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By Paulette Reed:

Lessons From Lemon Trees

I have two lemon trees that stand right beside my home. I enjoy watching them grow, blossom, and bear fruit. Recently, when I returned home from a trip, I was surprised to find the first tree absolutely loaded with lemons. Unfortunately, however, the second tree was barren of fruit – there were no lemons at all hanging from its branches. The only noticeable activity around it was tiny lemons that were lying all over the ground.

As I did my Arizona homework, I learned that the second tree had experienced what is commonly called "fruit drop." It's a little disconcerting and a bit sad to watch a tree beautifully blossom only to have...(more)

By Dr. Theresa Phillips:

What is God's Plan for this New Day? For America, England, Israel, and Japan?

From this day forward is a new day. He who has an ear, listen to the now voice of the Spirit:

"I am releasing an army of angelic hosts to prepare My people for the next move of My Spirit. This move will come with many signs, wonders, and miracles. I am releasing a new level of glory (My manifested presence). The angelic guard to some nations has changed, and I have sent two-faced warrior angels to the nations of America, England, Israel, and Japan.

"I am sending warrior angels who have a double face. The face will look beautiful and serene...(more)

He Frequented Gay Bars in Hollywood Until God's Grace Set Him Free

"I never got what I deserved... here I am alive and serving Jesus." -Paul Gualtieri

(Apple Valley, CA)—Molested a few times when he was a child, Paul Gualtieri dabbled with homosexuality as a largely unsupervised 13-year-old in Palm Springs. (Photo via (more)

Louis Zamperini's Son Reveals Details of Angelina Jolie's Visit to His Dad in the Hospital Before He Died

"Don't give up, don't give in, there's a reason for everything." -Louis Zamperini's last words

In an exclusive interview with The Gospel Herald, Louis Zamperini's son, Luke, gave an inside look into his father's story, and how the grace of God drastically transformed his life...(more)

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