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Donna Rigney: "Love Will Save the World - Again!"

Donna Rigney
Oct 27, 2023

From the Desks of Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith:

Steve Shultz

Donna Rigney is one who has incredible encounters with the Lord on a daily basis...and it sure spurs us on to have more of them for ourselves.

In our last interview with Donna on our Elijah Streams program, she gave us much revelation, and we simply couldn't get through it all...but we wanted to send it out for you to read for yourselves. Here is just a portion:

"This is the hour that I will raise up good shepherds and put them over My lost sheep; and I will, at the same time, remove wicked, corrupt leaders who have harmed My sheep and done them no good. Judgment is coming on wicked rulers in all lands – swiftly. Yes, swiftly and suddenly there will be a true, valid changing of the guard. In the courts, in all branches of government – both federal and local – and in all seven mountains of society, there will be a changing of the guard and a reversal of wicked laws and regulations that they have put in place."

Steve ShultzThat's an awesome word about God's justice coming swiftly and suddenly!

We encourage you to read the rest of Donna's words from the Lord slowly and carefully... There is much to go over and pray into. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

In Christ,

Steve Shultz and Julie A. Smith, Co-Editors
Elijah List Publications

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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God's Justice Is Coming!

On October 4, 2023, Father revealed His heart to me: "Justice is coming very soon, and wickedness will be dealt with fiercely! Yes, the days of dealing with evil and evil doers with kid gloves are over. There will be divine retribution heaped upon those who heaped injustice on the innocent.

"Look what Ahab and Jezebel suffered after they inflicted so much injustice on My children. Look how Pharaoh and his army drowned in the Red Sea after years of oppressing Our people. I do deal harshly with those who refuse to repent and continue to afflict the innocent with gross mistreatment. Justice demands it!

"I have to act for the sake of the innocent who are suffering at the hands of the unrepentant, wicked ones. Though I love them, I cannot continue to extend grace and mercy to them. Too many are suffering injustice at their hands. Daughter, pray that when the boom of My justice falls on them, that they turn from their evil ways and truly repent. That will be their last chance."

Confirming Scripture: "Since they heard the sound of the trumpet but did not heed the warning, their blood will be on their own head..." (Ezekiel 33:5; see also verses 1-4 and 6-11).

Impending Disaster Will Be Averted!

On September 18, 2023, Father declared, "There is going to be a very sudden turnaround of your nation, and it will be My doing. All will know that the God who parted the Red Sea has acted again on behalf of His people who are crying out to Him for help."

While Father was speaking to me, I remembered a startling vision I had during worship about three or four years ago. I saw a large ocean liner – a cruise ship – sailing down a large body of water. The captain and all the people were partying and completely unaware that they were heading straight for an extremely large waterfall. It was completely apparent to me that if the ship went down that waterfall, it would be totally destroyed.

Then, as I looked from above, the ship suddenly changed course just before it got to the waterfall, and went back to where it came from. I knew that this ship represented the USA, and that we were heading for our destruction. Disaster is impending, but suddenly God will turn us around and bring us back to our beginnings. Our origin will be restored to us.

Father continued: "Yes, this is the hour that We will fulfill this prophetic vision and restore your land to its former glory and purpose. There will be a very sudden change of direction and a turning from all that is evil, back to your righteous roots. It will happen, and the impending disaster will be averted!"

The Solid Rock

On September 5, 2023, while I was in the spirit, I saw myself sitting on a very large, shiny, black boulder. Father and Jesus were on either side of me, and Holy Spirit overshadowed me. The Lord explained that I was seated on the solid rock of faith in Him, and I could not be moved by anything or anyone.

Together, the three of us laid back on the flat top of the rock, and laughed. While enjoying Their presence, Father spoke a very encouraging word for His faithful remnant: "The days ahead are going to be filled with great joy and fulfillment. Yes, you will see the fulfillment of your destiny and dreams come true. Opposition will not deter or influence you one bit. Our precious ones are with Us and reside on this rock, just like Peter. He ran his race and accomplished his purposes, and finished well!" (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Father continued: "We will lead Our faithful ones carefully by all the landmines the enemy strews along the path We have set for them. Don't fear anything or anyone, because We know all things before they are launched! We will frustrate the plans of the enemy to stop you, and Our faithful 'called out' ones!

"When he launches an attack, We will turn it around for your good, and for the good of Our faithful children that he attacks. We will bring so much good out of these assaults that he will be sorry he attempted to harm Our blessed ones."

Confirming Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20. (Peter declares his faith in Jesus the Messiah, and Jesus says that He will build His Church on this rock.)

The following day, on September 6, 2023, once again I found myself in the spirit, sitting on the solid, shiny, black rock between Father and Jesus. I heard Father say, "This is the hour that I will raise up good shepherds and put them over My lost sheep; and I will, at the same time, remove wicked, corrupt leaders who have harmed My sheep and done them no good. Judgment is coming on wicked rulers in all lands – swiftly. Yes, swiftly and suddenly there will be a true, valid changing of the guard. In the courts, in all branches of government – both federal and local – and in all seven mountains of society, there will be a changing of the guard and a reversal of wicked laws and regulations that they have put in place.

"When I rescue My people, I do it well! Nothing can or will stop Us, because We have a people who place their full confidence in Us. Faith is strong in those who are leading the charge to restore righteousness to this world. Their commitment to Us is unwavering. Like no other time in history, We have a mighty army that has risen from the dust and are alive by the power of My Spirit on them."

Confirming Scriptures: John 10:7-18. (Jesus is the "Good Shepherd." He asked us to follow Him and do what He does and did. He wants us to be good shepherds too!)

Ezekiel 37:1-14. (The Valley of the Dry Bones. God raised up an army out of a valley filled with dead, dry bones.)

On Friday, September 8, 2023, I was back in the spirit sitting on the large, shiny, black rock again, with Father and Jesus beside me. They told me that I could leave the rock if I wanted to, but then I would be on my own, without Their help.

Leaving the rock meant that I could begin to rely on myself, the government, other people, wealth and my talents, or anything else other than God. Climbing off that rock of faith would mean putting my hope or trust in any of these things instead of in my God and in the name of Jesus. I would no longer be trusting My Father for everything. I would be on my own. I was being reminded that we have a choice to make daily – to place our trust in our God, or to place our confidence in the things about us. In an instant, I declared that my comfort and peace were on that big, black, solid, rock of faith in Jesus, my Messiah! My hope is in Him!

Run to Him, Not from Him!

On September 14, 2023, I heard, "I have so much love to pour on My children, and few who are willing to receive it. It breaks My heart, because My love and My blessings would make their lives so much better. Happiness is evading so many because they deny Me and turn to other gods for their needs. They deny Me; they deny Me the pleasure of loving them and showering them with gifts from Heaven.

"Some of My children have faith in Me but don't let Me bless them by placing their trust in Me. Turning to Me, like a child runs to its parents, is all that is needed to receive from the hands of their Father, who loves them deeply and dearly. I will withhold no good thing from those who love Me!"

Compromise Kills

During my prayer time on September 19, 2023, Father spoke to me about the condition of the Church: "My Church has become weak like Sampson, after his hair was cut, when he revealed the secret of his strength to Delilah. Compromise weakened Sampson, and compromise has weekend My Church. Remember, I said that the gates of Hell will not prevail against it!

"Just as when Sampson woke up, and he realized that he'd sold his birthright to a woman, and that My Spirit had left him, My Church will awaken to that reality as well. This is the hour that the great awakening will come about. My Bride will cry out for restoration of My Spirit and her strength, as she turns from all wickedness back to Me. I will rescue My Church and restore its strength by the power of My Spirit overshadowing My Bride. The enemy will not prevail over the Church! Victory is at hand!

"My Church will not just arise in great power and strength again, but she will destroy My enemies, just as Sampson did. He died physically, but My Church will die to her self and to selfishness – and will see great victory. The resurrection power of My Spirit will revive My Bride.

"It was Samson's death that brought a wonderful victory to My people over those who had long oppressed them, and it will be the death of My Church that will bring about a great rescue of My children from those who have oppressed them. Death to self is the key to receiving all I will be pouring forth on My children, by the power of My Spirit showering down on the whole world. This kind of death releases My resurrection power." (Photo via Creative Commons)

Father explained, "As My Son declared, 'Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me, but not My will but Thy will be done,' when My Church says, 'Not my will, but Thy will be done, Father,' so will My Church see My great victory – the resurrection power of My Spirit – in this hour (see Matthew 26:39).

"Yes, this is the hour for great victory, strength restored and deliverance from those who have been oppressing My children. Deliverance is coming as My Bride dies to herself!"

Confirming Scriptures: Judges 13-16 (the story of Samson).

Matthew 4:18-22. (Jesus called Peter, Andrew, James and John. They left everything, died to themselves and followed Jesus. They let go of, or died to, their ambitions and ideas for their lives and embraced God's plan as their own. They accomplished so much more than they would have if they'd remained fishermen catching fish. They caught men and brought them into God's Kingdom!

Love Will Save the World – Again!

On August 23, 2023, Father declared, "The more of Our children that We have that call Us forth, the more – much more – glory will pour out on your world. Intense will be the love We shower on Our beloved who love Us wholeheartedly.

"This is what will change your world. Where hatred, jealousy, and greed dominated, love will overtake the land," Father declared as He reminded me of the vision I saw of the world with lights on it, drawing Him from Heaven to Earth.

"Passion for Us will save this world from the evil that is trying to overrun and destroy it. Daughter, We are asking you to inspire Our children to return to Us – to return to the basics of loving Us with all their hearts, minds, and souls; to love Us and to love their fellow man wholeheartedly! Love will save the world again!

"Love came to the earth and saved the world 2,000 years ago, and now is the hour that Love must once again be released from Heaven to Earth to save mankind from their sinful ways. Holy Spirit, showered on everyone, will bring that Love to stony, cold hearts."

Confirming Scripture: Ezekiel 34.

Glory Will Flood the Earth!

On September 18, 2023, Father declared, "I am He who made the vast oceans of this world. As you see the ocean waters, know this: I will pour out My goodness and glory, and it will be more vast than the oceans and all their waters. I will do it just by My spoken word, just as I made all things by speaking them into being.

"Let your faith arise, as I do what I intend to do by My words that I speak forth – even those words that I speak through My Bride! My words never return void. Miracles will be happening, more than you can keep track of or count.

"Is it harder for Me to create water, or to bring forth My glory from Heaven to the earth? Neither are too hard for Me; all are easy! I am God and nothing is too hard for Me. Remember that, and your faith will never falter or fail you."

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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries Int.


Donna Rigney and her husband Jack are pastors of His Heart Ministries Int. in North Central Florida. They host a Friday evening service at the Church on the Rock in Bunnell, Florida. Donna has written three powerful books. Two of her prophetic books, Divine Encounters and The Glory of God Revealed, detail her many riveting encounters with Jesus, where He took her in the spirit to Heaven and Hell. Donna's heart's desire is to impart all of her passion for a life of intimacy with Holy Spirit, and a hunger for the glory of God. Donna has appeared on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, and also can be seen on Elijah Streams and as a contributing prophetic voice on the Elijah List. She has appeared frequently on her YouTube channel, Donna Rigney Ministries, with other anointed ministers.

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Friday Night Services at 6:00 PM
Meeting Location: Church on the Rock
2200 N State St (US Hwy 1), Bunnell, FL
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