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Kim Clement Addresses Recent Prophecies and Prophecy Regarding March 11, 2004

by Kim Clement
Mar 13, 2004

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News Item #1
8 days after 9/11, newly-arrested Susan Lindauer Met in New York with Iraqi Intelligence Service

March 11, 2004, 2:44 p.m. How Susan Lindauer Was Caught
A new indictment outlines the government's allegations.


Susan Lindauer, the former Democratic congressional aide charged with spying for Iraq, was arrested several months after meeting with an FBI agent who posed as a Libyan intelligence agent looking to recruit support for Iraqi groups attacking U.S. forces in the aftermath of the war.

The indictment says Lindauer met with an FBI agent on July 17, 2003, to discuss the same topic. Then, according to prosecutors, the undercover FBI agent instructed Lindauer to leave a set of documents at a designated spot in Takoma Park, Maryland, the suburb of Washington, D.C., where Lindauer lives. The indictment says Lindauer left the requested documents on August 6, 2003, and left another set of documents on August 21, 2003. (more)

News Item #2
3/11 happened 911 days after 9/11

NEW DELHI: "Put it down to freak coincidence or the subtle imprimatur of al-Qaeda, but the devastating bomb blasts which shook Madrid on Thursday came exactly 911 days after the 9/11 terrorist strikes on the World Trade Centre."

For the full story from THE TIMES OF INDIA:


Note by Steve Shultz Regarding Kim Clement's Prophecies:

In my view, Kim Clement is one of the highest-level prophets in the USA today, at least among those I know. Not only is he very accurate, but he is also a very good teacher on prophetic things. Unlike psychics who pull information from the enemy's "second heaven," and who often specialize in declaring disasters, Prophets of God specialize in hearing from God. They "know in part and they prophesy in part." Below are some excerpts from some recent prophecies by Kim Clement with some teaching by Kim accompanying the words to suggest how modern prophetic words are to be discerned or judged.

Then, be sure to take a look at the conference just completed in Seattle by Kim Clement and several other prophetic voices last week.

There is some awesome truth and revelation coming from this conference,


Steve Shultz

by Kim Clement


FOX NEWS Reports: "American Arrested as Iraqi Spy"
Thursday, March 11, 2004

"Planned assassins have been stopped because of you... I am revealing once again, that there is a terrible thing that the enemy has planned, with regard to woman..." Kim Clement- Nov 23, 2003


Kim Clement:

A few months ago, the Spirit awakened me during the early hours of the morning. I looked at my clock and it read 3:11 AM. I tried to go back to sleep but felt the breath of the Spirit and I realized that it was time to pray. During the next few hours, as I prayed, walking the streets of our neighborhood, the Spirit said to me, "Take note of the digits on your clock when you first awakened."

An unfolding of many thoughts came to me after I heard this. I know these thoughts were for the purpose of me entering into a greater level of prayer and intercession. God told me that March 11, 2004 would be the beginning of an unusual chain of events in the Kingdom of God. He spoke about that day being the unveiling of mysteries and revelations that would affect the following areas over a period of time:

  • Political events that will bring a period of peace for the USA
  • Hidden agendas exposed and a shaking of terrorist activities in a big way
  • Unusual access into secular arenas for the purpose of evangelism
  • Medical discoveries that will affect the following diseases: Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's, a lung disease, and a rare bone disease
  • Unusual spiritual manifestations in spiritually uninhabited places with mass responses due to media coverage of these events
  • Kingdom appearances in church meetings (Instead of regular revival meetings, churches that are hungry for fresh things from God will "tarry" until these Kingdom manifestations actually take place. To "tarry" means to remain in one place, spiritually and geographically, while doing whatever needs to be done in your daily activities, especially placing a demand on prayer. This will bring about unity so that the people are in "one accord" regarding the vision, and specifically about what to expect. This will demand prophetic revelation from the leaders. God will give insight to His leaders in the church regarding what will unfold in the years to come, aside from the second return of Christ. Regarding "Kingdom appearances," I was taken to Matthew 17:2-3. Jesus transfigured before them and they saw Him in an appearance that they had never seen before. I believe that these appearances will carry the church into a period of prophetic revelation which will not only unleash ideas, strategies, and inventions, but an overwhelming outpouring of miracles which will manifest without man's command. When Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus, you will note that before Peter could invent a portable sanctuary for this eternal exposure, God interrupted with these words, "Hear Him." In other words, this was the same "beloved son" in a different appearance. Don't fathom it out, contain it, or sanctum it where it is free from intrusion, but rather "hear" and reveal it at a later time. Jesus said, "Tell the vision to no one until the Son of Man is risen from the dead." I believe that these "Kingdom appearances" will release an array of heavenly visions upon the leaders and at the appropriate time, they will manifest these and impart them upon the people.
  • March 11 will begin disclosures in political circles, and the President will have to use a firm hand against internal enemies.

  • Cain will be exposed- Ministries that attempted to "destroy and kill" their brothers because of jealousy, accusation, and hatred, will be banished for a season until they are humble again. Then they will bring forth an "Enoch" move of the Spirit. These "Cain" type leaders will love their sons in the Kingdom and even build huge works honoring them, leaving them an inheritance for future generations.

  • Genesis 4:16-17, "Then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife, and she conceived and bore Enoch. And Cain built a city, and called the name of the city after the name of his son - ENOCH." Even though the "Abels" were destroyed because of these jealous, hateful "Cains" of the church, God will restore and place an even greater anointing upon the newborn generation. This generation will come in the stead of Abel and they will give birth to a spiritual movement, unprecedented, like no other, having no previous example but the Bible. Then men will begin to call on the name of the Lord throughout the earth.

    Genesis 4:25-26, "And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth, for God has appointed another seed for me instead of Abel, whom Cain killed. And as for Seth, to him also a son was born, and he named him Enos. THEN MEN BEGAN TO CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD."

  • Finally, I saw March 11 as the "beginning of the end" of major terrorist leaders and movements. God will bring them out and will display them before the world. Even though there will always be terror, hatred, aversion, and attacks against Christian Nations, there will be a reluctance to use modern methods of attack in such a violent way against this generation of believers and leaders. However, God has a plan to demote them, but that will be revealed later on.

Prophecy given by Kim on 1-13-04- TBN

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden said that in 35 days America (he was prophesying, predicting) would be abolished, wiped out because he has a plan for 35 days. And the word of the Lord came to me and said, "You prophesy that the very thing that he said and predicted for this Nation is reversed, I'm going to bring him out in 35 days. There is a resurrection day coming over this Easter. This Easter will be one of the greatest Easters this nation has ever celebrated. Why? Because there will be a resurrection of the dead, speaking spiritually of revelation that has died, of prophetic words that have died and been buried in the ground. This Easter, not only will I bring your greatest enemy out, but I will also bring about a severe judgment against the powers and the principalities that have come against my servants, against my people. There shall be a judgment."

Cures Discovered For Diseases

Alzheimer's has come against too many of God's people; the prophetic word of the Lord is coming to you tonight. Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, rare bone and lung diseases; these five things will suddenly come to the surface with incredible discoveries and it will begin this year.

A Praying President For Another Term

There's an invasion into the kingdoms of darkness, God is giving us access into the political powers. Look at President Bush, he prays. We needed a praying president, and we need a praying president for another term. There will be another praying president for another term. All over the world, God is sending his young people to invade the kingdoms of darkness and the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our God and His Christ.

It's For Our Generation

God says, "There have been prophetic words spoken out that have been buried and have not come to pass. But this generation that you think is dying is going to fall on the prophetic promises that have been buried. Your children will be raised up as children that have life and children who will bring the word of the Lord." In the name of Jesus, we prophesy that. All of these things have not only been prophesied by me, but also by many great men of God. Those who have died that lived in the 40's prophesied and predicted the things that have not come to pass, but it's for our generation, it's for our time, people coming in, and a great harvest.

When I came into the city of Miami, I was so thirsty. Even when I came here tonight I was thirsty, unusually thirsty, and God said, "It's what's happening in Florida specifically. There's a tremendous thirst for something fresh and new, and it's spreading throughout America. The only way we're going to get big churches is if there is a hunger in the hearts of the people.

The Month of March

God said that on March the 11th (the month of March has been set aside by God for the Church in the United States of America for something unbelievably wonderful to happen) there's going to be one unusual event, almost like a renting of something, a curtain, and a veil for the church. Pastors and leaders, watch the month of March. A fabulous anointing is going to be released, and what you've struggled to get is going to be released like that! In just one second. It's payback time.


The following are just a few of the prophecies which were given by Kim concerning the defeat and capture of Saddam Hussein. Although there are actually more words that were given in various places, since 1996, we have chosen to address just a few that were spoken in October and November of 2003. In turn, this will also help answer some of the questions we have received. The questions are not concerning the validity of the word given but rather the issue of timing. PIE Management- DEC 15, 2003

This article has been written to help put the prophecy in its correct context and bring better understanding as we take a closer look at the word and the interpretation of its timing. Although we also recognized that the timing itself could have simply been off, after careful study we have found that within the prophecies there are clues that help give illumination of the intended timing of the events prophesied. This of course is not written to seek to turn skeptics from their slanted thinking, but it should help bring understanding to some of you with sincere questions concerning the prophecies given.

Psalm 119:160 says "The sum of thy word is truth." Meaning, you have to put it all of it together to get the Truth that God is revealing. This is important to understand because even when a prophet speaks under the inspiration of the Spirit, he is only given a piece or word of the revelation. Paul teaches in Corinthians that God gives a "word" of knowledge and a "word" of wisdom. He also taught that we "know in part, and prophesy in part." Therefore, many times the messages given are not quite complete and must be put together and interpreted carefully. Sometimes this even requires considering the language and vocabulary used, in order to get the full understanding of what the Lord is saying. To understand the words of some of the prophets in scripture also requires such careful review and illumination to find the correct interpretations. As you read through the following prophecies, you will begin to see how the details continued to unfold concerning the capture of Saddam.

  • OCTOBER 4, 2001- DALLAS, TX (Those Hiding In Holes)

    "This is the best time of your life, Now that you've gotten on your knees and prayed, I am going to change everything for you. It's not going to be a long drawn out war, It's going to be a swift war that I am going to win for you. This is not going to be a drawn out thing, even though it's been prognosticated to be a drawn out thing. "You will take a while to find those that are hidden in their holes."

    In this prophecy it is clear that although the war would end quickly, as it did, there would be some time before we found those hiding in their holes.
  • OCTOBER 3, 2003- HENDERSONVILLE, TN (Prepare for the Merriest Christmas)

    (This is a breakdown of the prophecy to make it easier to follow. Kim's words are in purple.)

    THE STRATEGY FOR VICTORY: "For the spirit of the Lord says it shall be during this month, even at the beginning of this month, of this month of October, that I will put the words of the Prophet into the hearts of the people. I put the words of the prophet, that they may hear clearly as a bell that rings, as a symbol that makes a noise clearly; a trumpet that makes a sound."

    THE ADDRESS: "America you have watched and you have wondered what would happen. But My president, the one that I raised up and placed in the White House and placed in that position, has prayed. He has prayed fervently and his prayers have come before Me once again, as Cornelius' that was brought before me as a memorial. "

    GOD'S PROMISE: "God says, I have once again heard his prayers and because of that great changes shall begin to take place. There will be a swift ending to this so that your Christmas may be the delight of America, that your Christmas may be the greatest that you ever had." You have waited for it," says the Lord."

    A SIGN OF THE PROMISE: "Even as there shall be record breaking degrees once again and there shall be record breakings in winter. There shall be a breaking of a record in a very unusual place in the United States of America. They shall say this has never happened, as if snow has fallen to the ground in a place that snow has never fallen." God says, "Let this be a sign to you, that that which I have prophesied and that which I have spoken shall come to pass," says the Lord! The enemy is confounded tonight; he is confused because the sounds that are coming from these people have utterly confounded him. Why?"

    CONTINUATION OF THE PROMISE: "Because your president has once again prayed. And because he has prayed I will strike (wolverine 1), strike, (wolverine 2), strike again three times (soldiers performed cordon and search). And the Lord says, "three (Saddam and his 2 Aides) shall be brought to nothing in this month (the month in which we would have the greatest Christmas), because I have heard the prayers of your president. Rejoice tonight because it is done," says the Lord!"

    NOTE: It is evident in the articulation that first the Lord would put the words of the Prophet into the hearts of the people in October and later it would be manifest with a "swift ending," by the 3 strikes, that it may be the "greatest Christmas" we have ever had, and all of this as a result of the prayers of the president.

    *Kim later commented, after being questioned on TBN's Behind the Scenes about this prophecy saying he believed, in his opinion, that October would be the month in which Saddam would be found. This is why many had questioned the timing. However, there can be a great difference between the actual prophecy and opinions given or feelings afterwards concerning it. Prophecy is birthed spontaneously and given by the inspiration of the Spirit, not out of the opinions or ideas of men. The timing for the event in this prophecy is only indicated generally as taking place between October (the month it was prophesied) and the end of December (that your Christmas may be the greatest).
  • NOVEMBER 2, 2003- DALLAS, TX (Down With Saddam)

    "...God says this Nation has been in disarray for too long, therefore this month will I bring down the chief counselor, the one that has shouted from the hiding places. The one that has shouted from the very caves.

    God says I will take him by his nostrils and raise him up and say, here he is! Is he so great? For even as Isaiah prophesied and Ezekiel prophesied and said, "they will display him." And they will say is this the one that deceived the nations? For God says, Saddam Hussein is one of those who has deceived the Nation. But no more, no more, for I shall bring him out says the Lord.

    This month is a month of Thanksgiving for the United States of America. Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. Come On rejoice! Come on rejoice! Why not? Why not! Why not says the LORD. You have been abused, You've been raped! Therefore America, hear the prophets today, for it shall surely be the month of celebration, it shall be a month of celebration."

    In this prophecy, God says first he will bring him "down" in November and that it was to be a month for Thanksgiving and celebration of the coming capture of Saddam as He brought him down, only to soon be raised up and displayed. The timing of when he would be raised up and displayed was still not yet quite clear. It is really impossible for us to know all that was accomplished and happening behind the scenes in the war on terror during this time. It is interesting to note, US National News sources reported that 3 weeks prior to the finding of Saddam, the military had actually changed strategy and began looking in other areas in the search for Saddam. The changes proved to be wise as it soon led to his capture.

    A closer look shows that the time in which his end would come is actually indicated as the month that we would also have the Merriest Christmas.

    October was simply the time for the word to be spoken and for the people to receive it, November was a time for celebration and Thanksgiving, while the full manifestation of the word would not come until the winter/Christmas season.
  • NOVEMBER 22, 2003 - PORTLAND, OR (The Time Is Near)

    "I saw in the spirit in the spirit Saddam Hussein being exposed very, very soon... The reason I say that is that the time is drawing nigh. This must be the Merriest Christmas that we've ever had. In fact I want to wish you something, "Have the Merriest Christmas that you've ever had, because America shall feel the freedom of this."

    *This is a clear word given in November to say the time for Saddam to be exposed is very soon and will be before Christmas!

Although there are other words that contain more details of this event, we felt this was sufficient to help reveal the tapestry and progression of the prophetic revelation that Kim received concerning it. We would like to thank all that have sent letters and e-mails of encouragement, prayer, and support and for those that have helped us identify prophecies being fulfilled and found in current news.

ATS- Prophetic Image Expressions - December 15, 2003

from Kim Clement
Kirkland, WA
Feb 26-28, 2004
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Live from The Kirkland Performance Center in Kirkland, WA
It is impossible to find the words to adequately sum up a Kim Clement gathering. A risk-taker like no other I know, this prophet definitely breaks the mold. The tapes from these Seattle meetings contain teachings that will require two, three, or even more replays -- and not because they are difficult to comprehend. On the contrary, they are simple, yet incredibly deep.

Kim brought two speakers with him who taught Friday morning's workshop. The first, Robert Cathers, Jr. of Soaring Ministries, gave -- in inspired detail -- an outstanding synopsis of the most basic hindrances to hearing the Voice of God. Anyone who has struggled with sin as a born-again child of God, (as well as other thorny theological conundrums!) will cherish this message.

The second speaker was a truly extraordinary woman named, Dena Smith. Missionary, church planter, pastor, teacher -- her driving vision is to release people into their prophetic destinies and callings. Her teaching on the Power of the Cross as it relates to the prophetic -- in conjunction with her surprise 'insider' stories about the film, "The Passion"-- makes this teaching a guaranteed, 'You'll-Be-Sending-This-To-All-Your-Friends' kind of tape.

Kim Clement opened the Saturday morning workshop with the statement "To See or Not to See; That is the Question." Referring often to his manual, "How to Hear the Voice of God Now," he shared thoughts, experiences, prophecies, theories, and truths with unabashed conviction, fervor, transparency, and brilliant eloquency. A sampling of topics he addressed include:

- The difference between natural sight, insight, and foresight
- The Bible as the 'principle' and the Spoken Word of God as the
- Historical Truths vs. Creative Truths
- Positive Alignments
- Why God's Form is more desirable than His Voice

The evening sessions were "over the top," including astonishing proclamations in which Kim prophesied the importance of March 11 for our nation and the world -- all intertwined, of course, with never ending worship -- one of the great trademarks of Kim's gatherings.

A Tempest in a Teacup, Kim Clement carries you madly along with him into the Courts of Praise. Worshiping the Savior under Kim's direction runs the gamut from staggering joy to awed prostration, with spontaneous song erupting continually -- unpredictably -- and beneath every transition, girding up the entire meeting, is the pulsating rhythm of God's heartbeat.

Bon appetit!

Teresa Neumann
The Elijah List

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Here is a brief description of what each CD is about! (remember, though, we are only selling them as a set)

Thursday February 26 - Kim Clement

This is a great teaching on creating an opportunity for God to move in your life. Kim deals with "out of the boat faith" and ends with a great thought on recognizing what the power of the Lord is present to do every time we gather.

Friday February 27 - Pastor Bob Cather from Northridge, CA - 9:30 AM

This is a very liberating message on understanding the old and new nature and the importance of being aware of your righteousness instead of your sin. Pastor Bob does a great job of retraining us on how to see ourselves in God.

Friday February 27 - Dena Smith from Dallas, TX - 10:30 AM

A few years ago God spoke to Dena about His people getting back to the cross. Dena has dealt closely with her sister Holly McClure in the making of "The Passion of the Christ." In her unique way, Dena teaches us that to be present with the Lord, means to understand the cross. It is a powerful message on taking a journey with the Father.

Saturday February 28 - Kim Clement 9:30 AM

This is an excellent teaching on understanding how to perceive the voice of God and pushing aside any presuppositions of how He speaks to us. Kim clearly shows us how the voice of God can be an action or in a sound and will help you understand the form of the Lord. This will give you great insight on how to align yourself to Him.

Saturday February 28 - Kim Clement 7:30 PM

God spoke to Kim at the end of 2003 about March 11th of this year all that will begin to take place on that day and for the next 10 years. On this last CD, Kim is able to share all the secrets of that word from God and the amazing things that are about to take place. From Kingdom appearances in church meetings, to great medical breakthroughs, you will hear all the things that God has planned for anyone willing to believe His promises!

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