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By Lana Vawser:

The Lord is restoring "lost time" right now – especially in the areas of destiny. The Lord is opening many new doors right now for His people, which is catapulting them into another realm and step of their destiny. Yet many are feeling like their time to sow into the vision is being stolen and hindered.

Many are feeling like momentum is being lost rather than being gained. As a result, it is building a level of hopelessness in many hearts as they continue to contend for breakthrough and provision concerning the vision and dream God has given them.

"It's being released to catapult you into a slipstream of ease, grace and anointing by His Spirit to see you go even further with His vision than you originally anticipated or dreamed."

I saw in the spirit that the enemy was bringing "road block" after "road block" against many and releasing a significant whirlwind of confusion to attempt to cause God's people to wonder whether they are "out of season"...(more)

By Samantha Lee-Wiraatmaja:

God is on the move. There's been a breakthrough and acceleration in the spirit over the past couple of weeks - fresh anointing, new authority, greater assignments, and increased clarity and access in the spirit. It's been an intense, exhilarating few weeks as I've been taken to new heights and experiences and increased tenderness toward Him. This is happening for those who have remained obedient to Him and faithful to His process, and the sense I get is Him saying, "Thank you for being faithful to Me. You have earned My trust. You have been faithful in little, now I am giving so much more."

How beautiful it is to win the trust of God? He has been building us up to this point in the last few months, and this is just the beginning. I sense there is a message for three groups of people in this season...(more)

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By Kevin Basconi:

There is a time for everything under Heaven. Solomon penned these words, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1). According to the wisdom of King Solomon and the Scripture, there is a time for all things. There is also a time for nations. On May 14th, 1948, Israel was born. Just as there was a time for Israel to be born again we are now in such a time for America. It is a time for America to be born again. Now is the time for America's resurrection!

We need to embrace the times that we live in. We need to discern the times and seasons just as the sons of Issachar were able to discern the times and seasons...(more)

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How Could Anyone Have Survived This Horrific Crash? Must See Miracle of Woman Whose Car Was Ripped in Two on Her Way to Bible Study

The other driver, who caused the accident and survived as well, was said to be driving under the influence of drugs and in possession of marijuana.

(Santa Rosa, CA)—[CBN News] Apol Lansang was on her way to a Bible study when she nearly lost her life...(more)

Humans, God and Our Amazing Sense of Smell: The Science behind Perfume and the Fascinating Life Lessons It Can Teach Us

Oh, we humans. Such a mixture of spirit and earth! As for God, what does He smell like and can we smell like Him? This, and more, from the inner rumblings of a spiritual romantic.

airliftRutgers University recently published a study that "debunks the 19th century myth that animals are better at sniffing out scents than humans...(more)

Governor Mike Huckabee Signs the Jerusalem Covenant

"As Evangelical Christians, we are very happy to join with all the people of Israel signing the Jerusalem Covenant. I hope you'll sign it right now." -Governor Mike Huckabee

(Israel)—[Breaking Israel News] Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and a strongly pro-Israel Evangelical Christian, has partnered with MK Rabbi Yehudah Glick in an effort to encourage millions of Israel lovers around the world to sign the historic Jerusalem Covenant...(more)

"We Will Always Insist on Jerusalem": Israel's President Rivlin on 50th Anniversary of Reunification

"As we mark the half a century since the city was reunited, I believe the time has come to bring peace to Jerusalem. To grow within her an Israeli Hope, a hope for Jerusalem: the city which welcomes pilgrims from all communities, from all over the world." -President Reuven Rivlin


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