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By David Lebo:

God's heart will always be to leave the ninety-nine for the one. If every service is for one person, so be it. If we all gather for just one person's breakthrough, it is worth it. God is stirring the waters just like a pool of Bethesda. The first one to jump in got what they needed from the Lord. That was then and now Jesus is the pool, and He is here for each and every one of us. If you'll jump into Jesus you'll get what you need, for God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is still Jehovah Rapha. He is still Jehovah Shalom. He is still El Shaddai—the Lord God Almighty.

The That Seed Remains

The Lord says, "Is there anything that I cannot do in your life—anything I will not do for the child of God who will just believe My Word? For My Word has gone out into all the earth; My seeds into the harvest fields. I'm looking for a place to plant My seed into fertile soil. I have found one such as this, for you are a vineyard of the Lord—a garden of My delight (Isaiah 5:7). I planted My seed deep into the soil of your life some many decades ago—10, 20, even 30 years ago. It was so deep within you, that even you forgot about the seed, but God did not forget the seed that was planted so deep in you... (more)

By Anthony and Melissa Medina:

Recently I heard the phrase, "Out of obscurity and into purpose," and then I went into a vision. I saw the Lord as the head banker at a large bank on Main Street. The purpose of this bank was to hand out micro loans to those who visited the branch. Many of the ones who visited this branch had first gone to all of the "big box" banks, but were denied loans to fulfill their dreams. The Lord's bank on Main Street required no experience or credentials in order to receive a loan, just a dream and the passion to pursue it.

In the vision, the "big box" banks represent the large traditional churches, doing things in standard form. The Lord's bank on Main Street represents smaller groups of people not held up or tied down by the red tape of programs and traditions. These Believers are not necessarily leaving or disconnecting from larger churches, but they are actively connecting within covenantal communities and finding the freedom to walk in their identity and withdraw from their heavenly bank accounts for the purpose of fulfilling their God-given dreams... (more)

By Kim Potter:

Recently, I awoke from my sleep with my heart pounding. My mind was grasping for the quickly fleeing remnants of the dream, which I knew was no ordinary dream. It was one I knew was from the Lord, but I couldn't share it until I gained a better understanding. Instinctively, I knew my questions concerning this dream would not be answered quickly. It would take time seeking God. It could take hours, perhaps even days, spent in His presence before He would reveal the fullness of this encounter. In the days that followed, I jotted down insights as the Lord uncovered different aspects of the dream... (more)

Health: 8 Simple Steps to Boost Your Immune System

According to experts, it's easier than you think to make improvements that fend off coughs and sneezes.

airlift[] Boosting your immune system is the best defense to fight colds, flu, and more. According to experts, it's easier than you think to make improvements that fend off coughs and sneezes...(more)

3 Boys Bought Flowers for Every Single Girl in Their Middle School: "We Wanted Every Girl to Feel Important and Special on Valentine's Day"

[] Eighth-grader Tristan Valentine, seventh-grader Kyan Rice and sixth-grader Lincoln Holmes used hundreds of their own dollars to purchase flowers for all 270 girls and 70 female staff members at Summit Trail Middle School… Subscribe for free to Breaking Christian News here Click here to read. (more)

DC Comics Cancels Blasphemous "Jesus Series" After Hundreds of Thousands Sign Petition

"Would DC Comics publish similar content about other religious leaders, such as Mohammed or Buddha? This content is inappropriate and blasphemous. It should be immediately pulled from your publishing schedule." -The Petition

(New York, NY)— [] DC Comics says it is canceling a series about Jesus that many Christians labeled heresy, although the writer implied on social media that the series may resurface elsewhere...(more)

Israel Votes to Make Prostitution Illegal After Ten Year Battle: "Thankful to God"

"These are excellent tidings for some 14,000 women, men and children who are viciously exploited every day in Israel's sex industry. We have advocated for about 10 years to advance this legislation, and we are thankful to God that He allowed us to harvest this sweet fruit." -Calev Myers

(Israel)—[Israel Today] A Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution Services Bill was passed earlier this year in the Israeli Knesset making prostitution illegal by a vote of 34-0...(more)

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