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By Kim Clement
Apr 14, 2007

baker azusa

Steve ShultzNote by Steve Shultz regarding Kim Clement:

Right now, I believe that Kim Clement is in what I call "THE PROPHETIC ZONE." He prophesied these two words over two evenings in Redding, California, at Bill Johnson's Bethel Church.

I read them out loud and I began to weep with a GOOD weeping at the plans of the Lord. I bear a strong witness with these words.

God sends a prophet to not only change the atmosphere, but to confirm what is already there that God HIMSELF intends to grow and accelerate.

Some of this word is about Bethel Church and Redding, but most of this word is about AMERICA.

God loves all the nations, but frankly, God is a little put off of how America has been mocked, and HE'S about to show up and show off, I believe.

Read these two words and let your faith for the nations and the nation of America be catapulted.

Blessings to you,

Steve Shultz
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine

April 4, 2007--Redding, California

clementNo man will take credit for this that is about to happen

The Spirit of God says, "I will move in a very unusual manner. For this Nation is being mocked. Third world countries are mocking you. Ungodly nations are mocking you." But God said, "Not the forces of hell, for they are hearing sounds of fire and resurrection that are emerging from the four corners of this Nation. Some would say, 'You are forgotten,' but I have told you there will be an invasion of the news media. Instruments that once mocked Me will be instruments that now raise Me up," says the Lord.

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"Men who attempted to say, 'There is no God,' as they have done through the centuries and they have done through the millennia," God says, "it shall once again happen the same way that it happened then. Would history repeat itself and would I arise to the occasion? Yes." For God said, "I am not going to yesterday to bring the past back into existence, but I am moving into the future and bringing it into existence. For this Nation shall once again pioneer the greatest move of the Spirit that has ever happened," says the Lord. And you are alive, you are alive in the midst of it!

"Abraham saw your day and rejoiced. David saw your day and sang about it. And what are you doing in this, your day? Do I stand as I stood before Jerusalem and say in this your day, did you know your day of visitation? Or did you judge it by the political reigning powers and the religious bigotry that exists? This is your day," says the Lord.

"And in the month of May and October of this year, I will grant an unusual amount of favor. I will grant an unusual amount of favor not only to the Church but into this Nation, for the rain shall come upon the just and the unjust. For suddenly, there will be a rapidity, there will be a movement that shall happen so quickly that they shall say, 'We did not bring birth or give birth to this. No man will take credit for this that is about to happen." God said, "It shall be like Elijah, where there was no proof of his birth or of his beginning and no proof of his death." God said, "This that I will do, shall give no man credit, for it shall be the most unusual thing," says the Lord. "And I have focused upon California to do this, yes I have!"

For God said, "In 1967, a revolution took place," and now God said, "of a greater kind, of a magnitude like you have never seen, and greater than what took place in 1967 in the northern part of California." God said, "This shall be something that will never die," says the Lord of Hosts!

The Spirit of God says, "Many will say, 'What do you mean it will never die? Revivals have begun and revivals have ended.'" God said, "In this one, there is no end!"

This is a Moment of Resurrection

The Spirit is dictating from this atmosphere--you have arrested the powers of darkness, and you have made an adjustment in the atmosphere, and there has been an atmosphere adjustment. I hear the sound of an abundance; I hear the sound of resurrection!!

It's being dictated. God said, "Would you understand this, would you comprehend and then apprehend what is in the atmosphere?" The comprehension of something is not enough; the comprehension and the apprehension of something. For God says, "Though you comprehend this that is being released tonight, during the days of this time as it is being released," God said, "Their comprehension must move into a realm of apprehension, where you will grasp it and not let it go."

For the Spirit of God said, "The movement that is now starting, some will say, 'It began with a call,' others will say, 'it began with a prayer group that started this or that.' Some will say, 'It came from the prophets.'" God said, "No. It will not be attributed to one gift, one ascension gift, not to one church, not one," says the Lord.

"I am God and you have called to Me, and many from this Nation have said, 'Enough--enough of religion and enough of dead speech.'" The Spirit of God said, "This is a moment of resurrection." For the Spirit of God says, "Honor Me with your praise and acceptance of this that I say to you. This that shall take place shall be the most unusual thing, a transfiguration, a going into the marketplace if you wish, and into the news media. Where Time Magazine will have no choice but to say what I want them to say; Newsweek what I want them to say; and The View, what I want to say."

"Trump shall become a trumpet," says the Lord! "I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet and Bill Gates to open up the gate of a financial realm for the Church," says the Spirit of the Living God!

In 1967, there was a great revolution, but God said, "The revolution that you are going to experience starting in 2007 is going to be greater than anything that's ever happened."

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Hear the Word of the Lord tonight: this Nation has waited and waited and they have said, 'Revival, revival, revival.'" God said, "There is more than revival. We have revived and brought back, but a Spirit of resurrection is upon you." For God said, "I am breathing--I am breathing upon the people of this Nation. I am breathing upon the churches that are going down and I am bringing them up," says the Spirit of God.

"I am breathing upon the political powers that be." For God said, "I will not forget 911. I will not forget what took place that day, and I will not forget the gatekeeper that watched over New York, who will once again stand and watch over this Nation," says the Spirit of God. "It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering My name." But God said, "When he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit, for I shall fill him with My Spirit when he goes into office, and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land." And God says, "Even a greater move of the Spirit shall take place and your enemies will finally be subdued by the year 2009."

For God said, "There shall be a great move of My Spirit that shall raise your children up, and your children shall become the voices and the mouthpieces of this hour," says the Lord. "Your children shall become as Samuel, your children shall become as Davids, your children shall become as the Esthers and the Mary's of this day, and they will bring this great move into this Nation," says the Lord.

For God said, "Even as you have said, 'What will happen with our schools? What will happen with our children? What will happen with them?'" God said, "I will show you things that your forefathers never even knew and dreamed about," says the Spirit of God. "I will cause you to see things that they never even thought would happen." Shall we go back to the original?

America, America, you are the salt of the earth....

God said, "And far, far greater. For the year 2009--energy will have changed drastically. This Nation will have tapped into the 'Big E' four times. Ethanol shall then be changed into another 'coli,'" and then God said, "two more times, and then there shall be a breakthrough in this Nation, and you shall look at the Middle East and you shall say, 'No more, no more of your deceit, no more of your control, and no more of your oil--it's over. Our soil has presented us with that which we need to be independent of the Middle East,'" says the Lord!

The Spirit of God says, "Where you are, lift up your eyes, and whatever you see tonight, I'm going to give it to you, for your sight has been elevated," says the Lord.

"America, America, you are the salt of the earth. America, America, you are the light of the world!" The Spirit of God says, "As you sing these words, surely, I will remember the promises that were made on the steps of the Capitol," though now abandoned, and though now forgotten, God said, "I will not forget. And I will bring to this Nation what it deserves. For in 2009, you will say, 'This is the beginning and will never end.' Therefore, rejoice, for whatever you see tonight, I will give it to you," says the Spirit of God.

"America, America, you are the salt of the earth. America, America, you are the light of the world."

April 5, 2007--Redding, California

I have raised up a standard against the enemy--you are that standard

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"In the field where there has been blood and anguish and pain, there is still yet a sound of a warrior that refuses to shut his mouth. For yet, it is easy to praise Me in the presence of the angels," but the Spirit of God says, "for those that I have raised up likened unto David that would praise Me in the presence of their enemies--this is prophetic praise." For God said, "Coming from the sounds of the battlefields of this Nation, not in the Middle East, but the spiritual battlefields of this Nation, I have heard the sounds of warriors with faith bellowing--with faith bellowing from their spirits to the Hero of Golgotha, to the Hero of Gethsemane, to the Hero of Calvary." Lord, we give unto You praise and glory and honor, You are our Hero!

"Yet, we hear the sound of victory throughout this Nation. Some would hear the sound of defeat, others would hear the sound of negative words and energy. Some would hear the sound of hatred, division, discord, and yes, even the sound of witchcraft and manipulation. But yet intertwined between this, I have set a standard." For God said, "I have raised up a standard against him--you are that standard. Though the enemy rises, and though he comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him. And surely," says the Lord, "I have raised up a standard against the enemy. Certainly, let the weak say I am strong, and certainly let the poor say I am rich." For God said, "You surely are."

"For there is a sound of humility that is rising amongst My people. I have waited for it and waited for it." And the Spirit of God said, "This year--2007, you shall see this cloud the size of a man's hand, and it shall fill the sky. Yes, yes, yes it shall fill the sky." And the Lord says, "It shall come to pass that you will outrun the chariots of Ahab, and you will outrun the chariots of Jezebel." And God said, "Those that have taken the land that belongs to My people and the land that belongs to My house, the inheritance that they have stolen--shall now be returned to My people," says the Lord.

For the Spirit of God says, "When the enemy came in to steal, to take away from you, little did he know that he had trespassed and because of this," says the Lord, "I will raise up a double anointing because he trespassed. And you that have lost your properties and those that have struggled," God said, "look at this year--it is a year of acceleration. It is a year of marked multiplication."

I will raise up a house for every expression

"And even in this house where I stand, and I have sent My prophets, and you have opened up your doors to the prophets and the teachers of this age, to train the young men and women to go to the four corners of the earth--they surely shall." But God said, "No ordinary people are being raised up. I could not do this in L.A., I could not do this in San Francisco, and I could not do this in New York." God said, "I had to take a place outside the cities of squandering and smoke--taken them outside the cities of those that would be the money changers of this hour and bring them to a remote town. I will send hundreds and I will send thousands, and they will say, 'Go to Redding for there is a place, Bethel--we will meet the Lord, and we will be changed."

For God said, "Your place of pain shall be turned into a place of reign. There are four pieces of property that I have unlocked" and God says, "one is 85 miles from here, the other is not too far, as well as the third. There are four pieces of property that I will grant to this house because the enemy said, 'I will take away from them in the beginning.' Now at the end, I will give, give, give, and give again. I will raise up a house for every expression. I will raise up a place where the elderly can be ministered to. I will raise up a place where the fatherless can come. I will raise up a place where the government will say, 'Let us send them there for rehabilitation.' And you will be what the Church was meant to be. I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it," says the Lord!

The Spirit of God says, "For these things that I will raise up in this end time--I will cause My people to come and rush to places in remote villages." For God said, "I will move there and then I will send them into the cities." And God said, "Every city in this Nation will be shaken because there will always be an abundance of salt--grace that I will grant unto this Nation."

What I'm about to give My Church and My people has been hidden for the centuries

But listen to me now, this house has been marked and set aside. And I listened to the conversation of principalities and I said, "Why is it that they wonder so much about this little place; why is it that they are so concerned? Would they say it is filled with mountains and snow? What is it that causes them to fear?" I hear the conversation of principalities, of municipalities and forces saying, "This place is dangerous. This place is no longer a wilderness."

"For under the ground, there is running something very rich that the enemy does not want you to tap into," says the Lord. "Under your ground, there is a source," and God said, "in the properties that I give to you, it shall be suddenly changed from the value of $1.2 million to $7 and $8 million overnight," says the Lord. "And they shall say, 'Did you know, did you know what was in the ground?'" God said, "Wait and see, for what I'm about to give My Church and My people has been hidden for the centuries and only now to be revealed and manifested because of the manifestation of the sons of God that shall come forth," says the Spirit of the Living God.

God said, "I have kept something for this time and for this age and for this generation, something that Paul saw, cherished, took into his hands, and even as he was dying said, 'Lord that I may see this day.'" God said, "This day is now upon this generation. I am unlocking something that has been kept for the centuries" and God said, "which will affect nations at once--not one individual at a time, not one community at a time, but nations at a time. The miraculous intervention of God by the power of resurrection is going to be the proof."

"This is something that shall cause men to be afraid and say, 'We never dreamed that men could do the things that they are doing now and that women could do the things that they are doing now.'" God said, "They saw your day, and this hour it is being unlocked for this generation. This thing that I have kept for this hour and for this time," God said, "shall be received by a people who shall make it precious and keep it precious. For it is precious in My sight," says the Spirit of the Living God.

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For as Elisha came down from the mountain when he had been with Elijah and he had seen the disappearance of Elijah, he came down to a city, and the men and the prophets of that city said, "Let us go and search for your master." They wanted to bring back what they were acquainted with, what they loved. They wanted Elijah back. They sent 50 strong men to look for him. Elisha was embarrassed, he said, "Don't go, he's gone, it's over." Why is it that we try to capture the past, we try to keep it in existence? When in fact, we should be trying to capture the future and bring it into existence.

Something that this Nation and the world has not seen in Christ is about to be manifested through you and I. It is going to shake the nations.

God needs a fresh new vessel--unlearned and has no religious training whatsoever.

God said, "I'm going to touch cities, and I'm going to start in the United States of America, where barrenness will be changed overnight--spiritual barrenness will be changed overnight by recognizing where God is and the fact that He's about to do His greatest work in this Nation."

Kim Clement
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