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By Lana Vawser:

A Vision of the Giants in the Land

In a vision I saw many of the people of God met with "suddenlies" but these suddenlies were GIANTS. As I looked at these giants I saw the word, "INTIMIDATION" written across their chest. These giants had suddenly risen before many of the people of God and they were bringing intimidation. I knew suddenly that these giants represented circumstances from waiting for the breakthrough, to pressing issues, to unexpected curveballs, to demonic attacks, to accusations, to hopelessness.

The common denominator of these giants, whether the circumstances before the people of God were hard, discouraging and trying, or the breakthrough has begun and the...(more)

By Dr. Theresa Phillips:

Paris Will Dance Again and An Assembly of the Prophets

I waited... to see if I could hear from the Master. The tragedy in Paris. The Middle East crisis. The fears mounting in the America. The world on edge... so I did what I have learned to do... wait.

I saw a picture of the ballet - a dancer en pointe (on toe point) in front of the Eiffel Tower... and I heard Jesus say, "Paris will dance again."

I was thrilled... so I waited some more. Then in a few hours I heard some words that were a booming sound which resonated in my...(more)

Tall Tales Aside: The Real First Thanksgiving

"They felt that Massasoit, the chief of the Wampanoag Indians, was so instrumental in their survival that they should invite Massasoit and his immediate family to that celebration, and they did."

(Plymouth, MA)—[CBN News] Americans think they know a lot about the first Thanksgiving, with many envisioning it as happy Pilgrims wearing big buckles and feasting on huge, fat turkeys. But the facts are actually more fascinating than the fiction...(more)

Gospel Herald's Exclusive Interview: 'Joan of Arc' Director, Russell Holt Discusses the Life, Faith of the 15th Century French Heroine

"Going through these documents, one finds Joan in there—things she said, verbatim. It was actually kind of a spiritual experience to read her actual words and how she responded to this intense investigation during these moving trials. Her faith and courage comes through very clearly, as does the fact that she was inspired by God."

This holiday season, the highly-anticipated new docudrama "Joan of Arc" will air on BYUtv and will provide viewers an in-depth look at the amazing story of the unlikely French heroine...(more)

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