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"The Oregon Trail: Gathering the Mavericks"

Clay Nash with Dutch Sheets
Apr 9, 2024

Gathering the Mavericks

I had this dream in March of 2022, and it began with my long-time friend, Dutch Sheets, creating a thread on social media titled "Gathering the Mavericks."

[A maverick is "an unbranded calf, cow, or steer"; "a lone dissenter, such as an intellectual, an artist, or a politician, who takes an independent stand apart from their peers"; "a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive, policies or ideas."]

In the thread, Dutch requested those on the thread meet him in Oregon City, Oregon (which happens to be the end of the Oregon Trail). Dutch requested we arrive on May 7th, precisely. Upon arrival, he informed us that we were there to help gather and drive maverick steers back to Independence, Missouri (which happens to be the beginning of the Oregon trail). He instructed that the mavericks must be brought to Independence, Missouri in order to achieve independence.

Dutch then stated that as we found the watering holes where the mavericks were gathered, he would assign some of us to stay at the watering holes to keep other mavericks that would gather there from "muddying up the water holes in the future." He informed those who were there that they were also to be assigned certain horses on which they would make this journey.

The horse Dutch assigned to me was a horse I once had owned. This horse was a full Appaloosa named Judge. He had my King brand saddle on him. (I still own this saddle today.) Dutch was to ride the prettiest buckskin horse I had ever seen. When I made a remark about the strength and beauty in the horse, Dutch informed us that this horse was a descendant of John Wayne's favorite horse, Sent, and its name was Messenger.

I asked Dutch, "Where are the mavericks?"

He replied, "We must find them along the way."

Dutch then informed us that it was highly strategic that we start the journey on May 7th. The "Grub Wagon" was there, packed and ready. Ken Malone, of Forerunner Ministries in Florida, pulled Dutch to the side, but was within earshot, and said, "Isn't that Gordon Lindsay on the Grub Wagon?" Dutch answered and said, "Yes, and he can still cook food with heavenly nourishment, and will bring healing along the way if needed."

Dutch began to inform those of us who had already gathered that we would be assigned and dropped off at various water holes along the journey. Dutch did not assign one to me. I asked why, and he answered, "You know about cattle drives, and I need you to scout on the whole journey." (Oddly, I have never been on a cattle drive.)

We headed out seven minutes after 3:00. At three minutes after 7:00, we arrived at the first watering hole to discover mavericks there. Dutch assigned Mary Glazier and Eleanor Roehl of Alaska (First Nations people) to be watchmen that night over the mavericks. The process would repeat until we reached the twelfth watering hole, which was Independence, Missouri. (It's important to note that the number twelve biblically signifies perfect government, or God's government.)

As we dropped off leaders at watering holes, we picked up others who were there waiting. When we arrived at Independence, Missouri, I stated, "We must have over 10,000 mavericks." Dutch informed us that there were actually 12,000 mavericks and one ox. We asked Dutch what we were to do with them, and Dutch informed us that they would be discipled to "go forth into the fields that are ripe unto harvest and disciple the nation" (John 4:35; Matthew 28:19). (Photo via Rawpixel)

Someone else asked, "What about the ox?" Dutch informed us the ox's name was "Sign & Wonder," and he would follow them in the discipling of the nation.

Gordon Lindsay then informed Dutch that his assignment was up, but others from the cloud of witnesses would be joining as needed.

End of dream.

What the "Justice Gate" Angel Told Me

After taking up the "Gathering the Mavericks" dream in prayer, and having an encounter with Holy Spirit, I was given direction. This happened in September of 2023, while I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where I received instruction from the Lord. But before I go into that, I want to share another dream.

In this recent dream, the "Justice Gate" angel appeared to me. (This angel has appeared to me many times before, and has identified himself by this name.) He said that, in the past, as people who loved God traveled this harsh and trying trail, they would make petitions, declarations, and decrees. He said that prophetic utterances were made, and innocent blood was shed. The Justice Gate angel then stated that many of these prayers and the prophetic words would now be refreshed and activated.

End of dream.

What God Is Saying through These Dreams

After this, I received a word from a trusted friend that all along the Oregon Trail were angels on reserve, and that this campaign would launch them into active service for our nation.

He said, "The unbranded ones (mavericks) will find their companies and become 'burning ones' for God's glory. Those who have refused to be branded by the religion of man will receive a fresh commissioning of purpose and destiny. Their journey to 'Independence' will activate them at a greater level of authority, releasing the roar of God into their spheres of influence.

"These refreshed and commissioned mavericks will take their independence forth to affect the nation, with signs and wonders following them. Their obedience will leaven with a righteous leaven. New companies of overcomers will be activated from their completed faith to become an ever-present weapon of warfare against injustice, releasing righteousness and empowering grace."

After conferring with Dutch, we have decided that these are dreams with instructions that we will be carrying out. (He actually did a "GiveHim15" on the subject, titled "The 'Mavericks' Are Coming.")

We believe the Lord has stated that the reason for all of this is because each of these gathering places will function as legislative assemblies of the Ekklesia. Petitions, prayers, declarations, and decrees will be made by those that assemble. Appeals to Heaven will be our cry, and decrees from Heaven to Earth will be our focus.

The Justice Gate angel has instructed us to declare what we believe, but to decree what we know! Job 22:28 (NASB 1995) tells us that we shall "decree a thing, and it shall be established." We intend to be led by Holy Spirit at each stop, and to decree along the way that which is on the heart and mind of God for our nation!

The journey of the mavericks to independence will activate them into a greater level of authority, releasing the roar of God into their spheres of influence. These refreshed and commissioned mavericks will take their independence forth to affect the nation, with signs and wonders following them. Their obedience will leaven with a righteous leaven; new companies of overcomers will be activated from their completed faith to become an ever-present weapon of warfare against injustice, releasing righteousness and empowering grace.

Insights from Dutch Sheets

Dutch weighs in with his interpretation:

1. The gathering of the mavericks: It is obviously time for the rounding up of these mavericks. We must bring them to independence from sin, leading them to Christ, yet do so without taming and branding them with religion. Pray for this to begin and increase; leaders must prepare. (Photo Left: Dutch Sheets)

2. The watering holes: God will lead these mavericks to "watering holes" He has prepared for them. These places of nourishment, training, and discipleship must be protected from the "muddying" of religiosity, sin, man's agendas, unbiblical traditions, and more.

3. A horse named Judge, a King brand saddle, and a "scout"/prophet, Clay Nash: Jesus, as our King, the supreme Judge and Prophet, will be overseeing this roundup. He is the Lord of the harvest, and will lead us in finding the mavericks and watering holes, and also in preparing and maintaining the watering holes.

4. A horse named Sent and a horse named Messenger: This is fairly obvious. We are being sent as messengers to find and lead these mavericks to independence. We are not being called to judge or tame them, but to prepare them for their important assignment of discipling a nation.

5. Gordon Lindsay: We must draw from the wisdom, insights, and movements of those who have gone before us, honoring and building on what they have accomplished. One of these movements was the healing and miracle movement of the 50s, 60s, and early 70s. Gordon Lindsay was one of the leaders of this movement, a great teacher and author. The magazine he published, The Voice of Healing, shared testimonies of the many miracles happening around the nation (and nations). We must tap into this anointing of signs and wonders. The dream also told us that more from the cloud of witnesses would be sent to us, meaning there are other truths and movements of the past we must build on.

6. The ox: The name of the ox was Sign & Wonder; he would follow this generation as they discipled the nation, just as Mark 16:17 says will occur. Lindsay said, when leaving, that he had finished his assignment. That assignment was 1) feeding us (we must learn from the past generations), and 2) giving us the ox (a mantle of signs and wonders he and his generation restored to the Church).

7. Twelve watering holes and 12,000 mavericks: Twelve is an important number in Scripture. It represents God's governing authority, completion, and perfection. There are several possible meanings to this in the dream. It would certainly mean that these mavericks will walk under and in the complete authority of the Lord. The great commission in Matthew 28, which speaks of discipling the nation, references this authority (verse 18). The fact that these mavericks will disciple the nation could also indicate that they will restore our government to its intended purpose and function. Personally, I believe it is both.

(If you would like more information on this "Gathering of the Mavericks" along the Oregon Trail, visit:

City stops for the gatherings (aka "watering holes") are as follows: Oregon City, Oregon; Baker City, Oregon; Boise, Idaho; Soda Springs, Idaho; Casper, Wyoming; Kearney, Nebraska; and Independence, Missouri.)


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Clay Nash
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Clay Nash has become a powerful prophetic voice declaring the Kingdom of Heaven in people's everyday lives. God continues to use Clay in the areas of supernatural signs and wonders, releasing apostolic authority and godly fatherly wisdom. His passion is for the Body of Christ to inhabit their true purpose by discovering who they are in Christ and being grounded in spiritual realities. Clay is part of the leadership of N.E.I. (Network Ekklesia International), a relational apostolic alliance led by Dutch Sheets and the leader of the Josiah Company Prayer Call. He has a doctorate in theology and a passion to see America turned back to God. Clay is the author of three books: Relational Authority, Activating the Prophetic, and God Dreams to Make America Great Again. He and his wife Susan have been married 46 years and reside in Arkansas.


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