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By Victoria Boyson:

The Lord wants to blow the doors off of what we think we know about prayer!

I recently heard a story of a Christian man who'd died and, as he ascended to Heaven, he was surrounded by a violent propulsion of lights. He knew at once these lights were the prayers of those on earth who had interceded. Their prayers were shot up to Heaven in powerful anticipation of their importance to the heavenly Father. It seemed to him that they were "fireworks of war" in these prayers of the saints. That is the power of our prayers!

The Season of the Cross

Our Father is constantly, even ardently, waiting to hear our prayers and react to our calls. Indeed, our simple requests are missiles in the war of the heavenlies and we are His secret weapon. We are not sending up wishes or hopes, we're sending up petitions to our loving Father, who's anxiously waiting to hear our requests as if hearing the council of the generals of war. Your prayer instantly activates movements and strategies in the heavenlies which directly affects the realms of earth.

In our world, we fight under an oppressive cloud of unbelief. Even many Christians are cynical of miracles and hesitate to credit prayer for the answer. This is what the enemy wants – it is his primary weapon against the prayers of the saints. If you've experienced disappointment in prayer in the past, understand that is also apart of the battle against intercession. We've entered a new season: the season of the CROSS. It's time to try again...and even when it looks impossible, believe God for the impossible to become possible.

"Our prayer war cannot be for anything less than the awakening from the Lord that was promised: For the Church to become the vessel of the Lord and carry mercy and love to the lost... (more)

By Kathie Walters:

God is Responding to Florida

I travel all over but I am learning to listen more to where He wants me to go. You do know God responds to your cry and to your faith—that's His promise to all of us, isn't it? God said, "I will listen. When you call unto Me I will answer you, and do great and mighty things that you do not know" (see Jeremiah 33:3).

Sometimes when I hear people talking about Florida, it makes me think that Florida is a kind of playground. Full of sun and fun and lovely, long beaches. But there is more to it, and there have been a lot of intercession and faith declarations in Florida.

I happen to know there are some serious, devil-stomping, tongue-talking, bold warriors living there. Most of the time they don't look like it—they don't appear very religious. They actually look like normal people.

Fireworks of Signs, Wonders and Miracles

When I woke up one morning recently, I had a vision where I saw a burst of fireworks in Miami. I thought the fireworks were signs and wonders and miracles. Then I saw it begin to light up...all along the coast. I first saw Tampa light up, and then it was like lights started popping in different places, all over. I also saw the Lord's compassion being released. Faith that works by love is the best.

Signs and wonders are to confirm the Gospel. So preach the Gospel and reach out to the unsaved. Be like the owls who see in the dark. You can prophesy in dark places and bring the light... (more)

By Munday Martin:

At this juncture of my ministry, perhaps one of the most fiery embers blazing in my heart today is to edify each member of the corporate Body to awaken to see who they are in Christ.

As I travel across the globe, I meet myriads of precious sheep who are living beneath their privileges, forfeiting their divine, God-given gifts and rights. I see them leaving their Kingdom responsibility into the hands of their spiritual leaders. However, there is an undeniable reality that they are called to dignity and greatness for such a time as this. A massive part of that greatness lies in the greater works! What do I mean by that?

"These stories I'm telling you are not designed for you to become a fan, but they're designed to inspire you to become participants for Jesus' glory and fame... (more)

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