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by Chuck Pierce
Sep 15, 2004

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From Steve:

As many readers know, I consider Chuck Pierce one of the highest level prophets I know. Here (BELOW) on August 29, BEFORE HURRICANE IVAN was known, this word came forth about Louisiana. Learn and be edified and then pray and watch the news. God is up to something. He's waking up a whole state. Be blessed as you watch and read this. God does not cause and require deaths in the day we live, but sometimes he prophesies over a state and simultaneously withholds a measure of grace for the short term in order to infuse a HUGE MEASURE OF GRACE in the LONG TERM in a region. This may be one such time.

Watch and Pray and Learn,

Steve Shultz

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Dear Leaders:

In late August I was in Louisiana for a series of meetings promoted by Roger and Charlotte Merschbrock (our USSPN State Apostolic Coordinators for Louisiana) along with Larry and Brenda Bizette. Several of the prophetic words I released might be of particular interest to you at this time with the approach of Hurricane Ivan.


Chuck D. Pierce


August 29, 2004

After Chuck discussed traveling from Wisconsin directly to Louisiana, he prophesied:

"From the North to the South I am ready to awaken two winds that will awake the nation. There are resisting forces in both states that will cause our nation to not move forward. Go up and down and decree the wind of God will awaken in both places. The states will shift in a new way or the nation will not shift and will go backwards."

Later when addressing the Saul structure in Baton Rouge, Chuck prophesied:

"How the Saul structure collapses will bring Baton Rouge again to national attention. That alignment within it will collapse. A new demonstration with a new blueprint will be seen. This will be known as a meeting house. This will be known as a place where the Ark of the Covenant has dwelt. This will be known as a refuge place. The WIND and WATER will rise in the midst of New Orleans. Many from the south will come north for refuge. Prepare. Prepare now for winds and water that will surprise you. I will renew the pattern not fully seen before. Worship will be here, and birthed in a new way from here. Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! Shift! Saul will be no more. David will arise from this day forward. The wind from the south will begin to blow. Watch for the effects. This will purify the land and bring great change."

Then in Alexandria that night Chuck shared from Song of Solomon 4:16 (Awake the north wind; come, o south wind. Blow upon the garden of this nation). He led the people to pray for the south wind to come. This south wind would be a purifying wind, cause corruption to be blown on and cause corruption to shake and initiate a righteous move starting with the children, then moving to the youth. We were to watch the government and the Catholic Church shake, and watch New Orleans change.

Then Chuck prophesied, "I will put a mantle on African Americans in this land. That which was brought in through parts of this state and held people captive will let go. I will send the wind up the Mississippi River and this wind will shake Missouri. You will see the land shake in Missouri because of the wind from Louisiana. Get ready. Don't brace yourself. Throw yourself up. Get ready for the new is coming. Every place I blow on will shake. The wind is coming on Louisiana and it will shake the entire state. I will fill churches. The south purifying wind of My holiness will sweep across Louisiana. People will be on their faces in malls and shopping centers. Boldness will come upon My people in Louisiana. There is a worship call. Get ready - the wind is about to blow. The river is changing courses. You will be one of the first that changes."


Chuck D. Pierce

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The war in the earth realm has always been over worship, fought by worship, and won by worship. Lucifer, the chief cherub, led the angelic hosts in heaven in the worship of the Creator. However, he made a decision that he no longer wanted to be a worshiper, but he wanted to be worshiped. This is when WORSHIP WARS began. Today, they continue in the church, in the earth, and in the heaven above the earth.

Worship warriors, arise! Worship Warriors in the generations, connect and stand! Stand together! This is the time to worship, enter boldly into the Throne Room, be clothed with Favor, and go to war! The sound is being released! Listen to the sound! Enter the battle! Release the Harvest!

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