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By Wendy Alec:

Beautiful hearts, when I saw in one of the responses to a recent post of mine, that one of our treasured princess warriors had been running away from the Lord, I knew I had to post this article below, as I had such a prompting to post it from "the Father".

Oh Father, let it comfort hearts just as You comforted my heart when I was running away from You because I didn't understand Your ways in the long winter season. Promotion is in sight! It's right at your door beloved one.



Hiding from the Father

I had been hiding from the Father. For the past three and a half years, I had been flinging myself totally on His mercy and His fellowship. After such intense trauma, it was as though I was stuck in a "no man's land". Where miracles used to come thick and furiously, it was as though I was trapped in an eternal winter. I had done everything possible to heal, receiving so much prayer, repenting for generational lines, and getting deliverance. My nature is to get help when needed – to run towards healing and ministry and I had done that.

"Oh, we make Him so proud, beloved... (more)

By Bill Yount:

The Power of a Father's Blessing

When I was a child, my father drank heavily at times for years, and I felt like I could never please him. My father passed away many years ago, but one of the last times I saw him was in the hospital—I left his bedside and was walking toward the door when I heard my father say, "Bless you, Bill."

It was as though everything within me had been waiting my whole life to hear those words from my father! I literally felt something in the spirit break off of me from my head to my toes, and I have never been the same since. I know a mother's love and prayers for her children are powerful, but nothing on earth can ever take the place of a father saying to his children, "I love you and I bless you!"

I sense many of you have been raised with an earthly father who loved you, but somehow failed to communicate his love and affirmation to you. You have grown up, but there is still an unanswered cry coming up out of you..... (more)

By Todd Bentley:

We want to travail for souls. I believe we can birth some souls, even in our family. There are some principles that I want to share with you about how to pray strategically for your family and for lost souls. I can honestly say that my father and mother and others in my family have come to know Jesus because I've learned some principles about how to "pray in and birth" lost souls.

We're going to talk about travailing and what that means, and we're going to pray for the spirit of travail... (more)

ELIJAHStreams TV Presents:
Dutch Sheets Prophesies Into 2018!

Evangelist Alveda King: Remembering Our Fathers on Father's Day!

As we celebrate Fathers' Day let's remember the important role all fathers play in the family and pray that all fathers will take their responsibilities seriously and help make the world a better place for everyone.

airlift[Alveda King's Blog] Fathers' Day is Sunday and I miss my Dad Rev. AD Kingwho taught me to love everyone. When my uncle Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, in error, I tried to blame white people.  Daddy said "No. we are all one race/one blood human beings. White people didn't kill your uncle, the devil did...(more)

'I'm a Father of Five ... But I Only Got to Raise Three': Dads Share Their Abortion Stories in Powerful Video Ahead of Father's Day

"It was too easy. It was too quick. I wish that someone had been out in front of that Planned Parenthood ... just to offer information and alternatives. I wish that there had been opportunities to know about other choices."

[] Ahead of Father's Day this Sunday, the pro-life organization "Save the Storks" is embarking on a powerful new video campaign, giving post-abortive men a chance to share their heartbreaking stories of how the procedure changed their lives permanently...(more)

Christ Was Super Bowl-Winning Team's 'Glue,' Says Philadelphia Eagles Coach

"...They are better men off the football field than they are on the field. I am just so proud to be their coach, to love on these guys and to give back to the city of Philadelphia." -Coach Doug Pederson

[] Philadelphia Eagles Coach Doug Pederson has praised his players for their faith, saying their belief in God was the "glue" that held the team together and drove them to a Super Bowl victory...(more)

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