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IRN News
Jan 4, 1999

Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 22:11:07 GMT

From: (Revivalnet.NET)

Subject: Come back to the River !


A vision and prophecy received by Tony Black. Dec 15 1998

Published on IRN News. Jan 4 1999.

I received a vision of many people clambering out of a river, partially dressed and looking very tired. The impression I got was that the river had slowed and they thought it must be time to get out -- and get busy. But I felt a deep sense of sadness, as if they had not gone far enough. I also sensed that they were in very real danger.

Then I saw another group of people who had not been in the river but who had arrived at the same place. They were mocking, saying "Aha, we got here anyway!" They were directing the new arrivals towards a collection of old tired vehicles, some of which were already heading into a desert. But I could see there were no provisions aboard. They were heading into dangerous territory, ill-prepared and poorly equipped. Then I heard the Lord say: "This is the road to nowhere !"

Then I was shown to a place around a bend in the river, only a short distance away but out of view to those who had got out. The water here was swirling forcefully, and the swimmers who had continued in the flow were being sucked under and drowned in a whirlpool. I heard the voice of a mocker saying "I told you so, you're all going to die if you stay in the river". At first I was worried, but then I saw the bodies drift onto the riverbank -- where they came back to life as they lay in the warmth of the sun.

Here I saw a huge assortment of shining new trucks which were in the process of being fuelled and laden with provisions. I had the feeling that there was no immediate urgency and that a time of lazing in the sun was yet needed. I saw that the Lord Himself was doing the loading, and I heard Him say to me:

"Through a process of death to the warmth of my presence is all that matters".

Conclusion ? If the people had stayed in the river just a bit longer it would have carried them right to the spot where they needed to be i.e. a full process of going with the flow, into death, then resurrection and then, importantly, a Sabbath rest. Instead, some were leaving the river and taking things back into their own control. I believe the Lord is saying this to us:

O My people I hear your cry "How long O Lord ?" You say, "We have traveled far, seen many things and many changes, but there is so much we need to do ! We have worshipped, we have bowed down, we have called upon Your Name. But how long O Lord will it be until the day of your power ?"

I say to you that your questioning of me is a good thing. For it is My Spirit that causes you to hunger and thirst, and to feel my pain. And I tell you these are birth pains as the whole Earth groans in anticipation of what I am about to do. Be patient, and you will be satisfied. For I AM the faithful, I AM the constant, I AM the unchanging. I AM The LORD your God. I do not lie.

Remember how My Spirit moved upon your fathers when I told them I would change the face of Religion in one generation. Today is that day. Those who flow in the ways of my Spirit were truly born for such a time as this, but I say to you that the changes you perceive are only the beginnings.

You speak of the latter rains, but on the scale of things intended you have yet experienced only a drop. Be still and know that I AM God. I AM your Father, and you my precious child.

You speak of difficulties and persecutions, but did I not also tell your fathers that I would be rejected on the day of my favor by many who would say; "This cannot be God! It must be the devil". Know this: It is I and not you whom they reject. Do not live in fear of those who revile you but can do you no harm.

You speak of my river flowing, but some have forgotten that it flows toward eternity. Seek first my eternal Kingdom and all else shall be added to you. For I tell you that you have seen only a portion of the deposit that guarantees what is coming! Yet some have thought even this too wild or too chaotic, not to their order of liking ! Many have stumbled under an accursed fear of man, even though I warned them that my ways are not their ways, nor their thoughts my thoughts. To these I say: Son and Daughter: I AM decent. I AM in order.

For others, the river has become too long or too slow. But I tell you that only I can see what is around the corner. Do not judge by the surface of the water and miss the depths to come. Do not be led away, for I tell you it will lead only to exhaustion in your own strength, and into a fiery desert of death. Wait upon me, for I am leading you in a more gentle manner. You are but ankle deep in the waters of my provision, and have barely tasted of the good things I have prepared for those who love me.

You are concerned for the lost of this world. And this is good, for it comes from my heart. But don't be prideful of a desire that is mine. They are My people, it is My Power and My Kingdom. Without me you can do NO-thing. Of yourself you have NO-thing to give. So I tell you, do NO-thing in your own strength. Do not be like the horse or mule which must be controlled by bit or bridle, or they will not come to you. Beware the yeast !

Some have said, "We have received much, therefore much is expected !" But I tell you it is better to wait in obedience than to rush busily here and there, never taking enough of me to truly quench your own thirst, let alone to share My Life with others. To obey is better than sacrifice, so I tell you, always wait, even on a daily basis, until you are filled with fire from on high. It is a fire which will transform you, and a power which will edify, purify and beautify you.

For My Bride must be, and will be, beautiful. She will be beautiful for all creation to behold. And the days are coming when my prodigals will look toward her light set high on a hill and they shall return, and quickly ! For it is I who am calling them home. I am asking you only to be consistent in your praise and worship of me, and I will bring them to you. Build for me a Tabernacle, for I inhabit the praises of My People. For without my presence you are no different to any other. What else would you have them see ? Unless it is I who build the House, you labor in vain.

Today I am calling you back. For the river of my Love contains all that you need. Today it is I who am asking you; "When O when will YOU come?"

Today. This very day. Come back to the River my child !

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