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Steve Porter: "The Erie Canal and the Coming Outpouring"

Steve Porter, Rochester, NY
Nov 19, 2023

I saw in a vision the Erie Canal running through New York state. As the sun set, the manifest presence of the Lord descended on the Erie Canal. Jesus actually appeared and began to traverse the Canal (the winding pathway that connects the Hudson River to Lake Erie) with an uncompromising mission—to spread revival fire via miracles, signs and wonders that would reveal His glory in ways we've never seen before.

His appearance had changed the atmosphere, filling the air with a holy anticipation as people waited expectantly for what was to come next.

His Coming Glory: A Quest to Ignite Revival Fire

I witnessed this incredible vision in prayer, and it left me feeling not only awe-inspired but filled with a deeper reverence for His coming glory.

In this vision, I saw King Jesus walking the Erie Canal on a quest to ignite revival fire. At each port city, He paused to see who had opened their hearts fully to Him. In towns hungry for the Lord's presence, He gently lit a burning lantern, kindling His manifest glory like a beacon in their midst. But where hearts remained lukewarm and closed, He lit no fire and moved on in search of those longing for Him. (Photo from Steve Porter)

Oh, may we be like the wise virgins who kept oil in their lamps, ready to receive the Bridegroom! Let us prepare room for Jesus in our hearts, removing all that would grieve Him. Then His light and fire will find a welcome home within our churches and gatherings.

Stay near, precious friend, as we await the Master's coming. When He finds a prepared people, He will light such a blaze that all the world will see and take notice! Let us be like those first disciples, ablaze with holy passion as they turned their city upside down for Christ. Revival fire is coming! He who has ears to hear, let him hear the Spirit speaking even now...

The news was spreading far and wide, reaching the ears of many eager hearts across the world—people who were already calling out for the visitation of a Savior with healing in His wings. An air of hope and excitement reverberated throughout the towns alongside the canal as they earnestly awaited His arrival. And when He drew near, those with true hunger rose to meet Him, day and night. Deep cries arose from every corner of these towns, each person expecting the Lord to stop and rest there. This is what I saw in my vision.

Visitation and Awakening: The Burning Lantern of His Manifest Presence

When we open our hearts to God through fervent prayer, He is ready to visit us with the burning lantern of His manifest presence (visitation). He is just waiting for eager hearts to receive His love and warmth in our homes, gatherings, churches, and cities. Otherwise, the light remains unlit, still waiting for those ready to receive His life-changing visitation. But it's up to us whether or not we will respond.

The manifest presence of the Lord is advancing right here and right now—better than reality TV—with joy spilling out into the very atmosphere around us. Our voices rise as one, expressing the ultimate longings of the soul, a desperate desire to draw near to the fullness of God and to grasp the depth of that possibility.

This stirring fills my heart with unquenchable anticipation and excitement. I know that this delightful procession along the waters of the Erie Canal has just started! We are abundantly blessed as He daily reveals Himself more completely to those who truly yearn for Him. We can't wait to see what happens next! What about you? All you have to do is ask! (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The visitations and awakenings recorded in the Word reveal saints whom God selected to shoulder special burdens, stirring them to passionate intercession and fasting to birth the longed-for outpouring. I believe the Lord is, even now, placing such holy burdens upon the hearts of those who desire another great awakening with their whole being.

Even at this moment, our Bridegroom is walking the highways and byways across the earth, seeking those who will warmly welcome Him and invite Him to stop and rest in their cities. He is summoning devoted intercessors to pray it in, and watchmen to spy it coming! Their assignment is to adopt each roadway, river and canal, redeeming new territory through fervent intercession.

Beloved, do you see watchmen arising, consumed with the burden of the Lord? Take heart! Where such selfless intercession burns, revival fire will surely follow. Let us join these frontier intercessors, adopting our own stretch of land before the throne. As we travail in the Spirit, we shall reap a bountiful harvest of souls for our King. Take up the plow of prayer with me, dear ones—the fields are ripe unto harvest!

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Steve Porter
Refuge Ministries


Steve and Diane Porter have dedicated their lives to helping others experience a deeper relationship with God. Through their work with Refuge Ministries and Deeper Life Press, they have created resources that touch lives all over the globe. Steve has a special anointing to bring forth the deep truths of the Spirit, and his books, articles, and videos have helped people draw closer to God. The Porters live near Rochester, NY, and their greatest joy is to share the incredible love of their wonderful Lord.

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