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By Jennifer Eivaz:

"There It Is Again!"

I had just spotted another praying mantis. It was sitting like a king on top of the door-knob of my front door. I kept noticing these praying mantises here and there. They were usually stationed on my front door as if to make sure they were noticed. This went on for a few years, although I didn't realize its significance until much later.

I also started having dreams. Dreams about... you guessed it... praying mantises! I began dreaming about all sorts of praying mantises. I even dreamt about a huge army of praying mantises marching in ranks on my front porch!

Was this some type of strange obsession? It was starting to feel that way. I couldn't grasp...(more)

By Patricia King:

God is moving powerfully in and amongst children in this hour. You will see MANY children raised up to preach, heal, prophesy, move in miracles, signs and wonders. Numbers of young children will be visited by the Lord in areas of "Divine Intelligence" and many will go to the mission field at an early age

Healing Rooms will be filled with children working miracles. Children will be one of the most powerful and effective voices for "justice" and will astound many.

Those who have faithfully served children in obscurity in the past will come into more visibility...(more)

By Bill Johnson:

When the Holy Spirit equips you, it's so you can do the impossible.

Many times throughout the Bible, the Lord spoke to His servants saying He would be with them. Sometimes He even described it this way: "The Spirit of the Lord came upon them." I once made a list of every such encounter recorded in Scripture. I found an interesting truth: Whenever the Lord said He would be with someone, it meant he had just been given an impossible assignment.

God gave such a promise to Moses. It was connected to his assignment to lead Israel out of Egypt and out of the cruel control of Pharaoh into the Promised Land. A similar word was given to Joshua, the one who took over when Moses was not allowed into the Promised Land. Joshua was assigned to lead them into their inheritance, in spite of giants and...(more)

Ottawa Shooting: Slain Soldier and Suspect Who Was Killed Identified—Sergeant-at-arms Hailed as Hero

"MPs and Hill staff owe their safety, even lives, to Sergeant at Arms Kevin Vickers who shot attacker just outside the MPs' caucus rooms."

(Ottawa)—Police released the name of a soldier in the Canadian Forces who died in Wednesday morning's shooting at the National War Memorial in downtown Ottawa. He was Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist from Hamilton, according to the CBC News report. (Photo: Cpl...(more)

VIDEO: "Gandalf" Gives Important Advice to Students Like Only He Can Give

"Gandalf" Gives Important Advice to Students Like Only He Can Give.....(more)

Joyous Reunion for American Jeffrey Fowle and His Family After Being Released by North Korea

His crime? Evangelism.

(Dayton, OH)—Jeffrey Fowle, 56, one of three US citizens detained in North Korea, was released yesterday and has returned to his home in Dayton where he reportedly had an emotional reunion with his family...(more)

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