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By Nate Johnston:

About a month ago, I had a dream I was sitting in a boardroom at a meeting when suddenly the speaker stood up and began handing around documents for us to look at. On the front they simply said, "Operating system 2.0." Then I woke up.

It's no secret that we are currently in a season of change of epic proportions, where God is rapidly moving the Body of Christ into position, updating the wineskin, and then inviting us to invite the new wine of His presence. "We just didn't expect it like this," many are saying. Leaders who have been around for decades, pastors, prophets, apostles are all in great anticipation and wonder as God rolls out His new blueprints for a move of God so unusual, it requires complete surrender and our complete focus and attention.

It's Growing Pains

Have you been feeling the overwhelming discomfort? Recently the Lord said to me, "Tell them it's just growing pains." The stretching, the pulling, the PURGING is where God has been excavating your heart and life to prepare you for the MORE being added to you. Yes, it's painful when you are being stretched and growing but it's where you SEE your promises come to pass. Just like new muscles are built by the stretching and tearing of your old ones, God is building our muscles and adding to us... (more)

By Kiwanda Redner:

"For if you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, 'Abba! Father!'" (Romans 8:13-15)

Have you ever noticed that how we feel often determines how we live? If we want something, it is motivated by a feeling. When we express ourselves, it is driven by a feeling. How we respond to people is based on a feeling. We often let our feelings dictate our actions!

One day, I went through our home to pray over it, because I did not like what I was seeing and hearing. The atmosphere was charged with feelings of confusion which was leading to unhealthy arguments. At first, I was caught up in it, trying to manage the situation and feeling fear and anxiety when I thought of the discord... (more)

By Kevin Basconi:

In a recent article, I prophetically shared about how many people have been going through seasons of testing; how many have had their faith tested. In that article, "Seasons of Faith – Seasons of Grace," I quoted the Apostle Peter from 1 Peter 1:6-9 and encouraged you to trust in the Lord and allow God to show Himself strong on your behalf!

1 Peter 1:6-9 (emphasis mine), "In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ, whom having not seen you love... (more)

By Kim Potter:

In the book of Exodus, God instructed Moses to go and speak to Pharaoh. He told him to tell him to let God's people go. It was God's plan to free His people from bondage and take them into their Promised Land. It sounds like an awesome assignment, doesn't it?

I Am Sending You But They Won't Listen to You

The next words God spoke to Moses were not so awesome. God informed Moses that although he was sent by God, Pharaoh would not listen to him. I might not know how Moses felt that day, but I know I wouldn't have thought it was such a great assignment hearing that news.

It was not an encouraging word. God was saying, "I am sending you, but they won't listen to you."

How about Abraham when he was told to sacrifice his son—his only son? That was not an encouraging word from God either. I often find it true that true words from God are not always what we want to hear... (more)

By Katie Barker:

I heard the Lord say, "I am restoring families and the key role of the family. One of the greatest ploys of the enemy has been the degradation of family, and with this has come a departure from the fullness I intended for My people. With this has come a departure from My ways. Many are walking with deep hurt and mistrust but I am coming to heal wounds and bring restoration."

Rise of Families Who Walk in His Power

The Lord went on to say, "As a sign of all I will do in restoring families, and as a sign of the importance I place on family, I am raising up not just couples who walk in My love and power, but families. These families operate in the power of My Spirit from a foundation of love. These families will be a marker of all I wish to bring forth in these days... (more)

Dr. Corinne: Panic Attacks: Is Anxiety Holding You Back From Living Life to the Fullest?

I believe stress and how our body deals with stress is the main cause of disease.

Imagine, that you are sitting in a restaurant. At some point during the meal, you notice that your heart is beating faster than normal and that there is slight pressure in your chest. You feel like you are having difficulty breathing and you also notice that the lights in the restaurant are starting to bother you. You begin to hear every noise around you: a child clinking his silverware against his glass, the waiter writing down an order and conversations becoming increasingly louder. Suddenly, the restaurant feels overwhelming and small, at which point you may feel a tingling sensation down your arms or your stomach cramping...(more)

Check Out This Brilliant Pro-Life YouTube Video Mocking the Absurdity of Down Syndrome Abortions

"We like to use humor to show how ridiculous most of the ‘pro-abortion' arguments are. Our videos are designed to be eye-catching, short and witty in hopes that people will watch and share!" -Laura Klassen

(Canada)—[] Truth is at the heart of humor, and Canadian pro-life activist Laura Klassen has made a name for herself by successfully communicating the unsavory truths about abortion through her witty YouTube videos. You know Klassen from the viral "Magical Birth Canal" video, in which she explains the mysterious and "scientific" process through which a fetus "magically" becomes a baby with human rights...(more)

Award-Winning Physicist: "Science Does Not Kill God"

[AFP] "It's extremely arrogant from scientists to come down from the ivory towers and make these declarations without understanding the social importance of belief systems. When you hear very famous scientists making pronouncements like ... cosmology has explained the origin of the universe and the whole, and we don't need God anymore. That's complete nonsense..." Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read...(more)

In "Significant First" Mike Pompeo Visits Jerusalem's Western Wall Accompanied by Prime Minister Netanyahu

The visit marks the first time a top US diplomat has gone to the holy site with senior Israeli diplomats.

(Israel)— [] US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was joined Thursday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a visit of the Western Wall, the first time that Washington's top diplomat has visited Jerusalem's contested Old City accompanied by a senior Israeli official...(more)

It's Not Okay to Disparage the Dead, But it's Okay to Curse the Name of Jesus? The Double Standards President Trump Continually Exposes

I would never put John McCain in the same category, but to claim we can't ever negatively evoke the memory of the dead would mean anyone who bad-mouths the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson—the list goes on—should likewise be condemned. Ridiculous.

President Trump continues to defy political correctness and, in the process, expose double standards deeply entrenched in our current society. His recent criticism of the late Senator John McCain is a perfect case in point...(more)

President Trump Signing Executive Order to Protect Free Speech after Campus Conflicts against Conservatives

If colleges and universities do not follow the new procedure, they can lose certain federal funding.

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] President Trump is expected to sign an executive order later today protecting free speech on college campuses. The move fulfills a promise he made to conservatives after announcing the order at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last month...(more)

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