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Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and others: "ONETHING--A Prophetic Call of African-American Leaders"

By Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and others
Dec 24, 2007

Lou Engle, Mike Bickle and others:
"ONETHING--A Prophetic Call of African-American Leaders"

Steve Shultz

Intro by Steve Shultz:

I believe this to be a word from the Lord from my friends who wrote this. However, let us not forget to bless those who have come against us. That keeps us safe. If you are able to attend this gathering in Kansas City, I encourage you to go, but we all can support them in our fervent prayers as we stand together calling forth the next move of God in this nation.


Steve Shultz
Founder, ElijahList and ElijahRain magazine


Steve Shultz

Live on TV--Prophetic Call of African-American Leaders

Join 20,000 young adults on Friday, December 28, 2007 at 7pm, central time, at IHOP-KC's "onething" conference where Lou Engle, Eddie James, Mike Bickle, Will Ford and others will share a significant prophetic word calling forth African-Americans to the place of leadership in the coming move of God in this nation.

If you are not able to make this gathering at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, you can watch it LIVE on GOD TV (channel 365 on DirecTV) or by internet (for more details at

Over the past few months and days, the Lord has made it clear through many prophetic words that--now is the time to call forth a new breed of leadership in the prayer movement that will come from the African-American and Hispanic communities. While this movement of prayer, fasting and revival will be made up of millions of believers from all the different ethnic groups, without a doubt, African-Americans and Hispanics will be raised up as the very tip of the sword to release revival to this nation.

The Lord has made it clear to us that African-American believers have a divine prophetic assignment of leadership in the next great move of God in our nation. We believe that the fullness of blessing to the Church in our nation will only be released as the leadership in this prayer movement is established in divine order. Even now, Jesus is establishing His government in the Church in this nation where He is raising up young "Davids" from the African-American and Hispanic community to lead an emerging movement of worship and prayer. Only when the Church begins to recognize the sovereign place of leadership that God has given to African-Americans and Hispanics in this nation--will we begin to see our inheritance in God multiply together.

God's Purposes for the African-American Community in the End-Time Prayer Movement

In 1983, Bob Jones prophesied to the future leadership of IHOP-KC that the beginning breakthrough of revival in our nation would only come when African-Americans were functioning in their God-ordained role of leadership in the prayer movement.

Then earlier this year in October 2007, Bob again prophesied of a harvest of individuals coming from the black community, particularly from the young--who would be thrust into an accelerated mode of training to function as prophets to the nations with an emphasis of leading in prayer and prophetic worship.

However, statistics reveal that militant Islam is beginning to target the African-American community in this nation with a vision to convert young black men and women and train them to begin to lead Muslim houses of prayer. Yet even now, the Lord is rising up a true worship and prayer movement in this nation, led by African-American leaders, to contend with every other house that would challenge the Lordship and Supremacy of Christ.

We believe that the Lord will marry the different ethnic groups and movements of prayer together--resulting in a synergistic power of the Holy Spirit--that will break the power of the culture of death in our nation. God is calling for an exodus out of the Hip Hop culture (whose spiritual roots are found in black militant Islam and Rastafarianism) and into the true prayer movement. However, we do believe rap and lyrical prose, different from the culture of Hip Hop, will be used by the Holy Spirit as a dynamic art form and tool of communication in the new sound being released from Heaven.

In Exodus, the Lord delivered Israel from Egypt through Moses after 400 years of slavery and oppression--that they might worship God in the wilderness and fulfill their destiny to lead the nations in worship. We believe the Lord also delivered (and is still delivering) African-Americans in this nation from slavery, racism and oppression--for the redemptive purpose of raising up a prophetic people that would bring deliverance to this nation even as the enemy comes in like a flood.

Thus, on Friday evening, December 28, 2007 at 7pm, central time, join Lou Engle, Eddie James, Mike Bickle and Will Ford at Bartle Hall in Kansas City or via God TV or via as we pray for the full release of God's mantle of leadership on the black community.

Submitted by Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, Eddie James and Will Ford. For more information, visit


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