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Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Mary Glazier, Denny Cline and Steve Shultz: BULLETIN: "URGENT PRAYER WARNING AGAINST ATTACK ON THIS NATION"

by Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Mary Glazier, Denny Cline and Steve Shultz
Sep 26, 2008

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This word below came to us from Mary Glazier from Alaska, and it is being taken very seriously. This word was verified and counsel was sought by these people below and a few others. Here are the people who just responded and felt we should issue this call to prayer:

? Chuck Pierce (Member ACPE* Texas)

? Cindy Jacobs (Member ACPE* Texas)

? Mary Glazier (Member ACPE* Alaska)

? Denny Cline (My local pastor from Albany, Oregon)

? Steve Shultz (Founder of THE ELIJAHLIST in Albany, Oregon, and member of ACPE*)

c. peter wagner
C. Peter Wagner

*ACPE stands for Apostolic Counsel of Prophetic Elders. It is convened annually by C. Peter Wagner. All of the above people are members of ACPE, except for my pastor Denny Cline who agrees we should post this for immediate prayer to STOP ANY POTENTIAL ATTACK!

Note: There are many others we could have sought counsel from and a couple of folks have not had time to get back to me - but these people listed above all responded and we felt the need to get this out quickly. The time is of the essence FOR PRAYER.

Here are the photos of the people who are calling for prayer via this BULLETIN:

chuck pierce Chuck D. Pierce
cindy jacobs
Cindy Jacobs
mary glazier
Mary Glazier
denny cline
Denny Cline
denny cline
Steve Shultz

As we were getting ready to post this word, Mary Glazier was in a conference with Chuck Pierce. They are both meeting and will release an update soon on how to pray regarding this urgent call to prayer. (It may come within a few days.)

Chuck Pierce also feels that the way we view terrorism is changing and we cannot define terrorism simply based upon the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Also, remember that the 9/11 terrorist attack was the beginning of a seven-year war season, which we have been in and is now changing.

Note by Steve Shultz: I am a member of ACPE and have been for several years. We are by no means the only prophetic counsel, but we do gather annually and often VERY important words come out of these yearly meetings. From time to time, a word will come from an ACPE member that is so timely, and we feel the need to release it right away. This is one such word.


Steve Shultz

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


From Mary Glazier: Alaska Member of ACPE (Apostolic Counsel of Prophetic Elders)
mary glazier
Mary Glazier

Dated Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear friends,

Those of you who know me, know that I am conservative with warnings and careful about what I release for prayer. That being said, at my prayer meeting last Friday, two of my very trusted intercessors both received warnings of an attack (that could be stopped or minimized through prayer), which could cause national mourning. Neither of them shared the warnings with me until this past hour.

In the meantime, my daughter Kat and I both were hit with travail (strong weeping in the spirit of prayer) on Saturday afternoon, September 20, 2008. There was a tremendous weight on our hearts as we felt a significant death was possible to happen - if the Body does not pray. We prayed that afternoon and evening. This past Friday through today, I have an ALARMING sense that we are about to OR MAY experience a terrorist attack that will launch our nation into a season of deep mourning.

Just a few minutes ago, Eleanor Roehl, a powerful Eskimoan intercessor and prophet, called me to say she senses a potential imminent attack against our nation. Then Karen Fink came into my office to share with me that she heard the phrase: "A 40-day period of NATIONAL MOURNING."

[Note by Steve Shultz: We must pray that this will NOT be necessary to have days of mourning, but through our prayers, disasters can be stopped.]

Let's also be certain to pray for the safety of our President, Vice President, all the candidates and their families.

Something seems potentially imminent, so we MUST PRAY to avert or to minimize any potential attacks on our nation.

In Christ,

Mary Glazier, Alaska ACPE Member
Windwalkers International


Note: More reports to follow from and www.ELIJAHLIST.COM as more revelation is received.

About Mary Glazier: A Haida Indian born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Mary was nurtured in her early faith by the Salvation Army. In 1971, she received a life transforming baptism of the Holy Spirit and has since been a powerful instrument in the hands of God. Her ministry, Windwalkers International, was birthed by the Holy Spirit in 1990. An ordained minister, Mary is an active member of the Anchorage Evangelical Pastors Fellowship, a network of over 90 pastors in Anchorage, Alaska. God has used her internationally to instruct and lead on the subject of spiritual warfare. She currently works with Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce on the U.S. Strategic Prayer Network and on the Mission America National Committee. Mary also serves as an advisor for the International Reconciliation Coalition.

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