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By Dutch Sheets:

Scripture makes it clear that the Lord accomplishes His purposes on the earth not through one man or movement, but through the labors and legacy of many across multiple generations (Hebrews 11:39-12:2). Working through a divine timeline that extends beyond a single lifetime, the Lord desires that we honor and build upon the foundations laid by those who have gone before us. In Genesis 26, we are told that when Isaac dug water wells, he didn't get to start with his own. Isaac recognized his hereditary right and responsibility to re-dig and restore the ancient wells of his father Abraham, which the Philistines stopped up after he died.

It was after re-digging his father's wells that the Lord appeared to Isaac and pronounced over him the same blessing previously spoken over Abraham. Not long after that, the Lord allowed Isaac's...(more)

By Joey LeTourneau:

"Now hope does not disappoint..." Romans 5:5

Hope may seem like a simple word to us, but we must not allow the familiarity of our definition to rob the eternal potency of God's truth and power when it is applied in its full measure. Right now, I believe we have huge, collective reason to hope like never before. Half measures of hope are gone and our measure is being bound to His again.

It seems the enemy has been working overtime lately to create fear. You may have seen or felt it too. Social media and mainstream media are brimming with subjects that can cause our perspective to be far too fear focused while it tries to rob our...(more)

Successful Debut of Faith-Based Film "War Room" Stuns Hollywood, Despite Secular Critics

"God totally gets the credit for what's happening. We're seeing a nation becoming increasingly racially divided, but we're seeing the Church rally around prayer and becoming more and more united. Thousands of people have been praying for this movie. With all of our inadequacy, God keeps taking what is said to be impossible and makes it undeniable. We are so grateful." –Stephen Kendrick, Producer

(Hollywood, CA)—The faith-based drama War Room, by filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, earned a staggering $11 million in its box-office debut over the weekend despite playing in only 1,135 theaters...(more)

Chick-fil-A Under Fire again for CEO's Support of Biblical Marriage

Assistant City Attorney David Broadwell was reportedly "shocked" by the talk over the contract and this was the first time he had seen a controversy like this "in all my years."

(Denver, CO)—[CBN News] The restaurant chain Chick-fil-A is facing another battle over the CEO's support of "Biblical marriage." ((more)

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