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By Alane Haynes:

Recently, I received a very unusual vision. I saw an eagle soaring over the ocean, then it turned into a large ship, and I heard the words, "Aircraft carrier." As I began to seek the Lord, I heard the word "Audacious." I don't know anything about ships, so I know when I see something by the spirit that is outside my area of personal knowledge, there is something the Lord wants to tell me about it.

As I began to research these things, I was very surprised to learn that there was an aircraft carrier class known as Audacious, which was renamed Eagle. The Audacious class was originally designed as an expansion of an earlier class named Implacable. These had double storied hangars that had to be enlarged to accommodate the newer aircraft. The Implacable became Audacious, and the Audacious became the Eagle.

Implacable means unable to be placated; to be unstoppable or relentless. Audacious means bold, fearless, intrepid, daring, brave, courageous. I began to think about the eagle and what it represents – strength, great vision, using the winds to soar. I knew that they are incredible hunters. The Holy Spirit prompted me to do a little more research... (more)

By Edie Bayer:

The Symbol of the Flying Eagle

Multiple times recently as I was driving, the Lord highlighted to me the symbol on a particular brand of vehicle. You might have seen it—a squarish "O" with what looks like wings in it. It seemed that every time I looked at a vehicle, it had this logo on it! The first few times I thought maybe this particular vehicle brand had just gained popularity, but then it happened so many times, I started to realize the Lord was speaking! I finally asked Him, "What are You trying to show me?"

Meditating on this symbol, I tried to prophetically understand what I was seeing. Did the circle stand for eternity? What about the wings? Was it a symbol of freedom, rising above, or a bird? Maybe an eagle? I finally came to the conclusion that God was talking to me about eagles. It was then that I heard the Lord say, "Eagle, GO FLY!" I thought this interesting, because the name of my monthly prophetic school in Houston is called "Learning to FLY" School of the Prophetic... (more)

By Nate Johnston:

In a season of new frontiers, we often wonder why we face the most opposition, go through the most warfare, and deal with regular battles against the very promise we are pressing on towards. The level of fight we sometimes encounter can often be so intense that we fall back and retreat, never tasting the goodness of the promise fulfilled. I want to share a simple word the Lord is speaking to me, give you some practical keys, and prophesy over you.

Blocks, Delays, and Diversions

"Get all your armory and set it up in that place! How? Speak the Word over that area. Begin to strengthen those walls by intentionally protecting it... (more)

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