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Demontae Edmonds: "What God Told Me About the U.S., the Church & the Nations!"

Demontae Edmonds, Atlanta, GA
Jan 10, 2024


Here is the majority of what of God has shared with me for 2024 and beyond.

Prophetic Words for the Body of Christ

The Gathering and Grouping of New Wineskins:

The Lord spoke to me that a key for 2024 will be the "gathering and grouping of new wineskins." I saw new wine from Heaven that God desires to pour out, but it will only be accomplished through corporate gatherings and corporate collaborations. The individuals grouping and gathering together will be those in their region and the U.S. who have fresh revelations from Heaven. As they come together, the new wine will flow from Heaven, producing glory manifestations, creative miracles, and accelerated shifting in regions! New ministry paradigms are springing forth!

"And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles." (Mark 2:22)

Jeremiah and Micah – Books for the End Times:

The Lord spoke to me that two books of the Bible will take on greater prophetic importance in this next season: the book of Jeremiah and the book of Micah. In seasons past, books like Daniel, Revelation, and Ezekiel have been looked to as books with "end times" relevance. Now God is about to unlock new insights out of the prophetic books of Jeremiah and Micah that pertain to the end times.

A Reinhard Bonnke Anointing:

I saw a huge vision of Reinhard Bonnke kneeling in the middle of Germany! What looked like a shock wave or sonic boom spread out to the surrounding nations. The voice of the Lord said to me, "I'm releasing a Reinhard Bonnke anointing for mass salvations in central and eastern Europe!"

The Spirit of Compromise:

The Lord said to share with the saints, "The spirit of compromise is the path to CALAMITY!" I believe God is leading me to do a message on this at some point.

Song of Solomon 2:15 says: "Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes that spoil and ruin the vineyards..." In this hour the reward will not be given to the swift, strong, or intelligent, but rather to those who hearken to the voice of the Lord, obey His voice, and walk in holiness! We must break covenant with the spirit of compromise! (Photo via Creative Commons)

Prophetic Words for the U.S.

Housing Crisis:

I saw another housing crisis. I saw people fighting over keys to a home. I believe this is symbolic of some sort of crisis, or rather scarcity of affordable housing. The Lord showed me even residential and commercial buildings uninhabited, but no one was moving in to them. It was as if some force or power was purposely holding onto the properties and not allowing renters or buyers. This was strange to me, as having worked in the mortgage industry years ago, I know that banks don't like abandoned properties or ones without tenants. However, it seemed like this was an attempt to manipulate real estate pricing.

The vision changed to three large, menacing faces. I saw the SPIRIT OF GREED over those three faces. I sensed they represented three mega conglomerates who were buying up properties and strategically working together to profit from aggressive and monopolizing tactics in the real estate market. I saw a Congressional hearing as this was uncovered.

Strike in the Automobile Industry:

The Lord said to pray against a strike in the automobile industry.

An Injection:

I saw a major medicine being administered in the form of an injection shot. It was being "rolled back" due to improper testing/approval and many complaints about side effects. I saw some people immediately experiencing a swelling in the spot where they received the injection.

A New Armored Military Vehicle:

The Lord showed me an armored military vehicle, like a tank or ATV, and I saw the word "scraped." I watched as the production of this military vehicle was halted midway because a new technology for its armor was introduced. The vehicle went from being green and tan to having a grayish-colored material. God said this new technology would make it lighter and allow it to move faster and have greater protection.

A Small Box:

I saw a home in the Midwest with a relatively small box (half the size of a residential AC unit), which looked like it somehow powered the entire house. I then saw government agencies and other lobbyists working to suppress this product.

A Sticker of Approval:

Then there was revealed to me some type of new sticker of approval that would have to be on all laptops and computers.

Counsel of Principalities:

For the revelation God gave me about the counsel of principalities and powers arrayed against the U.S., and how we can overcome them, please read my word, "Prayer Alert! God Showed Me 5 Wicked Agendas of the Enemy!" published by The Elijah List on September 22, 2023.

Vision of the Double Scales of Justice and Judgment:

For my vision on "The Double Scales of Justice and Judgment," and how this is a season of God's reward and consequence for this nation, please read it on The Elijah List, published on December 21, 2023.

Prophetic Words for the Nations

The Passing of a Leader and a Faux Investigation:

I saw the sudden passing of the leader of a major nation! This wasn't a smaller nation or lesser-known one. I could sense a media frenzy surrounding the event. It was a larger, more influential nation with tens of millions of people! I heard in the spirit that there will be an internal investigation into the sudden passing of the leader, but it will be a "faux investigation."

A Golden City Rising Out of the Netherlands:

I saw a golden city (almost like Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz, but golden) rising very slowly out of the Netherlands. The Lord said, "See what I'm building here? I'm building a golden apostolic movement! It is rising slowly, because I'm taking My time [so] that all the right people and pieces are in place."

I sensed great prophetic promises over this nation, but also frustration with some of the leaders because things were not spiritually progressing at the pace expected. I felt encouragement coming from the Lord. The Lord is fulfilling every promise to this nation, but building gradually and in His timing to allow the Kingdom roots to grow deeper in the hearts of those who are purposed to carry the Gospel message in this nation. (Photo via Creative Commons)

As the golden city arose, I saw what looked like thrones sitting in place. God is going to set apostolic and prophetic leaders in positions of authority and influence in all areas of culture within this nation. One day it will not be known as a nation of vice and sin, but one where the golden age of the apostolic helped to transform the nation's landscape.

A Spike in the Price of Molybdenum:

There will be a large spike in the price of Molybdenum. The only thing I could tell/see was that this element would be needed more and more for cyber and defense industry products.

Global Fiat Currency:

A proposal for a global fiat currency will "fall flat."

The Plot of a Turkish Political Party:

I saw that one of the political parties in the nation of Turkey had begun to rise up. They had worked secretly to try to incite rioting and armed uprisings against their own government. I saw what looked like a trial of some of these political dissidents. Their plot failed.

Revival Fires in Moldova:

Revival fires will begin to break out in the nation of Moldova. I saw people wiping what looked like soot off their faces as joy and hope came to them.

Jesus be glorified in 2024!


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Demontae Edmonds
Freedom 4 the Nations


Demontae Edmonds is the founder of Freedom 4 the Nations, host of "This is Freedom" podcast on Charisma Podcast Network, and host of Atlanta's "Highways" TV program. He travels the nations preaching the Gospel with notable signs, wonders, and miracles. His heart is to share the reality of Jesus Christ with the world through demonstrations of the Holy Spirit's power and presence. He has authored the books "Grab Hold of Your Miracle," "Discerning of Spirits: 7 Dimensions of Revelation," and "The Supernatural Gift of Faith."

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