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By Kim Clement:

"I Will Break the Power of the Accursed Thing and Capture America Again"

Prophesied on May 16th, 2015 – From The Den:

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Do not believe for one minute that I cannot give you your nation back. Since when can a ruler or a people stop Me from reclaiming what is Mine?" says the Lord. "This nation is Mine, and for a season there is going to be an outpouring of My Spirit of grace, grace, grace, grace," says the Lord. "And I have already begun in Detroit, Michigan, for I am pulling out a leader that I shall bring before the people throughout the earth. This nation shall be free from the accursed thing," says the Lord.

Today I shout not like a fool; I shout as David shouted, searching for God in a dry and a thirsty land. Oh, alas, our land has become dry! Our land has become so dry. The Spirit of the Lord...(more)

By Amy Shamp:

I recently was in prayer and God revealed to me a vision of a group of men and women being raised up to a new standard in Christ, an uncompromising generation that will seek the Kingdom of God first, those that will stand in the truth and revelation of God's Word. God is raising up a generation that will not only operate with great power and demonstration but possess the fruits of the Spirit as well.

The Lord spoke to me and said, "I am calling My people to a higher place." I then saw three angels depositing revelation, intercession, and determination.

God is calling His Church to a higher place; I see a group of leaders being raised up that will bring the Church into a higher realm of the supernatural and of truth.

Now, I want to encourage women in ministry. The Lord showed me a group of women...(more)

Watch What Happens When Woman With Suicide Disease Lets Woman Healed of Cerebral Palsy Pray for Her

There's always, always, always, hope in Christ!

Reporter's Note: My mother suffered from this debilitating disease. It was absolutely horrible watching her go through it when the pain hit. I also have a friend who developed this same sort of affliction after a dental procedure. Like the woman in this story, she is, too, currently walking in victory after being prayed for during a healing service at church...(more)

Terminally Ill Himself, This Lawmaker Brilliantly Exposes the Dark Truth Behind Euthanasia

"Death is strictly the domain of God. We need to quit figuring out reasons to justify killing people: abortion, death penalty, euthanasia... Countless times I've seen Jesus take the sting out of death for the Believer." Rep. Steve Hickey

(Pierre, SD)—As state legislators across America grapple with proposed laws on euthanasia, South Dakota State Rep. Steve Hickey (R-Sioux Falls)—facing a potentially terminal illness himself—has no qualms sharing exactly where he stands on the issue. (Photo by: Elisha Page/(more)

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