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By Lana Vawser:

I heard the Lord saying, "Australia, the word over you is no longer 'delay' but 'now are your greatest days!'" Suddenly, I could hear the sound of birthing, like a woman in labor, and I kept hearing the words, "It is time to forge and bring forth. It is time to forge and bring forth." The words "forge" and "bring forth" were booming in my spirit so strongly so I decided to look them up.

Forge means: To make or shape by heating it in a fire of furnace and beating or hammering it. To produce a copy or imitation of (a document, signature, banknote, or work of art) for the purpose of deception. Bring Forth means: To give birth to, to deliver, to bear.

As I sat with the Lord over this word, I heard the Lord say over Australia: "I am breaking delay and these are your greatest days, but they will not come without fire. Australia you are moving into a season of fire. You are moving into a season of seeing My fire come like never before. The fire of My love will burn brightly. The fire of My presence will ignite. The fire of My presence will purify, cleanse and refine, for it is time for Australia to move further into her destiny. But, My people, the greatest days will not come without fires of adversity... (more)

By Edie Bayer:

The Speeding Mail Truck

Recently one night, while driving to teach my monthly prophetic class, I saw something that I have never seen before in my life: a speeding U.S. mail truck! This was so incredibly unusual, it immediately got my attention. I have seen thousands of mail trucks, moseying along, taking their time, stopping at each mail box along the way. But I have NEVER seen one speeding and weaving in and out of traffic on a congested, major Houston thoroughfare, that is, not until this night!

The mail truck zoomed passed me on my left, immediately switched lanes in front of me, and zoomed passed another car back into the left lane again, only to come to a screeching halt at the very next stop light. When the light turned green again, I watched the mail truck race down the road weaving in and out of heavy traffic. It soon disappeared into the distance. Since it was so very unusual I continued to think about it, even after I couldn't see it anymore.

My thoughts were, "Well, maybe he has forgotten some mail and needs to get it before the station closes." Then my next thought was, "Or, he could be rushing to pick up a package and get it to the airport." Suddenly, the enormity of the prophetic implication hit me... (more)

By Hakeem Collins:

"The Great and Effectual Door"

Several weeks ago I was invited to be a guest on the Greg Davis Show. The host had given each guest speaker a key that represented something specific. While I was waiting to mount the platform, the Lord spoke to me very clearly and said to tell to His people that this coming year will be a season of the, "Great and effectual door."

"This new year will be a record-breaking season to seize the opportunity for Christ to change the world... (more)

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This NFL Player Shook Every Service Member's Hand before the Start of Game: No Kneeling for Him!

People went wild on social media after viewing the video.

airlift(San Francisco, CA)— [] "[James] Kittle is a tight end for the San Francisco 49ers ... the 49ers have racked up a dismal 2-8 record. One of the bright spots, however, has been Kittle, a 25-year-old University of Iowa graduate who's slowly become a go-to target in San Francisco's offense," reported the Conservative Tribune...(more)

6 in 10 Americans Better Off Financially Than a Year Ago This Holiday Season

Unemployment numbers on the decline and consumer confidence on the rise.

(Washington, DC)—[] With unemployment numbers on the decline and consumer confidence on the rise, Americans are ready to open their wallets as the holiday season approaches. In fact, a new survey finds that six in 10 Americans say they're better off financially than they were a year ago, which should be music to the ears of retailers...(more)

This Feisty Pro-Life Political Leader in Australia Just "Declared Himself "Female" after Women Try to Shut down His Voice in Parliament Abortion Debate

"I will not stand silent, I will not stand mute while these people try to continue to marginalize policies and ideas that we want to discuss for this nation, that I think are largely supported still by the majority of the nation. There's no question about that. They are an ever-increasing silent majority because they're not game to speak. I've had it in here." -Senator Barry O'Sullivan

(Australia)— [Lifesitenews...(more)

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