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By Lana Vawser:

The Lord has been speaking to me about California over the past few weeks and highlighting the need for increased intercession and declaration of the Word of God and His plans and purposes for them. As I sat with the Lord recently, I had a vision and saw the Lion of Judah stepping into California. As He approached the center of the state, He stepped in with a LOUD ROAR.

A prophetic utterance then bubbled up within me:

"It was the shaking of the Glory King stepping in and the fear of God was spreading throughout California – a mighty move of His Spirit to release awe and wonder of who He is."

"California, He is coming! California, He is about to step in like you have never seen before! California, He is coming! Prepare the way of the Lord! For He has heard the sound of intercession. He has heard the sound of the redeemed in the land. He has heard the cries of the watchman on the wall and He is coming!

"The Lion of Judah is stepping in and He is about to ROAR and things are going to shake. Things are about to shake. Things are about to be rattled. Things are about to be toppled and rolled. It's time for the ROAR of the Lion of Judah to be heard across the state. It is time for the ROAR of heavenly justice, vindication and preparation to take place. Make way! The King of glory is coming! The whole state will be covered in the glory of God! No longer pockets of His glory, but WAVES of His glory!

"Thick darkness may surround, deep darkness may fill the place, but it is time for the glory of the Lord to rise. The enemy has attempted to hinder the birthing. The enemy has attempted to miscarry what the Lord is doing, but the triumph of God will be seen in the glory of the Lord being revealed... (more)

By Edie Bayer:

The Door to the Drummer

In worship recently, I was following Jesus in a field when I saw a door in the grass. Interestingly enough, it was lying down flat on the ground. It was right there, hidden in the grass, but there nonetheless—hidden in plain sight. As I walked up to the door, suddenly, it was standing up. It was made of heavy, heavy wood, with a tiny little window in the shape of a diamond, only a few inches across. The shape and size of the glass reminded me of an old 1960s style front door.

I then stepped up on my tip-toes to look through the glass. All I saw was darkness, turning to an orange and red color. Then all of a sudden, a spotlight came on. Through the little window, to the right of my viewing area, I saw a drum set highlighted by the spotlight. It was a full drum set with its shining chrome sparkling in the spotlight.

Then, just like that, a drummer was sitting at the drum set. I thought I recognized him, but couldn't really say for sure. As he played the drums, the entire drum set including the drummer seated at it, came closer and closer to the door, kind of floating across the ground. As I watched, the drummer and his drums came so close to the door that I thought they were going to hit it, but didn't—they just passed right through the door, through my body and disappeared behind me!

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

Pondering the meaning of this vision, I asked the Lord what it meant. He didn't immediately answer me... (more)

By James Goll:

Pre-Conditions for Visitation

Are there preliminary conditions that must be met in order for the prophetic promises of God to be unlocked? Are there things that Believers can do to speed up the purposes of God? Are there clauses requiring man's response, or is everything sovereignly predetermined? These questions have been debated throughout Jewish and Church history, and have affected people's world-views, with resulting practical applications in almost every area of life.

How do the lost get saved? Is it Arminianism or Calvinism; free-will or divine election? Ideas have consequences. What we believe about these things will ultimately play out in our actions, for good or for bad... (more)

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