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By Kim Clement and Steven Springer:

On April 11, 2014, I received a very, vivid and detailed dream, which I believe is timely for the Body of Christ as we enter into a great season of harvest.

In the dream, I was in this old, beautiful Victorian home. At one point I was led into the parlor – a large sitting room where there was a large fireplace on the wall, opposite the door. There was a fire burning brightly, warming the atmosphere. As I looked across the room, Billy Graham was sitting at a desk in a tall-backed leather chair, writing the memories of his journey in ministry.

I noticed that behind him were three painted portraits of three men: John Wesley, Charles Finney, and in the middle was Philip – the evangelist of the Bible. Above Philip was a crown of thorns. Billy looked up and saw me and with a smile on his face he set down his pen, got up out of the chair, and said, "Come here son, I have something I want to share with you."

He began to share and relive his years of saving souls; at one point he reached over to a coat rack to grab an old, tweed sport coat. He put on the coat and said, "Come with me."

Five Barns and the Key

We proceeded to go outside behind the old, Victorian home where there were five large barns. As we stood outside the first barn, Billy continued to tell the stories. At one point he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a key. Holding the key out in front of him he said, "I have the KEY to evangelism."

Then at this point the three men from the portraits on the wall of the parlor joined us, Wesley, Finney and Philip. As he held the key out, the other three reached into their pockets and took out their keys... (more)

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By Eddie Hyatt and Breaking Christian News:

During this time, two horses were shot out from under [Washington] and his clothes were shredded with bullets. He emerged unscathed and gave glory to God, saying, "I was saved by the miraculous care of Providence that saved me beyond human expectation." From that day, his reputation for bravery and leadership spread among both the English and the Native Americans.

[] "He cannot die in battle. The Great Spirit protects that man and guides his destinies. He will become chief of nations, and a people yet unborn will hail him the founder of a mighty nation." (Photo: Mt. Rushmore/via Pixabay)

These words were spoken by an old Native American chief concerning George Washington several years before the Declaration of Independence. He spoke these words as he reminisced with Washington and others about a battle, 15 years previous, when they were on opposite sides during the French and Indian Wars... (more)

By Chuck D. Pierce:

Key Prophetic Word of the Lord given February 18, 2018:

Victory is on the Horizon!

"I AM awakening a new day in you! The horizon line for your life is shifting. You will now see in a way you've not seen before. You will move in a way you've not moved before. You will begin to break into a place you've not broken into before. A new day is shifting for you!

"There's a victory on this horizon that you've not seen. You've been looking for victory, but have not seen your victory clearly. Victory is on this horizon! Look further, look beyond, and you'll see your victory. For in the midst of confused noise, I always have victory... (more)

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"There couldn't be a more powerful time to be in the Holy Land"

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The Powerful Bible Verse Billy Graham Posted in BIG Letters All Over His Home Perfectly Exemplified His Life and Ministry

"Back before his 95th birthday, he was working on a sermon based on this key Scripture. It was his passion to memorize it, to saturate his heart and mind with it. He made it his life verse ... A great verse for us to live by." -Franklin Graham

[] Evangelist Franklin Graham recently revealed the Bible verse that his father, Billy Graham, had posted all over his house...(more)

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Billy Graham's Timeless 1986 Message to Anyone Who's Not Sure They're Going to Heaven

"...There's a lonely arena in the depths of your heart where the greatest battle of life must be fought alone. That's your decision about Christ. Your parents can't make it for you, the Church can't make it for you, your friends can't make it for you, your girlfriend, your boyfriend can't make it for you. You must make it yourself..." -Billy Graham


'God's Ambassador': How Billy Graham Touched the Life and Faith of President Trump

"Billy Graham was truly one of a kind. Christians and people of all faiths and backgrounds will miss him dearly. We are thinking of him today, finally at home in Heaven." -President Donald Trump

[CBN News] Evangelist Rev. Billy Graham has preached to millions of people around the world, including President Donald Trump...(more)

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