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Jamie Rohrbaugh: "Five Ways That God Is Restoring Your Joy!"

Jamie Rohrbaugh, Chattanooga, TN
Apr 6, 2024


Have you been going through years of turmoil and praying that God would restore your joy? If so, this prophetic word of comfort is for you.

I heard the Father say, "I am restoring joy right now from your years of turmoil. The enemy thought he could have his heyday with you in recent years, but I tell you that I am working it all for your good right now—and I am restoring joy from your turmoil. For every way the enemy tried to attack you, I am giving you seven times the blessing and am heaping that blessing back on your head.

"You have been pressed down, but not destroyed. But I tell you now that I am restoring your joy in five ways:

1. The Joy of Creativity

"I am giving you back the creative breath that the enemy stole from you through constant criticism and 'overwhelm.' I am restoring life to your creative desires, and I am working through you to create, just as I have done in the past—except stronger.

2. The Joy of Worship

"I am restoring the joy you used to have in My presence in corporate worship. I am pouring out on you a spirit of gratitude that will help you enter into My manifest glory and go deeper in Me.

"Your love for Me never faded, but your ability to enjoy Me around other people had been bound. I have set you free from that, and I am breathing life into your body, soul, and spirit again in worship. As you worship Me more and more, you will find joy bubbling up in your spirit and your belly, the likes of which you have never seen. (Photo via Pxfuel)

3. The Joy of Friendship

"For a long time, you have yearned for true friends, and I tell you now that I am surrounding you with people who love you for who you are, not for who they want you to be. I am restoring the joy of fellowship to you, and you will behold how good and how pleasant it truly is when brethren dwell together in unity.

4. The Joy of Rest

"Rest used to be hard for you, but now you have entered a place and a permanent season in which you are learning that you will never lose anything by resting in Me. So now I tell you that your rest will be sweet, for you are resting in Me in total trust.

"My yoke truly is easy and My burden is light, and there is GREAT joy in that for you. Thank you for receiving My rest as I asked you to do!

5. The Joy of Peace

"Across the years, you have learned that you can have peace in the midst of the storm. But what you have learned recently is that the storm cannot touch you, and you are safe in My hands no matter what.

"Now I tell you that I am giving you such peace and strength, because you have finally learned to trust Me, not just have faith. You believe Me for other people and for yourself, but you also trust Me with your heart. You have learned that you are safe in My arms. I will always preserve you and keep you alive, and you will be blessed on the earth. I go before you and make a way, and nothing shall by any means harm you.

"I tell you these things in My Word, and you have finally learned to believe Me and apply it to yourself. Thank you for believing Me; it brings Me great joy to have a trusting child!

"You have had turmoil many years," says the Father, "but you are entering a new season of peace."

Your Season of Weeping Is Over

He continued: "Your season of weeping is done. You have learned about the love that covers a multitude of sins. You have learned how to rest in Me, no matter what, and you will continue learning that lesson at even greater depths over the next few years. My yoke truly is easy, and My burden light, and in this season there will be joy. (Photo via Unsplash)

"Yes, things will still be difficult at times, but I will see you through, and you know that now. So I am causing joy to bubble up in your heart again, and you will feel the difference. I tell you that if you pay attention, you will notice that you feel it already.

"So take heed, My beloved child, and know that weeping endured for a night, but it truly is morning and joy is here now!

"This does not mean that you will never struggle, but you have grown so much on the inside that how you handle things and react to things will be different from now on. I am proud of you for this; My delight is in you. You are excelling in all things to which I have set your hand and your heart.

"You are My beloved one in whom I am well pleased. Take joy in Me, for I am pouring out on you the rivers of breath from My Spirit."

Amen. Thank You so much, Abba Father.

Beloved, does this word speak to your heart today? Are you sensing joy bubbling up in you even now? If so, stop and thank the Lord specifically for His confirmation of the work He has already done for you! And remember to keep on your garment of praise and thanksgiving in this season (and every season), for that thanksgiving is a big key to experiencing the full joy of the Lord.


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Jamie Rohrbaugh
From His Presence

Jamie Rohrbaugh equips people to walk in the manifest presence of God. She blogs for a global readership at, where she writes about prayer, the prophetic word, living supernaturally, inner healing, and Kingdom wealth. Her podcast, Take Your Territory with Jamie Rohrbaugh, can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Jamie holds a Master's in Biblical Studies from Berea Seminary and is the grateful servant-in-chief of the From His Presence Prophetic Hub in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Check out her FREE ebook, "Praying the Names of God: 555 Biblical Names of God and How to Use Them In Prayer and Worship," on her website.


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