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Stop Letting "Them" Push You Around

The Elijah List
Nov 19, 2023

Something BIG is coming...

Stop Letting "Them" Push You Around

     Hello New Friends,

     Years ago, it was on my heart to create a social
media platform where you could "Say Your Piece"!

This has never been more important than it is today. Do you feel (like I do) that, "It's about time somebody came up with this?" My wife and I have had enough. It's finally time to stop letting "them" push us around, and release what we've been working on for more than two years!

     XAPiT (pronounced "Zap-it") is where everyone can share their lives, their opinions, their hopes, and their dreams. It's a place where you can catch up with your friends and family members, your clients and customers! It's a place where you are able to "Say Your Piece". XAPiT is a great place to build up and encourage one another.

     "What's so different about XAPiT" you ask? On the surface you may not see it... at least not at first.

     Read this slowly and carefully:

     XAPiT will insure your personal information is held in high esteem and kept safe. We will NOT sell or give away any of your private information to anyone else. Period. You are in total control of who you choose to share your information with, including photos, videos, or any other personal data.

     If you want to have some good fun and your humor is a bit crazy or even a tad irreverent, never fear. You don't want to have to worry about some editor banning you because of your humor, do you?

     If YOU ARE CONSERVATIVE, you can talk about God, politics, abortion, and other issues without fear of being banned or censored.

     With XAPiT, all content, conservative and liberal, Christian or non-Christian is welcome AND even encouraged. You can rest easy that the content you post won't be removed or banned just because of your unique beliefs!

Here's what one XAPiT member has to say:
Thank you for obeying God for this platform where we won't be censored for speaking the Truth.
- Ethan C.

And another:
I want to thank you so much for Xapit. What an amazing blessing you all are. God sees your faithfulness and He will reward you for the great joy you all have brought to so many.
- Sarah K.



     Of course, there are rules. Not EVERYTHING is allowed. We do not allow sexual content, or threatening/violent language towards others. We don't allow scammers or fake profiles... we aggressively find and remove those (there are even ways YOU can report them to us if you find them before we do). This way, our legit members can enjoy the XAPiT platform. You can see all those pesky rules on our PRIVACY and TERMS OF SERVICE pages.

     With these promises, you are most likely sold already. We have many new features COMING SOON that will make you celebrate the moment you decided to join XAPiT. A couple of the new features on XAPiT...

An ad-free OPTION... it's only $5.00 per month and you won't see advertising! Once you have signed up, you can add this optional feature by CLICKING HERE.

Advertise your business, ministry, or just about anything you like! For more info, just CLICK HERE.

     So welcome to XAPiT. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell EVERYONE. You will ALL love XAPiT, where you can "Say Your Piece"!

  Steve Shultz

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XAPiT, Inc., PO Box 629, Albany, Oregon 97321. 2021 All Rights Reserved.

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