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By Steve Porter:

"Deep calls unto deep at the noise of your waterfalls: all Your waves and Your billows are gone over me." (Psalm 42:7)

In my spirit I hear the wooing of the Lord tenderly calling to His treasured Bride in 2018. The deep things inside Him are stirring the deep things inside us. All over the world we see this holy cry for more of Him. He's stirring in us an urgency to run after Him with all that is in us because time is short, and the wise virgins of Matthew 25 must have their lamps filled with oil and be ready for His soon return to establish His Kingdom.

"As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, my God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?" (Psalm 42:1). This Scripture expresses the unquenchable thirst we have for God, which can be filled by nothing else.

"The Lord is waiting with great anticipation for you to enter this special place where you will enjoy greater intimacy in 2018."

Right now, the lukewarm, apathetic spirit of Laodicea is doing its best to blind the eyes of the Body of Christ, while the Lord is busy preparing a pure and beautiful Bride for His Son. The Bride is "buying gold tried by fire"—His divine nature. In His presence our nature is transformed so that we become the radiant Bride that shines with the very glory of our God.

Many within the Church are experiencing an inner restlessness placed there by the Lord, which creates in them a yearning for more of God than they've ever experienced before. You'll find this deeper cry echoing from...(more)

By Marc Brisebois:

The Corporate Esther

God is calling for a corporate Esther. A corporate Esther knows how to change a nation through touching the heart of God. The story of Esther maps a profound path leading to national justice and the unraveling of a sinister plot against the Jewish people. It is a prophetic template for our day.

In her obedience and humility, Esther plots for us a strategic course activating the administration of the Government of God. Today, there is an emerging army of Believers collectively giving themselves to a similar strategy. More than victory, they will experience the immense beauty of their glorious God. They are a "Corporate Esther".

The story of Esther unfolds at a dire moment. The very existence of the Jews was being threatened as a diabolical plan surfaces. Envy has once again focused the enemies of God toward the cause of annihilating His people. Central to the narrative is Haman, a man with murderous ambition. He is not acting alone, being merely the present host through which...(more)

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By Dr. Sandie Freed:

A few days before New Year's Day, I heard the Lord challenge me to "expect more in 2018!" I immediately became excited as I thought: "Well, sure...I need to expect more—more breakthrough, more finances, more favor...more of whatever I might possibly need!" I began to make a mental note of all I needed to do to keep my expectations high. I concluded that more time in Bible study, quoting more Scripture passages, and making godly decrees would be a jump start into breakthrough.

After a few minutes of brain-storming, the Holy Spirit inserted something profound. He said, "Sandie, this will not happen because of what YOU do. This will all happen because My grace will chase you down in 2018." Now, I have heard spiritual leaders refer to God's grace overtaking us—but this was the first time God actually said it to ME! It was almost like His audible voice speaking loudly and clearly.

Then I had an a-ha moment. I remembered the numerous times I had heard Believers sadly...(more)

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"There couldn't be a more powerful time to be in the Holy Land"

The 'Real' Rosie the Riveter in Iconic 'We Can Do It' Posters Dies at 96

In 2015, Professor Kimble made a discovery that allowed Fraley to be officially recognized; he found that the original photograph had a caption with the name "Naomi Parker."

[] On Tuesday morning, news emerged that Naomi Parker Fraley, the "real" Rosie the Riveter who was the inspiration behind iconic WWII posters, passed away. Fraley reportedly died in hospice care at the age of 96...(more)

MSNBC Anchor Challenges Franklin Graham Live On-Air: 'Does Trump Have a Sin Problem?' His Responses Are Brilliant

When asked if he would pray and be as forgiving for a Democratic president, Franklin responded, "We were attacked by President Obama ... we would not support him ... because of his position on abortion and same-sex marriage, [Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Association] got audited by the IRS ... we passed the audit but it was a great inconvenience, and cost us a lot of money ... so we were targeted by the Obama administration, but that didn't stop me from praying for the man."


Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery: Obscure Fragments Deciphered

[] One of the last two parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls has finally been translated, thanks to researchers at the University of Haifa. Dr. Eshbal Ratson and Prof. Jonathan Ben-Dov of the Department of Bible Studies managed to put together 60 tiny fragments over more than a year... Click here to read...(more)

Prayer Alert: 80 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered in 'Inhuman' Violence; Victims Describe Being Hacked by Machetes

[] More than 80 Nigerian Christians have been slaughtered at the hands of radical Islamic herdsmen this month, with major Christian groups decrying the "inhuman" violence, as survivors describe what it felt like to be hacked by machetes... Click here to read...(more)

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