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By Munday Martin:

At this juncture of my ministry, perhaps one of the most fiery embers blazing in my heart today is to edify each member of the corporate Body to awaken to see who they are in Christ.

As I travel across the globe, I meet myriads of precious sheep who are living beneath their privileges, forfeiting their divine, God-given gifts and rights. I see them leaving their Kingdom responsibility into the hands of their spiritual leaders. However, there is an undeniable reality that they are called to dignity and greatness for such a time as this. A massive part of that greatness lies in the greater works! What do I mean by that?

"These stories I'm telling you are not designed for you to become a fan, but they're designed to inspire you to become participants for Jesus' glory and fame."

Jesus said in John 14:12-13, "Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in My name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son."

That's an exciting Scripture, because it opens our eyes to see that through the Holy Spirit we can do the same healings, the same miracles, the same signs and wonders that Jesus did in His earthly ministry! What's more, we can do even greater! There is not one competitive bone in Jesus. He actually wants us to go further than He did in His earthly ministry because He knows that miracles are for the great harvest of souls... (more)

By Steven Springer:

An Encounter in the Sea of Words

In a recent encounter with the Lord, I was lifted up in the spirit over the waters of a great sea of words. I felt these words were every word that had been spoken on the earth since time had begun—words of blessing and life, idle words, and death and cursing. I could see some very ancient words spoken by the saints of old, and others more recent which had been spoken that very morning.

I watched with the Lord the power of words being released from the people on the earth. I also saw that there were voices from the enemy speaking lies into the ears of the people. Some people believed the lies and began to speak them out loud—and as they did, the sea waters became treacherous waves and currents, bringing destruction. Then there was a voice of love and peace that was being released all of the time. This was a constant rhythm of grace that when heard, agreed with and spoken, made the treacherous waters become waves of love and grace, brining a rhythm of peace and shalom. The words of blessing and life always prevailed.

I believe we are in a great season where "our words matter". We will either release waves of blessings, so this generation can ride into its destiny, or release a storm surge of waves that destroy and hold back the blessing from coming forth.

There is Power in Your Words

Let's shape our world with words of blessing and life! Your life will follow your words! There is power in your words... (more)

By Darren Canning:

The Great Lakes Revival

Recently (as of late March), while I was ministering in Niagra Falls, the Lord started speaking to me about a Great Lakes Revival. During that time, my friend Ben Johnston—a young prophet from Montreal—saw a a portal between America and Canada in the form of a giant circle. He said he could see revival breaking out in America, and angels were coming over to the Canadian side to release a new measure of righteousness as it had risen in the United States. When he saw this, he began to declare that this was the season of the Great Lakes Revival.

I have friends in Rochester, New York—Patrick and Susan O'Marra. They have been prophesying for almost twenty years that a great revival was to come to Rochester and upstate New York. I was with them recently, and we felt a tremendous anointing as we began to declare the Great Lakes Revival... (more)

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