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Yvon Attia: "Lighting Up the Darkness! A Year of God's Glory, Grace, and Goodness"

Yvon Attia, Miami, Florida
Jan 11, 2024

[Editor's note: Dear readers and viewers, here is the word of the Lord for 2024 that Yvon Attia didn't get to share on her recent Elijah Streams episode. We're sending it out for you to read and enjoy for yourselves!]

Word of the Lord for 2024 received on December 16, 2023:

"Get ready for a very interesting year. A year of many movements, uprisings, turmoil and disasters for the wicked and the backsliders, but not so for My covenant people. Not so for those who worship Me in spirit and in truth, for those who trust Me with all their hearts.

The Rain of Glory

"2024 shall be the year of the rain over you. Heaven will rain its blessings and glory over your life. The rain of glory will pour down, and you will be drenched with My goodness and favor. For I shall open many doors to you. (Photo via Unsplash)

Turning Your Darkness into Light

"I, the Son of righteousness, will shine over you brighter than any time in the past, turning your darkness into light. Darkness will cover the whole earth, but over you My light will shine. I am lighting up your darkness and filling up the void places with My presence.

Heavenly Shields

"Many will be the attacks of the enemy, but greater will be the release of My protective shields. Heavenly shields will hang around your neck to protect you from the innumerable attacks of the enemy.

Grace to Thrive, Grow and Forgive

"You will be saved from their traps, for I will give you My grace, My supernatural enablement, that will be sufficient in your weakness. My grace will move you from strength to strength. For I will give you My grace to thrive, grow and forgive in the midst of a harsh economy – harsh to those under its systems and dictates. But as for you, My covenant people, you will thrive and grow, for I Myself will come to serve you and fulfill every need.

A Year Marked by His Glory, Brilliance, and Magnificence

"I will give you My glory. My manifest presence will be revealed to you and through you. You will live out of the glory, move in the glory, and have your being within the glory. For I decree to you that this new year that's about to start will be marked by My glory, My brilliance, and by My magnificence.

"And this shall be My promise to you: I shall not withhold any good thing from you.

A Year of Repayment

"It is a year of repayment, repayment [for] what the enemy has stolen. Even your reputation – I shall restore this to you. (Photo via Flickr)

A Year of Pouring Out

"I am not withholding, but pouring out. For it shall be a year of release to you, and a year of pouring out.

"Your children are coming back! They are coming back, they are coming back, and they will serve Me.

"It's not a year of baca, meaning crying; for the valleys are turning into springs, and the springs are turning into pools – pools of glory and pools of goodness.

"Watch Me do this. As the wicked drown in their wickedness and greed, you will float in My goodness and glory. And whatever your hand touches will flourish, will succeed, for I am blessing the work of your hands."


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Yvon Attia
Celebrate Freedom Ministries


Yvon Attia is a radical lover of Jesus and His Word, fully dedicated to His purposes and His call. Yvon is an author and a powerful, passionate speaker who preaches the Word with the power of God's Spirit, and the manifestation of His presence. She unpacks the Word from a Middle Eastern perspective, explaining its depth in terms of culture, context and power. Yvon is married to her high school sweetheart, Mina, and they have two beautiful children, Esther and Raphael. Both Yvon and her husband are ordained pastors under the spiritual fatherhood covering of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado Of King Jesus International Ministry in Miami. Miracles of healing take place during their meetings as God faithfully confirms the Word through signs that follow. They are also the founders of Celebrate Freedom Ministry, which is part of the supernatural global network of King Jesus International Ministry.

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