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By Rick Joyner:


Long time readers of the Elijah List will QUICKLY note that this is most certainly NOT our normal type of posting. To say that it's an urgent warning from Rick Joyner is a serious understatement.

Now, before you read one more word, let me emphasize with all the sincerity that I have heard Rick, in this video, clearly say that the things he shares CAN BE STOPPED. THEY DON'T HAVE TO...(more)

By Garris Elkins:

"Something is Coming"

Jan and I live on a quiet street nestled in the foothills of Southern Oregon. We are shielded from much of the noise generated by the communities in the valley below. There are times when it is completely silent.

On a recent morning in the stillness, I heard the distant and barely discernible sound of a train horn. In all the years we have lived in our home, I had never heard a train horn before. The closest train tracks are seven miles away. The distance made the horn sound soft and almost poetic in the quiet of the early morning hours.

As soon as I heard the sound of the train's horn, I felt a nudge of the Spirit and heard the words, "Something is coming." I knew this was the voice of the Lord. I also knew He was not speaking about a coming...(more)

By Steve Shultz:

Dream: "Save As Many Bodies As You Can"

In a most profound dream from God, a couple days ago on September 16, 2014, I seemed to be in a city within a valley among many people. As I walked toward a friend, suddenly, a FLOOD of water began to spread out and rush toward me as if a dam had broken miles away and the waters had released in my direction. Within seconds, I began to fear for my life, and I realized that if I didn't soon make it to the raised ground 50 yards before me, I would be completely swept away in this powerful flood.

I urgently picked up my pace, walking as fast as I could as the water quickly reached my feet, then my ankles, my knees, my waist – and then it began to overtake me – beginning to come up to my face. I barely reached the raised ground ahead of me as the...(more)

World's Oldest Jewish Prayer Book Arrives in Jerusalem

"It is a connection between our past and present and that is something of great value." -PM Benjamin Netanyahu

The oldest Jewish prayer book in the world was presented to the Bible Lands Museum on Thursday. The book is over 1,200 years old and was presented to the general public in Jerusalem during a closed ceremony...(more)

Ukraine Leaders Turn to American Pastors for Help Rebuilding Nation

"Ukraine's quest for freedom is reminiscent of the voice of our Founders who, generations ago, appealed to the God of Heaven to hear their prayers to build a new nation that would be a shining city on a hill. The question is, will we in America stand by them and let our light shine so theirs does not flame out?"

Newly elected Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko told a joint session of Congress Thursday morning that the Ukrainian people have demonstrated their commitment to freedom and that their fight to throw off oppression is a fight for which all free peoples must stand in solidarity...(more)

Still a "United" Kingdom: Scotland Votes "No" to Independence

Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond—a leader of "Yes Scotland"—will step down.

Emotions ran high in the UK during the week preceding Thursday's Referendum, but in the end, the "nays" had it...(more)

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