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Chuck Pierce: Your Piece is Important. Reach Down Deep Within You. There is Blessing that Needs to Unlock.

by Chuck Pierce
Jan 9, 2010

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Below is Chuck Pierce's latest prophetic word. There are great keys in it for our future. Chuck also mentions to "bless our enemies" and a deep blessing within us will be released. Jesus tells us to "love our enemies" and to "bless those who curse you." There's a blessing deep within that God wants to unlock as we bless our enemies and see them how God sees them. He truly wants us to "see in a new way." A new season of "seeing" is upon us.

Here are also a couple of great prophetic resources from Chuck:


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Be sure to review the prophecy below: Your Piece is Important. Reach Down Deep Within You. There is Blessing that Needs to Unlock. This is key for us as we move into the year ahead.

God says, "I am putting something together in you and for you that is very unique. I am recreating what you tried to create. You have longed to finalize things but now you will see that you cannot put together your own puzzle. You've even tried to put together other people around you and their puzzle.

"However, over that which I have created for them, I am holding the missing piece. This has frustrated you. You kept looking for the other piece and looking for the piece for someone else, but now you realize that it was you that I was dealing with. And NOW, I am going to show you the missing piece—your piece.

"This is a time that I am beginning to refine that last corner. The sharpness that was in you in one area is now being rounded off. Get ready, for there will be a supernatural fitting for your life in the coming few weeks. I have sent signs in the heavens to let you know that only I am in control of time. Know this—I am determined to complete the project in you that I began.

"Wait for the placement. Wait for your placement. I will cause you to pull up that place in you that needs to have this piece fitted. If you will reach down deep and pull up that place that only I can fill, I will fill it. There's a blessing that you have not released, and I am saying, 'Pull that deep blessing up. It is down deep within you. When that blessing forms in your mouth and comes forth, blessings that you've been waiting for will pour upon you.'"

"Pull Up the Deep Blessing and Bless Your Enemies"

"Even those things that you didn't think you could bless, you can release a blessing upon. For I have said, 'BLESS YOUR ENEMIES.' There's a blessing, deep, waiting for you to speak forth. You are entering a season of unlocking blessings, so go deeper and bring forth blessings that have never come forth from your mouth.

"You haven't seen your enemies the way that I see your enemies. You haven't seen your past the way I see your past. So pull up the deep blessing and bless your enemies. In blessing your enemies I will cause your head to go above your enemies. But until from your mouth you bless your enemies, I cannot cause your head to be lifted up and see what I would long you to see.

"I have allowed that catastrophe that has come near you to cause you to grow in a new way. In your growing you now can open your eyes and see what you couldn't see. Rise up and see what would have been disastrous to you, since from the catastrophe and the hard place I have prevented you from being molded in a wrong way. Now you will be able to have vision that you could not have in the last season."

LeAnn Squier is a Psalmist and she sang the following words based on the prophecy above:

Now I can see what I could not see.
Streams have broken up in front of me.
Now I can see what I could not see.
You are opening a path in front of me.

Here's the Lord's reply:

You thought I was fixing this present moment, but oh, no.
I was preparing a future where you would be going.
My eye was not on just the here and now
But My eye was on your path for the future.

The Lord then said, "My eye was on your path for the future. That which you were trying to hold on tightly to—now you will see that it was your grip instead of My grip that was grabbing hold. Now you can see how to let go. Now you can see what I would have you grab hold of. Now what you couldn't see has been broken up around you. Lift up your head to Me and then look down and you will see what you couldn't see.

"I Am in the Process of Knitting and Reforming"

"I am creating a government and I have positions already formed. You are a key player in My troop that I am forming to move with precision. Come up and then look down and you will begin to see the movement and the positioning and the placement that I have for you.

"Your puzzle piece is important to Me. Watch Me place it in you now. This will be like a missing chip that will now create blessings to begin to flow in your mind and heart. I will then take you and place you in the component that will be used for the future.

"Don't judge what I am doing in those around you. Don't judge quickly from the way that you perceived and judged in the past season, because now I am in the process of knitting and reforming. If you judge too quickly, you will miss the vessel that will come forth, shining. Some that tarnished and seemed unusable I AM bringing forth NOW. I have new vessels for many to drink from during this season."


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Chuck Pierce's Itinerary:

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January 10, 2010
Shekinah Christian Church
4600 Scio Church Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Contact: 734-662-6040

January 15-16, 2010
Start the Year Off Right
City of Grace Church
655 E University Dr. Mesa, AZ 85203
Contact: 602-977-1111

January 17-18, 2010
Prophetic Advance
International Church of Las Vegas - Westcliff Campus
8100 Westcliff Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89145
Contact: 702-242-2273

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