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by Kathie Walters with Steve Shultz
Apr 8, 2004

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Will the Church Be Silent Before the World and Before the Lord?
by Hope Flinchbaugh and Kathie Walters

First, THE LORD GAVE ME A DREAM-- By Steve Shultz:

Two nights ago, BEFORE I received this article from Kathie Walters, I had a most profound dream from the Lord:

In this dream, I was with some important Americans just prior to WWII breaking out. (Oh, if we had only figured out a way to prevent World War II!) Some German Emissaries came and demanded our plans to defend our country. They had diplomatic immunity, which foreign diplomats do, in fact, have.

We felt it was our obligation to give him our secrets and to withhold nothing. I yelled, "NO! I don't care if the law gives him immunity. LOCK HIM UP! Millions of lives are at stake!" I demanded.

Today, in various parts of the world we have similar situations. . .

Iraq, Korea, Iran and in more places, we KNOW that there is trouble brewing against THE USA, the Free World and against Christians. Yet, because of International Law, though millions of innocent lives are at stake, we try to "respect" such laws, not wanting to be considered poor citizens of the world. Again, MILLIONS of lives are at stake.

The Lord is calling His prophets, His prophetic people, and indeed, the church and the USA and other government to STOP OBSERVING CERTAIN INTERNATIONAL LAWS which, when kept, would result in the death of millions!

We do not have to--indeed we CANNOT serve man, when millions of peoples' lives, Christian or not, are at stake. We must serve God rather than man.

God will destroy those who hurt the earth.

It's in the word:

Rev 11:18
The time has come for judging the dead,
and for rewarding your servants the prophets
and your saints and those who reverence your name,
both small and great-
and for destroying those who destroy the earth."

We must not protect the murderers of the earth, in favor of some international law or laws, in an attempt to be good world citizens. God is calling his prophets to speak out against those who destroy the people of the earth.

With that in mind, please read this article about North Korea by Hope Flinchbaugh and Kathie Walters.

For Preservation of Life!

Steve Shultz

Wednesday, April 07, 2004 8:00 PM

Will the Church Be Silent Before the World and Before the Lord?
by Hope Flinchbaugh and Kathie Walters

This is an important wake up call to a very serious situation in North Korea.

Personal word from Kathie Walters:

"I have often boasted about the my list. I boast about it because of the many hundreds of wonderful, encouraging and dedicated people on the list. This is why I (and Hope) am writing to let you know about this opportunity to do something. Pray, give, come to Washington, get involved, only let's not let another Holocaust come and go while we sit by and have great meetings.

CHURCH- let's not sleep through another Holocaust. Lets' wake up and pray for our brothers and sisters in North Korea. Please read and pass on - "Arise and be doing and Lord be with you."

Thank You - Kathie

Dietrich Bonhoeffer lamented the churches lack of political involvement of Germany's churches in opposing Hitler. Let's make sure we don't do the same thing again. I invite you to read and find out a little about the very serious situation in North Korea.

It's a modern day holocaust of innocents in North Korea that most of the world knows nothing about. More than 250,000 people, many of them Christians, are languishing today in concentration camps where they are brutally tortured. Pregnant women are ripped open and their babies killed in front of their eyes. Christians who refuse to deny Jesus in these gulags are burned, stabbed, or frozen to death. Worse, three generations of the Christian's entire family from the aged to infants are captured and separated into separate prison camps and tortured in the same way.

This regime was rightly identified by President George Bush as part of the "axis of evil."

The president of North Korea, Kim Jong-il, is seeking to control all of his citizens by purposefully starving them to death--but his greatest hatred remains for the Christians.

More than 300,000 citizens of this evil regime have risked their lives to cross the Tumen and Yalu Rivers into China, hiding from authorities who are seeking to kill or capture them. If captured, the first question the gulag interrogator asks the refugee is, "Did you talk to a Christian during your escape?"

If the North Korean refuses to deny Jesus, he or she is tortured and killed in front of the other prisoners. Afterward, the Christian's parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, and even aunts and uncles are hunted down by North Korean officials, imprisoned, and tortured because they are related to the martyred Christian.

Soon Ok Lee, a North Korean defector and author of Eyes of the Tailless Animals, tells of eight Christians she saw in a labor prison camp who were ordered to deny their faith. They refused. Furious, the guard screamed at them to get on their knees and put their faces to the ground. The guard ordered boiling liquid iron to be poured on them. Soon Ok Lee was not a Christian at the time, but watched in horror, as these Christians died martyrs' deaths. It was their testimony that eventually led her to faith in Jesus.

Soon OK Lee says in her book, "A prisoner has no right to talk, laugh, sing or look in a mirror. Prisoners must kneel down on the ground and keep their heads down deeply whenever called by a guard. They can say nothing except to answer questions asked. Women prisoners' babies are killed on delivery. Prisoners have to work as slaves for 18 hours daily. Repeated failure to meet the work quotas means a week's time in a punishment cell. A prisoner must give up her human worth. When I was released, some 6,000 prisoners, both men and women, were crying and pleading with me in their hearts to let the outside world know of their suffering. How can I ever forget their eyes, the eyes of the tailless beasts?"

Soon OK Lee continues, "After release, I could have lived peacefully in North Korea and enjoyed my previous status as a senior party member because people all knew that I was innocent. However, I decided to risk my own life to inform the world of the Kim Jung II's crimes against humanity."

"In November 1989, I was detained in the punishment cell for a week for attempting to cover-up a faulty piece of shirt made by a 20 year old girl. The young girl was sent to the torture chamber and never seen again. Among other things, the freezing cold wind from the toilet hole made the experience extremely painful. During the summer, the prisoners struggle to brush thousands of maggots back into the toilet hole."

"They say it is a day of great fortune if a prisoner finds a rat creeping up from the bottom of the toilet hole. The prisoners catch it with their bare hands and devour it raw, as rats are the only source of meat in the prison. They say the wonderful taste of a raw rat is unforgettable. If they are caught eating a rat, however, the punishment is extended. So they have to be very careful when catching and eating a rat."

Today? Yes, this minute, this hour North Koreans are scavenging their silent, barren hillsides for enough grass and tree bark to exist one more day. Starving families who are seen escaping across the border are captured or shot on sight. Christians are being starved, beaten, tortured, and executed.

Soon OK Lee continues .. Freezing Torture

"One winter night in 1987 when I was under investigation at the Chongjin Police Station, the interrogator yelled, "B.... You've been spoiled by the warmth in the interrogation room. I'm gonna teach you a lesson!" He made me sit outside wearing my underclothes only. It was freezing cold outside. I was showered with a bucket of cold water and left on my knees for an hour. It was here where I saw other prisoners for the first time. There were some ten prisoners on their knees before me on the ground looking like boulders. The freezing torture was repeated every night throughout the winter. Six prisoners died from this torture."

"There were some ten prisoners on their knees before me on the ground. I was told to sit in the front. I walked through the other prisoners to the front. It was so cold that the guard went right back into the office. I heard a low voice, "Hey, Comrade Soon Ok, it's me here!" It was Younghwan Choi, the Supply Manager of Hweryung District! Soon, I was able to recognize the familiar faces of five former colleagues. They had all been arrested under the same false charges that I was. They all realized that if they died from the torture, they would be perishing under false charges. So they all displayed strong willpower to overcome the torture and survive."

Kim Jong-il, North Korea's leader has publicly stated that his most volatile enemy is the Christian church.

The question is, will the church rise up this time? Or will we consider the suffering of humanity a political problem?

In 1933, the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer confronted the question of Christian involvement against a country's evil regime. "The church is obligated unconditionally to the victims in every civil order," he wrote, "not only to tend to the victims under the wheel, but to stick a rod in the spokes of the wheel itself."

Kim Jong-il has locked the Christian God out of his country, but I believe that the dying gasps of the starving are reaching heaven. I believe the single cry of a child separated from her mother has touched the ears of the Lord of Heaven's armies. He hears, he stands; he's ready to act.

God has raised his scepter of dominion over his sons and daughters, giving us rulership in the earth. "Ask of me and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession. You will rule them with an iron scepter." (Psalm 2:8) The King of Kings rules over the kings of the nations.

God is rallying men like Moses and women like Deborah who will hold the keys of his government and declare to North Korea's Pharaoh, "Let God's people go that they might worship Him." Signs and wonders will follow them that believe and all who believe in the blood of the Lamb will see how God acts on behalf of those who love him.

It's time to act. Is God's scepter raised over you? This is what we need-

1. We need a parade of authentic prayer warriors to march around the "Red Sea" borders of North Korea, declaring, "Let God's people go that they might worship Him."

2. We need leaders from every state in the union who are called by God to put megaphones and microphones to the mouths of suffering North Koreans and rally their congressmen and senators to listen! (Click here to locate and e-mail your congressman and senator

3. A Christian senator, Sam Brownback, introduced the North Korean Human Rights Act of 2004 ( in the Senate while Congressman Jim Leach (and others) introduced the Act in the House. We need people to contact their congressmen and senators this election year to simply tell them that we care about the plight of North Koreans and we want this human rights act passed. (Click here to tell your senator or congressman that you want this act passed

4. If you can, join the rally on the 28th! Senators Sam Brownback and Evan Bayh, other Members of Congress, Christian leaders from the US and Korea, over 20 North Korean defectors -- many of them converted Christians -- leaders of the North Korea Freedom Coalition including Sandy Rios, Sei Park, Suzanne Scholte and Mariam Bell are rallying together at 11am on Wednesday, April 28th on the West Lawn of the Washington DC Capitol for North Korea Freedom Day

( The day is geared toward raising awareness of the suffering in North Korea and to show our government we care.

Is God calling you to come? Here's the plan of action:

a) Rally at the West Front of the U.S. Capitol at 11am to show you care about our suffering brothers and sisters in North Korea -- hear a North Korean tell his or her experience of life inside North Korea. Bring a group with you.

b. Special luncheon at 12:30 for those willing to talk to their congressmen and senators that afternoon

c. From 2 – 4 pm, rally participants will visit their senators and congressmen to urge support for the North Korean Freedom Act.

d. Join an outdoor concert from 4 – 5:30pm featuring North Korean defectors

e. Join hands and hearts in a special prayer vigil for North Korea at 6pm. (A Spirit-filled group of Korean Americans will be leading this vigil.)

5. On April 23 and 24, many North Korean defectors will be making visits to local community groups and houses of worship. If you would like to host one of these talks at your church, please contact Suzanne Scholte at

C. Hope Flinchbaugh and Kathie Walters

If you would like to be on an update mail list to keep informed and pray -Email

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"Kathie in her book takes us far into the past and reminds us that God doesn't need flawless vessels through which to reveal Himself, only willing ones. This book is a must read for every believer. Those walking in faith and those needing to. I recommend it highly." - Iverna Tompkins

"Kathie Walters has an amazing ability in her writings to ignite a fresh fire in your heart. The fire of the Lord was lit in Ireland through a bold and godly group of men and women, as they gave themselves wholeheartedly to prayer and ministry. Kings and rulers were won because of them and the fires were lit through there lives." - Suzanne Hinn

"I am confident that the life of these Celtic saints of old are relevant to us today. They fearlessly took their stand against all the hordes of hell, and laid claim to what they believed was God's territory." - Gwen Shaw, Founder, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants

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Down through the ages, great men and women of God have demonstrated the fact that the life of a believing and dedicated Christian can change the world around them.

The Celtic Saints, such as Brendan, Brigid, Patrick, Cuthbert, Columba and many others, lived in a marvelous and powerful realm of the Holy Spirit. This book about St. Columba of Iona is filled with eyewitness accounts of his amazing prophetic gift, the miracles, which included the raising of the dead, and many angelic visitations, compiled by St. Adamnan around A.D. 692 - A.D. 697.

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