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Meredith Reynolds, Richard Schwab, Janet Davis, Deborah Kerekes, Patrick Russell, Leslie Douglas
Feb 6, 1999

From Last week's National School of the Prophets: Mobilizing the Prophetic Office for the Next Century January 28 -30, 1999 (Colorado Springs, Colorado) Speakers included: C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, Kingsley Fletcher, Mike Bickle, Jim Laffoon, Barbara Wentroble and Ted Haggard.

Note from Steve Shultz, Publisher, THE ELIJAH LIST

In order to have the clearest picture of what God did and said at the above prophetic gathering, perhaps the most important prophetic gathering in recent prophetic history (since so many different streams came together in unity)--one would do best to hear it from many perspectives. That is why I'm giving you so many "eyewitness" reports. Many people hear from their own perspective so each report gives a clearer picture when added to the last one. -- Enjoy--but be challenged.

Please forward this to many or all of your friends!
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From: Meredith L Reynolds

Here's a brief overview of the incredible conference I attended last week

(Nat'l. School of the Prophets) at New Life Church. It was literally that - God drew all the recognized prophets in our nation together so that He could speak to them (& us) about national issues, among other things. Some of the speakers included - Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Mike Bickle, Chuck Pierce, Bill Hamon, Ted Haggard & Barbara Wentroble.


Much was said about the coming change is Church leadership & the return to an apostolic government. This was balanced by showing the inter-dependence of the prophetic & apostolic, as well as the other 3 offices. Being the "third day" Church, with new identity & glory. Rick J. had a great message on lawlessness & it's prevalence in the Church. Lawlessness is the #1 attack on love & God's greatest commandment to us - many could be caught off guard in it. Several taught on the prophetic/apostolic - it's characteristics, role & what God looks for. Many taught out of Joshua 3 & likened the Church to being mid-stream in the "transition" across the Jordan into the "harvest field". The role of the leaders in seeing that everyone makes it across while keeping the "ark" of God's presence before us. Importance of the harvest & the nations.


Paul Cain reminded us not to forget that the Gospel is the POWER of God, & in all our growth we must not forget this. Signs follow the gospel. Mike B. shared on intimacy with Jesus & our identity as the Bride. Having the quality of "lovesickness" that leads to extravagant obedience out of love, not work. Ted H. was the token "pastor" voice & gave a very balanced teaching on how to be a wise prophet in your church. Both Thurs. & Fri. nights God really used Cindy J. to lead us in intercession. The first night, she invited us to receive the grace of God before she shared the revelations God had given them. She sited Ez.43:1-2 showing how God had for the first time in history, brought together the different "streams" of the prophetic voices to form the "many waters" at this conference. Acts 13 - the Church in Antioch was where God brought together many different men & gifts. The prophetic leaders all came forward & stood with Cindy as she shared what God had spoken to them concerning the coming judgements of America.

JUDGMENTS ON AMERICA - East Coast Emphasis

It was VERY heavy & foretold many disasters - bombings targeting children, an alliance with Communism & Islam which would bring war & terrorism to our shores, particularly the east coast. We prayed a long time for the Atlantic sea-board states & also Chicago. Cindy also challenged us that we could not properly intercede because of bitterness (& other sins) that were polluting the prophetic "streams". We had an intense time of intercession & repentance for the nation. People were called forward who were guilty of sexual sin, etc. Application time for the lawlessness message. As we were interceding for the nation, people came forward who were relatives of the founding fathers & began interceding for the restoration of righteousness.


Also, the native Americans came forward for a time of reconciliation & restorative intercession. Needless to say, it was intense & incredible! Towards the end of the meeting, Cindy shared that God had impressed on her that IF we (& the whole Body of Christ) continue to repent & intercede, He would lessen the judgements, but that it could not be completely averted. It can be down-scaled to a "spanking" rather than destruction IF ... our personal responsibility was very clear. Many felt that there is a window of time in 1999 where our actions will determine God's.


Y2K was not the big deal, but would expose our independence & would be overshadowed by what else is to come, but to be prepared. Some seasons in 1999 of trouble - economic in Oct. Friday night was another intense time - again, more intercession for the nation & repentance. God moved Cindy into a realm she had never been in before in the Spirit & she was barely able to talk. She was given visions of warring angels we were to call forth to fight for America & how long they had been waiting to be summoned. She saw God deal death blows to Mormonism in Utah, Masonic roots in DC, "entertainment spirits" in New Orleans & Hollywood, & also touching Las Vegas. There was much more that I cannot recount - it was very anointed & much travail went on. Fri. & Saturday am we had corporate prayer times that continued on in these veins. A real call to war. Sat. afternoon we were all given opportunity for prayer & impartation by the prophetic presbytery. The whole time was equipping & informative, yet very sobering. Great is God's mercy & power. Hope that helps give you a brief glimpse - it was awesome!! Meredith Reynolds

From: "Rich&Cathy Schwab"


The central theme of the conference was that the office of apostle is now being firmly established putting the God-ordained government of the church in place for the first time since the early days of the initial believers of the first 300 years. The church was awakened to evangelism, prophetic, and now the apostolic. All are called to work together under the apostle in each body of believers, especially prophet to apostle, (as a watchman to a king). The prophet will bring prophecies to the pastor (apostle), and the pastor has the final say on what to do with it. The Light grows brighter as the pieces are in place for world revival (and world persecution and hatred of Christians) such as has never been seen before.


Rick Joyner made an impassioned plea and prophecy for repentance, seeking holiness, coming against lawlessness as the window of grace will soon be closed this year as we enter into the final phases of the last days.

Mike Bickle nailed the picture prophecy of Jesus as a love-sick Bridegroom anticipating the preparing of the pure and spotless Bride so vividly that most present (including me) were left limp in our longing for His coming with sobbing and tears streaming down our faces.


Cindy Jacobs, with much trembling before God' s majesty, delivered the corporate prophecy that was given to the prophets as they all met together several days earlier. It concerned an unholy alliance between communism and two major Islamic countries which will wage war against "the west", and many other things that will happen during the coming short times. Maybe someone has a transcript and can post it.

Richard W. Schwab


From: Janet Davis:

This past weekend in Colorado Springs was a national wake-up called to the Church. Cindy Jacobs commented several times that she keeps hearing about this body of sin. Encapsulated message is that the body of Christ has left their first love. We have settled for the inferior pleasures of sin, instead of the superior pleasures of God. We need to become again a love-sick bride whose heart is enflamed, and captivated by the bridegroom. A love-sick heart that is fascinated with the Lord, will be extravagant in all other commandments! When the first commandment is restored to first place it will unlock the dynamic in us! We have a greater inheritance than mandatory obedience, that is voluntary lovers!! A person in love will double what is asked, but a church that is not fascinated with the Lord is vulnerable. The church has become vulnerable and the stream has become polluted. We have picked up stones (he who is without sin cast the first stone), and we're killing the body!! Throw down your stones! A word came through Cindy that we have been casting stones at the Mormons. Calling them a cult, and never praying that the veil of deception would be lifted from their eyes! We've cast stones. To those entangled in sexual sins, we've not prayed but cast stones. At the president, we've cast stones....... Throw down your stones!!!


Dutch Sheets said that the Lord told him that He was far more disappointed with the church than the president. That He had put a man in office whose heart could have gone either way and if the church would have prayed we could have a spirit-filled Christian president in office right now! This alone would bring judgement to this nation. William Jefferson Clinton needs our prayers and we must cry out for forgiveness for not praying for him and his wife and daughter.

This year is a window and will determine which way this nation will go in coming years. God always responds to what His people are doing and we must cry out for true repentance. Lord teach us to repent we don't know how!!! It's time for revival and the word came that it would hit the eastern-sea board, and criss-cross across the nation.

Dutch said it's time for a passion and holy zeal of God that says no more business as usual!! What we've been doing is not enough! We've all cried out for more of the anointing, more of the presence of God, but what we get away with in the outer-courts will get us killed in the holy place. It's time for radical holiness!! The level that we've been hearing God at, has to increase if we are going to survive what's coming. We haven't time to do good things any more, they have to be God things! God breathed, God anointed...... whether it's a breathe-mint ministry or prophet to the nations everyone has to be focused on the Lord Jesus, seeking to be a servant of all. Lord forgive us for wasting steps, and let us do whatever it takes to redeem the time!

Lord, let the prophetic voice as Ezek. of old cry out in this hour..... Come from the four winds, O breathe, and breathe on these slain, that they may live. ... that they may live and stand to their feet an exceedingly great army!!!!

Janet Davis Stillwater, OK. USA

From: "Deborah Kerekes"

Vic and I got to go! It was very different from other conferences I've been to. They did stress the rise of "teams", esp. prophetic and apostolic. Y2K paled in light of what is to follow if we as a church do not repent. If God were to judge Clinton according to our standards, and take him out of office, then to be fair, He'd have to remove most of us out of ours! The church has so many "stones" in our hands, against others, saved and unsaved, that we can't receive info. from the Lord.


The most profound was Dutch Sheets on Fri, night. HEAVY angelic activity, many of the prophets and intercessors spoke. We have until the end of this year, (Jewish-October) to determine what will happen in this nation in the next 3 and a half. It is a very time-sensitive message that needs to get out. It makes known much of what is required of us. We bought the video and second cassette tape, and have been showing it to our friends (30 so far). It was very long and took up two tapes, but they only did the one video. So you'd have to get the second tape to finish the message. The video is helpful as you'd miss so much without the visual.


They can be purchased through Fresh Audio and Video, 1-800-687-6077 and the number of Dutch's tape was, #9901297P. I am going to continue showing this until it has hit everyone I know. This is not just informational, it is a commissioning, a charge, an incredible impartation, and an imperative equipping. I hope to God we are never the same, and I pray, for the sake of our country, this message spreads. Y2K may be an issue to some degree, but if we do not catch the bigger picture, Y2K is nothing but a distraction. Y2K is a hiccup compared to what could happen if we do not move into action now. This video has our instructions.

From: "Patrick E. Russell"

Prophets Summit, World Prayer Center, Colorado Springs, CO
January 27/99

Important: these represent some notes I took during a phone conversation with a friend who had just returned from the Summit. I cannot vouch for accuracy (my recollection), but the flavor is definitely right.


Operative words used to describe Summit: Crisis Intercession!!

A twelve hour council was held with the Lord, at His instructions. Conducted behind closed doors, the council consisted of 16 leading prophets including: Bill Hamon, Chuck Pierce, Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, Jim LaSula, Mike Bickle, Paul Cain and others.

A statement was the prepared, representing what all 16 prophets totally agreed was the Word of the Lord for 1999. Here are some of the points:


Muslim/Communist (China) alliance rapidly emerging pending war on North America…the most ferocious army in human history! Many of our children to be slain! Y2K will pale in comparison to events of late 1999 and early 2000, particularly in areas of earth changes. Y2K will be a door to open a sequence of other events (military?).


The church should pray as individuals re: Y2K and prepare accordingly but absolutely not to hoard or operate in fear. Our position should be to provide. Y2K to have regional effects.

Terrorism on North American soil. Very important that we pray individually and walk with God daily for protection as to where and where not to be.

Again stressed not to fear.


East Coast said to light up. The indication was both the glory and a potential disaster.. (judgement?).


The Lord very displeased with the Church's throwing rocks each other, the President of the US etc. The Lord called the current church a body of sin and indicated that judgement was coming back, one of the reasons being our reluctance to provide prayer cover for Bill Clinton. Our judgment of him was coming back on us. The Lord is tired of the church engaging in pornography (i.e.: adult rated movies) etc. Cindy Jacobs had an open vision in which she saw an angel. It was the identical angel to the one she saw when revival broke out in Argentina. She then saw another angel.


When she asked the Lord, He said it was the same angel who was sent to warn the Germans that Hitler was to take over the country and they refused the warning.


Chuck Pierce said that 1999 is a pivotal year. Either Glory or judgment will befall the church in one degree or another depending on what we do. We are instructed to repent, pray and intercede.

Each month of this year the window closes. By June it will be half way closed. By October it will almost be too late and effects will be apparent.

Paul Cain's message was simple. Get back to the basic Gospel, which is the power of God. Jesus, the Son of God, born of the virgin Mary, crucified for our sins and raised from the dead!

In closing, the key words used were: CRISIS INTERCESSION!

Date: Wednesday, February 03, 1999 Subject: World Prayer Center Prophetic Conference!

(This was forwarded to Leslie)

Leslie Douglas

Hello! All friends and intercessors! I am back home from the National School of Prophet conference at the World Prayer Center, Colorado Springs, January 27 to 30th, l999. 3000 people attended the conference from everywhere. It was a different sort of conference - very confrontive from God to His people. I am still working on what I heard. Basically, God showed up Himself and spoke to a group of seasoned prophets - Chuck Pierce, Cyndi Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Jim Laffoon, Barbara Wentrouble, Bill Hamon, Jim Goll, John and Paula Sandford, Peter Wagner, Bobbye Byerly - who met together to pray before the conference started. We had a session with Cindy Jacobs and another one with Dutch Sheets who talked to us about what God wanted us to know concerning the judgment He was bringing to this country from the end of this year onward.


Y2K is just a catalyst for what is coming: the rising up of Communism and Islam as a combined force against this nation. But God wanted us to know that there is still a small window of grace if His people pray. The key word is IF His people pray. God instructed that the key months to pray for the nation are February, then April, then July, for by October, the window would be just about closed.


Pray for the eastern seaboard, all along the east coast, and Washington D.C. for that is what the prophets were getting as being where the attack would come upon - terrorists acts...Pray for those we Christians write-off - the Mormons in Salt Lake City, the prostitutes in Las Vegas, and most of all, those in office in Washington D.C. God is asking us to pray intensely for them. This is also the year of seriously checking areas of our own lives that we need to clean up before Him - pornography, secret sins, pride and judging others. God seems angry with His church for not praying for Clinton when He sent word through His prophets several years ago that we the Church must pray for our presidents because he could move towards God at that point if we pray or he could move towards evil if we did not uphold him in prayer as He has asked us to do. I definitely remember hearing Paul Cain say this three years ago in Kansas City.


Also, now God is saying to us: If His people pray, then catastrophe of major proportions may be averted or softened down, but the discipline is still going to happen. That can not be averted. However, revival is coming this year. It is time. God is going to do major acts that will bring many into the Kingdom. If we pray, Washington D.C. will be another city where revival hits. The youth in Salt Lake City will become His. We will see that the youth of this country, children to college age, will be the ones whose prayers will rise up to heaven in such a powerful way. One prophet saw a stadium packed full of youth. It was an open vision. He saw that with one accord, as if they all heard something, they dispersed to all areas of this nation, carrying the fire of God with them. Through them many parts of this country will be lit up with the fire of God. If His people do not pray this year, then what the prophets saw was the coming of war. Our youth and children will be the ones that will be hit by the war. This is not a Biblical event. This is what Satan plans to do. We are to pray for our cities, our lands. We are to pray against the plans of Satan - terrorism and the rise of Islam-Communism as an alliance. When l999 came around, I got the word "Be a house of prayer". So I told our kinship group at our house that God is calling us into serious praying. I also got the word to fly higher as an eagle in the area of faith and obedience. I had a sense that He is saying to us that for us to survive even, we have got to live by absolute faith and obedience to Him. I also saw that we are to go deep into Him much like an animal tunneling deep into earth to curl up and go to sleep when danger is above the ground. I knew that He was saying to us - you've got to go deep, deep into Me now, deep in prayer, deep in the knowledge of my Personhood, deep in this love relationship with Me. You can't really fly higher in faith and obedience unless you know Me better and love Me more. Your strength comes from your love relationship with Me. It's got to be more intense between us. More passion. More knowing Who I am. What I heard at the conference from this panel of very reliable prophets confirmed my sense for this year. I just wasn't ready to hear about the seriousness of the situation, the urgency of the time, the part of God that I wasn't that well acquainted with - the God of judgment. I admit I am fearful. But several prophets said in firm, firm voices - fear is not part of who we are in Jesus Christ. Get rid of fear. When those who do not know Him see how we have peace in Jesus in the midst of trouble, then they will want to have Jesus. I am afraid that I see that my faith in Him is not strong enough. I also don't know Him enough. My heart's yearning is to know Him more and to be able to rest in Him more. I want to be a house of prayer. That is my yearning. I want Him to deposit His prayers in me so that I can pray back to Him His prayers.


Cyndi Jacob, an important prophet raised up by God for such a time as this, began her talk by confirming to us God's intense love for us, and that He has so much grace for us. She kept saying, "Grace! Grace!" I really felt in my spirit that which she said concerning grace. The word grace was like oil and balm for my spirit. I have experienced so much grace from God in so many areas of my life in the last few years that I do know that word "grace".

In His Name,

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