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Victoria Boyson: "A Vision of Weapons, Books and Keys!"

Victoria Boyson, Houston, Texas
Nov 20, 2023


In a vision, Jesus came to me and took my hand in His, saying, "My lady, your carriage awaits." Tenderly, He escorted me into a carriage He'd acquired for the journey He had planned. It was a beautiful open carriage in glossy black, pulled by two stunning horses – one pure white, the other silvery gray. They nuzzled one another affectionately as I entered.

As suddenly as Jesus shut me in, the carriage took off into the sky. Passing through layers of Earth's atmosphere, the enemy repeatedly shot arrows at me. I leaned out over the side and grabbed some of the arrows to keep for myself. Curiously, I waved back at my demonic attacker and thanked him. I did this several times as I passed through each new layer of the atmosphere.

The Bookcase

Finally reaching Heaven, we passed through a golden, well-lit passageway just long enough for me to wave at those who monitored it. The carriage then continued over a serene yet dimly lit expanse of grassy, rolling hills.

In the distance, I saw a peculiar shape completely grown over by the grasses growing there, with only the obscure outline of a bookshelf, which had fallen on its side, recognizable. It soon became clear that this was to be my intended destination as we landed beside it, and I was able to step out.

Investigating it more closely, I was filled with an urgency to rescue the abandoned bookshelf from the engulfing hillside and restore it to an upright position. As it was ten times my size, the angels nearby understood my desire and offered to help. Together, we put it to rights.

Suddenly, to my left appeared the head of a formidable Lion. Proceeding to roar mightily over the bookcase, the Lion Himself exploded into a fire of glory in radiant colors of gold, amber and crimson, highlighted with blue and green. As I flung open the door of the case, the fire of His glory raged inside, triggering an explosion that generated thin rings of seething, white cloud.

As quickly as it started, the fire was extinguished, and the piece was gloriously transformed into what I reasoned was its former state. It shone in bright gold with lavish ornamentation, and was now too grand for its current surroundings, making it clear that it was not meant to be here.

One of the angels, who'd helped set the case upright, brought to me a large crossbow weapon. However, once it was placed in my hands, it was transformed into a large book. Covered in tan canvas and printed with purple embossing, it had the word "SANCTIFICATION" on its binding. Truly stunning, it was quite heavy. I knew instantly the book was meant for the shelf. As I place it there, it seemed the two were meant for each other, as both appeared to be out of place in their surroundings. (Photo via PickPik)

One by one, the angels brought me weapons of all different kinds which, once placed in my hands, became books. Every one was heavy, unique and beautifully designed. The title of the second was "HOLINESS," then came "FAITH," "LIBERTY" and "FREEDOM" – so on and so forth, with books titled "HEALING," "JOY," "FORGIVENESS," RIGHTEOUSNESS," "REPENTANCE," etc.

Hundreds of weapons of all shapes and sizes were transformed into books to fill the shelves of this exceptional case, each possessing the distinct, powerful teachings of previous generations. I was overcome with delight as I stood back with the angels and appreciated our efforts in restoring this great beauty to its former self.

Unexpectedly, while admiring our work, the shelf fell through into the recesses of the hill and was conveyed down and through the many layers of Heaven and continued on through Earth's atmosphere. Finally, it came to rest again on the earth and was immediately engulfed by those hungry for truth. Racing to seize the various books, they were jubilant, immediately dropping down to begin reading.

Back in Heaven, the angels and I were filled with a sudden understanding, as yet another bookshelf (this time already restored) appeared in the same place the first had vacated. Again, the angels brought me weapons, but this time, as I received them, they were transformed into books written in Chinese. As you can imagine, when the shelf was filled with books, it fell to Earth for those awaiting its arrival.

Anticipating another shelf, I waited, and indeed, a third shelf appeared and I began receiving weapon-books in the Russian language. I realized then, every language would receive the revelation the books contained, as no tongue was excluded.

The Golden Key

Once every bookcase was filled, one of the angels offered me a golden key. Immediately transforming with my acceptance, it became a small, square piece of bread. I thanked the angel and gladly ate it. Finally, I was escorted back into my carriage and waved goodbye to the angelic company. I returned through the layers of Earth's atmosphere and was once again attacked by the demonic, whose arrows I kept.

Upon my return, I was greeted again by Lord Jesus who opened the door of the carriage. Reaching for my hand, He asked, "Did you enjoy your journey, My lady?" I smiled at Him, realizing what He was doing. He knew of my delight in Jane Austen's classics and was giving me the satisfaction of feeling as though I was in one of her great novels. Only He would have thought to do something so kind, and His added emphasis on the word "MY" made His gesture complete. (Photo via Flickr)

Still curious about so much of what I had experienced, I asked about the purpose of the bread. With a grin, He said plainly, "GLORY!" My delight in His answer concluded the vision.

New Judgments

Directly following the first vision, I received a second, shorter one: I saw a judge sitting at his desk with pen and ink. He was busily writing in a thick, ancient book that possessed thousands of pages. He was having to scratch out the judgments he'd previously made about the people of the earth and its churches and replace them with new judgments due to the arrival and reception of the many teachings held in the books on the bookshelves. Their wisdom and insight had changed everything! I could not see what was being written to replace the earlier judgments, but I knew it was a joyous change from what had previously been!

It's Happening Right Now!

As this vision ended, Holy Spirit spoke: "It's happening right now, Victoria, all over the world. You will see the effects of these teachings as My hungry children are transformed and empowered."

He continued to reveal the meaning of the first vision, starting with the arrows being shot as I passed through Earth's atmosphere, saying, "What's being launched at My prophets now will become their weapons for future defense, and (although it doesn't appear to be at the time) each arrow is a necessary gift. Though the battle seems difficult and long, it is not purposeless. It will have a lasting affect for the endurance of the anointing being increased in them as they come out from the world's system and seek Me afresh.

"The shelves of books represent truths neglected by this generation. Indeed, once hidden, they are now being restored to My faithful. These teachings, although taught by previous generations, will be fresh and relevant to this current generation. Exactly what is needed in this hour, they will become weapons of defense in the hands of those willing to receive them. Available in all languages, given to every nation, they will cover the earth. None will be denied.

"The bread of My Word, which you were given as a key, will be a sustenance of glory to My prophets as they endure the attacks of slander. Through every attack they suffer, My glory in them will increase in strength! As they're given keys to unlock the layers of My Word, the outpouring of My glory will increase in voracity on the earth.

"Even the Lord's reference to Jane Austen is of great importance for those who are currently under fire. It is a declaration to My prophets. Yes, for you it was a gift, but for My house, also, an urgent message to remember that despite the attacks against you, JEHOVAH HAS BEEN GRACIOUS. HE WHO IS GREAT AND MAGNIFICENT HAS BEEN GRACIOUS TO YOU! You will soon see..."

Be of good cheer, friends, God is about to prove to you what a great and magnificent Father you have!

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Victoria Boyson
Victoria Boyson Ministries


Victoria Boyson is the founder of Victoria Boyson Ministries and Women of the Spirit. She is dedicated to raising up an army of powerfully equipped Believers who will revolutionize their world and bring in the harvest. Victoria is passionate about the Church operating in the extraordinary authority Christ won for them and to awaken Believers to their victorious reality. Through revelations of the Holy Spirit and the Word, she and her family are breaking down strongholds which have kept the Church from fully realizing the Great Commission. Victoria travels and speaks throughout the US. Based out of the Houston, Texas area, she lives with her husband and together they have 4 grown children. She is the author of Revolution: The White Horse RiderGod's Magnum Opus: The Value of a Woman, Awakening: The Deep Sleep, His Passionate Pursuit: God's Passion to Captivate Your Heart and The Birth of Your Destiny.

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