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"Remnant - God says This to You..."

Travis Holland   |   Jul 3, 2019

"Why Your Story Matters in the Big Picture"

Doug Addison   |   Jul 3, 2019

"Keep Your Eyes on the Sky This 4th of July!"

Hank Kunneman   |   Jul 3, 2019

"God is Welcoming You to the VIP Section"

Julie A. Smith   |   Jul 2, 2019

"It's Going to Be a Summer of Saturation"

Autumn Dawson   |   Jul 2, 2019

"The Big Shift: From Victory, NOT Toward Victory"

James W. Goll   |   Jul 1, 2019

"God is Setting Thousands Free from the Witchcraft of Pornography"

Andrew Whalen   |   Jul 1, 2019

"A Search and Rescue Mission for Lost Kings"

Wai-yee Schmidt   |   Jun 30, 2019

"It's 'Now O'Clock': Step into Heaven's Time Zone!"

Helen Calder   |   Jun 30, 2019

"Learning God's Language through Your Dreams"

Barbie Breathitt   |   Jun 29, 2019

"I Saw a Priceless Treasure and the Code to Open It"

Alane Haynes   |   Jun 29, 2019

"The God of the 'Best' is Restoring MORE than What You Lost"

Jamie Rohrbaugh   |   Jun 28, 2019

"God is Training Your Hands for Victory!"

Elaine Tavolacci   |   Jun 28, 2019

"Expect Great Signs and Wonders in the Next Six Months"

Ben Lim   |   Jun 27, 2019

"Watch, Listen and Get Ready! God is Unlocking America's Ancient Paths"

Dutch Sheets and Chuck D. Pierce   |   Jun 27, 2019

"Prayer Alert for the Nations: The Great Divide, Hate Speech and Violence"

James W. Goll   |   Jun 27, 2019

"California, God is Raising Up in You Oaks of Righteousness!"

Christianna Schreifels   |   Jun 26, 2019

"Look What God Preserved - Be Encouraged California!"

Steve Shultz   |   Jun 26, 2019

"We're Moving into a New Era of Wonder and Adventures"

Candice Simmons   |   Jun 25, 2019

"This is What I Saw and Heard in Heaven..."

Jennifer Eivaz   |   Jun 25, 2019

"What God Showed Me Over France, Germany and Switzerland"

Danielle Dixon   |   Jun 24, 2019

"What God is Clothing His People in - Right Now"

Bryan Burt   |   Jun 24, 2019

"From the Tomb of Death to the Womb of the Kingdom"

Wayland Henderson   |   Jun 23, 2019

"What it Means to Experience 20/20 Vision in Your Gathering"

Mark Virkler   |   Jun 23, 2019

"Who Will Rise Up in Great Boldness?"

Katie Barker   |   Jun 22, 2019

"A Word for the Wounded"

Steve Porter   |   Jun 22, 2019

"Are You Going through a Storm? Find Out What God is Releasing"

Ella Onakoya   |   Jun 21, 2019

"Your 'Waiting Room' Season is Coming to an End"

Kathi Pelton   |   Jun 21, 2019

"How to Claim All That God Has Written in Your Book in Heaven!"

Robert Henderson   |   Jun 20, 2019

"What is Your Inheritance in Jesus?"

Kim Potter   |   Jun 20, 2019

"The New Move Marked with My Glory"

Andrew Towe   |   Jun 19, 2019

"What is God Doing in This Shaking Going On?"

Jo Ellen Stevens   |   Jun 19, 2019

"What God Showed Me through Sir Winston Winning Belmont"

Johnny Enlow   |   Jun 18, 2019

"Discover New Life in Places of Loss and Devastation"

Anne Ballard   |   Jun 18, 2019

"Strike Your Wells of Revival!"

Christy Johnston   |   Jun 17, 2019

"Who is About to Change the World?"

Ryan Bruss   |   Jun 17, 2019

"God is Positioning You - for a Significant Upgrade!"

Diane Lake   |   Jun 16, 2019

"God is Providing the Seeds for Your Harvest"

Ray and Renaid Almgren   |   Jun 16, 2019

"The Golan Heights: President Trump's Bold Move"

Curt Landry   |   Jun 15, 2019

"5 Steps to Help You When God Says 'Go!'"

John Belt   |   Jun 15, 2019

"7 Characteristics of the Praying Church"

Mike Bickle   |   Jun 14, 2019

"What God Showed Me About Tents"

David Bradshaw   |   Jun 14, 2019

"A Word for God's Prophets in a Ferocious Battle"

Lana Vawser   |   Jun 13, 2019

"Why Preachers Aren't Enough to Defeat the Spirit of the Antichrist"

Lance Wallnau   |   Jun 13, 2019

"Praying in These 9 Locations Will Change the World"

James W. Goll   |   Jun 12, 2019

"Prophetic Word to America and the Nations: Change is Coming!"

Dutch Sheets   |   Jun 12, 2019

"God is Birthing Something New that You Didn't See Coming"

Nate Johnston   |   Jun 11, 2019

"This Month - God is Sending New Power and Understanding"

Doug Addison   |   Jun 11, 2019

"How to Deal with the Attacks Coming Against You"

Madeline James   |   Jun 10, 2019

"Women of God: You Are a Mighty Force!"

Lorilei Cooley   |   Jun 10, 2019

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