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By Jane Hamon:

A couple years ago, I heard the Lord say to tell the people of God that we have entered a time of "Divine Reversals" when He would begin to turn things around for His people—health, hearts, finances, prodigals, families, ministries, businesses and even nations. I believe we are living fully in that season now. Things that have seemed impossible before are now being made possible because we are in a unique moment of divine intervention and grace. God has heard the cry of His people to "Turn It Around!"

When God initially spoke this to me, it was the beginning of the year 2015 and I was studying in the book of Esther. Esther is a picture of the Church, the followers of Christ, who are interceding for nations and generations today. We all know this is the story of when Esther, a Jewish young woman living in...(more)

By Katherine Ruonala:

Worry is a Thief of Peace and Joy

I was blessed with a day off recently, and it was delightful. I had been ministering every single day, so I was especially grateful for the break. I took a walk to talk with the Holy Spirit and was just enjoying my surroundings and the conversation. But I suddenly realized, as He began to speak to me, that my thoughts had been subconsciously filled with some worries. They were things I didn't have the right to be worried about. I heard His voice saying, "You were not made to think about these things."

I realized I had a default setting I didn't even know was there. In my inward conversation—that stream of thoughts we all have—I had developed a habit of worrying about things at a subconscious level. A lot of it was focused on what I needed, how this and that situation was going to work out, what if something bad happened to get in the...(more)

By Fiorella Giordano:

The Spirit of God is moving in the unseen and seen places of our lives. He is moving in places we have forgotten. He is brooding and moving with resurrection power—with life abundant. He is stirring and awakening what has been laying dormant deep within our spirits. God is coming with a visitation of an abundant life—of goodness. What many have thought dead has been merely sleeping. What seemed to have died in 2011 is being called back to the forefront of the race.

As we enter into 2018, the restoration of the manifestation of these things will begin to take form. The month of February in 2018 will be the renewed gateway and everything is being aligned right now in the spirit. I have seen the dates of February 19-27 as appointed for the "Unfinished Limits". They are the horizons that God casts into the form of vision in people's destinies, which were attacked because the enemy tried to abort the promise. What has seemed...(more)

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The tablet was discovered at the Kültepe-Kanesh UNESCO World Heritage site in Turkey's central Kayseri Province.

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One Sam's Club employee even joined in singing harmony and leading worshippers through latter verses of the song!

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"The justice system may be able to help with behavior modification, but only Jesus can truly change a heart." -Pastor Davey Blackburn

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