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"Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Infirmity"

by Chuck Pierce, Dr. Dee Legako & Dr. Pat Legako
Aug 1, 2005

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August 1, 2005

"Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Infirmity"
by Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion International
Dr's Dee Legako and Pat Legako


Understanding and Breaking the Cycle of Infirmity

[C. Peter Wagner and I (Chuck)] would like to address the deadly cycles that seem to control our lives and remove our freedom. A cycle is an interval during which a recurring sequence of events happens. A cycle can also be a periodically repeated sequence of events, or something that happens over and over at a certain time. Sometimes this is impregnated with supernatural phenomena.

God does not produce signs and wonders from Heaven as ends in themselves. They are released to bring faith to His people and those around them -- whether believers or unbelievers. This is also the year of the SAMEKH of God, or things coming full circle. This is the year to break old cycles.

A cycle can be linked with time or events and orchestrated supernaturally so a repeating wound or injustice occurs from generation to generation. Satan loves to keep us going around the same mountain or held in a cyclical structure.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, "And a three fold cord is not quickly broken." The three demonic strongholds we have to deal with most of the time in our lives are poverty, infirmity, and religion. We looked at poverty and religion previously (click links to read on The Elijah List). The other strategy that gets us going in a wrong direction and hinders us in completing God's call is infirmity.

The Spirit of Religion

Peter Wagner wrote about the power of religious spirits. I love Peter. He is always willing to overturn the applecart of the present church structure. You must read his new book, Freedom from the Religious Spirit.

Life should be filled with joy. Nehemiah 8:10 says, "The joy of the Lord is your strength." One of the great joys of my life has been to work alongside Peter. First of all, he is a man filled with joy. He enjoys life, his family, ministry, people, eating, and his own jokes.

One of the things that keeps him filled with joy is that he never lets life get stale. The characteristic he possesses, which I feel is a key to his life, is that he loves to embrace change. If God decides it is time to bring change into the earth realm through new thought processes, Peter seems to be the first to raise his hand in the earth and say, "Use me!" Embracing change seems to be the key to keeping the religious spirit confused!

The Spirit of Poverty

Another strategy of the enemy that holds us in captivity is poverty. My last article was on this. Let me remind you of what was said:

"This spirit has violated God's perfect order and produced instability in many. I feel the Lord is saying to take a violent, passionate stand on behalf of the Body of Christ concerning this spirit. When God is talking about us being violent, this means that we will press through difficulty and storms, and force an atmospheric change. I declare that any atmosphere of poverty encircling around you or your sphere of authority will be invaded with the atmosphere of blessing and glory from Heaven.

"This is a season to gain victory through giving. This will break the curse of God robbing. Debt and past financial defeats in our lives need to reverse. The Body of Christ needs to see restoration in its provision.

"Restoration is always linked with multiplication. Any poverty spirit that has held your generational bloodline in captivity and kept you from the fullness of the prosperity that God has for you must break!

"Poverty is refusing to become what God created and destined you to be. Poverty is not believing that the Lord can graft you into the fullness of His plan. Poverty is not just experiencing lack, but having a fear that you will lack.

"Poverty is where you conform to your circumstance or the blueprint that the world and the god of this world has surrounded you with. Poverty occurs when the 'god of this world' surrounds you with and influences you with only a world perspective, causing you to forget God's ability in the midst of your circumstance. Poverty has a voice that says, 'God is not able!'"

The Spirit of Infirmity

When I was a child, I was plagued with infirmity. This has continued in my adult life and, in 2001, I grew very ill. The manifestation of this sickness brought me to a place of desperation in seeking God. The Lord, in His infinite grace, began to show me that I had a generational spirit of infirmity linked with trauma. The trauma of my past was continuing to hold this infirm spirit in place.

This was not the first time I had ever been ill -- illness and infirmity was a pattern in my life. As a child I had been plagued with stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, and migraine headaches, just to name a few. From the time I became filled with the Spirit, I had learned how to resist the power of sickness. Yet, I had never really overcome the power of infirmity in my life. In the early 1990s, I received some very bad reports concerning my esophagus. In 2001, my esophagus and colon were damaged and creating very dangerous situations in my life.

Cindy Jacobs, a friend of mine, shared with me that she believed my sickness was related to the trauma I had experienced growing up, as well as my father's premature death. My first impression was, "How could this be?"

Before I entered into the hospital the next week, I came home very ill and was unable to digest any food. My brother, Keith, gave me a call. He said, "While I was teaching my Sunday School class, the Lord told me that the sickness that you are experiencing is still related to the loss of our dad." I thought to myself, "Why isn't my brother ever sick? My dad was his dad also." So I asked him this.

He said, "You had a different emotional tie with Daddy than I. Therefore, this loss wounded and affected you in a way that it did not affect me."

The Cycle of Infirmity

This was an eye-opening statement for me. I fell before the Lord and began to ask Him how to break this generational iniquity of infirmity that was linked with the trauma of loss. The Lord has led me on a journey of understanding how trauma affects our DNA and weakens our spirit man. One verse that has become a "life" verse for me is Proverbs 18:14: "The spirit of man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?" A broken spirit occurs when life's difficulties crush your ability to resist.

Infirmity is a term that encompasses more than just sickness and disease. This word also is related to suffering and sorrow. Infirmity can be a result of moral or spiritual weaknesses and defects that cause our will to stray from God. Infirmity, though physical, can be related to the influence of an evil spirit (Luke 13:11).

The term is linked with an overall weakness in one's body or anything that has created the weakness, such as grief.

The Effects of Generational Iniquity On Our DNA

Infirmity can be linked with a generational weakness or iniquitous pattern in the bloodline. Many times people are confused over how generational iniquity works. Rebecca Wagner Sytsema and I explain a great deal about this in Possessing Your Inheritance.

To fully understand generational iniquity we must understand how DNA makes the blueprint of our body. DNA causes traits from one generation to be passed on to the next generation. When the sperm and egg unite and a new individual begins to be formed, already programmed in the makeup of that person is God's redemptive plan as well as the iniquitous inherited traits that will resist that plan from coming into fullness.

Simply, this seems to say that our blood begins to war with itself from the time of our conception.

Our cell groups come together to form tissues. Tissues form organs. Blood cells are pumped through the body, giving oxygen to each organ to survive. The cells in your stomach digest food. Brain cells work together as you study and pursue knowledge.

Cells are dynamic. Therefore, an iniquitous pattern can affect your entire physical and mental makeup. A DNA molecule which is releasing this code is made up of a double helix that looks like a twisted rope ladder or spiral staircase. There are base pairs making up the stairs. These send messages how to code the cell and accomplish what the cell is there for. These give us hereditary instructions.

So, if something is passed on that has been "twisted" or linked with iniquity, you get messages that multiply wrongly. The Spirit of God can come into our life so we can become "a son of God." As we submit or yield our life to the Spirit's work, He flows through our blood and cleanses our conscience from the thought processes linked with the iniquitous patterns in our blood line.

In my case, there was a generational weakness and that weakness aligned itself with loss and trauma. But God! That morning in 2001, He showed me a generational iniquity that had occurred in my bloodline and was linked with my Dad. I confessed this as sin and renounced the power of its effect. This set me on a new road to health. I had four doctors that helped me greatly in developing a new order in my life. One was a chiropractor, one a doctor specializing in homeopathic medicine, one a gastroenterologist, and another was my general MD. Each played their role in diagnosing my condition. However, it was the Spirit of God that began to change me greatly from the inside.

Jesus' Treatment of Disease was Part of His Redemptive Plan of Freedom

Jesus healed sick people. This was one of His major ministries. He dealt with many organic causes of illness: individuals affected by madness, birth defects, and infections. The blind, the deaf, the lame, and other sufferers approached Him for help.

In the Hebraic culture of the day, most believed that illness was the direct consequence of sin resulting in punishment (John 9:1-3). However, Jesus shifted this concept of understanding in the people of that day by healing a blind man who had been sick since birth. He declared this sickness was not related to the blind man or his father, but was for His Glory. This shifted the paradigm of punishment related to sin.

Many of our wrong choices produce consequences that affect our body. However, Jesus came to extend grace to bring us out from the bondage of the punishment of sin and into healing and wholeness. He had the power both to forgive sin and to heal (Matthew 9:1-8; compare Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26).

If Jesus Heals, Then Why Doctors?

There is much written today on how to prevent and combat illness. In biblical times, we find the use of ointments and salves that were used for healing. James 5:14 instructed the combined use of oil, confession of faults, and spiritual authority to produce healing. Diet is also one of the most important facets of health. That is why we need to at least gain knowledge of the Lord's dietary laws. Wine was even used to help stop problems and alleviate pain and discomfort (I Timothy 5:23).

Why Doctors?

Then and now, of course, prevention is the most important dynamic of combating disease. In a world of chemical stimulation and overwhelming stress, it is a wonder any of us remains healthy. Stress has such impact on our bodies, physically and spiritually, that without the Lord as our strength, it would be impossible to live in this world. However, Jesus said, "Be in the world, but not of it."

Why doctors? I think they are trained to understand dynamics of the world that can give us wisdom on how to be in the world. Why doctors? Well, most doctors understand cycles. If a medical doctor begins to take a biblical approach toward an individual -- that of seeing the individual as a whole -- they will be able to find the root cause of the problem and help to not only heal, but prevent disease in the future. With doctoral skill in prevention and advances in medicine, individuals can better reverse deficiencies that have created paths of decay. Why doctors? They can validate what God is doing in a skeptical world.

One of my favorite books is Dr. Gallagher's Guide to 21st Century Medicine: How To Get Off The Illness Treadmill and Onto Optimum Health. Dr. Gallagher says, "The body is a miraculous system equipped with an innate ability to achieve balance and health. We have, within each of us, the ability to work with, and nourish, this God given gift."1 He suggests a healthier diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, identifying and eliminating hidden food allergies and chemical sensitivities, a simple detox program to get rid of harmful toxins in the body, chiropractic manipulation, and just practically following sensible health laws. He suggests finding the root causes of our illness and breaking the cycle. He then goes on to list practical suggestions on how to deal with many diseases.

Dr. Dee Legako's and Pat Legako's Comments

I have two friends from Oklahoma City who are incredible ministers as well as professionals in the field of medicine. Dr. Dee Legako writes the following:

The practice of medicine very often involves cycles. It is frequently necessary to interrupt these cycles to effect change. This may be a short cycle such as an acute bacterial illness treated by an antibiotic. It may be a longer cycle treated by a procedure. It may involve long cycles treated by changes in lifestyles. Whatever the problem (bad cycle), a tool is used to break that cycle and create a healthy (good) cycle.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of death due to malignancy in the United States. The vast majority of these cancers arise from adenomatous polyps. Once detected, these precancerous polyps can be removed. The cycle is broken and the cancer prevented. Depending on the initial findings, repeat studies may be performed at intervals from a few months to several years to insure the malignancy (bad cycle) does not recur.

Diabetes mellitus is recognized as an emerging epidemic in the United States. This illness has many long term cycles. Individuals recognizing their propensity to diabetes may break this cycle by losing weight, eating properly, and increasing their physical activity.

Dee's wife, Pat, a trained nurse, ministers to individuals in the field of deliverance. She writes the following:

(In) treating emotional and mental disorders we see a number of cycles. These cycles manifest generationally and personally. The cycles can be broken by finding the root cause and dealing with it through deliverance, counseling, medication, or a combination of modalities.

Let's consider the diagnosis of depression. When we take a family history, depression is often seen cycling down family lines. Sometimes it is not recognized as depression. The person may be considered an alcoholic, as he "drowns his sorrows" in alcohol trying to counter the depression. The person in the next generation may not use alcohol but is presented with depression as a diagnosis. The person in the third generation may abuse drugs (either prescription or street) trying to escape his depression. The problem in all three generations is depression and must be recognized and addressed properly in order for the cycle to be broken.

Child and spousal abuse have certainly been proven generational. Statistically, it is shown that if a person was abused as a child, he has a much greater likelihood of becoming an abuser as an adult. When a child is abused he receives a spirit of rejection and often a familiar spirit of the victim/predator enters him. When he becomes an adult those spirits influence his behavior and he will abuse others. The way to break this cycle that goes from generation to generation is deliverance and counseling.

Counseling alone is usually not effective, because his personality has developed with these spirits present. He knows no other way of thinking or behaving and will be unable to learn new behavior until he is released from the demonic influence.

The Lord has been showing us how to research and write prayers for genetically-based diseases. Schizophrenia is usually associated with changes to Chromosome 22q11. As the human gnome project continues its research, we will be able to trace these cycles down generational lines and pray more effectively for illnesses such as schizophrenia. We are also researching how genetically-based diseases are linked to generational iniquities.

In any of these disorders, it is important to seek the help of the Holy Spirit for wisdom in ministry. There are times when a person is in such a state of depression or agitation that he is unable to receive ministry until medication is administered. I have dealt with people who refused medication because they believed it meant they didn't have faith. I have talked with ministers who refused to minister deliverance to someone who was on medication because it was mind altering. If it is altering the mind to be able to think coherently and focus then they should be able to receive ministry. The good news is that there is help for people with emotional and mental problems. Look for the cycles and be prepared to break them.

If you have an infirmity, whatever way you choose for healing as you follow God is very important. More importantly, you should find the root cause and press through into the healing process. During my "infirm" time, I made a choice to follow the Lord to Nigeria. Dr. Wagner was leading a gathering there with key apostolic leaders from the nation. I always serve Peter when He requests me to be somewhere. However, the thought of traveling all the way to Nigeria, and me already not doing well, was difficult to reconcile. Peter encouraged me to go. He even said, "Because of how the power of God is moving there, perhaps you will get healed." He was right. I overcame my fear, went, and during a prayer meeting (of 10,000), the Spirit of God came. When communion was served, they invited anyone who was sick to come forward. I was the first in line. I felt a curse of infirmity leave my body when I participated.

I cannot say that I have never been sick again, but what has happened is that a power to resist sickness is now resident. When the power of infirmity comes against me, I submit to God, resist the devil and watch him flee. Declare that you are willing to change! Watch your atmosphere become filled with God's presence. This is the year to break old cycles. Ask the Lord to empower you to break every old cycle of infirmity in your life. Ask Him to tear apart the three braided cord of religion, poverty and infirmity. Ask the Lord to come again and break you out of old cycles. And ask Him to allow you to experience His glory!

by Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International

1 Gallagher, Martin P., Dr. Gallagher's Guide to 21st Century Medicine (Atlas Publishing Company, Greensburg, PA: 1997), p. 7.


Chuck Pierce's Upcoming Itinerary:

September 15-17, 2005
Arise and Be Healed: Becoming Whole in Body, Soul and Spirit 
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October 20-22, 2005
Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Conference -- West Coast
Sonrise Chapel, Seattle, WA
Speakers: Peter Wagner, Doris Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Barbara Yoder and others

November 17-19, 2005
Prayer and Spiritual Warfare Conference -- East Coast 
Evangel Fellowship Church, Greensboro, NC
Speakers: Peter Wagner, Doris Wagner, Chuck Pierce, Otis Lockett, Barbara Yoder and others

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Composed of archaic traditions and obsolete practices, and masterminded by the enemy of our souls, the spirit of religion seeks to keep individual believers and the Church stagnant and unaware of the call of the Holy Spirit for change. Although not always acknowledged, the religious spirit exerts tremendous control over minds and souls. This spirit was evident when the Pharisees failed to recognize the coming of Christ. Today the spirit of religion can be so subtle that we are unaware of its impact, instead being deceived into believing that God is directing us.

Only when we recognize the characteristics of this counterfeit religion can we be freed to experience the transformation of the Holy Spirit in our lives and in the heart of the Church. Join C. Peter Wagner and other dynamic Christian leaders as they unveil the dark influence of the spirit of religion. Freedom from the Religious Spirit is exciting reading for those who are committed to seeing the kingdom of God aggressively advance in this time.

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Table of Contents

  1. The Corporate Spirit of Religion by C. Peter Wagner
  2. The Corporate Spirit of Religion in Action - A Case Study by Jim Anderson
  3. Combating the Spirit of Religion by Rick Joyner
  4. The Counterfeit Kingdom by Robert Heidler
  5. Personal Freedom from the Spirit of Religion by E. Leo Lawson, Jr.
  6. Protecting Your Soul from the Spirit of Religion by Tommi Femrite
  7. The Fruit of "Religion" by Kimberly Daniels
  8. The Spirit of Religion in the Local Church by Chris Hayward
  9. The Spirit of Religion, the Great Imposter by Hank and Myrene Morris

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Whether you are a pastor or a counselor or you are seeking freedom for yourself, this book could change your life. A compilation of four essential resources, How to Minister Freedom offers the steps to finding freedom from demonic oppression, emotional wounds, sexual bondages and ties to the occult. Well-known experts in the field of deliverance offer a basic understanding of each issue and the means to minister healing. Also included is an appendix on how to conduct a deliverance session.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How do demonic forces divert us from God's will?
  • What steps bring freedom from issues from rejection?
  • How can we mentor the next generation to be free of sexual bondages?
  • What role should the local church play in deliverance ministry?

The time has come to minister freedom and to take back the joy Christ wants for each of us.

Chapter Listing


Chapter 1 - Whatever Happened to the Words and Works of Jesus? - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 2 - Can a Christian Have a Demon? -
John Eckhardt
Chapter 3 - How Satan Diverts Us from the Path of God -
Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 4 - The Believer's Authority over Demonic Spirits -
Charles Kraft
Chapter 5 - How to Minister Spiritual Housecleaning -
Alice Smith
Chapter 6 - Deliverance in the Local Church -
Christ Hayward
Chapter 7 - How Deliverance Sustains Revival -
C. Peter Wagner


Chapter 8 - Forgiving the Unforgivable - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 9 - Releasing Bitter Root Judgments -
Cindy Jacobs
Chapter 10 - Overcoming Rejection -
Chris Hayward
Chapter 11 - Deliverance from Fear and Anger -
John Sandford
Chapter 12 - How Trauma Affects the Whole Person -
Peter Horrobin
Chapter 13 - Mending Cracks in the Soul -
Dale M. Sides


Chapter 14 - Ministering to Those in Sexual Bondage - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 15 - Sexual Sin: What It Is, What It Does and Finding the Way Out -
Peter Horrobin
Chapter 16 - Shedding Light on Soul Ties -
Peter Horrobin
Chapter 17 - The Effects of Lust on Youth -
Tim and Anne Evans
Chapter 18 - Freedom from Abortion's Aftermath -
John Eckhardt
Chapter 19 - Freedom from Homosexual Confusion -
David Kyle Foster
Chapter 20 - Child Sexual Abuse -
Tom R. Hawkins


Chapter 21 - Shedding Light in the Darkness of the Occult - Doris M. Wagner
Chapter 22 - Breaking Witchcraft Curses -
Frank D. Hammond
Chapter 23 - Unveiling the Evil Eye -
Chuck D. Pierce
Chapter 24 - My Escape from Santeria -
Araceli Alvarez
Chapter 25 - There's Nothing New About New Age -
Chris Hayward
Chapter 26 - Rescued from Satanism -
Jeff Harshbarger
Chapter 27 - Out of the Dark Prison of Voodoo -
Ana Mendez Ferrell

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