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By Kevin Basconi:

There is a time for everything under Heaven. Solomon penned these words, "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven" (Ecclesiastes 3:1). According to the wisdom of King Solomon and the Scripture, there is a time for all things. There is also a time for nations. On May 14th, 1948, Israel was born. Just as there was a time for Israel to be born again we are now in such a time for America. It is a time for America to be born again. Now is the time for America's resurrection!

We need to embrace the times that we live in. We need to discern the times and seasons just as the sons of Issachar were able to discern the times and seasons (1 Chronicles 12:32). We need to redeem our time as Americans at this hour. Don't look at time as a curse but look at time as something God has given you as a precious gift. A gift that you...(more)

By Edie Bayer:

In prayer recently, I went into a vision. I saw myself with my head bowed, surrounded by huge angels. I was so tiny in the center of this circle of enormous angels. As I watched, I started to grow, and grow, and grow, until I was the same size as them! I saw myself turn to walk and my footsteps were loud and crashing. I felt like Gulliver – a giant! I heard God say to me, "You are bigger than you think you are."

You Are Much Bigger Than You Think You Are

I am here to tell you now: You are MUCH bigger than you think you are in the spirit realm! You are a giant among angels. You have incredible authority and earth-shattering power! Remember, it is the anointing that breaks the yoke (see Is. 10:27). You must learn to access your anointing.

I had a vision of a bride's hand writing on a scroll...(more)

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By Bonnie Jones:

The Color of Love

Recently I ministered at a conference where they asked for the title of my message. Immediately the Lord gave it to me and I must admit I was a bit startled. He simply said, "The Color of Love." I never knew love had a color. A couple days later He began speaking to me regarding it. He said:

"Love is a vibration. It shakes and shapes the whole universe. Its inhabitance is peace that dwells within the Saints. Its presence is glory. Its voice is I AM. Its essence is light."

I understood "It" to mean "Love" and Love is a person named Jesus...(more)

Thousands Turn out for Rome's March for Life—It's "Taking on a Life of Its Own"

"This is a battle between life and death and we need God's help. It's a broken world and broken people need real answers that come from God." -Gianna Jessen

(Rome, Italy)—[LifeSiteNews] Thousands of Italians marched against abortion and euthanasia on Saturday at the nation's annual March for Life (Marcia per la Vita) alongside Cardinal Raymond Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan, and Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States. (Photo: Rome MFL/via LifeSiteNews...(more)

Trump's Powerful Israel Speech from Jerusalem: "I Was Humbled to Place My Hand upon the Wall and Pray in That Holy Space for Wisdom from God"

"This city, like no other place in the world, reveals the longing of the human heart—to know and worship God." -President Donald J. Trump


Trump Silent on Two-State Solution at Abbas Meeting

"This is a huge achievement, on a historic scale, and a big win for anyone opposed to the mistaken and dangerous idea of a Palestinian terror state in the heart of Israel." -Likud minister Ofir Akunis

(Israel)—[Breaking Israel News] Perhaps the most significant words in President Donald Trump's joint statement with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday were the ones he didn't say: two-state solution...(more)

Prayer Focus: North Korean Dictator to Mass Produce and Deploy Missile Targeting U.S. Bases

"At the G7 meeting scheduled later this week, I would like to bring up the North Korean issue as the main issue on the agenda and hope to send a clear message to North Korea." -Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

airlift[CBN News] It was billed as a hero's welcome as North Koreans came out to honor the scientists behind the country's ballistic missile program...(more)

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