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Saint Patrick - The Man Who Raised the Dead

By Kathie Walters
Mar 16, 2004

Celtic Flames
by Kathie Walters
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Columba - The Celtic Dove
by Kathie Walters
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Living in the Supernatural
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Saint Patrick - The Man Who Raised the Dead
By Kathie Walters

March 15, 2004

Did you know that the 4th - 6th revivals in Ireland and the Celtic nations (i.e. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, West of England, Isle of Man and Brittany) were remarkable in their dynamic of power of demonstrating the power of God to the masses? Here is an account posted below of how Patrick won Dublin to the Lord. He raised the king's two children from the dead. In fact Patrick was known as "The man who raises dead people." That's a good reputation to have I would say.

Confronting the power of the Druidic priests, God's great evangelists like Patrick, Brigid, Brendan, Cuthbert, Comgall (founder of the famous Bangor Abbey from where we get our 24-hour prayer and praise pattern) can be found in Kathie Walters Book "Celtic Flames."

Saint Patrick prophesied the establishing of Bangor Abbey when he saw the whole valley full of Angels. Bangor Monastery is where we get our pattern for the 24-hour prayer and praise being raised up around the country.

Also in this book read about Brendan who sailed supernaturally to the "land of Promise" in the 5th century, which most Christian Historians believe was our great America. Read what happened to thieves who tried to steal from Brigid! And read about the many people that Comgall raised from the dead.

And read first hand, eyewitness accounts of the ministry of Columba of Iona in "Columba the Celtic Dove." Columba confronted the Druids with words of knowledge and his prophetic gift, and with miracles.

But read below for a wonderful and faith-inspiring account of Saint Patrick!

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Saint Patrick - The Man Who Raised the Dead


As Patrick came near to Dublin, at that time a small village, he prophesied, "That village which is now very small, shall hereafter become very eminent. it shall be enlarged in riches and dignity. Neither shall it cease to grow until it has become the principal seat of all the kingdom."

When the people of Dublin, having heard of the great signs and miracles that were done through Patrick, and when they saw that he was coming to that village, they went out to meet him.

At this time, Alphinus was the king over Dublin. He and all the citizens were in great sorrow, for the death of the king's two children. The king's only son, called Eochadh had died a natural death, in his bedroom. The king's daughter, and a sister to the young prince, had just been drowned, in the adjoining river, now known as the Liffey.

She had ventured into the deep part, for the purpose of bathing. Her name was Dublinia, and from her Dublin is thought to have derived its name. (Joceylyn note) The young lady's body was drawn out of the waters after some considerable search, and laid by her brother's corpse, in order that their funeral rites might be solemnized together.

According to the superstition of the pagans, the tombs were prepared. In the meantime, news was spread over all the city, that "St. Patrick, the potent reviver of many dead persons," (What a reputation!) had been seen in the town. For He, who burst asunder the gates of death and of hell, smoothed the path for His servant.


The king and the people, who before had said to the Lord, "Depart from us, we will not acknowledge any of thy ways," were so cast down and saddened with grief, that all of their rebellion and all their barbarous rudeness, and all the pride of their idolatry, were utterly subdued.

The king, hearing of St. Patrick's arrival, greatly rejoiced, and caused him to come in, where his two children lay dead. He then promised, with all those present, if God restored his children to life, that he and all the citizens would become Christians. Seeing such a gain of souls, in the sight of the king, his nobles, and all the common people, Patrick raised from death to life those princely children, whose bodily resurrection co-operated much towards the spiritual resurrection of their father, with the rest of his people. The king and all his subjects, being astonished at this great miracle, turned away from the worship of idols, and they were baptized in the well (spring).

From that day the king and all the people worshiped God and gave liberally to Patrick, so that he was able to give to the poor in that place and in other places, and have enough to build churches.

(From Celtic Flames by Kathie Walters. Ref. Lives of the Irish Saints -O'Hanlon. Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, Rev. Dr. Lanigan. Sexta Vita S. Patricii, Joycelin notes.)

Coming Up: David and Kathie Walters Itinerary

"Mighty Young Warriors" - Maine
March 18 - 21st, 2004
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"Celtic Flames"
by Kathie Walters
$7.99 Book

Kathie believes that the courage and boldness of the early Celtic fathers of faith is meant to be imparted to us today. Their authority and power is a great example of the Christian life.

"Kathie in her book takes us far into the past and reminds us that God doesn't need flawless vessels through which to reveal Himself, only willing ones. This book is a must read for every believer. Those walking in faith and those needing to. I recommend it highly." - Iverna Tompkins

"Kathie Walters has an amazing ability in her writings to ignite a fresh fire in your heart. The fire of the Lord was lit in Ireland through a bold and godly group of men and women, as they gave themselves wholeheartedly to prayer and ministry. Kings and rulers were won because of them and the fires were lit through there lives." - Suzanne Hinn

"I am confident that the life of these Celtic saints of old are relevant to us today. They fearlessly took their stand against all the hordes of hell, and laid claim to what they believed was God's territory." - Gwen Shaw, Founder, End-Time Handmaidens & Servants

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

"Columba - The Celtic Dove"
The Prophetic and Supernatural Ministry of Columba of Iona
by Kathie Walters
$6.99 Book
The purpose of this book is to encourage the present-day saints of God to press in and live in their spiritual inheritance.

Down through the ages, great men and women of God have demonstrated the fact that the life of a believing and dedicated Christian can change the world around them.

The Celtic Saints, such as Brendan, Brigid, Patrick, Cuthbert, Columba and many others, lived in a marvelous and powerful realm of the Holy Spirit. This book about St. Columba of Iona is filled with eyewitness accounts of his amazing prophetic gift, the miracles, which included the raising of the dead, and many angelic visitations, compiled by St. Adamnan around A.D. 692 - A.D. 697.

"For many years God has used the lives of godly men and women of the past to teach me. Columba was one of those who changed the realm in which he lived as he moved under the direction of the Holy Spirit. His story is relevant today as the same authority in the Spirit is available to you. May this book inspire and challenge you to a new level of faith." - Joy Strang, Strang Communications

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

"Living in the Supernatural"
by Kathie Walters
$4.99 Book
Kathie believes that the realm of the Spirit, heavenly visitations, and the angels are meant to be a normal part of our lives, they are our inheritance. These things are not for "special" people but for every child of God. Find out how to live in this realm for yourself.

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

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