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By Sandie Freed:

Believer, is there a fear with which you are struggling and you can't seem to break free? Is there a generational pattern of addiction from which you just can't break free? Well, it's time to look more closely at your dreams! Yes, God is probably speaking to you in your dreams at night, concerning how you can walk in freedom! Isn't that encouraging?

I am speaking to you today from personal experience. In fact, I almost died several years ago due to a generational stronghold. Yet, in my dreams God began to speak to me about how to break free. When I was younger, I had a blood disease that almost took my life. The doctors told me I had only a few months to live. I was desperate to experience divine healing, and I was crying out daily for healing and deliverance. The Lord led me to the prophets where I received the prophetic decree that I would live and not die. I tucked that prophetic promise in my heart and began to stand on the words of a promised breakthrough. Every night at bedtime I would declare the same words that were spoken over my life: I will live and not die!

Generational Strongholds Revealed in Dreams

"God does not want to punish us. In fact, His desire is to visit us through dreams so that we can be delivered, healed and restored."

It was a few months later that I also began to have dreams about generational strongholds. Now, receiving the prophetic word that I was to live was awesome! But, God didn't stop there with His prophetic messages to me. God kept promising breakthrough and deliverance from the spirit of death through many messages in my dreams.

A generational stronghold is a legal hold the enemy has on us. It all begins with the sins of the generations... (more)

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By Darren Canning:

Prophecy is forward looking, but its main aim is to encourage, uplift and comfort the Church (1 Corinthians 14:3). When someone begins to prophesy, they begin to tell you about a future state of your life. There is a lot of talk in the Body of Christ about the differences between words of knowledge, words of wisdom and prophecy. I have written on these things before, but want to share a little more today. All the gifts of the Holy Spirit flow from one source, and they are meant to build up the Body into the image of Christ.

Word of Knowledge

Wisdom and knowledge originate from the Lord. When you encounter these, you will feel the truth of its divine source in your bones. God often uses godly vessels to guide us. Guidance can be forward looking, but it isn't necessarily prophecy. Also, the Holy Spirit will often point to things that only He knows in our life that nobody else should know, who doesn't know us. When a prophetic voice releases this knowledge over us, we know that God is speaking because the person before us shouldn't know these details.

A word of knowledge is something I have often thought of as a "supernatural portrait" of our past and/or present that God puts in front of us to say, "I know who you are!" It can often shake people when they receive a word of knowledge. I remember one of the first prophets who came into my life told me that I tried to commit suicide twice. He was completely right. When he said that, I was undone. I started to cry knowing that God knew me... (more)

By Wanda Alger:

Looking to Belong

There is a cry coming from within the Body of Christ. It is a cry from the heart and soul of many who have been wandering on the outskirts and are looking to belong somewhere! They are looking from the sidelines of the Church desperately wanting to grow and flourish, but feel stuck. They are the disenfranchised, the forgotten, the broken, the orphaned, and those who have yet to experience all that the Lord has for them. They are crying out in their secret place, "Lord, why am I so alone? I want to do more – BE more!"

The enemy is whispering into many ears, lies of doubt and unbelief: "You don't belong there. Nobody wants you. You're not good enough... (more)

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