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Proclamation Concerning the American Judiciary

By Dutch Sheets
Sep 12, 2005

September 12, 2005

Proclamation Concerning the American Judiciary
By Dutch Sheets,
Dutch Sheets Ministries
Web Site:


"Christian Leaders Call for Prayer Before and During U.N. World Summit, September 14th"
September 12, 2005
Rhonda Tse / Aimee Herd Reporting

Christian Leaders Call for Prayer Before and During U.N. World Summit, September 14th – "God is watching very closely how we're doing. As Christians, we need to pray it clearly, say it clearly and act it out clearly"

On Wednesday, over 170 leaders will gather in New York City for the U.N. World Summit, reports the Christian Post. Negotiations became intense over the weekend, as issues surrounding Secretary-General Kofi Annan's U.N. reform were debated...

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September 12, 2005


Proclamation Concerning the American Judiciary
By Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries

Dear Readers:

As you know, Apostle Dutch Sheets carries a tremendous prayer burden for our nation. Below is a proclamation that he and others have written regarding the American judiciary. Please heed this call.


Chuck Pierce
Glory of Zion International


 September 9, 2005

Dear Intercessors,

It is a season of great change in America. We are experiencing great crises and great opportunities. The death of Supreme Court Justice Rehnquist has presented us with a tremendous opportunity to shift the court. If Roberts is confirmed, and another good judge is nominated and confirmed after him, the balance of the court would change. Also, many of us believe President Bush will ultimately appoint a third Justice. This is the season and opportunity we have awaited for many years. We must not miss it.

In light of this opportunity and the power of biblical declarations, several other prayer leaders and I have written the following proclamation. We are asking you to join with thousands of Christians around the nations to daily decree this proclamation over the courts of America. Please distribute this to all praying Christians that you know.

Special thanks to Sandy Grady, Craig Lotze and especially David Barton of Wallbuilders, for their help in preparing this proclamation.

Yours for Him,

Dutch Sheets
Dutch Sheets Ministries


Proclamation Concerning the American Judiciary


Whereas, our Constitution established a form of government that has made America the longest on-going, constitutional republic in the history of the world.

Whereas, the framers of our government acknowledged the hand of God in the formulation of the government, established under the Constitution. For example, political scientists confirm that the Bible was the single, most cited source in the writings of the Founding Era; Constitution signer James Madison declared, "It is impossible for the pious man not to recognize in it (the writing of the Constitution) a finger of that Almighty Hand which was so frequently extended to us in the critical stages of the evolution." And Declaration signer and Constitution ratifier Benjamin Rush, similarly pronounced: "I do not believe that the Constitution was the offspring of (Divine) inspiration, but I am perfectly satisfied that it is as much the work of a Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament."

Whereas, the Constitution establishes three separate branches, defines the role of each branch, and gives all policy-making powers to the elected legislative and executive branches but not the unelected judicial branch.

Whereas, the Federalist Papers – the work that explained to Americans the scope and powers under each clause of the Constitution – clearly set forth the limited powers of the judiciary in these words: "The judiciary is, beyond comparison, the weakest of the three departments of power" and "The judiciary, on the contrary, has no influence over either the sword or the purse; no direction either of the strength or of the wealth of the society; and can take no active resolution whatever. It may truly be said to have neither force nor will" (Federalist #78).

Whereas, the judiciary has rejected these constitutional principles, and instead, usurped the powers of the other two branches, legislating from the bench with the Supreme Court's own Justices describing the court with such terms as "a super board of education for every school district in the nation," amateur psychologists on a "psycho-journey," and "a national theology board."

Whereas, the Constitution created a protection for religious expressions, but the Supreme Court has now substituted a new standard that requires the aggressive secularization of the public sphere, thus creating a segregation of faith from official public life, including a repudiation of the Biblical principles, practices, and acknowledgments incorporated into public life by the framers of the Constitution, thereby scorning the solemn warning by Thomas Jefferson, querying, "Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis – a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Whereas, our original judges and justices were typically and deeply religious. They were openly God-honoring individuals, often invoking Scriptures in the courtroom and frequently belonging to organizations, such as the American Bible Society in order to help promote the distribution of God's word across the nation.

Whereas, the court now, not only rejects biblical principles, but also the American governing documents that inculcate so many of those principles, and instead embraces the standards of aggressively secular foreign nations that have renounced traditional faith and morality, instituting those God-hostile standards as the new basis for American law.

Whereas, the so-called culture war's issues--the protection of unborn human life, the sanctity of marriage, the preservation of public standards for morality and decency, the protection of private property, public acknowledgment of God, and many other concerns--are now decided by unelected, unaccountable individuals rather than by "We the People" under the "consent of the governed" as stipulated in our governing documents.

Now therefore, we as a vast body of believers in God's Word, arise and say:

"Courts of America, no more will you continue on this path!"

We declare:

  • Equal justice under God's law for all – including the helpless and the unborn, according to Psalm 82:3-4

  • The restoration of righteous judges and counselors, according to Isaiah 1:26

  • That justice and righteousness will be the measuring line and the level for the laws of the land, according to Isaiah 28:17;

  • That the fear of the Lord will be upon our justice system, according to II Chronicles 19:7

  • That America's judges will fear and honor God, according to Psalm 2:10-12

  • That according to Deuteronomy 16:18-20, wisdom and discernment will be used in the appointment of judges, and that America will appoint judges who know the laws of God as stipulated in Ezra 7:25

According to Isaiah 42:1-13, we declare and proclaim the Lord God Almighty as Our Supreme Judge over our courts in America.




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September 29- October 2, 2005
DSM Annual Conference

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October 20, 2005
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October 28, 2005
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In this session, Dutch Sheets shares special revelation that God has given him regarding the Judicial Branch of the United States government, as well as the "behind the scenes" details of what went on during the National Day of Repentance and Reconciliation. This is a "must have" for those of you with a burden to see the United States turn back to our God.


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