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Will Meier: "Spiritual Warfare: Strategies to Overcoming"

Will Meier, Manchester, Connecticut
Apr 21, 2024


We are in an era marked by intense spiritual warfare and conflict, where the forces of light and darkness vie for supremacy in the global arena. This spiritual warfare is not merely metaphorical but a tangible reality experienced by Believers worldwide. Principalities, powers, and spiritual wickedness seek to assert their prominence through the voices of leaders in government, education, and the corporate world.

The battle for culture is essentially a reflection of spiritual battles in Heaven, where people are in conflict over very distinct and differing value systems. In this post, we will explore a straightforward and practical strategy foundational to your victory, alongside staying strong in the Word of God.

Many have awakened to the reality of this battle, recognizing the stakes involved. However, the fear of causing polarization and division has suppressed many in the Church from fully engaging, while others remain oblivious, asleep amid the spiritual tumult. This conflict demands a robust response, one rooted in faith and strategic, divine guidance, calling for courage and conviction from all who are aware of the battle's magnitude.

Echoes of Desert Storm: Strategic Parallels

Calling to remembrance the military tactics employed during Operation Desert Storm provided a striking parallel to the strategies we must adopt in spiritual warfare in this season. The coalition forces' initial steps to disable the enemy's communications and radar systems, before taking out their leaders, were crucial for gaining air superiority and ensuring mission success.

Similarly, in spiritual warfare, the enemy seeks to disrupt our communication with God, cloud our spiritual discernment, and isolate us from godly leadership and the Headship of Christ. By understanding these tactics, we can better prepare for and counter the enemy's strategies, ensuring our spiritual communication lines remain open and effective.

Three Things We Must Maintain in Any Crisis

1. Our communications with God—hearing His voice with accuracy and not allowing fear to rob us of our peace, which is the seed bed for all revelation and communications.

2. Keeping our discernment armed and accurate—not falling prey to confusion that leads to double mindedness.

3. Staying connected to Jesus, our Head, and leadership that is likewise healthily connected.

The Shaking of War and Crisis

In the theater of war and crisis, everything that can be shaken will be shaken, leading to a profound sense of instability and upheaval. Such times often strip away the façade. When our facades are removed, it exposes our vulnerabilities and tests our faith and the core of our being. The loss of peace during these trials can muddle our spiritual acuity, hindering our ability to hear God's voice clearly.

When the 9/11 attack shook the nation, I can remember how it rattled my sense of security to the core. It is in these shaking moments, however, that our true dependence on divine guidance comes to the forefront. Our spiritual survival and victory depend not on the stability of our circumstances, but on the clarity and strength of our communication with God.

Building Spiritual Capacity for Battle in Spiritual Warfare

To stand firm in this spiritual onslaught, we must build and fortify our spiritual capacities. This means enhancing our ability to hear and discern God's voice amid the chaos. Like soldiers in training, Believers must engage in regular spiritual disciplines—prayer, meditation on God's Word, fasting, and worship—to sharpen our spiritual senses. These practices are not mere religious rituals but vital relational exercises that strengthen our spiritual resilience, enabling us to maintain constant communication with our Commander, Jesus Christ, and to stay aligned with His strategic purposes for us and the broader Kingdom. Our lives could depend on this. (Photo via Rawpixel)

Biblical Examples of Divine Strategy

The Bible provides a rich tapestry of narratives where divine strategy overcomes seemingly insurmountable challenges. These stories not only serve as historical accounts but also as instructional guides for navigating spiritual warfare with God's guidance.

David: Seeking Divine Counsel

David's life was marked by a series of divine encounters and strategic decisions guided by God's hand. One notable instance is in 1 Samuel 30, where David faced a dire situation as the Amalekites had captured Ziklag, taking women and children captive, including David's own family. In this moment of crisis, David sought the Lord's guidance, asking, "Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?" (see 1 Samuel 30:8). God's affirmative response led David to a victorious recovery of all that was taken. This episode highlights the importance of seeking divine guidance in every battle we face, ensuring our actions are aligned with God's will.

Paul: Directed by the Holy Spirit

The apostle Paul's missionary work is a testament to the critical role of divine direction in ministry. In Acts 16:6–10, we see Paul's journey taking an unexpected turn. Despite his plans to preach in Asia, the Holy Spirit redirected him to Macedonia in a vision. This strategic pivot opened new frontiers for the Gospel, leading to the establishment of significant churches in Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea. Paul's experience illustrates how being sensitive to the Holy Spirit's guidance can lead to fruitful endeavors beyond our initial plans, emphasizing the need for spiritual discernment in ministry.

Joseph: Interpreting Divine Dreams

Joseph's ascent to prominence in Egypt, as chronicled in Genesis 41, was marked by his ability to interpret Pharaoh's dreams accurately. His interpretations revealed God's foresight of the upcoming seven years of abundance, followed by seven years of famine. Joseph's discernment and strategic planning saved not only Egypt but also surrounding nations from severe famine, ultimately preserving the lineage through which the Messiah would come. His story in Genesis 41:15–40 underscores the significance of discerning God's voice and understanding His purposes, even in dreams or seemingly mundane circumstances.

Esther: Strategic Communication for Deliverance

Esther's role in delivering the Jewish people from genocide is a powerful narrative of divine strategy in leadership. Her story, depicted in the book of Esther, showcases her courageous decision to approach King Xerxes without being summoned, a move that could have cost her life. Through a series of strategic banquets and carefully communicated messages, Esther exposed Haman's plot, leading to the deliverance of her people. Esther's discernment, coupled with her strategic communication, played a pivotal role in transforming a dire threat into a triumphant victory, as detailed in Esther 5–7.

These biblical figures—David, Paul, Joseph, and Esther—embody the essence of divine strategy in leadership and decision making. Their stories teach us the importance of seeking God's guidance, being attuned to the Holy Spirit's direction, interpreting divine revelations accurately, and employing strategic communication in times of crisis. Through their examples, we learn that discernment and divine guidance are paramount in navigating the complexities and challenges of life, ensuring that we align with God's overarching plan and purpose.

Steps to Build Your Spiritual Capacity

Building spiritual capacity to withstand and overcome the enemy's tactics involves a threefold strategy:

1. Maintain clear communication with God. Ensure your spiritual 'communication lines' with God are open, allowing you to hear the Shepherd's voice clearly. This is foundational for receiving divine guidance and wisdom in every situation.

2. Enhance your spiritual discernment. Develop and maintain a 'spiritual radar system' that helps you discern God's voice from others, differentiate between good and evil, and recognize friend from foe. This discernment is crucial for navigating the complexities of spiritual warfare.

3. Uphold Christ's leadership. Stay connected to Jesus' headship and align with your spiritual leadership. This connection ensures you are following divine direction and are supported by godly counsel in your spiritual journey.

How to Hear God's Voice: Insights from Habakkuk 2:1–2

"I will stand at my guard post and station myself on the ramparts. I will watch to see what He will say to me, and how I should answer when corrected. Then the LORD answered me: 'Write down this vision and clearly inscribe it on tablets, so that a herald may run with it.'" (Habakkuk 2:1–2) (Photo via Picryl)

To effectively hear God's voice, consider the following steps inspired by Habakkuk's actions:

1. Find a quiet place. "I will stand at my guard post" implies establishing a dedicated space for prayer and listening. This quiet place is where you can focus on God without distractions.

2. Watch and wait expectantly. "I will watch to see" signifies an active anticipation and openness to receive from God. Ask Him to speak to you and wait patiently for His response.

3. Discern God's voice. Pay attention to what He communicates to you. This involves distinguishing His voice from others and understanding His message clearly.

4. Record the vision. Just as Habakkuk was instructed to write down the vision, jot down what you hear or perceive from God. Documenting these insights can help clarify and reinforce what God is communicating.

Everyday Practice for Deeper Synchronization with God

To cultivate a consistent and clear communication channel with God, practice the following daily:

1. Inquire of God daily. Begin each day by asking God to reveal something specific about your day or what He intends to do. This sets a tone of expectancy and attentiveness to His active presence in your daily life.

2. Journal your insights. Write down what you feel God is showing you. This practice not only helps in retaining the message but also in discerning the clarity and authenticity of what you've heard.

3. Review and reflect. At the end of the day or the following morning, review what you wrote and reflect on if and how it manifested during the day. This reflection can enhance your understanding of God's workings in your life.

4. Analyze your hearing process. Take notes on how you heard God's voice, the obstacles you encountered, and any distractions you faced. This analysis can help you identify patterns, improve your listening skills, and overcome barriers to clear communication with God.

5. Seek continuous improvement. Persist in this practice, striving for better alignment and synchronization with God's voice and will. If you encounter difficulties, don't hesitate to seek prayer and guidance from trusted spiritual mentors or communities.

We want to develop our accuracy in hearing the Shepherd's voice and growing in our confidence in the small things to prepare us for the greater.

By integrating these steps into your daily life, you can significantly enhance your spiritual capacity, ensuring you are better equipped to navigate the challenges of spiritual warfare, and more attuned to God's divine strategy and guidance.

Conclusion: Engaging in the Spiritual Battle

As we confront the spiritual battles of our time, our engagement must be proactive and deliberate. Drawing inspiration from biblical examples and undergirded by disciplined spiritual practices, we can navigate these challenges with divine strategy and insight. Our victory in spiritual warfare is secured not by our strength but through our steadfast connection to God, our clarity in discernment, and our courage to act upon His guidance. In doing so, we embody the Kingdom, living principles, turning the tide in the spiritual realm, and advancing God's purposes on Earth.


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Will Meier
Awakening Destiny Global


Will and Donna Meier are dynamic leaders at Awakening Destiny Global, passionately dedicated to awakening Believers and nations to their God-given destinies. Their mission is to restore and catalyze a global movement of spiritual revival and transformation. Will, a Kingdom entrepreneur, speaker, and leadership coach, combines decades of experience in a Fortune 50 aerospace company with his spiritual leadership. He is the author of 'Leaders for Life—Creating Champions through the NOW Leadership Process,' focusing on integrating Kingdom principles into marketplace leadership. Donna is actively involved in their community and was recently elected to the local board of education, where she advocates for children and aims to drive positive change. Their shared commitment to spiritual and community leadership makes them an influential apostolic and prophetic team across both spiritual and secular spheres. Will and Donna have two sons, live in Connecticut, and enjoy outdoor adventures and travel.


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