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By Katie Barker:

Within the last couple of weeks, the Holy Spirit has brought the word "unveiling" to me many times. The Lord has been showing me we are in a time of unveiling where He is uncovering and revealing many things. Unveiling is defined as "to become revealed as if by removing a veil."

Unveiling of the Hidden Ones

Those who have been hidden in Christ are being raised up and highlighted by the Lord. They are those who are pure in heart and are surrendered to Him. They can walk through trials and difficult seasons and still be at peace as their peace and hope are found in Him. They have great faith and trust in the Lord and their eyes are fixed on Him. They know He is faithful to fulfill the promises He has given. They are swift to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Lord is unveiling His hidden ones all around the world and they are arising into the destinies God has called them to. They have been hidden and prepared for this time. They are arising for such a time as this, impacting their sphere of influence to advance the Kingdom of God and see their area aligned with Kingdom ways.

Unveiling More of Himself and His Ways

"People across the earth are humbling themselves before the Lord and calling for Him to heal their land and send the fire of His Spirit."

As His people set their eyes on heavenly things and surrender to Him, He is unveiling more of Himself and His ways. The people of God are encountering God's radical, all consuming love in ways they have not experienced before. God is pouring out more of His love and power... (more)

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By Elaine Tavolacci:

Mentors for the Next Generation

The other day, the Lord showed me a picture of a lioness nursing her cubs. I understood immediately that He was showing me He is raising up women, as well as men, to be mentors to the next generation. Some of you are being groomed for ministry to nurture the younger Believers into the calling that the Lord has for them.

Those of you who are grounded in the Word, who know how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, and are able to discern that which is spiritual from that which is carnal, will mentor these young cubs. To those of you who are in your "golden years" the Lord has not forgotten you. You will release the wisdom and revelation that He has imparted to you to the younger generation.

Hebrews 5:14, "But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil."

Lioness and Cubs

After I received this word, I did a search on the lioness and her cubs. The cubs will eat meat after a few months, but remain dependent on the mother's milk for up to two years. The mother protects them, as they are vulnerable to predators and other lions who may also be a threat. The lioness will fight back when anyone tries to attack her cubs.

I also came across a story from last year about a lion that was found nursing a leopard cub. Observers said that it seemed as though this lioness's aggressive instincts had taken a backseat to her maternal ones... (more)

By Steve Shultz:

If God Made It Clear, Would You Do This?

This has just been a fascinating thing for me to "discover" what has been "hidden in plain sight" all along. What God really LIKES, that is...

Now if you're anything like me, you've at least, a time or two, told God something like this, "Lord, if You'll just make it plain in what You want me to do—if it's REALLY CLEAR, I PROMISE YOU LORD, THAT I'LL DO IT!"

And now today, I can't wait, even one more minute, to tell you what God has been whispering to me all week. And He wants YOU to hear it too... (more)

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