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By Danny Steyne:

In November 1989 the Lord told me, "If unity will come to the Church, someone has to be willing to be offended first." Through the years I've watched and waited. I've seen little "cross-pollination" that does more than create the awkward experience of "almost unity", but not quite. Then I received three things that would shift my focus in a huge way!

"The intensity in the Spirit of this hour requires a peace inside of us. We must not divert from the call of God on our lives, but be very aware of the times in which we are living."

First, I saw a shifter in a car – a speed shifter – no clutch needed! We were about to enter the next phase without the usual protocol. We were going from 2nd to 4th gear! (That feeling of needing to shift gears out of second and the engine begging for a shift is how most of the Church has been feeling...but here is the answer!)

The initial shift would seem slow, but as we move through it, we would realize...(more)

By Darren Canning:

Psalm 119:105 says, "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."

John 1:5 says, "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." You will never be overcome by darkness. When Christ's light shines inside of you, then you will always have what you need to overcome this world. There is an illusion in the minds of many Christians that they are still bound to this world. It isn't true. You may feel like you are bound, but truthfully in Christ, you are free.

Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed

Recently, I prayed for a woman to be freed from a demon of fear. It was dealt with, but the woman wrote me a couple of days later and asked...(more)

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By Lana Vawser:

The Lord is restoring "lost time" right now – especially in the areas of destiny. The Lord is opening many new doors right now for His people, which is catapulting them into another realm and step of their destiny. Yet many are feeling like their time to sow into the vision is being stolen and hindered.

Many are feeling like momentum is being lost rather than being gained. As a result, it is building a level of hopelessness in many hearts as they continue to contend for breakthrough and provision concerning the vision and dream God has given them.

I saw in the spirit that the enemy was bringing "road block...(more)

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"Faith Rewards!" Worship Leader Who Felt God Called Him to Audition for "The Voice" Wins it All

God was kind of pushing me to go forth, and I was declining and saying 'No. This can't be...' I asked that He would just confirm, and He did, and when He did, I would say that really did help push me and helped me overcome the fear and just do it." -Chris Blue

(Los Angeles, CA)—[Faithwire] Never in his wildest dreams did church worship leader Chris Blue ever think he'd compete in "The Voice" let alone win. But that's exactly what happened, completing a journey that began with Blue feeling called by God to try out for the show in the first place...(more)

Safe Travels: Don't Let Illness Spoil Your Summer Vacation

The following tips are invaluable for travelers on the go.

[Newsmax Health] Whether you stay healthy or get sick may depend on the preparations you make before you leave, a top expert says...(more)

Why Rep. Jason Chaffetz is Leaving Congress: "I've Got to Get off This Crazy Train"

"This is not supposed to be a lifetime appointment and I don't want to get that Potomac fever and get too caught up in myself." -Rep. Jason Chaffetz

(Washington, DC)—[Newsmax] Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-UT … chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is stepping down at the end of June...(more)

ACLJ Goes to Battle against the Current "Shadow Government" in Washington Trying to Take down Trump

"The deep state shadow government is seeking to undermine our president. The near daily leak of highly classified information endangers our national security—all in an attempt to score partisan political points." -Jay Sekulow

(Washington, DC)—[CBN News] A "shadow government" sounds like something out of a mystery novel or a political thriller, but leaders with the American Center for Law and Justice say it's all too real, and they've waged a legal battle to stop it...(more)

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