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Hank Kunneman: "The End of the Great Fall & the Rise of a Golden Era"

Hank Kunneman, Omaha, NE
Apr 15, 2024

The Lion Is Roaring Across the Nation!

Intro: Check out this powerful and weighty prophetic word by Pastor Hank Kunneman, given on March 3, 2024, where the Spirit of God clearly stated that He is acting on His rule of righteousness and justice in the earth at this time! The Lion of Judah is roaring across the nation with vengeance against Hell's agenda, and the evidence of the sound of His voice is being made known through the following signs to watch:

• Court case dismissals

• A major event in the Vatican

• A Supreme Court ruling that will cause much discussion and anger

• Video leaks and previously hidden emails and thumb drives resurfacing with damaging evidence

• The rise of a movement led by women who will pray and gather in support of protecting their children and the innocent young

• Signs of a move to abolish abortion nationwide

The Great I Am has said that He is listening to the prayers of the remnant who will faithfully heed the words of the prophets and continue to intercede for the nation. We must not grow weary in this spiritual battle, as the Lord has made it known that the enemy desires to bring delay and disruption, using contrary winds of tornadic destruction and false media narratives. Remember to put on every piece of the armor of God and stand firm in all that you continue to do!

Prophetic word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 3, 2024 (9:00 AM service at Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, NE):

The Lion's Roar of Justice and a Manipulation of the Winds

The Spirit of God says that the Lion is roaring and He has roared. Do you hear the sound of His justice? The Lion's roar of justice is the sound that shall be seen, but it shall [also] be heard and made manifest in the earth.

The Lord says, "Therefore, pay attention, for the enemy will seek to arise, to manipulate the winds. You say, 'Is this possible?' Listen, do you remember the times when the enemy of darkness knew that I was going to cross over to the other side, and there was a man with a legion of demons waiting for My arrival, and the winds arose in the midst of the sea and brought great fear to My disciples? What did I do? I dealt with the spiritual entities, and I commanded the wind where the entities were operating, and I commanded the sea where the enemy was operating to be still; yet, he manipulated the winds. So tornadic, tornadic, tornadic is what Hell has said. Incantations have been spoken of – winds to destroy, winds to scatter, winds to bring about delays even through your process of elections."

But God says, "Where are My people that will stand in this time and say, 'Not so over our country! Not so over my city!'? For I shall listen to the sounds of your words, and I shall carry your words, and it shall be the roar of My Spirit that shall bring restraint against opposing, contrary winds. I will show signs at this time that the Lion has roared. This is why the enemy fears, this is why he seeks to bring [what is] contrary [to] My agenda and the roar of justice that has come at this time in the earth.

A Sign from the Vatican and the Rise of Women in This Land

"Listen! Look! You will see a sign from the Vatican, from the pope. What is this that is happening? What is this that has taken place? Now confusion arises, and they shall seek and say, 'Who shall replace? Who shall stand in this position?' But look very carefully... Something else shall arise at this time, and it's not just with the Vatican. Look very closely. I am placing My hand not only upon women, but I will place My hand upon a woman of this land as she shall arise, shall arise! She shall arise," says the Lord, "and she shall represent a movement among women, an anointing that shall bring justice from My throne, for it is part of My roar. It shall be heard, and the sound and the demonstrations and the marching of women among this land as they pray, as they gather their children, as they watch over their young."

God says, "Do you think it's possible that I cannot abolish (I didn't say overturn; I said abolish) abortion in your nation? Watch what I do, as signs are arising at this time. (Photo via Pexels)

Great Storms in California

"Pay attention to California, for there are great storms. Why so much snow? Because the enemy is poisoning and positioning one who they think can lead at this time. Ha! I laugh," says the Spirit of God, "for you have met in secret. You have connived in secret, and you have looked for answers to continue your masquerades," says the Spirit of God. "But I listened to who you are considering, and I am watching what you desire from California, and even," God says, "the winds that would seek to raise something up in the Midwest. Chicago, who do you think you are that [you] would stand against My agenda to reset, to remove, to reverse this country?" says the living God. "It is My time."

"And do not tell Me that the earth is the enemy's, the globalists'... Do not tell Me this earth is the rhinos' and the liberals'. This earth is Mine and the fullness thereof, and I will give it back to the remnant who have prayed, who have stood in the gap for just a little longer, that My glory shall cover this earth as the water covers the sea," says the Spirit of God.

An Interruption of the Courts of This Land

"There shall be another sign that shall come, and I will interrupt the courts of this land, as court cases shall be put in disarray, on hold, and shall dissolve because they are touching something that I have anointed in whom I've appointed at this time. Therefore, watch your justice system. There shall come great, great discussion – anger from a supreme ruling that is about to come. But," God says, "I laugh at it! And you will see, with the ruling, that I have laughed through them, and it is My ruling that shall stand through them, that shall set this thing in order, that men and women alike shall not be able to manipulate to have their way that cooperate with evil forces, but they will see that I have My way. And I shall cause My case to rest; I will cause My case to be stayed, and My man, and My man. It shall be stayed."

A Leak of Videos

God says, "There has been a raid even on a place of Mar-a-lago, and this you saw with your own eyes. And they lied, they created a narrative, because they are afraid, and so they say, 'We must frame, we must lie.' But you have left Me out of the picture. Therefore, there shall come a leak, and there shall be video. And this is not just a video, it's videos," says the living God, "of those in high places. They thought they were destroyed, but they're not; emails that were washed and bleached, but they're not. There are thumb drives that shall create so much damage (but establish truth) that the earth will see as these things are leaked.

"Who do you believe? What will you believe? Will you look at this and say to their report, 'Oh, this is AI or Photoshop,' or will you believe that My justice that roars exposes all things. Just when it looks as though they will create a new narrative to delay, stall, confuse, and look for others to lead on the sides of the left, then it will be My move, and I will counter," says God, "because I've had enough of what has harmed the children, what has hurt the innocent, and what has created a veil of deception that men believe even unto this day. Yet I'm the God that tore the veil in the Temple, and I shall tear this veil, that the earth will see, the earth will hear, the earth will read, and the earth will know the truth. I will get My honor," says the living God, "as I did with Pharaoh. I will get My honor.

"You say, 'God, what do you speak of?'

"Pharaoh [and] his army were severely judged by My justice and My righteousness, that I [might] liberate a people and a nation that I love."

The Beginning of the End of the Great Fall & the Rise of the Golden Era

Intro: Check out this extremely profound prophetic word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 17, 2024, where the Spirit of God decreed that this is the beginning of the end of His season, the "Great Fall," in the earth.

This prophecy is a pronouncement by God of a divine reset that is in progress, and the signs in the natural are accelerating as confirmation that what God has promised is taking effect! The Righteous Judge is carrying out His justice against the agenda of Hell and nothing will stop Him.

The elements of the earth are responding in what looks like chaos, but it is the presence of the Spirit of truth shaking all that can be shaken in the land. There is no level of influence, power, money, marketing, or manipulation that can outmaneuver the Great I Am!

Rejoice and continue to press in, as God has revealed that those who have withstood the test of the times and the trial by fire will be rewarded with a golden era, where wickedness and evil will be abated for a time and we will enter into a season of divine rest!

Prophetic word given by Pastor Hank Kunneman on March 17, 2024 (11:30 AM service at Lord of Hosts Church, Omaha, NE):

The Beginning of the End of the Great Fall

"Men shall look to the seasons of the earth as the spring rains come, the floodwaters rise, and tornadic winds begin to blow across the earth in this nation, and as summer heat rises but does not compete against the spring wind of heat – and yet early the leaves fall in the time of summer. What does this mean? Has fall arrived? Is it an early fall?" God says, "These are but signs in the natural of that which has come now; it is the beginning of the end of My season that I have pronounced upon the earth at this time. For it is My season of the great fall. It is My season of the divine reset and unraveling and reversals that shall come now upon this planet. (Photo via Wallpaper Flare)

"But to you, United States, because of the injustice and because of the things that have been done in dark places, now I shall expose [them] at a level that you have said would not happen, but it shall. "For," God says, "there will be very, very strange things that will begin to happen. The grids, they shall say these are but flares that come from the sun, but My hands shall restrain what they shall seek to do from across your seas, from the place of the land of the east, to let it be that which would cause there to be confusion and communication and hacking to disrupt; to bring things in disarray into chaos, delay, and even a stalling of the things that have been planned even for your country, United States.

"But I stand in the midst of it, and I say, 'This is now what I have allowed.' And it shall be what I shall say I have allowed. But now I have said, 'Enough!' and I have stood up, and I have been seated in My throne of righteousness and justice. But now I stand because there have been those who have been persecuted, those who have been martyred – even those who have been greatly persecuted. And there have been lies that have been perpetrated by very high offices of the land and places of government in the earth, and this demands now that My Spirit of truth comes and begins to shake at a level that you can only imagine.

"So pay attention to the earth's soil. Pay attention to the mountains that blow their tops. Pay attention to the strange and unusual winds that will arise. What is this? Is this but chaos?" The Spirit of God says, "These, in the natural, just mark My season now of the beginning of the end of what I have declared the great fall. And then there shall come a great celebration that this earth will behold. What it looks like when the earth, when the nations are filled with glory," says the living God.

"There will come a time... They've been hiding deaths that have already happened, and they have masqueraded, they have concealed (so they think), and others have played the part and have played the fool. Yet you are not fooling Me," says the living God, "nor have you fooled Me. Therefore, I will show the earth! That which you have tried to conceal will be revealed. That which you have tried to keep alive that is dead, I will show that it has given up its breath, and its influence shall not live on for another generation. Fools will have their day, but the wise shall have their justice.

"There will be a cry in the earth: 'Where have they gone? What has become of them?' And the earth will I pause for a moment, and I will reveal, I will show that even though you lie, you cannot resist My light and My truth that comes at this time. For they will fake many things, and they have faked many things [so] that men don't know what is true, what is real and what is false. But you will know that I am the Lord God who is truthful, just, righteous, and real, because men will see that no matter how much influence, power, money, networking, marketing, manipulating [they have and do], they cannot outmaneuver Me. I will get My honor. My Son shall be glorified, and the children shall be free.

The Golden Age

"In the golden age that is about to come in your money, in your leadership, and in the new era...

"You have been tried by fire, and now you shall be presented, and you will stand in an era of gold. And gold shall be of great value, and gold will be honored; I speak even in the natural, because it shall reflect the time in the season now that you are in of [not just] a new era, a new season, but a golden era, where the power of wickedness and evil shall be abated and held back at the level that you have seen it for just a season [so] that men shall breathe easy once again, and an awakening shall arise [so] that many will turn to My Son. This will lead to many righteous acts that shall take place in your government, your schools, legislation, and through your media. And there will come a great, great change, and the internet that you know today shall not be the internet of your tomorrow."


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Hank Kunnemans
One Voice Ministries


Hank and Brenda Kunneman pastor the Lord of Hosts Church, a thriving church in Omaha, Nebraska, and are the founders of One Voice Ministries. Together, the Kunneman's also host their own nationally and internationally televised weekly program, New Level with Hank and Brenda, airing on Daystar Television Network, Victory Television Network, and Faith Broadcasting Network. Pastor Hank has also authored several books including Prophesy with the Wind of God in Your Mouth, My Heart Cries Abba Father, The Revealer of Secrets, Don't Leave God Alone, and Barrier Breakers. Pastor Brenda is a published author with both Destiny Image and Charisma House with her most recent books being The Daily Decree, The Daily Prophecy, Roadmap to Divine Direction, Decoding Hell's Propaganda, The Supernatural You, and When Your Life Has Been Tampered With.


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