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by Chuck Pierce
Sep 2, 2005



To state that we are in trying, unprecedented times is a giant understatement.

Some have written asking why we're not calling for more giving. We have several times. The links to the Red Cross and Salvation Army are at the bottom of this email, give liberally, PLEASE.

If you know if a church or ministry who is ALREADY "on the ground" distributing, sharing the gospel NOW, or volunteering...where more money is needed, share that with us. We will pick the most potent ministries that we can define and share them with you.

Some have said "Why do you only share what the prophets have said....or that prophets foretold this?" Answer: We haven't done this only (see above) but this is where prophecy "rubber meets the road" --and these prophecies will help many pastors to now begin to listen to reliable prophets in the future. But that is the beginning and not the end of the matter. The end is to pray and give and help and share the gospel, and sacrifice and repent and fight and pray in the Spirit more yet.

I and the Elijah List staff want to encourage you to seek God that the Spirit of Repentance would be granted and released to all of us, Christian and pre-Christian alike.
In Jonah 3:8-10 we read that "God saw their works (repentance) and relented from the disaster that He said He would bring upon them".  Mercy triumphs over judgment. Repentance may move God to mercy. Joel 2:12-14 teaches us that sometimes not only does God relent from releasing judgment, but that He may actually leave a blessing behind! Lord, have mercy!!!

Please read this MOST IMPORTANT word and prayer directive by Chuck Pierce. I have said many times that he has the Issachar anointing...that is, He is gifted by God to know the times and the seasons, and what God is going. Please take this word as seriously as anything in your life! Chuck is calling for emergency prayer against LAWLESSNESS right now, in this very hour.

Blessings to you from Steve Shultz, Publisher,




Dear Steve: This is how I am proceeding in prayer. This is a major call to "stand and war." We must take a clear stand in the spirit for what is going on in this coastal tragedy. As a warning that times are changing rapidly, and we must have an immediate shift in the spirit. Only by us crying out for a Holy Spirit revival in our nation can we see evil restrained. Blessings, Chuck Pierce


September 2, 2005

Dear Friends:

We must pray and intercede on behalf of those traumatized along the Gulf Coast areas. We are entering into a level of warfare in the earth that is beyond our present mindset and paradigm.

In these seven years of war, God has been preparing us for what is ahead. We are ending the fourth year and approaching the fifth year.

We need supernatural grace to deal with lawless structures in days ahead. I want to be real honest, when I wrote "The Future War of the Church" explaining the anti-Christ system and lawlessness, many criticized and scoffed at the concept of the level of warfare that we would be encountering in days ahead.

Please, please prepare yourself for these next three years. Use the prayer points below to begin to engage spiritual forces in ways that we have never understood in the past. The following prophetic word is from the revelation that came forth on August 12 in our FirstFruits Gathering built around covenant alignment.


To the United States of America ... "Know that today this nation is being realigned. Get ready, for refuge cities will begin to arise throughout this land. They will begin to rise up from state to state to state all along the East coast, all along the Gulf, and all along the West coast.

"I am raising up refuge cities. Florida is resisting the development of My plan, but I will cause a strong remnant to arise in this state. I AM even beginning to train those in cities that will know how to move forward. Many of you have wondered: ‘Why am I not involved here or there - why do I seem to be shelved?' I will begin to assign you to be a part of those groups that will aid My next move in the earth.

"This will come because of great shakings, floods and disease structures that are forming. I AM assigning you now to spread My Good News. I AM developing ears to hear My grace. There is a shifting now of compassion and mercy, for I need My healers to be ready to be released throughout the land.

"...To those in law enforcement and public authority, lawlessness is beginning to rise and escalate. Many of you who have prayed will become discouraged as you see statistics change. Lift up your heads. This is the beginning of dividing and exposing the real source of covenant breaking and violence that is seething in this land. I will give you strategies over how to defeat major lawless structures. These strategies are but temporary measures, so remain on alert from this day forward."


  1. Ask God to teach you about lawlessness.
  2. Ask the Lord to build a shield of faith around you.
  3. Ask the Lord to have you be more responsive to prophecy. (The word to Baton Rouge in 2003 was "you will become a refuge city" [referenced in "Releasing the Prophetic Destiny of a Nation"]. In 2004, the word given in Baton Rouge was on purification coming to New Orleans. You can read this word here:
  4. Don't lean on your own understanding. We are entering into a supernatural dimension.
  5. Bind the accuser who is working in the earth realm to bring division in the midst of crisis.
  6. Begin to set a blood line barrier at the 150 mile radius around the victimized area. How do you do that? You get up and decree by the Spirit of God that there is a supernatural shield set so that the enemy's plan cannot invade that barrier. Cry out for angelic forces to visit individuals that are crying out in these areas. Ask for angels to HELP in this structure of lawlessness that is operating in this part of the earth.
  7. Pray for those that are serving as refuge cities – Houston, Baton Rouge, and others.
  8. In the midst of trauma, always let God show you areas in our lives that can be purified. Bind condemnation and ask God to purify us where we have been weak in the past. In intercession, what you identify ... purify. Ask God to purify areas where we have allowed the enemy to take control.
  9. Pray for supernatural, unexplained healings to start occurring in individuals.
  10. Ask for the Holy Spirit to invade this situation.

Yes, this situation could be a result of the Gaza Strip crisis in Israel. Yes, this situation could be a result of the spiritistic decadence that goes on in New Orleans. Yes, this situation could be a result because of the slave entry through New Orleans. Yes, this situation could be a result of the gambling along the coast line. Yes, this could be because of the Circuit Court System in New Orleans taking its stand on behalf of abortion in the land. However, the issue right now is to let the Spirit of God rise up within you and for you begin to cry out in the midst of this situation in a way that you have never cried out before.

Job 22:30 says, "He will even deliver the one [for whom you intercede] who is not innocent; yes, he will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands." (AMP)

Once you have lived through severe trauma, you realize that pointing a finger is not necessary !!!

You actually realize that it is just the grace of God that any of us are not in these situations. Pray that the "spirit of man withstand this major wound and infirmity in this nation" (Prov 18:14).


Here is another portion of the prophetic word that came forward in our August FirstFruits Gathering on covenant.

To the CHURCH ... "I will reverse cessation thinking. Many have held onto a dead religion. Let go of old religious patters and embrace My resurrection and power. The wind of My power will begin to blow and it will not be able to be explained. There will be a desire for My Spirit. Those that do not repent of a religion that denies My Spirit in the earth will not embrace My covenant plan or people in the future. I have chosen Israel as the deciding factor in the earth. Those who do not acknowledge Israel's place in the earth will not understand the place that I have prepared for them in days ahead."

If there is one thing that we need to ask the Lord to forgive us for – it is the quenching and grieving of Holy Spirit in the earth.

We will attempt to make available a download of the chapter on LAWLESSNESS from The Future War of the Church. You can go to our website at You can go to to get "Prayers that Outwit the Enemy" and "The Future War of the Church".


Chuck D. Pierce


The American Red Cross: 

The Salvation Army:

Samaritan's Purse:

Operation Blessing:


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  2. The Call: Riding with the Lord Across the Nation (Chuck D. Pierce)
  3. Can a Nation be Restored? (Chuck D. Pierce)
  4. The Adjustment (Dutch Sheets)
  5. Connecting with Heaven and Earth (Dutch Sheets)
  6. Receiving the Anointing to Stand Strong: Understanding the Issachar Anointing (Chuck D. Pierce)
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