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By Johnny Enlow:

5779 will prove to be the most transcendental year for our nation (and ultimately all the nations) in at least 100 years as God plays a great trump card, demolishing the enemy's house of cards. A year ago for Rosh Hashanah 5778 I titled the word "A New Hidden Way is Here" and we walked through that. This year the way becomes clear. The story of Israel's departure from Egypt through the Red Sea in Exodus 14 is particularly relevant, and this year will be as historical and significant for the United States as the Biblical Exodus was for Israel. The Church will also experience a parallel version of what our nation walks through, though perhaps not as visibly intense.

The scope and scale of shift and change cannot be overstated. We are at the threshold of the greatest breakthrough ever as a nation, but it will feel precarious at times. It is a rescue operation. It is a deliverance of the highest magnitude. 100 years of murky and distorted history will be clarified. Many memorable stories of the past century were not as reported, and much of that will be made clear in this 5779 year. We will better see how God has been progressively rescuing us, but this is now a great day of deliverance.

777... (more)

By Pete Garza:

The Enemy is after Your "Gold Season"

On September 18th the Lord began to speak to me. He said, "The enemy is after the gold season. The gold season is the blessings and favor of the Lord that is upon you. The enemy is after your anointing." Shortly after this, I experienced a spiritual attack. Not only did this manifest spiritually, but it also manifested in the natural through people and things around me. This attack was intentional and specific.

A Carnival of Distractions

As I went into prayer about what I was seeing, Holy Spirit quickened me and said, "This is a targeted strike against God's anointed." I was then taken into a vision where I saw the distractions of the enemy. I was able to hear and see his tactics and schemes. What I began to see were carnival games filled with deceptive prizes. The people had faces like clowns, and everywhere I could see there were vendors calling out. The enemy was using these carnival-like distractions to get the eyes of the Bride off the REAL prize.

Part of his tactic was placing things in front of Believers that would entertain their minds and hearts... (more)

By Bill Yount and Andy Sanders:

While mowing my back yard, God asked me (Andy), "Did you feel the shift?" Right after that I went directly into an open vision, seeing two images at the same time: one was several internal gears (like for a transmission) and the other was a gear shift for a heavy-duty truck. When I saw the gears and the gear shift, the moment struck a special cord in my heart. Years ago, I worked in a hot, stinky factory building transmission parts. I know a few things about the gears, so I knew what He was saying. Each gear releases a different kind of speed and power, but all the gears are connected to one system that drives you forward... (more)

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"It's Scriptural": Why So Many People Are Turning to Essential Oils

Dr. Eric Zielinski, a leader in the field and author of the best-selling, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, told CBN News he became interested in essential oils after reading about them in Holy Scripture.

airlift[CBN News] Millions of Americans are turning to essential oils in an effort to minimize the number of chemicals in their lives. People use these plant extracts as a replacement for many synthetic medications, for home health care and to clean their homes naturally...(more)

ACLJ Defends Christians Facing Persecution in the Middle East and Nigeria at the U.N.

...First, it is imperative for the U.N. to declare that the atrocities ISIS has been carrying out against Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities constitute genocide. A declaration of genocide is necessary because it will open avenues of aid that would otherwise be unavailable to the victims of genocide. Second, the U.N. must provide the assistance and security necessary to clean-up the destruction caused by ISIS' genocide and to allow for the lasting resettlement of the victims of ISIS' atrocities, including those who survive the genocide.


Archaeologists Discover Ancient Israel Flowing with Milk and Honey... and Beer

"They packed plant-foods, including malted wheat/barley, in fiber-made containers and stored them in boulder mortars. They used bedrock mortars for pounding and cooking plant-foods, including brewing wheat/barley-based beer likely served in ritual feasts 13,000 years ago." -the scientists wrote in the Stanford News.

[] A recent find in the Carmel mountains by an international team of archaeologists indicates that before grains were cultivated for food, they were grown for fermented alcoholic beverages...(more)

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