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By Dr. Mario Maxwell:


We are living in an hour where the manifestation of God's power and authority are ready to break out amongst His people! There is such intensity in the realm of the spirit! The womb of the spirit is pregnant with the possibilities of God! The womb is a place of darkness, and even though it may seem dark in your life right now, know that even in the midst of your darkest situation, light is about to break forth!

God is saying, "It's time for you to ARISE and be radiant with My glory, for your LIGHT has come, and My glory is upon you to break you through!"

We have entered into a time of divine visitation, and God is lighting a path by that which you...(more)

By Angela Greenig:

This month is critical. This is the month of Nisan 5774; one meaning of Nisan means "miracle," and the meaning of 5774 means "door" in Hebrew. The year of Ayin Dalet in 5774 represents the prophetic season we are in right now. It is the head of the year.

I hear the Lord saying that the doors are not only swung wide open and torn off, but He has set trap doors for the enemy. That's why in this time we must have faith. I hear the Lord say Proverbs 3:5: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding." That is what faith is; and it creates an atmosphere for miracles.

Faith is birthed within your heart. The mind...(more)

By John Mark Pool:

Romans 8:11 (NASB) But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.

We have that same Spirit of God, His "Resurrection Power," indwelling within us to transform this earth into God's Kingdom now and for eternity. What a plan!

But how much authority do we have? We have far more than the enemy wants us to know! In fact...(more)

Have You Noticed? Is Hollywood Really Beginning to Embrace "God Movies?"

"Since its release, 'Heaven is for Real' has garnered an impressive $21.5 million—nearly double of what Depp's 'Transcendence' earned the same weekend."

Heaven is for RealMaybe it's just my own perception, but it seems like Christian movies have been getting better… and Hollywood appears to be taking notice...(more)

Bill Gothard Repents; Breaks Silence on Harassment Claims by 30 Women

Bill Gothard "More than anything I want to make right what I have done wrong … I trust in God's undeserved mercy and pray that those whom I have offended would find grace to forgive me. I know that I do not deserve this. It is a grief to realize how my pride and insensitivity have affected so many people. I have failed to live out some of the very things that I have taught. I am committed to learning from my failures by God's grace and mercy, and do what I can to help bring about Biblical reconciliation as Jesus commands." –Bill Gothard

79-year-old Bill Gothard, who made a name for himself as an advocate and influencer in the early home school movement of the 1970's and 80's, resigned as president of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (BLP) in March, after his board began an investigation into sexual harassment charges brought against him by more than 30 women...(more)

You Won't Believe the Song the 9-year Old Sang That Made His Abductor Release His Terrified Kidnap Victim

"I really believe that God spoke through me to save that young man's life." -"Every Praise" writer Hezekiah Walker

Willie Myrick(Atlanta, GA)—Earlier this month, 9-year-old Willie Myrick went missing for three hours after a stranger—who is still on the loose—abducted him from the front yard of his home. Numerous sources say the young boy was so terrified, but he was able to quell his fear by singing the Gospel song "Every Praise" by Hezekiah Walker out loud. (Photo via 11Alive...(more)

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