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Johnny Enlow with Julie A. Smith: "Prophetic Revival Report:
AzusaNow Interview with Johnny Enlow: Receive the Fire!"

by Johnny Enlow with Julie A. Smith
Apr 21, 2016

Steve ShultzIntro From Julie A. Smith:

I had an incredible time being at the AzusaNow event last week on April 9th at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. So much was released in the spirit in that atmosphere, and many are still processing it all. We've posted words from others about the impact of this event, and I know we will be receiving more reports and testimonies in the days ahead. I believe it was a seed for greater things to come and we will be receiving the fruit of it for's just the beginning!

I went to the Azusa event with my co-worker Aimee Herd, editor of Breaking Christian News. We had the privilege of interviewing some ministers and worship leaders in the Body of Christ, and we will be releasing these interviews in the days ahead!

I have to say, for myself, I'm still reeling in all that was released that day. For starters, their was a fresh wind released...and it happened just as I started my interview with Johnny Enlow, which you'll read about below. Healings were breaking out all over the stadium and it was incredible to hear about people coming out of their wheelchairs during the event. Repentance and unity happened on a large scale as the Body came together as one.

As it was almost dusk I saw a rainbow that landed right over the U.S. flag at the stadium. I zoomed in on it and captured it (here).

When I got back home to Oregon, I went for a run Monday evening and realized I was running at top speed again. You see, I had severely sprained my right ankle last fall and just recently started running again, slowly. On that Monday, I was running as if I was marathon training again, and gasped, saying, "I'm running at top speed again! I just realized I received a physical healing!"

As I was leaving Los Angeles the next morning after the event, I asked the Lord what He wanted me to take away from all this, and He said, "I want you to carry revival in your heart." I knew He meant that we are called to be revivalists and carry the revival culture/atmosphere from Azusa wherever we go and to those we come in contact with. "Carry revival in your heart!" Not only did He say this to me, I feel a new passion and zeal for the things of God in my heart...therefore I also know He is reviving hearts! People who I've talked to after the event told me how it transformed them and how they felt renewed, full of anticipation, for what God is releasing from this event.

I hope you are blessed with this interview from Johnny Enlow and receive the FIRE he released to our readers in this interview.

Julie A. Smith, Managing Editor
The Elijah List

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Julie Smith: So I'm here with Johnny Enlow and L.A. is your home. You've had lots to say about California... (Note: just as we began our interview the wind picked up heavily and the media tent we were next to almost blew over. We had to stop for a minute.)

Johnny Enlow: Hold on one second. Tell us when you got us. The wind has definitely picked up.

Julie: That's crazy. The L.A. area is your home. You've had lots to say about California and even today your Azusa word was posted on the Elijah List (on April 9). Your ministry specializes in speaking into the seven mountains of culture. How do you see the impact of AzusaNow affecting the seven mountains?

Johnny: Well, I believe that ultimately that's where it's all supposed to go—that we're called to revival and we do want an atmosphere of revival, but I believe that what the Holy Spirit is releasing at this time is a Wind, is a fresh wind, that began to pick up as we started our interview up here. There's a fresh wind. There's a fresh wine. There's a new oil. And it's designed ultimately for the nations and the seven mountains of media, economy, education...the seven primary spheres of society. It's all about revival as the atmosphere, but the assignment is reformation and it ultimately all translates into a renaissance—into a new knowledge of God filling the earth as the waters cover the sea. So, I believe that something really, really today, now, is being released in a new measure all across the nations.

Whoa! (referring to the wind blowing strong at that moment and sensing the Lord's presence strongly as well).

Julie: Wow, you can feel that.

Johnny: Something's going on here, too.

Julie: Maybe this is all the timing of the Lord, Johnny, to get you up here at this very moment (Note: prior to our interview, there was a bit of chaos getting up to the media tent and we couldn't get up there for about half an hour).

Johnny: I think so. Something seems to be being released right now into the nations, from what we're receiving ourselves, from what's taking place there (on Azusa stage), from the divine convergence of this all, which has been, of course, a key word for all of this. This is a catalytic moment for the Holy Spirit and what He's doing.

Whoa! (We were being blown around from the strong wind.)

Julie: So, in this long-awaited, 110-year anniversary, prophetically, what do you anticipate? You shared some; what do you anticipate happening today?

Johnny: Well, you know, something else I just found out is that, according to the Talmud, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob all died on Nisan 1, which is today, April 9th.

So there is this generational next release of the next thing. And so, it's in honor of the Azusa Street Revival of 110 years ago, but it's clear—there is something that has passed and there is a new thing. This is a starting day. This is not the culmination of anything. It's the beginning of the age of the Kingdom as never before, and I believe we're going to see God's kids, His sons and daughters, rise with new favor and influence in media and education, in the economy, in family, in government and the structures of society—that this is where the Kingdom must show up.

His greatness must show up in these areas, in our intentional 9:00 to 5:00 life, not just in the free moments. Actually, that's where revival takes place—in nights and weekends and our free moments, but reformation takes place in our 9:00 to 5:00 life, and this is where it all must go.

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Julie: What are you hearing prophetically, just being here today in this environment? Have you heard something from the Lord just today?

Johnny: I just felt His presence in a new way. With the words I've already released (previous articles), I believe there's a great Harvest Glory Angel released and that he will be touching different ones.

I don't even know what's all going to happen, as it relates to that. I saw a vision of it and it was a vat of fire, holy fire, being poured out and that, at some point, it was going to be poured out in this place.

We're in anticipation of what we're going to feel in our bodies and our spirits and the transition of it all as the day goes on, but it has already happened. I think that's why all these people are already here. That's why there is the unity that is taking place. That's why they've flocked here from the nations even.

Julie: Why is it important to come together as a large group like this and pray? What's the impact of this prayer movement we're doing right now?

Johnny: Well, I think it's important this time because it's a response to Heaven. And I think often we go for unity and we know that it's important to have unity for God to respond, and we have done these things in previous years and decades. Honestly, I've been to many of them, or heard about many of the bigger events in previous years...none of them struck me as this one.

I knew we were doing something. We were hoping there would be a response from God, but in this one He has shown me He is already ahead of us. That's why the rain is already here ahead of us. The transition, the change, the shift has already taken place. So, it was necessary that we show sensitivity to His heart, that we show that we understand where He's going, and what He's doing. Anytime you get this kind of unity and agreement in the spirit, it is going to release something greater.

Julie: What do you personally want to receive for yourself, your ministry or the region you're from, that the Lord has as your Promised Land?

Johnny: That is such a great question, because I do have something personal. And I believe I carry a measure of fire on a regular basis. But I've told Him I want a greater fire. I want to burn with Him to such an extent that I have less fear of man. Sometimes some people think I don't have enough fear of man as it is, but I want more fire.

I want more fire released on me for what He's called me to...and for us and our family and our ministry, and for what He wants to do in this state and in the nations as well. So, that's what I'm believing personally, and I feel if I had my right hand as a Geiger counter, if I put it up, I feel the Spirit, and so my hand just begins to shake (Johnny is shaking). So, I'm...I don't know if I'll make it through the whole rest of this day, because it really is increasing—what I feel already on the inside.

Julie: And one last question: Anything else you want to share with the Elijah List and Breaking Christian News readers globally, and those who weren't able to come? What can they receive from today and what do you want to share with them globally?

Johnny: Yeah, I believe by faith they can all connect, and I think that's so important. It's so awesome that this is being shown, on and in other ways, and we know with the thousands of cell phones (in the stadium today) this is being released. But whoever's reading this, at this moment, just in whatever way—position yourself, hold your hands out, and in the name of Jesus:

Let the fire of this place and the fire of this moment be released to you now in the name of Jesus. May you experience in your heart, in your soul, in your mind, in your spirit, in your body, even the evidence physically upon you, sensing His power and presence, of what is taking place in this moment. Amen.

Julie: Amen. Thank you, Johnny.

Source: The Elijah List

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Johnny Enlow from Santa Clarita, CA
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Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society – until the real God of all of life is displayed in the seven primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

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