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Kathi Pelton: "Where Is Your Enemy Now?"

Kathi Pelton, Portland, Oregon
May 11, 2024


A number of years ago, while I was hosting our house of prayer night, I was shown a vision that I was reminded of recently. I believe that this is for many of you now.

The Horse and Rider

In this vision, I saw a horse that was running with a bit in its mouth. This bit seemed to be damaging the mouth of the horse, causing it to wince in pain. It was being pulled one way and then another as the rider violently controlled its every movement. Then I saw that the rider upon the back of this horse was a huge, demonic-looking creature in black armor. It sat upon a cumbersome saddle and pulled the reins with great force, leading the horse upon rocky and pitted paths of hardship.

This horse was shod with thick and heavy shoes that even made its steps feel weighted and unnatural. It was exhausted, panting and drenched with sweat, but could not rest because its rider was a hard taskmaster and whipped it violently, forcefully driving it forward through difficult terrain.

An Army of Light

Then, suddenly, I saw this horse and rider come upon a great angelic army of light. This army stood blocking the path forward. Both the horse and the rider were surprised and caught off guard by them and the immense light that came forth from them.

In a startled reaction, the horse reared up in surprise. As it did, the rider flew off, and when he hit the ground he became dust. Then I saw the bit, the bridle, the saddle, and the cumbersome shoes fly off of this horse, also becoming dust—dust that blew away. The horse then shook itself like a wet dog, and the sweat, the dirt, and the exhaustion flew off.

The horse was free from the demonic restraints and free from the constant demands of violent assaults! The weight upon its back was gone and the reins of slavery no longer controlled it. The angels of light then began washing it, brushing it, putting proper shoes on its feet, putting a soft royal blue blanket upon its back, and ministering to it. It was restored back to being a beautiful and regal horse, rather than an abused work horse. The horse then joined the army of light on the paths that it was created for. (Photo via PickPik)

Where Is Your Enemy Now?

As the vision ended, I heard these words in my spirit: "Where is your enemy now?"

As I heard these words, freedom and renewed authority filled the atmosphere. Like the horse in my vision, I felt like each of us in the room was shaking off restraints and heavy weights from our souls. We were being ministered to and washed clean. We were being restored to our true identity and pathway. Suddenly, the enemy that had been bearing down upon us with relentless pursuit was nowhere to be found. I could feel an army of light surrounding us with victory, strength, and freedom.

Though this vision was given to me a number of years ago, I believe God is revealing it once again because many of you are about to experience a sudden deliverance and intervention that will set you free from being driven with yokes of slavery.

Freedom will emerge for many who have been under heavy warfare. You will suddenly come upon God's army of light on the rocky wilderness path that you have been forced to walk upon. You will be set free and restored. The path ahead will have green pastures and streams of living water to drink from. You will run on the paths of life and the burden upon you will be light. Your captor and captivity will become dust in the wind.

In faith, stand up (rear up like a horse), shake off the restraints, shake away the sweat, and allow the angels of the Lord to minister to you.

Shout unto God with a voice of triumph because your deliverance is at hand!


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Kathi Pelton
Inscribe Ministries


Jeffrey and Kathi Pelton live in Portland, Oregon. Jeffrey is a writer, teacher and book editor. Kathi is an author and prophetic voice to the Church. They walk with nations and individuals to see God's original intent fulfilled. Their ministry, Inscribe Ministries, was founded upon the verse from Habakkuk 2:2 that says, "Then the LORD answered me and said: 'Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.'"


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