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By Victoria Boyson:

Beloved, I shared this vision with you several years ago and also in my book, His Passionate Pursuit, but on a recent morning the Lord showed it to me again. He said, "This is where you [we] are now!" I was so excited, I decided to hold on to the word I was going to send out and send this instead. I especially love the ending of this vision, when the doves fly to the four corners of the earth.  

My love and prayers to you all – Have a blessed Easter!

In Him,


A Vision of the Bride

I saw a beautiful scene suddenly open up in my spirit of a peaceful garden filled with rest and serenity. Laying on a bed in the middle of the garden was a captivating, young woman clothed as a bride. Her hair was long and thick in a mass of perfect...(more)

By Jeff Jansen:

There is a strong emphasis coming in this season that will quickly become the hallmark theme of all we are to become as Believers. This Kingdom reality will be the cornerstone of truth that will anchor the Church of Jesus Christ to its original mandate, propelling the Church into a re-awakening of sonship marked with powerful displays of the miraculous.

This awakening will bring forth the transformation of churches, cities, regions and whole nations. This awakening is "Christ in us" – the hope of Glory!

We are Christ to the world. I don't mean that we just preach Christ to the world. I mean people...(more)

By Bonnie Jones:

We're entering a season of a new walk with the Lord. It's a walk unlike any other in the history of mankind. Why? We've been given all authority to conquer the gates of Hell and now we are stepping up to the plate in the authority Christ died for.

Fearless leaders are emerging wearing their new shoes of authority. They walk not in fear of the enemy but in the awe of God. There is no weapon formed against them that will prosper and they believe it. The enemy has already been crushed under their feet and they believe that also. These are the overcomers that look adversity in the face and laugh as they continue their march through the footsteps...(more)

Text Messages thought to be Coming from Inside Capsized South Korean Ferry, a Hoax

Please continue to pray for this ongoing search and rescue operation, and for the families and friends of those missing.

S. Korean ferry Adding to the distress and anguish of family members and friends waiting for any word on their loved ones missing in the S. Korean ferry disaster, the text messages that were purported to have come from people still on the ship, were all found to be fake...(more)

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Signs Legislation to Protect Women and Babies

"This legislation will ensure that the Arizona Department of Health Services has the authority to appropriately protect the health and safety of all patients."

Gov Jan Brewer(Arizona)—According to a Citizen Link report, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the "Women's Health Protection Act," this week, which forces clinics that perform abortions to meet the same inspection standards as medical facilities...(more)

British Prime Minister David Cameron "Woo's" Christians saying He's an "Evangelical"

Cameron's comments come after Independent leader Nigel Farage said British politics need "a more muscular defense of our Judeo-Christian heritage."

Cameron(United Kingdom)—In a concerted effort to "woo back" Christians upset about his endorsement of gay marriage, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has declared himself an evangelical who wants to see a bigger role for religion in Britain, calling the nation a Christian country and urging other Christians to be more confident in spreading their beliefs...(more)

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