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Angela Greenig: "Bringing the Oil of Heaven to Earth!"

Angela Greenig, Auburn, WA
Mar 12, 2024

It's Time to Soar

Lately, the Lord has been revealing so much to me, showing me the hearts of His people, insights for the future, reminders of His promises, and more as we embark on all that 2024 has for us. I pray that these insights encourage you this year as you partner with Heaven for boldness and breakthrough for your destiny, and the destiny of those around you!

I hear the Lord saying that it is time for us to soar with the eagle. He showed me an eagle ascending on high to receive the oil of Heaven, and then bringing it back to Earth. This oil will not only illuminate our paths, but also bring healing and restoration to countless souls, both physically and spiritually. It is a time for us to be like the eagle and wholeheartedly believe God for a greater manifestation of His glory and the calling He has uniquely created for each of us.

Seeds of Destiny

I believe we are on a collision course with destiny, where the natural and spiritual realms are like waves battering against each other for supremacy. Deep within each of us lie these seeds of destiny, planted so profoundly that even the enemy believes he has destroyed them. However, in our darkest moments, God has the ability to cultivate a movement that can radically change the world, and He wants to partner WITH US to do it!

We must be bold in our partnership with Heaven to see this movement come to pass. Ephesians 6 calls us to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might as we pray for greater boldness as His witnesses. We can take heart knowing victory is OURS when we allow God to take full ownership of who we are in Him.

He Is Near, He Is Moving

Some of you may have felt distant from the Lord, but take heart! This period of separation has been a preparation for us. This year, this moment, is ours to seize. If we just open our hearts and let go, allowing God to go before us, He WILL move on our behalf! He will move every barrier, every mountain, every sickness and disease, every heartbreak, and every financial setback. God is going to bless you beyond what you could ever comprehend or ask!

We can draw strength from Romans 15:13 (NIV), which declares, "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." God will give us hope by His power that will propel us forward – farther and faster than we ever thought possible! (Photo via Unsplash)

God is saying, "Get ready; acceleration is coming!" I believe the Lord wants to activate and accelerate us on our journey toward the destiny He has prepared us for.

This is our year, this is our time! Get ready to ascend into the heavenly realms with the glory and the power of the fire that God has called and is raining down upon us!

A New Outpouring on Pentecost and Revival for College Campuses

Because of your faithfulness, a new outpouring of power is coming, like in Acts 4:31, which says, "And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spoke the word of God with boldness."

I know you understand this, but with each new move, a new outpouring of power comes with it, and a new manifestation of His truth is revealed. You have been called to carry apostolic mantles like Daniel. The rods of authority and power and Kingdom alignment have been given to you!

By the day of Pentecost, you will start to see a new outpouring that will come with patterns for revival for the college campuses.

I hear the Lord saying that you will progress forward and nothing will move you! You will no longer be a part of history (as in the past), because you will be on the cutting edge, becoming history makers and world changers! A fresh wave of Pentecost is coming in 2024. Get ready for the boom!

Take the Two Rods of Authority and Kingdom Alignment

The Lord came to me in a dream recently that I feel is critical for this next season.

In the dream, I was sitting on a park bench, and the skies were gray and covered with clouds. I saw no trees or landmarks. I thought to myself, "Where am I?" As I bowed my head and began to pray, I felt Jesus kneel down beside me and speak to me concerning the next few years. I remember moving my head in disbelief, saying, "No, it can't be true." (Photo via Pixabay)

Suddenly, my left arm got this brilliant light, like nothing I'd ever seen before. A power surged through me, and I was fully engulfed in luminescent light. A voice kept declaring around me, "I thunder ahead of My people! My power will sustain you. Take the two rods of authority and Kingdom alignment. Strike the ground with them, and release those bound by chains of despair, addiction, sickness, and diseases. I am releasing a power surge for My evangelists who know My name! If you go, they will come. Trust in Me."

Who Will Take a Stand? Will You?

Uncommon evangelism is breaking out this year. It is critical that we watch and pray for the next generation of leaders. Many will battle on college campuses against debauchery and lawlessness like we have never seen before. The woke movement must be stopped. So many saints are battling oppression and prejudices as they take a stand for righteousness on their campuses. THEIR battles are OUR battles, and we must cover them in prayer and support them if we want to see the greatest outpouring of true revival!

Are YOU a world changer? Are YOU a history maker? You have been imprinted by the Father to be one!

Be encouraged and encourage others. The trials you've faced were meant to be a season of reflection – a time to look within yourself, stir up the gifts the Father has given you, and get ready. Your future is very bright!

Let's believe that 2024 is a time for the more of the Lord. It's time to soar and watch as every door of blessing opens before us. Let's go and take the land in the mighty name of Jesus!


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Angela T. Greenig
Angela Greenig Ministries International


Angela Greenig Greenig is a seasoned seer/warrior for Jesus Christ and a leading force in deliverance ministry. Her teaching and insight comes from years on the front lines of spiritual warfare, with a heart of welfare for the salvation and deliverance of people. Angela and her husband Larry call Washington State their home, and since Washington consistently ranks as one of the most unchurched states in the nation, they are very aware of the desperate need for Christ in their region and abroad. For over 30 years Angela has been responding to the needs as a defender of the faith and a voice for those who have no voice, traveling the world, preaching, and training the Body of Christ. Throughout her travels, Angela has built and contributed to ministries in multiple cities across North America and nations throughout of the world. She is also the author of the book "Power and Authority Over Darkness: How to Identify and Defeat 16 Evil Spirits that Want to Destroy You."

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