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By Gina LaMorte:

Recently one morning, I saw a vision of a couple locked arm in arm, standing side by side. They each had grey hair and beautiful well-worn sun-kissed skin. They were dressed in comfortable and colorful free-flowing clothes. They were clearly in their 60's, but their faces were lit up with so much joy that their youthful spirit shined brighter.

Suddenly, the picture went from this couple in their 60's to a vision of the Jesus Movement, and in an instant I heard the words, "Welcome to the 60's." As I heard this, I felt a strong impression that it was time for those who are in their 60's to see the greatest move of God they've ever experienced in their lives, and that everything they've worked for in their lifetime will now come alive.

Now is the Time for Those in Their 60's

The message was very clear, "Now is the time for those in their 60's." This vision was...(more)

By Dr. Alveda King:

"In the midst of all of this, I was in danger of putting my confidence in President Trump rather than God. Realizing that I was slipping towards emotional reactions, I came to my senses, turned off the television and began to pray..." -Alveda King

[African-American Blog] "What a difference a day makes." On Saturday, February 18, my friend and sister Norma [Roe No More] McCorvey passed away. Norma was a valiant voice for justice in the anti-abortion war. We met on the battlefield years ago. I will miss her. Pray for her family and loved ones. Read a statement from her family HERE.

Just hours before news of...(more)

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By Victoria Boyson:

There's been something I've been sensing recently that I haven't felt in many years. It's something I've been waiting for - the Holy Spirit's movement on His people. His subtle outpouring seems to be increasing everyday with a renewal of a hunger to reach the lost increasing and dramatically. And in particular, I feel His increased desire for the return of His prodigal sons and daughters to the bosom of His trusted Church.

Because of what they've endured, the prodigals are very treasured by the Father and He's been waiting to bring them home until we, the Church, are prepared to receive them and fight for them.

The Father told me, "My prodigals want to come home!"

He said it with such ardency that I was literally undone, because the Father rarely says things with mere words. No, when He speaks, He imparts His heart as well. And, truly, His heart for the prodigals is overwhelming. I broke down as He let me...(more)

Study: Moviegoers Prefer Movies With Christian and Family-Friendly Values

In fact, movies with at least some strong Christian and family-friendly values and content in 2016 made nearly six times more money overall last year, as movies with at least some strong "leftist values" and content, that is $71.09 million per movie, versus only $12.45 million per movie.

(Los Angeles, CA)—[ASSIST News] An annual box office study has shown that in 2016, American moviegoers by about six-to-one, still preferred movies with strong Christian and family-friendly content or ideals, over movies with the opposite values. (Photo: Dr...(more)

Mike Huckabee Accepts the Friends of Zion Award for His Support of Israel

The Friends of Zion Museum was established with the vision of serving as a bridge, enabling people from around the world to join the scores of people throughout history who have supported the people, the promise and the State of Israel.

airlift(Israel)—[PRNewswire] Governor Mike Huckabee Presidential Candidate in 2016 received the Friend of Zion award at gala event in Jerusalem. Dr. Mike D. Evans, founder of the Friends of Zion Museum in Jerusalem presented him with the award for his support for the State of Israel and the Jewish people...(more)

This U.S. Representative was Brave Enough to Go See Syria's Devastation Firsthand; Even Meeting with President Assad

"Syrian Christians won't speak publicly about how they feel about the Assad regime because they fear retribution, but privately they'll tell you that they fared pretty well under Assad; they've been free to worship in their churches without hindrance. What they're really concerned about is another government that will come into power that will be similar to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt where they will have no rights and they will be attacked." -Gary Lane

(Washington, DC)—[(more)

President Trump Speaks Out against Anti-Semitism and Bigotry in America, after Touring the National Museum of African American History

[Fox News] President Trump spoke out Tuesday against the wave of anti-Semitic threats against Jewish community centers, calling them "horrible" reminders of the bigotry that still exists in the country... Click here to read and watch a video of the President's remarks...(more)

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