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By Anita Alexander:

Today I would love to bring forth a message to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, including those who have eyes to see and may even hold a "prophetic" OR "apostolic" anointing or office and platform.

Oh the responsibility that weighs on the lives to those who "see" – those who have prophetic revelational insight into the ways and purposes of God. Oh the responsibility that weighs on the life that has mandates of reformation and carries insights of the restoration of the forgotten truths to the Body of Christ. Oh the weighty responsibility of the message of God and the secrets of God and most importantly of all, the DELIVERY of that message.

"But, I believe, there is also a warning from God's heart to these vessels: be careful in how you manage yourselves in your delivery and instruction of these truths the Lord has entrusted you with in this time."

For some are called to prophesy, to be mouthpieces of the Lord's heart, delivering His intent and purposes for His beloved. Some are called to forge reformation to a generation of Believers who have been found lost and wandering off the road of the truth due to being fed a watered down Gospel mixed with the wisdom of this world and age.

With the ability to see comes great responsibility as to what you do with what you see. Now, I'm not just talking about those who have heavenly visions and encounters. I am talking to all prophetic mouthpieces who see according to the revelatory insight and wisdom into the Word of God, who have a "knowing by discernment" and also those who dream and encounter visions of the night. I believe all those called to the prophetic "see" and it just depends upon which vehicle you see through.


By Phyllis Ford:

Let Trials Find Us "Tested and Prepared"

In times past and recent, we have all seen repeated trials and encounters as battle after battle has ensued. After a brief calm, here would come another obstacle with a need for God's daily grace to overcome. We catch our breath only to find new troubling situations seemingly arise from out of nowhere. Know this: there is a method to the madness. We are being tested and the battles that have come are not to destroy us, but to better prepare us for the seasons ahead.

To those who are in the crucible of fiery trials, I am with you. Know that we are being set in place and strengthened for the times ahead. Not only will we be ready to advance in the midst of shaky man-made systems and circumstances within our government, but even through the trouble that lurks within the confines of our churches.

Repentant prayers, while seeking Him and serving Him, will be the road that leads us into the knowledge of truth. By seeing with our spiritual eyes, that which is really occurring in our present reality, we will realize that our repentance will birth forth life, answers and solutions to pass on to others... (more)

By Ella Onakoya:

At a prophetic conference in London last year, I prophesied over a man telling him that I saw the prophetic call of Jeremiah all over him and that the Lord was going to bring a release of His voice through him that had felt like fire shut in his bones. The man was visibly moved by God and wept as the Lord touched him. Later that night he walked up to me to tell me that his name was Jeremiah. I had not known his identity or his name! The Lord, however, knew his name and the glorious destiny and call He had for him.

I felt impressed upon me to release this word—that there are many like that man with a Jeremiah-type of calling and that the Lord will bring a release to these voices and will not allow their voices to be shut down... (more)

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