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By Jennifer Eivaz:

Whenever I minister in different places, I always make the effort to prepare well for the various venues I'm in. I'm prayed up, ready with a word, and covered in prayer by my intercessory teams. On a recent trip to the Bronx, I was prepared and ready with a word for this eclectic group of ministers and other attendees. On the flight, however, I felt the distinct presence of the Holy Spirit and heard His voice. He spoke one phrase to my heart, "Transitional people," and I instantly knew the message.

I'm going to define transitional people as those who are first-time Christians in their families. The Bible shows many such people – John the Baptist, all the early apostles, as well as those of the early Church. Being first, means you now have a transitional role. And for most, that transitional role is centered on your family as you will be walking your family out of the old way and into a new way.

You will reclaim bloodline and spiritual blessings. Because you are the first, you will face distinctly unique challenges. You will also have heightened spiritual warfare as you break down demonic generational strongholds so that Jesus can emerge as the strongman of your family... (more)

By Darren Canning:

God Speaks Through His Creation

The Lord speaks through many things. There are times when He speaks to me specifically through animals. In Christianity, we often depict the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. We also depict it as a symbol of peace. It was a dove that came down onto Jesus when He was baptized in the river Jordan and the Father spoke and said, "...This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased" (Matthew 3:17). Whenever I see a dove I believe that God wants to fill people fresh with His Spirit again.

It was a dove that flew from the ark and brought a small branch back to the Noah. Because of this they knew that the waters were receding from the earth. They spent one year on the ark and at many times must have wondered when they would walk on land again. When that dove showed up with that branch, such hope must have flooded their hearts. The dove has been a symbol of peace and hope ever since.

Identity is Not Formed in the Mind

If someone were to ask, "Do you believe there was an actual flood?" I would respond, "Yes, I believe the Bible... (more)

By Chuck D. Pierce:

Dear Advancing Ones:

Amazing revelation is breaking forth in our services that is changing the atmosphere around us! Don't miss this key prophecy!

"There is a KINGDOM CLASH that is upon you, and you are in the midst of this KINGDOM CLASH! You are seeing, feeling, and called to embrace this KINGDOM CLASH.

"I am causing kingdoms to realign, and without you there cannot be a realignment. The Kingdom is within you! Therefore, you are vital in this realignment that is occurring... (more)

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