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By Sandie Freed:

Have you ever had such a disturbing dream that when you awoke you were so relieved it was only a dream? And yet, knowing that many times dreams are from God, you are sure there was a purpose to the dream? I'll bet you have had dreams that are warning dreams, directional dreams and dreams that are for prayer, along with many other types of dreams that affect your divine destiny. Recently, I had one of those dreams – a dream warning me of an enemy that attempts to steal destiny.

In the Lions' Den with the Accuser

Let's go to the story of Daniel being thrown in the Lions' Den (Daniel 6). To a degree, I now had empathy of the terror Daniel must have felt while in the lions' den! Except the lions in my dream were not literal, the lions were actual people who were falsely accusing me! Think of how a lion hunts down its prey and then lunges toward it to make the kill. That is the type of horror I was feeling from my accusers. They were hungry to hurt, to destroy and yes, even devour!

The accusations were cruel, untrue and downright lies! Yet, as every false accusation was hurled against me, it hurt my heart – over and over again. The lies came so swiftly, like darts thrown at a dart board, to hit the mark...and I was the target!

"Keep believing in what God has declared over your life. Believe that He is watching over His words concerning you and that He will bring those things to pass... (more)

By Chuck Pierce with Rebekah Faubio:

Newsletter dated: Monday, May 21, 2018

Dear Empowered Ones:

We could not have experienced a more amazing start to Pentecost...the heavens broke open early in the morning and poured down rain in great abundance! On our eighth time celebrating Pentecost on this land, we witnessed the floodgates of Heaven opening to release God's blessings in the earth.

At the harvest feast of Shavuot, we celebrate God's physical provision by bringing our firstfruits and thank offerings. We also celebrate His provision of revelation by reading the Word (Torah) and meditating on it. Finally, we can celebrate His provision of the Holy Spirit by welcoming His empowering presence and being filled afresh.

Key Dream: You Are Breaking Out of Captivity and into Enlargement!

As I mentioned yesterday morning (at church), my daughter, Rebekah Faubion, had a dream that I believe is for all of us. The enemy may be hassling you and making you think you can't move forward during this time of increase and enlargement. Although the enemy is saying he will break through the barrier between you and him and hold you in captivity, know that the Lord says: You are coming out of captivity completely!

Take time to read Rebekah's dream and hear God's word to all of us:

"I was at a zoo, and there was an open-air exhibit featuring a white tiger... (more)

By Dawn Hill:

Embodying Jesus Christ

I find myself frequently thinking about the not-so-glamorous things that seem to matter to the Holy Spirit. I say they are not so glamorous because they do not excite us like spiritual warfare or miracles or signs and wonders do. All of these things matter to God. We cannot ignore spiritual warfare, and we cannot forsake the entire great commission. I simply sense an urgency in this hour to desire every facet of God, whether it excites us or convicts us. We need to have the difficult conversations, so here it goes.

God is drawn to unity. It is the essence of the Trinity. Unity is vital to the Body of Christ. A Body fragmented is a poorly perfused Body, diminishing the flow of His presence and resulting in a weakened pulse and a fading heartbeat. It is not our own heartbeat the world is supposed to hear. As the Body of Jesus Christ, it is His heartbeat and His fragrance that we embody... (more)

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