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By Nate Johnston:

This year so far has truly been a time for the prophetic scribes to usher in new themes, language, and breaker revelation for the Body of Christ. It has been both encouraging and catalytic to me personally to feast on what is coming forth. At the beginning of the month, I had a series of dreams where the Lord was giving a warning about the spiritual assignment targeting the prophets to muzzle and derail them from their purpose to bring forth this revelation. I want to share what the Lord is saying, while also clearing the atmosphere and highlighting the crucial hour we are in so we can steward the revelation of Heaven well.

Warning Dreams

In the first dream, I was at a social gathering when a man approached me very aggressively. As soon as he came close, I realized this was a demonic spirit, full of anger and frustration. As he came close he said, "I am going to shut your mouth!" I replied indignantly that, "I will not be shutting my mouth!" At this reply it begins to scream, "Shut your mouth, shut your mouth, stop opening your mouth!" I then walked away and got into my car and drove with the man in pursuit. In the dream, I began to feel stressed and turned onto the wrong road. The dream ends as I'm looking down at my GPS saying, "Wrong way, turn around!"

"This is an important Kairos time for revelators of all kinds of expressions to release the ground shaking, wall breaking, reformational revelation they are incubating."

In the second dream, I am in the library of Heaven, which I have seen before and recognized. I am watching as books were flying off the shelves and being catapulted at the enemy's buildings and structures in the distance. One after the other kept flying off the shelf until the enemy's structures were completely brought to the ground... (more)

By Anna M. Aquino:

Missing the Mark

As I was in prayer last week, I felt a strong prophetic stirring from God saying that many of His people are entering into a season of accuracy. According to the dictionary, accuracy can be defined as "the quality of being correct or precise."

Many of God's people have grown weary because they feel as if the things they are doing aren't quite hitting the target. It's as if they spent hours and years as an archer shooting arrows only to be slightly off center. This frustration for not hitting the mark dead center is causing a wave of hopelessness and discouragement that the devil has been trying to use to his advantage.

Training for Accuracy

King David spent years in the fields tending his father's sheep. I am sure he had a lot of time out there in the fields. I am sure he spent hours finding rocks and learning how to swing them just right in his sling shot. I'm sure he fashioned that slingshot with careful diligence. He must have spent years and years practicing flinging it just right at targets he designed in the field.

When the day came and he stood before Goliath, David knew he could take Goliath down with one shot. Yes, he had the help of the Lord. However, he knew he could do it... (more)

By Sandie Freed:

Have you ever had such a disturbing dream that when you awoke you were so relieved it was only a dream? And yet, knowing that many times dreams are from God, you are sure there was a purpose to the dream? I'll bet you have had dreams that are warning dreams, directional dreams and dreams that are for prayer, along with many other types of dreams that affect your divine destiny. Recently, I had one of those dreams – a dream warning me of an enemy that attempts to steal destiny.

In the Lions' Den with the Accuser

Let's go to the story of Daniel being thrown in the Lions' Den (Daniel 6)... (more)

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