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By Candice Smithyman:

Last October God spoke to me that in the month of February He was going to start swinging wide the doors of opportunity. He specifically wanted His people to pass through January and the process of consecration and purification. I have been anticipating what is going to happen. I am already hearing reports that indeed doors are flinging wide, everywhere! People are saying God is moving so much and so many amazing things are happening.

We know from Joshua 3:5 that Joshua told the people, "...Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you" (NIV).

Many have been faithful and God is going to do amazing things. However, I do believe there is something to consider as we embark on the opportunities He is bringing that we should be aware to put Him first. God does not want us to worship advancement, or financial increase, or amazing opportunities—those things are all coming as a result of Him choosing to open the doors of Heaven and pour out a blessing upon us.

One of the ways we can curtail our flesh in the midst of God's many blessings is not to forget Him in the area of giving ourselves over to Him. God will bless us but we are not to make idols out of the blessing and forget all about Him. We must stay in a place of repentance and purity of heart... (more)

By Katie Barker:

The Lord is calling His Bride to "prepare the way" for His glory will be seen across the earth. We must make way for Him, which will involve laying down our own agenda and taking up a Kingdom mindset. A great call is going out from Heaven to consecrate ourselves in preparation for all the Lord wants to do through us in the days ahead. The Lord is calling His people to repentance and to return to His ways. The Lord is awakening His Church to the hour at hand and calling us to be renewed, surrendered and filled with His Spirit so we may partner with Him in seeing His Kingdom advance.

Call to Repentance & Return to Kingdom Ways

I heard the Lord say, "I am raising up a prophetic company who are crying out, 'Prepare the way of the Lord!' in preparation for the great harvest and My end-time plans... (more)

By Johnny Enlow:

Once again, I believe there is an encouraging word for us from this past Super Bowl result, where the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. I find it always best to wait for the results as almost every detail has an accompanying message for us. I will point out some of the main ones that I have seen. For those who have followed my previous prophetic words, you will see the synchronicity with what has been said. To put the puzzle together, here are the following names and numbers that have significance: 53, Patriots, Rams, Tom Brady, 12, Julian Edelman, Robert Kraft, 13-3... (more)

Health: 8 Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

According to experts, it's easier than you think to make improvements that fend off coughs and sneezes.

airlift[] Boosting your immune system is the best defense to fight colds, flu, and more. According to experts, it's easier than you think to make improvements that fend off coughs and sneezes...(more)

3 Boys Bought Flowers for Every Single Girl in Their Middle School: "We Wanted Every Girl to Feel Important and Special on Valentine's Day"

[] Eighth-grader Tristan Valentine, seventh-grader Kyan Rice and sixth-grader Lincoln Holmes used hundreds of their own dollars to purchase flowers for all 270 girls and 70 female staff members at Summit Trail Middle School… Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

DC Comics Cancels Blasphemous "Jesus Series" After Hundreds of Thousands Sign Petition

"Would DC Comics publish similar content about other religious leaders, such as Mohammed or Buddha? This content is inappropriate and blasphemous. It should be immediately pulled from your publishing schedule." -The Petition

(New York, NY)— [] DC Comics says it is canceling a series about Jesus that many Christians labeled heresy, although the writer implied on social media that the series may resurface elsewhere...(more)

Israel Votes to Make Prostitution Illegal After Ten Year Battle: "Thankful to God"

"These are excellent tidings for some 14,000 women, men and children who are viciously exploited every day in Israel's sex industry. We have advocated for about 10 years to advance this legislation, and we are thankful to God that He allowed us to harvest this sweet fruit." -Calev Myers

(Israel)—[Israel Today] A Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services Bill was passed earlier this year in the Israeli Knesset making prostitution illegal by a vote of 34-0...(more)

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