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By Kathi Pelton:

I am an American citizen by birth, but for the past 15 years, God has led me to focus a great deal of my time and energy into praying and working for the establishing of godly destiny in nations other than my own. Canada has become my second home, and I have been involved with teams that prayed and worked together to see that nation come forth into blessing. Much to my surprise, as we approached 2015, the Lord turned my attention and my heart back to my own nation. (I say to my surprise, because much as I would try to battle in the spirit for the U.S., the Lord kept me focused on Canada).

In October 2014, while my husband and I were in British Columbia, God got our attention by giving us a prophetic word regarding our recent move from California to Oregon. This word spoke of God using us like an aqueduct to carry blessing...(more)

By Francis Frangipane:

According to the Scriptures, Moses was "educated in all the learning of the Egyptians." Indeed, as a prince in Egypt, Moses had grown to be a "man of power in words and deeds" (Acts 7:22). Thus, it is hard to equate this eloquent and cultured man with the stammering shepherd who, at eighty years old, was overwhelmed with his inadequacies, so much so that he pleaded with God to choose someone else.

Consider: the Lord took a self-assured world leader and reduced his opinion of himself until he possessed no confidence. And it was in this state of mind that God decided to use him. Having been thoroughly convinced of his unfitness for leadership, Moses was now...(more)

Sunrise Service at the Nation's Capitol is a Growing Trend for Christians Reclaiming America

"We're there for one purpose: Not to grow our church, no political spin; we're there to declare to the city, the nation and the world that Christ has risen." -Pastor Amos Dodge

(Washington, DC)—As the first thumbnails of sunlight tip over the National Mall, Christians from across the country will lift their voices on Easter morning...(more)

Revival Hits Tonga: Surfing Missionary Rides the Wave of the Holy Spirit There

"People started coming to Christ like crazy."

After working for a couple years in West Africa, Zack Woolwine and his wife, Anna, began to seek the Lord about their next mission assignment with Youth for Christ. They returned home to Ohio, but after a year they were ready to go back overseas...(more)

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