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By Helen Cobanov:

Get Ready!

Whilst praying into the year ahead, the Lord started to download this word to me for 2019: "MY GREAT PARTNERSHIP IS UPON YOU." I saw the word "PARTNERSHIP" was being raised like a banner over the nations. God is looking for those who are willing to partner with Him...those who are prepared to yield every part of their lives to Him.

The Lord said, "Get ready to see Me invade your life, your workplace and families, your church, ministries, cities and governments in a partnership like no other! FOR I AM REFORMING MY BRIDE and bringing her into her glorious place; PARTNERED AS ONE WITH ME. Get ready for a shifting to take place, get ready for a shaking. What looks like chaos and change, what looks like something is being removed or taken away, is a part of My plan."


I heard the word "SIMPLIFY." You have a purpose and He has a plan! It's really that simple.

"So, don't over-complicate it!" The Lord says, "I am removing the dead weight, the things that have been slowing you down or distracting you from being able to run into the fullness of what I have for you... (more)

By Chris Mathis:

Angels of Hope Showing Up in Crisis

Last year, one of my best friends and his wife were going through a financial crisis in their business. All of their income stopped due to a major manufacturing issue where their product was being produced, as well as a theft on another shipping order of theirs. They had an entire line of product stolen while it was being shipped to them, which threw their entire business into a downward spiral. This all happened within a couple months of each other.

Not knowing how they would recover from this situation, the stress and uncertainty of the crisis was overwhelming. Bills were pilling up and clients who were waiting on product ate away at all of their cash flow and credit very quickly. It seemed like challenge after challenge with no hope in sight, and all they could do was surrender to the Lord in the process and trust God to the best of their ability. They went from having a million-dollar company down to nothing very quickly.

At the same time of their personal crisis, they were also working with me at our church. They had to walk in encouragement while ministering hope to others, and this eventually became impossible for them due to their circumstance... (more)

By Katie Barker:

I have had the same encounter with the Lord three times over the last few months, and I now feel a liberty to release what the Lord has shown me. Each time the Lord has shown me a great heavenly vault. There is an invitation from the Lord to "come up higher" in order to have access to the vault. As I approach the vault, the golden door of the vault opens before me and inside there are many, many scrolls. I know these scrolls contain revelation for the times and seasons of God that are ahead, including God's end-time plans.

The scrolls contain deeper revelation and deeper truths from the Word of God and mysteries of the Kingdom of God... (more)

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Prophetic Messianic Minister Curt Landry: God's Plan to Realign and Reposition the United States Government

The Lord has great plans for His children. He has plans for you! He invites us to be in alignment with Him and His plans through diligent prayer. He wants us to heed the words He releases over us as followers of Him.

airlift[Curt Landry Ministries] Recently, Curt Landry received a word from the Lord about our government's repositioning and prophetic words for the nations...(more)

Great Move of the Holy Spirit Erupts in SICILY

"It was the faith of the Roman centurion that moved Jesus, and it is that faith which I saw at the weekend in Palermo that is the foundation of the move now occurring." -Shaneen Clarke

(Italy)— [] A great move of the Holy Spirit has erupted like Mount Etna on the Island of Sicily. I visited there last weekend to speak in Palermo at Ministero Saron, led by Pastors Eliseo and Lina Siino...(more)

How Actor James Wood Is Using Twitter to Help Fire Victims Find Loved Ones

Read, also, about how other Hollywood stars have reacted to fires threatening and burning their homes.

(Los Angeles, CA)—[CBN News] Actor James Woods is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. He used his fame late week on social media helping those affected by the Camp Fire to track down their missing loved ones...(more)

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