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Tom Hamon: "Leap into the More in 2024!"

Tom Hamon, Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Jan 15, 2024

2024 Is a Leap Year!

God wants to open up doors to the NEW and the MORE that are going to advance us personally and corporately in major ways. God wants us to take some significant leaps forward! He wants to open up new opportunities, new technologies, new capacities! There will be new opportunities in the seven mountains of influence, especially in government and media! There will be new technologies, both spiritually and naturally, in the earth! New abilities, revelation and anointing for miracles are on the way!

Build Momentum Now

Get a running start! I heard the Lord saying that this is a year to build momentum to advance. It's not a time to wait to react to the obstacles you may face but, like a hurdler or someone who does the long jump, build up your speed by running hard now so that you can easily hurdle whatever challenge stands in your way this year.

Let's get a running start this year so we can overcome every obstacle, using the momentum we already established in our call to follow the Lord as we run hard after Him!

You Will Face Some Formidable Challenges

When David faced the challenge of Goliath in his journey to fulfill his destiny, he understood the giant challenge that he faced! He knew he was facing a formidable, undefeated champion. The atmosphere was full of fear and chaos that was created by Goliath's daily taunts against the people of God. He heard his threats and mocking ridicule. He knew that he was casting a spell to try to curse him by his gods. It was obvious that he was outmanned, outgunned, and facing impossible odds.

Knowing How to Change the Atmosphere

David stepped into this dark and defeatist atmosphere, but he did not allow it to dominate his thinking and approach. Instead, he determined to change the atmosphere by waging warfare with the word that had gone over his life by decreeing his victory in the face of his enemy, and by volunteering to be a champion in the midst of chaos and fear. Truly, this was David's opportunity, but it also seemed daunting and unlikely to succeed.

Every Small Victory Prepares the Way for Greater Ones

I believe David succeeded because he had built momentum in his life by overcoming and killing a lion and a bear in his previous ministry, and by faithfully serving in his father's house, and by continually and intimately worshiping God and trusting in the covenant relationship he had with Him! He did not trust in his own abilities but understood Who he was representing, and Who had given him the abilities he had. He had sharpened those abilities and proven God's power to move through him. Now he was ready to overcome the greater challenges he was going to face in his journey to fulfill the word of the Lord over his life and change the course of history!

It's Time to Run to the Battle!

In response to the enemy's intimidating challenge, David had a couple of choices in how he could respond. He could have retreated and hid like his brothers and tried to play it safe, or he could've stood his ground and maneuvered as best he could. But his strategy was bold and intriguing. The Bible says that he yelled back at Goliath's threats and prophesied his doom! In response to Goliath's reliance on his demonic gods, his enormous strength and formidable weapons, David decreed that his reliance was not on his own abilities but on his covenant relationship with his God. Then he did something bold. David ran to the battle!

Decree Your Victory and Turn the Battle at the Gates!

In this season, we are going to face some giants of resistance and obstacles that seem insurmountable, but we must choose an attack posture to boldly decree our victory and run toward the enemy. It may look like imminent defeat, as powerful forces are arrayed against us, but I believe we are going to see some of the most amazing victories in these times that will literally change the course of history, as it did for Israel that day because of David's faith to be a champion! (Photo via Pixabay)

Going Through the Gates

On the Hebraic calendar, this is the year 5784. The four is represented by the Hebrew letter "dalet," which symbolizes a door or gate. The Lord is saying that this is a year to take the gates and go through the double doors!

Babylon was considered to be unconquerable! However, Isaiah prophesied that Cyrus would conquer Babylon, and more than that, he would set the people of God free, commission them, and enable them to rebuild the righteous foundations and the temple in order to restore worship in the land. All this seemed impossible, but it was prophesied that it would take place.

It's Still a Cyrus Season

I believe Cyrus received his strategy from the Lord to dry up the Euphrates River (which flowed directly into Babylon), and then go through the river bed, right through the double doors of Babylon to take it over. Babylon represents the antichrist forces in the land. God is releasing a prophesied Cyrus anointing and decree that is positioning His Church, His Ekklesia, to go through the gates to invade and overcome the antichrist agendas that are active in this hour and trying to control the narrative and life of this generation.

God is positioning Daniels in Babylon to be righteous advisors that know how to operate at the gates with integrity and strategy. They will know the times and know what to do. They will not be intimidated to compromise but will hear the word of the Lord and relay it to great kings. God is going to give strategies, authority and a commissioning into the marketplace to a prophetic company that is going be ready to storm the gates, bringing reformation and revival to the things that have been lost. God is giving this company hope and courage to believe that we can re-lay righteous foundations that have been broken down, burned and scattered, and restore worship back into the heart and life's blood of the people of our land.

Cyrus made the decree, but Nehemiah, Zerubbabel, Haggai and Zechariah prophesied it, and encouraged the people to have a mind to work to accomplish the vision.

Giants at the Gates

The Lord said to me that whenever we are called to go to the mountains or gates of influence, we will face giants stationed there to keep us out. A few of the most prevalent giants we will face as we choose to go to the gates of government, media, education, business, etc. are intimidation and humiliation and accusation. When you go to the gate of influence, the enemy will loose a spirit of fear and intimidation to try to get you to retreat and play it safe. He will use political correctness or cancel culture or other threats to try to silence you and to get you to back down. He will loose the giant of humiliation to try and mock you, marginalize you and ridicule you into hanging your head in shame and walking away from the gate. He will bring the giant of accusation against you to try to get you to fade away as you try to save your reputation, instead of making yourself of no reputation and focusing on a proper representation of the One who sent you to the gate.

These are some of the giants you will face as you determine to open the gates for the King of glory and the advancement of His Kingdom on the earth.

The Gate or Mountain of Media

Over the last few years, God has been speaking to me about each current year through the Strong's Concordance number that corresponds with the number of that year. Under Strong's number 2024, in the Hebrew, is the word "Hara." Hara is defined as a "mountainousness" region of Media. Its root word (har) means "mountain." I feel like the Lord is saying that this is a year where He wants us to invade the media mountain!

We are living in a media age more than ever before. We see that the false prophets of the current age are controlling the narrative and incessantly making decrees every day in our media through the news and Hollywood. I believe God is going to deal with some of these false prophets, and He is also going to inspire and innovate through true prophetic voices in the media that are going to invade this gate to proclaim the good news in new and creative ways. Look for and support the key efforts that God is going to bring forth for us to invade this important gate!

Every Joint Will Supply!

Under Strong's 2024, in the Greek, is the word "epichorégia." This word means "contribution," "lavish resources" or "supply." It is found in Ephesians 4:16, where it says that every joint (or every member of the Body of Christ) will supply its part, "supporting" the whole (in love) until we all come into the full measure of the stature of Christ! I believe this is going to be a time where the equipping of the saints and the manifestation of the ministry of every saint in the Church are going to be seen in a new way. We are going to see a mature Ekklesia operating at the gates, in the Church and in the earth, to rightly and fully represent and demonstrate the love and power of God in the earth in our generation! Every member is going to find its function. The whole Body is going to come to a greater manifestation of the sons of God that all the world and creation is waiting for!

Awakening and Harvest

God has a great season of awakening and harvest on His agenda for this year! In the midst of darkness and chaos, God will arise and shine upon His own. Every Christian that is following the Lord will begin to be equipped and deployed in power in a new way! There will be no unprofitable servants; every member will be doing their part! (Photo via Piqsels)

Live in Expectation

So, God's call is for us to advance and leap forward through the gates! Instead of intimidation, God wants us to live in expectation! Expectation that God is going to do something new or more is what we call faith. God is going to increase our faith for miraculous transformation and change! In order to see these things happen, it is going to require us to take leaps of faith at strategic moments.

When John the Baptist was being formed in Elizabeth's womb, Elizabeth was visited by Mary, who bore in her womb One who would change the world. When Mary came to her, John the Baptist leaped inside of Elizabeth! Likewise, I believe God is going to cause us to feel things leap within us out of expectation when we come into proximity and contact with the things He is using to change our world in this hour.

Walking and Leaping and Praising God!

At a gate called Beautiful, in Acts chapter 3, we see something powerful take place. A man who was born lame had stopped having any expectation that anything good could take place to dramatically shift his life's trajectory. He had given up to a life of begging. However, this word "beautiful" (in the Greek) does not just mean pretty; it literally means "belonging to the right hour or season (timely)," or "blooming." It says that as this man was begging, the apostles walked through the gate. As the story goes, they heard the man begging for alms. I'm sure they had heard it a myriad of times before. I'm sure that this man had become a part of the landscape of Jerusalem that everyone was familiar with. However, at the "right hour," the apostles responded differently than they had ever done before. Anointed by the Holy Spirit and endued with power, they told the man that they didn't have any money for him that day, but they had something better! They boldly commanded him to arise and walk, and it says that he went walking and leaping and praising God!

A notable miracle took place that day that no one could deny. It shook the very fabric of a whole city! I believe that we are going to see notable miracles in this hour that will result in leaping and praising God, bringing a transformative impact on cities and nations in our generation. God is going to bring forth some miraculous suddenlies for many that have given up on seeing their miracle. Some that have given in to grief and given up on their vision of wholeness and life are going to rise up in this hour! And some that have looked at the landscape of their life and community, and have lowered their expectation to only natural solutions, are going to begin to have faith for a supernatural work!

A leap is when you take a significant jump to a higher level or advancement. And faith is an expectation that God is going to do something great. Let's do it. Let's take some leaps of faith this year! I believe that this is a season to take leaps of faith, go through our gates, and praise God as the Lord does amazing things to advance us and His Kingdom this year!


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Tom Hamon
Vision Church @ Christian International


Tom and Jane Hamon are the senior pastors of Vision Church @ Christian International in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Their ministry together is an example to the Body of Christ of a husband and wife team working in tandem and unity to accomplish God's purposes. Their ministry is characterized by a rich deposit of God's wisdom to provide apostolic covering for the Church, prophetic teaching and ministry, and demonstration of Kingdom anointing and power. They travel as an apostolic/prophetic team to the nations, imparting both the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation to establish the Church and break open territories through spiritual warfare for the Kingdom of God to be experienced in a powerful and practical way.

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