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By James Goll and Johnathan Stidham:

The Valley of Decision

Many prophets, intercessors and key leaders across the global Body of Christ all agree that we are in a critical time which the prophet Joel spoke of, declaring, "Multitudes are in the valley of decision..." (Joel 3:14).

Could it be that there are multitudes of individuals who are in such a pivotal, strategic time, but also that the destiny of entire nations are in a valley of decision? We (James W. Goll and Johnathan Stidham) believe this is the case. We believe many of you reading this article will be in agreement as well.

Jesus said, "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20). The Word of God also declares, "How could one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight...?" (Deuteronomy 32:30). Yes, we are better together.

Governmental Visions


By Mikel French:

     Those of us in leadership know what we like, but today I want to ask you, what do you dislike? Surprisingly, it may hold the key that would unlock God's purpose for your life.

Out of the Comfort Zone

     Every teacher loves to dig out the truth from God's Word like a gardener develops a crop. Every God-ordained pastor's mission is to guard and protect his or her flock. Evangelists love crowds, and they thrive on preaching sermons. Prophets love to give extraordinary direction to the Body of Christ. Apostles rejoice when they see the Kingdom of God begin to come together and use the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

     But these are not the only ways God uses these ministers and their ministry gifts. When God's anointed pursue routine and the comfort of their strengths and preferences instead of the unction of God, they have exalted their gifting over their calling and made their position nothing short of an idol... (more)

By Jo Ellen Stevens:

     Upon arising the other morning, the Lord spoke to me and said, "There is a Credence Clearwater Revival just ahead and is happening now!" He then told me to look these words up and share what He is about to do!

     CREDENCE: Credence means truthfulness, or believability.

     There is a revival of truthfulness coming to America and the world. It is going to be made apparent the difference between the truth tellers and those who only speak from their own hearts. God is going to separate the real from the fake and is doing this in the earth right now!

     There is a great uncovering of the lies that we have been told and some of the truths that we have held dear in our country. He is going to shake all that can be shaken so that which remains will be the unadulterated truth of God's Word, and He is about to show forth who His true prophets are... (more)

By Kim Black:

The Spirit of the Lord is calling His Bride to draw near, in this eighth month, like never before. Eight is the number of new beginnings and the Spirit of the Lord is inviting His Bride into a new day where she is filled and being filled with the wonder and awe of His amazing love and redemption.

There are some mandates the Lord is issuing:

• It's time for all other voices to be silenced.
• It's time to enter into a new level of intimacy.
• It's time for the Bride to develop dove's eyes.
• It's time to recognize Christ as our true treasure.

A Vision of the Bride On Trial

During a worship service, the Spirit of the Lord took me up into a vision. He brought me into the humiliating public trial of the woman caught in adultery (John 8:3-11)... (more)

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Skillet's John Cooper Willing to Defend Christ 'Even If It Costs Me My Career'

"We've got people that have an influence that are coming out so hard against the Gospel, and it's dishonoring to God. As the Bible would say it, I'm trying to protect the little ones of the faith." -John Cooper

[] — Skillet frontman John Cooper says he was trying to protect the "little ones of the faith" in a now-viral Facebook post last week and that he was willing to put his career on the line to take a stand for Christ.....(more)

Good News: South Carolina Town Lifts Its Ban on Worship Services Being Held in the Civic Center

"Its previous policy that singled out one form of expression—worship—as inferior to other forms of speech was clearly unconstitutional. Redeemer Fellowship and its members have invested in the community for years, and we are pleased that the church will now receive fair treatment and equal access to the civic center." -ADF Legal Counsel Christiana Holcomb

[] A South Carolina town has lifted its ban on the holding of worship services at its local civic center. Local authorities in Edisto Beach decided to scrap the new rules after being put under pressure by a federal lawsuit filed by a local church...(more)

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HEALTH: Breakout Breakthrough; Clear-Up Your Complexion With Dirt

"A lot of people don't realize that our skin is covered in trillions of microscopic organisms ... If we learn to nurture and protect these healthy strains of bacteria on our skin that's really the secret to having beautiful, glowing, radiant skin." -Dr. Whitney Bowe

[CBN News] Chances are you or someone you love struggles with a skin condition such as acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or premature aging. Turns out, many of these cases are the result of not having enough good bacteria on our skin and in our bodies. The good news is by putting those microscopic warriors back where they belong, they can clear up skin issues pronto...(more)

President Trump Signs Order to Wipe Out 'Every Penny of Federal Student Loan Debt' for Disabled American Veterans

The action will wipe out an average of $30,000 in debt owed by more than 25,000 eligible veterans, Trump said, calling them "incredible people" who have made "the ultimate sacrifice, in many ways, for our nation." -AP

(Washington, DC) — [] EDUCATING OUR VETERANS: President Donald J. Trump is ensuring our veterans receive the student loan and educational benefits to which they are entitled and deserve...(more)


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