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Steve Shultz: "Just Imagine NEVER Having ONE Clean Cup of Cold Water!"

Steve Shultz
May 8, 2024

Steve Shultz: "Just Imagine
NEVER Having ONE Clean
Cup of Cold Water!"

     To our Dear ELIJAHSTREAMS (and Elijah List) family!

     Derene and I wanted to just write you a quick report on our trip to Uganda to inspect the water wells so far. YOU SENT US there and you will not be disappointed in what we found. And we weren't disappointed either!!

     Just LOOK at what you did (and are still doing) for the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE OF UGANDA (and 11 other nations), with the fresh, clear, pure, and LIFE-GIVING water you've given them!!

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Maybe it's never occurred to you...or it was never your primary motive to receive rewards from God for giving to the poor. Well, whether you knew this or planned for it or not, God is in the process of LAVISHING rewards on you and in you and through you, because of your love for the poor. You may not have sought a reward but He's going to give rewards to you no matter what‚ÄĒfor what you've done for the poor people of the earth.

Proverbs 19:17 "Every time you give to the poor you make
a loan to the Lord. Don't worry‚ÄĒyou'll be repaid in full
for all the good you've done."
The Passion Translation

     And God is so "insistent" about rewards that while Jesus walked the earth, He said these words (by the way, all of these words are in the same passage about receiving his prophets and ALSO about giving a cup of cold water...)

Matthew 10:41 "Whoever receives a prophet because he is God's messenger will share a prophet's reward. And whoever welcomes a good and godly man because he follows Me will also share in his reward. And whoever gives a cup of cold water to one of my humble disciples, I promise you, he will not go unrewarded."

     You continue to amaze Derene and me with your generous giving. But hey, if this email reaches you and you have not yet given to this great work that the Lord has given us all to do, please see this as the blessings that are about to overtake you when you do give into it.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†We loved our trip to see the beautiful people of Uganda to visit and inspect many of the wells that have already been drilled, dedicated and are operating today. THIS THING IS REAL ‚ÄĒ REAL PEOPLE without any kind of water source nearby, who often have to walk miles in each direction just to carry enough water to survive yet one more day.


     I can hardly think of a more worthy project on earth than to bring life-giving PURE WELL WATER to whole communities at a time.

     In real terms, in 12 countries so far, more than 100,000 precious souls now have access to clean water because of the heart of Jesus Christ in you who gave it to them... And also in real terms, so many have been saved because of it. Thousands have NOW come to Jesus because of you!!

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†(And, can I add here, that with your donations we have ALSO paid nearly the entire cost of three massive evangelistic crusades in Pakistan where literally about 300,000 people TOTAL have received Christ‚ÄĒand it was ONLY because you paid for the cost to share the Gospel with these massive crowds‚ÄĒthese crowds came to hear Charlie Shamp at one of them, and David Herzog at two others. Plus, YOU have funded two Israel Crusades to about 300 Ukrainian Jews to tour Israel and then hear the Gospel preached. In each case, nearly every one of those 300 received Christ.)

     Back to the water wells...Derene and I posed by this water well that is only a few feet away from a simple Uganda private school, and the children, who drink from this water well every day, all came out to take pictures by the well with Derene and me.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†And then there is Jaja (grandmother) Christine who‚ÄĒas she sat on the ground‚ÄĒtalked about how God had blessed her with the water well which is just down the path from where she is sitting. We learned that about 125 people had access to her water well and she continued to "brag" on this water well that NOW, after she is gone, her family and friends will have water for years to come because it was drilled on land she donated for the use of the well.


     When, on this same visit, an entire team of ELIJAHSTREAMS viewers also came to Uganda to experience for themselves what is happening, and every last person has expressed how wonderfully their lives have changed and they will never be the same!!

     Now, check out the photos of the church that is being built. It will be one of the largest churches anywhere in this region and it's being built because ELIJAHSTREAMS HAS DONATED THE MONEY to build it. And check this out... it's only going to cost UNDER $100,000 for the entire church to be completed!

     I hope you enjoy the photos we're showing you. And now take a look at the well dedication photo where Derene and I, along with Mike and Lori are cutting the ribbon and beginning to pump the handle so the very first water comes out!! The crowd was ELECTRIC if I can describe it that way. Every dignitary in the region wanted to speak at this very special event. And a whole bunch of new converts to Christ happened that day!!

     Derene and I just want to thank you, over and over and OVER for your generosity to help and bless the people of Uganda and many other African countries. For most of you, you will say the "good feelings" you have for giving are reward enough for you, but God promises rewards beyond just good feelings. That's just how He is and we LOVE HIM for that.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Now, If you can‚ÄĒplease take just a few moments to pray about and send in your best gift this month, that would be just amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

God bless you in your giving,

Steve and Derene Shultz
525 2nd Ave SW, Suite 629
Albany, OR 97321

P.S. We are very, very careful with how we use the funds you give to ELIJAHSTREAMS and we are making sure that only KING-BUILDING projects and high quality water wells are dug! Thank you for trusting us with your best gift this month. Derene and I are beyond grateful!

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