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Ella Onakoya: "A Season of Divine Justice – 'Hamans' Will Fall into Their Traps!"

Ella Onakoya, London, United Kingdom
Jun 18, 2024

The God of Justice Revealed

One of the names of God that expresses His divine nature in the Bible is found in Isaiah 30:18 as the God of Justice. In the Hebrew text, the Lord is known as Elohei Mishpat, the God of justice (Strong's H4941).

I believe we are in a season, more than ever before, where the divine justice of the Lord is being released and manifested throughout the earth. The justice of the Lord is being released for the forgotten. He is coming with vindication. He is coming at the right time and will not be late.

Recently, I was looking through my dream journal, and the Lord highlighted a dream I had not publicly shared at the time. I was amazed to read the clarity and sequence of this dream I had on May 19, 2021. I immediately felt the weight of the Lord on the dream and knew the time to share it and make it public is now. I posted the dream on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, but now feel led to share it to the wider Body of Christ.

The Lord gave me a dream that seemed to play out like a movie from beginning to the end. It felt like a play out of a real-life event, which I was there to witness.

Justice Comes to the Corrupt, Rich Man

In my dream, I saw a very rich and influential man whose son had done many misdeeds at a school he attended, including molesting certain individuals. The rich father, wanting to protect his guilty son, caused another innocent boy to be framed for his own son's misdeeds. He called the police and managed to convince them to arrest the innocent boy and expel him from the school.

The rich man waited expectantly in his office for a call to come through from the police to let him know that the boy he framed had been arrested while his own son went free.

My spirit watched to see how this grave injustice would unfold. The police called to tell the rich man the name of the boy that had been arrested. To my joy, delight, and surprise—and against all odds—it was not the innocent boy who had been arrested. The rich man's son, who had done so much evil, was expelled and arrested by the police. (Photo via Pexels)

The rich man was full of rage and shock that his well-devised plot had not worked. In essence, he had fallen into his own trap. Justice had been meted out to him in what seemed to be an impossible outcome, as he was so confident he had everything worked out.

Heaven's Justice Is at Hand

I woke up in awe from this dream with a strong sense that a season of Heaven's justice is at hand. Where the enemy thinks he has set the trap for the innocent, God is about to mete out Heaven's justice on behalf of the innocent and the righteous. Haman will fall into his own trap, once again.

I also sensed somehow that what I saw was a real life event, as I have had real life events as visions in my dreams before. But what really touched my heart was the sense of the season we are in. It is a season of the Lord displaying His mighty hand on behalf of the righteous.

I want to release the word of the Lord in areas that will see the justice of the Lord:

Politicians and World Leaders

Politicians and certain world leaders will experience a humbling of the Lord. The tyrants will be humbled, and the power of the mighty will be broken.

The Nations

A shaking is taking place in the affairs of the nations. North Korea, in particular, is on God's heart. I hear the Lord say, "Don't stop praying for vindication to come on behalf of this nation." Also, watch the Middle East for a coming move of His glory. The shaking in these nations is to bring a reset in the existing system—as the Lord humbles the power of the mighty one—so that the Lord takes His rightful place in the affairs of men.

Schools, Universities, and Education

The cleansing of the Lord will sweep through the education system as the Lord seeks to redeem what is being ravaged by the enemy. So much more exposure of immoral acts will be uncovered. Those who felt they had escaped justice will finally experience the consequences of their acts. As I saw in my dream, high level perpetrators of heinous crimes will be brought to justice. The Lord is removing the covering of demonic protection that had covered them. School sorority and fraternity groups will have their day as the Lord brings their heinous crimes to light. (Photo via Pexels)

A Book of Remembrance Opened

In this season in the Body of Christ, there will be a clear marker between those who fear and honor the name of the Lord and those who walk in dishonor. In this season, the Lord will mark those who honor Him as a Book of Remembrance is opened on their behalf (see Malachi 3:16).

In another very recent dream this year, I saw a seat of honor appearing, seemingly out of nowhere, for a Believer who had been consistently dishonored even though the Believer had feared the Lord for a long season. This is a season of remembrance!

Sadly, there are those in the Body of Christ who have allowed their souls to be defiled by the enemy and have not repented of their persistent plots to discredit certain faithful Believers with false accusations. Their Haman-like plots will be brought to justice as they also fall into traps they have made for faithful sons and daughters of God.

The word of the Lord for the Church in this hour is to stay in the fear of God, for the faithful are being remembered. There is a clear demarcation between those who fear the Lord and those who do not.

"Turn Arounds" Are Coming

Friends, the enemy has not gotten away with his wicked plans. There are many "turn arounds" coming when God, the Righteous Judge, will cause the enemy to fall into the trap he has laid. Events will yet unfold that will manifest God's righteous justice. Psalm 7:15 says, "He makes a pit, digging it out, and falls into the hole that he has made."

Let it be so, Lord, for this hour of Your righteous justice on the earth and in the nations.

The battle is the Lord's, rest in Him, and watch Him move on your behalf!


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Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is a lover of Jesus and the founding leader of Harvest of the Nations. She ministers in the UK, America, Europe, Africa and Asia. She is an evangelist, a prophetess, a prophetic watchman, and an apostle to the nations. She is also a teacher and an author. God moves powerfully through her ministry to revive, heal, equip, and release the Body of Christ as she speaks in various conferences, churches, ministries, and equipping schools. She is also the director of Harvest of the Nations School of Ministry. She writes prophetic articles for the Elijah List, and her articles have also been published by Charisma Magazine and Spirit Fuel. For further information about her ministry, please visit


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