arise in the spring, we will see an uncovering of much that has been operating underneath the surface. This is a good thing, because that which is exposed and brought to light shall be removed.

I heard the Lord say that during this emerging month of Nisan, that which has remained hidden must come to light so that there can be an uprooting of the hindrances that have been germinating...(more)

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By Jeff Jansen:

Five Years of Grace: The Beginning of World Harvest and Revival

On a recent trip to Virginia Beach, the Lord began speaking with me about the extended season of revival we are headed into globally. We, as Western Americans, all too often seem to think that revival is predominantly referring to the USA, however the season of revival that we have entered into will touch the hungry masses in major cities and regions around the world.

The Lord has shown me that the years 2017 through 2021 are linked with the outpouring of Acts 2:17 through 2:21. Just as that outpouring came with signs and wonders resulting in 3,000 souls coming into the Kingdom that day, we too are in the beginning stages of a synchronized birthing. This will bring world revival, growing from a flickering flame to a blazing infernoultimately ushering in the the...(more)

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The Secret to This Amazing 105-Year-Old Woman's Longevity and How She Can "Expect Many More Birthdays to Come"

She wants her life to inspire others and encourages today's youth to work hard and set goals.

(Tacoma, WA)—[CBN News] Florence Motley turns 105 this week, making her the oldest African-American citizen in the state of Washington. (Photo: Florence Motley via /ABHow...(more)

Iran Threatens to Seize Assets of 15 US Companies Who Cooperate With Israel

The Iranian sanctions were announced only two days after the U.S. imposed fresh sanctions of its own on 30 foreign firms and individuals for their roles in transferring sensitive technology to Tehran.

airlift(Israel)—[] Iran has imposed sanctions against 15 U.S. companies for their cooperation with Israel and alleged human rights violations, the Iranian state news agency IRNA reported Sunday...(more)

"Surreal": Christian Student Is Suspended for Challenging Muslim Professor Who Taught Jesus Wasn't Crucified

[Liberty University] Twenty-year-old Marshall Polston, a sophomore at the private, Florida-based four-year college, said that the professor of his Middle Eastern Humanities class also told students that Jesus' disciples did not believe He was God... Click here to read. (Photo: via TheCollegeFix...(more)

Enigmatic Dead Sea "Copper Scroll" Reveals the True Locations of Jerusalem's Lost Temple Treasures

Using the Copper Scroll as a guide, an archaeologist discovered a small vial of Persimmon Oil used to anoint kings and high priests and a large quantity of what he believed was Temple incense.

(Israel)—[Breaking Israel News] A Noahide and former criminal investigator believes he has deciphered an enigmatic 2,000-year-old message known as the Dead Sea Copper Scroll, concluding that it is a treasure map leading to the hiding place of the lost Temple utensils...(more)

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