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Ilse Bensen: "A Season of Financial Miracles and New Discoveries!"

Ilse Bensen, Cape Town, South Africa
Mar 26, 2024


Intro from Alane Haynes:

I would like to introduce to the Elijah List readers Ilse Bensen, a gifted prophetic writer and minstrel from South Africa. She is passionate for the Lord and lives her life with integrity, humility, purity, and maturity.

I appreciate and honor Ilse and her husband Ben's heart for the habitation of God and to see sons and daughters arising to establish His Kingdom. I know you will be blessed, encouraged, and refreshed by the words and faith Ilse releases.

Alane Haynes
Eternal Truth Now Ministry


A Season of Financial Miracles and New Discoveries!

Recently, my husband and I took our kids to the local beach. (It's currently summer over here in South Africa.) As we were setting up the umbrella in the sand, we were surprised to find a bundle of Monopoly money hidden in the sand. As we dug around, we found many more bills, and it added up to quite a bit of Monopoly cash. We instantly knew that God was speaking to us prophetically. As I prayed into this occurrence, the Lord started stirring several things in my spirit.

Treasures Are Being Uncovered

God is bringing a wave of financial miracles to the Body of Christ in this season. You may have been in an endless battle and relentless war for breakthrough in your finances. The enemy has put a noose around the finances of many to try and control the flow. He knows that without money, we are limited in how we can advance the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth. Some have been in a time of great and persistent lack; others have struggled to move past the threshold of "just barely enough."

The Lord wants to say to you today that there is a divine uncovering coming upon your finances. What the enemy has kept hidden away or inaccessible will be uncovered! Where he has maintained control of funds for evil agendas in your family line, a swift uncovering and release is coming!

Generational cycles of poverty and curses are being broken and overturned by those who are aligning themselves with God's agenda and purposes. They will see funds manifest suddenly. They will see those provisions, which have been held up because of the sins of previous generations, being released to them for Kingdom purposes. They will see the recovery, recompense, and restoration of wealth in the coming days! (Photo via Pexels)

On a national level in America, and even on the global scene, there will be a literal uncovering of treasure in the coming days. There will be discoveries and excavations of national treasures and valuable mineral deposits. These will be signs of the release of the hidden treasures and wealth to the Body of Christ.

Acquisition of Properties and Land

As I pondered more on the Monopoly money, I was reminded that the board game has to do with buying and selling property as well. I believe God is saying that we are quickly coming into a time where supernatural favor is being released for the acquisition of land and properties. Those who have faithfully stood upon His promises, those who have pioneered and left all to follow the Lord for Kingdom purposes, will see the tables turn in their favor, and will find themselves suddenly owning lands and houses! There will be an acceleration upon purchase proceedings and settlements, and there will be a heavenly wind that comes to rearrange the board. See, the global "Monopoly board" will shift from the enemy owning most land and properties to the sons and daughters of God taking back and occupying the land, houses, and regions.

It is time for the releasing of title deeds and the recovery of property lost in previous generations. It is time for the gathering of the spoils of war, and this includes buildings, houses, lands, estates, farms and more! It is time to build according to the blueprint of Heaven and fulfill not only the mandates and the assignments, but also the dreams and desires that God has planted in the hearts of His people. Restoration is coming to individuals and families, and in the process of possessing regions, the land also will be healed.

Monopolies Will Topple! A Global Transfer of Wealth

Definition of the word monopoly: "the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service."

There is coming a crumbling, yes, even a toppling of certain monopolies that have controlled the market in an unfair way. The ones who have been in power for selfish gain will soon see an unexpected end to their reign. Instead, the market will move towards one that is free, where businesses on different levels will have a fair chance. Industry giants will topple!

Corporations that have stifled the local markets will be brought to their knees. God is re-arranging the financial industries of the world, and it will be for the purposes of advancing His Kingdom! Wealth will be moved from enemy territory to the Kingdom of God! A global transfer of wealth is now underway, and we will see the tables turning in favor of God's people. (Photo via Flickr)

Prayer and Declaration

Father, I thank You for Your promises of finances, wealth, provision, and favor. Right now, I declare a supernatural breakthrough upon the finances of Your people. Let there be a release of the hosts of Heaven to facilitate an acceleration upon the uncovering of that which has been hidden and kept inaccessible. We declare a divine uncovering and restoration now of monies, lands, and properties to Your sons and daughters. We declare the breaking of generational curses and poverty mindsets. We declare a divine recovery and recompense of lost treasure and things stolen. Let there be a turnaround in the finances of the remnant of God! Let Your people be at the head and not the tail, releasing Your glory through Kingdom endeavors.

We declare a shift to the global scene, to territories, and to regions where Your children will occupy land. We declare the release of houses, lands, buildings, and more to the sons and daughters of God for such a time as this!

Let this word carry forth with it the breakthrough and quickening upon all who read it. Let a swift, supernatural shift occur in the life of every person agreeing right now. In the name of Jesus, amen.


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Ilse Bensen
House of Thunders Media

Websites: |

Ilse Bensen was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a career background in classical music as a performing artist and teacher. In 2009, Jesus called her to America through a dream and several angelic visitations. She left all to follow Him and subsequently met her husband, Ben, in America. They have been married since 2010 and have been blessed with four beautiful children. Ilse is an avid dreamer and visionary. Her music is now prophetic and inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring healing and deliverance, as well as to facilitate prophetic utterance and sound. She is passionate about teaching others how to hear God, and she loves decoding prophetic puzzles and dreams. She and her husband recently launched their ministry called House of Thunders, where they seek to establish Heaven on Earth through media and the prophetic. Together, they are called to encourage the awakening sons and daughters of God to govern the earth. Ilse and Ben are passionate about facilitating a habitation for God's presence. They believe it is time for the greatest miracles, signs, wonders, and healings that the earth has ever seen. They currently reside outside of Cape Town, South Africa.

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