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Brian Simmons & George A. Wood: "Embracing the Unsurpassable Love of the Father: A Journey of Transformation"

Brian Simmons & George A. Wood
Oct 29, 2023

Intro from Brian Simmons:

Steve Shultz"Embracing The Unsurpassable Love of the Father" is a journey of the heart and soul, a journey that encourages us to let go of fear and doubt and to fully surrender to the boundless love that surrounds us.

My friend, George Wood, and I collaborated on this theme, and we have uncovered truths that are like a soothing balm for the spirit, offering reassurance and healing to those who may have felt disconnected from their faith or from themselves.

I know this post will be a timely reminder that no matter our circumstances or past mistakes, we are eternally embraced by a love that is unsurpassable. It guides us toward a deeper understanding of our own worth and the unshakable love that the Father has for each of His children. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Enjoy the Father's love for you today!

Brian Simmons
Passion & Fire Ministries

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


In the vast expanse of the universe, where countless forces shape the tapestry of existence, one force reigns supreme – love. Love is a power that often eludes complete understanding and embraces the struggles of our comprehension. But when we consider the love of our Father God, we encounter a love that transcends all comparison. He is the architect of creation, the one who breathed life into us, and loves us in ways that our human minds can barely fathom.

This divine love, this love of the Father, surpasses any earthly connection we've ever known. It's a sacred bond that mirrors the unbreakable tie between a caring father and his cherished children. Sadly, the absence of a father's love can cast a long shadow on our lives, affecting our self-perception, our ability to trust, and our sense of self-worth.

For many, the void left by an absent father leaves an indelible mark. Fathers who are absent can cast a shadow over our identity, shatter our trust, and undermine our self-esteem. One person shared a poignant narrative of growing up without a father, recounting the anguish of feeling unwelcome and unloved. His father's departure during his childhood set the stage for a life of yearning for approval, leading to struggles with addiction and fractured relationships. The echoes of his past continued to resonate through his adulthood, as he battled distorted self-images and a skewed perception of love.

Yet, amid life's trials and tribulations, a powerful truth emerges. The heart of our Father knows no bounds. This truth shines through the story of the prodigal son, where a father's extravagant love shattered chains of guilt and shame. Missionaries, pastors, leaders and Believers across the globe and throughout history share stories of lives transformed by love, as the Father's touch, embrace, and celebration become turning points that replace self-condemnation with love and affirmation.

"I promise that I will never leave you helpless or abandon you as orphans – I will come back to you!" (John 14:18 TPT)

Perceiving God's True Nature

It's common for people to grapple with misconceptions about God's nature due to past hurts or religious conditioning. Many may perceive God as stern, distant, or swift to punish. However, this skewed view is far from the portrayal in Scripture. The heart of God, as mirrored by Jesus' life, embodies radical love, forgiveness, and a longing for connection. When we grasp that God's love is unconditional and mirrors Jesus' example, we begin to experience a metamorphosis in our self-image and an unwavering trust in the Father's embrace. (Photo via Pixabay)

Regrettably, many of us struggle to comprehend God's true nature due to past wounds or religious influences. We might perceive God as distant or quick to chastise, but this skewed image diverges from the truth in Scripture. God's heart, mirrored by Jesus, overflows with radical love, forgiveness, and a deep yearning for a relationship. Aligning our hearts with this reality enables us to reshape our self-perception and cultivate unwavering trust in the Father's embrace.

Trust – God's Love Language

In human relationships, we communicate love through diverse languages – words of affirmation, focused attention, or physical touch. Interestingly, God's love language is trust. When we trust God, it dismantles the walls of suspicion and self-blame. Even in the darkest moments of agony and uncertainty, placing our faith in God's love can open His heart and unleash His promises in our lives. This trust is rooted in understanding that God's love doesn't hinge on our performance but remains an unchanging force.

Just as humans communicate love through diverse languages like words of affirmation, attention, or touch, God's love language is trust. Extending our trust to God breaks down the walls of suspicion and self-condemnation. Trusting in God's love, even in the depths of pain and uncertainty, has the power to unlock His heart and bring forth His promises in our lives.

This trust is grounded in recognizing that God's love isn't contingent on our achievements; it's a steady, unchanging force. Through this love, transformation unfolds, speeding up healing and restoring our true essence. The impact of the Father's love is far-reaching, extending beyond surface-level shifts. It holds the power to heal, transform, and redefine every facet of our existence.

Love That Heals and Defies Understanding

The Father's love extends far beyond surface changes. It possesses the power to accelerate healing, reshape identity, and redefine relationships. As we delve into the Father's heart and embrace our beloved status, the journey to healing takes a quantum leap. The healing touch of God's love envelops old wounds, past traumas, and shattered self-perceptions. This transformation empowers us to stride in freedom, grace, and authenticity, unshackled by the chains of condemnation and insecurity.

As we align our hearts with the Father's heart, we tap into a love that defies understanding. It's a love that mends, transforms, and empowers us to fulfill our role as cherished children of God. (Photo via Stockvault)

An Invitation to Embrace the Father's Love

So, let's wholeheartedly accept this invitation and embark on a journey toward embracing the Father's love, knowing that we are held in immeasurable affection.

In the vast landscape of human experience, few phenomena hold as much power and influence as a father's love. This sentiment rings true not only in our earthly relationships but, more profoundly, in our connection with the Divine. The concept of the Father's love occupies a sacred space in the hearts of Believers, echoing the unbreakable bond between a caring father and his beloved offspring.

"So now I live with the confidence that there is nothing in the universe with the power to separate us from God's love. I'm convinced that His love will triumph over death, life's troubles, fallen angels, or dark rulers in the heavens. There is nothing in our present or future circumstances that can weaken His love." (Romans 8:38 TPT)

In a world marked by brokenness, confusion, and striving, the Father's love stands as a steadfast anchor. As we contemplate God's love language and apprehend His heart, we realize that His love surpasses all other forms of affirmation or approval. It transforms our view of relationships, self-worth, and our core identity. Just as Jesus was empowered by the declaration, "This is My Son – the Beloved! My greatest delight is in Him" (Matthew 3:17 TPT), we can likewise step into a life transformed by the Father's love.

The journey of embracing the Father's love is an invitation to walk in the truth of our identity, recognizing that we aren't just loved, but genuinely cherished. It's an invitation to lay aside self-condemnation, past scars, and distorted perceptions, and to step into the fullness of grace, healing, and renewal. As we align our hearts with the Father's heart, we unlock a love that defies understanding – a love that heals, transforms, and empowers us to fulfill our purpose as beloved children of God.

(Used by Permission via The Passion Translation.)

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Brian Simmons
Passion & Fire Ministries | The Passion Translation

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Brian Simmons is known as a passionate lover of God. With his wife Candice and their three children, he spent nearly eight years in the tropical rain forest of the Darien Province of Panama as a church planter, translator, and consultant. After their ministry in the jungle, Brian was instrumental in planting a thriving church in New England (U.S.), and now travels full-time as a speaker and Bible teacher. He is also the lead translator for The Passion Translation Project which will result in a new, dynamic version of the Bible for this generation. He has been happily married to Candice for over forty-three years and is known to boast regularly of his children and grandchildren.

George A. Wood
George A. Wood Ministries


George A. Wood is a published author, an ordained minister, pastoral care counselor, recovery ministry founder, and recovery activist. A former addict and suicide survivor, George has dedicated his life to radically grace-laced, Christ-centered recovery for people struggling with addiction, mental health problems, and suicidal thoughts. He founded unique ministries like the Timothy Initiative and the Sober Truth Project, aiming to redefine recovery and bridge spirituality with science. George, a certified addiction specialist, educates faith communities and leads the Sober Truth Project, emphasizing faith's role in recovery. Based in Tampa, Florida, he champions community-driven healing and seeks to mobilize a new generation for transformative change. To connect with George, visit: and

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