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By Lana Vawser and Brian Britton:

Powerful, Potent Prophetic Dreams

Now is the time to be positioning yourself before Him, asking for greater insight and revelation in prophetic dreams.

I saw a wave being released from the throne – a wave of anointing for greater prophetic dreams containing revelation and insight. This wave was flowing through the Body of Christ and as the people of God were positioned in their prayers, hungering more for seeing Him speak in dreams, they began to be swept up into the glorious release of this significant increase of anointing – to dream His dreams in the night.

This wave of anointing was releasing those who had not dreamt before into the realm of dreaming and adding SIGNIFICANT increase to those who do dream. There is a double portion of anointing being released from the Lord now to move into a whole new level of prophetic dreaming in...(more)

By Jennifer Eivaz:

Purposes For Prophetic Words

It felt like it came out of nowhere. I suddenly heard His voice resonate inside my spirit with perfect clarity. He said, "In June, your church will experience a financial breakthrough." I was filled with expectancy at the news. We were about three years past the 2007-2008 recession, but were still recovering as a church and getting our financial confidence back. June came, but instead of a financial breakthrough it seemed like we went in reverse! It ended up being a difficult summer financially. That breakthrough did finally arrive, but not until the fall of that year. What happened? Did I miss the voice of God?

The Bible describes some purposes for prophetic words. Prophetic words comfort and...(more)

Ben Carson: Many Don't Know about Putin's Deep Islamic Ties

"There's a lot more information that I've got that's probably not appropriate for revelation." –Ben Carson

(Washington, DC)—Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been tied to controversial Middle East Muslim leaders since the time they attended school in Moscow, according to Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson...(more)

Not Sidetracked by Calls for Gun Control, Bobby Jindal Says This is What America REALLY Needs

The Louisiana Governor also revealed what he believes is at the bottom of violence in the US: fatherlessness, moral decay… the list is long. Too long.

(Baton Rouge, LA)—The presidential campaign season is keeping the newly revived gun control debate alive. But one candidate is trying to revive a completely different debate—the one about the spiritual condition of America...(more)

Israel Launching World's First Privately-Funded Moon Landing

"Only three countries have 'soft-landed' a rover on the surface of the Moon: the United States, the former Soviet Union and China. Now, the notion of the small state of Israel being added to this exclusive list look more promising than ever." -Eran Privman


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